Tactical Operations Briefing

Rogue Squadron 3D , Imperial Construction Yard

Needed for Gold Medal
Completion Time: 6:30
Enemies Destroyed: 80
Accuracy: 45 %
Friendly Saves: 0
Bonuses: 1

The hardest part about this mission is getting it finished in 6 and a-half minutes and killing enough enemies. There are a huge amount of targets; this leads to killing way over 80 and not making the time deadline. Try to go after the quickest and easiest enemies to kill (i.e. parked TIEs, small bunkers, stormtroopers, and the wire-frame towers). I found the best way to keep myself on task was to have a timer so I knew how much time I had left. Also, don't get frustrated because you die during the mission because you will just continue on, and keep trying if you don't get it the first time.

At the start of the mission, you must kill each of the scanners. Try to use your boost the entire time you are destroying the scanners. You may have to brake around some of the corners.

After you get through the section with the scanners go to the right and use your tow cable to kill the AT-AT (don't forget to shoot it after it falls to blow it up). Just to the left of the landing platform, there will be gun turret. Destroy it. Now you need to make 2-4 passes at the parked TIEs on the platform and the buildings around it. Next, head back toward where the AT-AT was and then continue around to the right. Kill the gun turret, and then the shuttle taking off from the landing platform.

Behind the landing platform on the top of the hill is a missile turret. Kill it. Then, make 2-3 passes on the buildings around the landing platform, and make sure you get the bonus. It is in one of the circular tanker like buildings. A picture has been provided if you don't know which one (the crosshairs are pointing at it).

Now head back to the area where you first killed the AT-AT. You will see a path straight in front of you (this will lead you back to the beginning). Take the path just to the right of this one. As you come around the corner there will be two gun turrets, an AT-AT right behind them, and two missile turrets behind the AT-AT. I found it best to go up the hill and then come down at the two gun turrets, then get the missile turrets, and then get the AT-AT. You probably will die at this point from the missiles or the gun turrets. Don't worry about it. Just continue with the mission. The three buildings you must kill are the large buildings on the right and left and the one along the back of the canyon wall. There are many targets here kill as many as you can in several passes. The large building on the right, when destroyed, releases an AT-ST that is "live" and could shoot you down if you aren't careful. Now head out of this area and on your way out blow up the AT-AT.

If you have a timer going you are probably somewhere around 5 to 5 and a half minutes. Head to your left, and go down the only canyon you haven't been in yet. As you come in there is one gun turret on the hill and an AT-ST. Kill the turret and continue back into the canyon. There will be another gun turret on the left side, and in the back there is a missile turret. Destroy them. Circle back and blow up the AT-ST. If you are almost out of time kill the large building in the center and the mission will be over. If not kill some of the many targets, and before time is up destroy the large center building. This should net you a gold medal so bask in the glow for the moment and then start working on the next mission.

Image of Target
Author: Joel Phelps (Darklighter - Rogue Twelve)
Strategy: Joel Phelps