Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT Combat Engagement: Dreadnaught Warlover Attacks Rebel Cargo Operation

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: X-wing Red 4
Craft:  Awing (1)
Waves: 3
Armament: Advanced Missiles (12)
Countermeasures: Chaff

When you come out of hyperspace, immediately set your ELS to 0/0 and find target Beta 1. Switch over to Advanced Missiles and fire as soon as it goes red. Hit target again to go to Beta 2, again, fire when the targeting box goes red. Continue this for Beta 3, but switch over to lasers for Beta four, and hit him enough so he returns to the Warlover. Now find the rest of Beta, use your Advanced missiles to kill them off quickly. After you kill Beta 8, find and finish off Beta 4 to bring out the rest of the bombers. Note: you may want to kill off some interceptors before you head back to make sure you have enough kills to top 50,000 points.

Now there is one more main threat to the Transports and Cargo containers, T/A Alpha. There will be two of them when you are heading back. Find and kill both Alpha 1 and 2 as soon as you can, once one of them is dead, T/A Alpha three and four will come in with Advanced Missiles, targeting you. This is where you need your chaff. When they fire missiles at you, find it and turn your tail towards it, using chaff to scatter the warhead. If you haven't already done so, finish off the remainder of Alpha 1 and 2. At this point in time, I set ELS to 0/50 and move away from the battle, this took all of the interceptors and the remaining members of Alpha with me. Keep heading out till the CRS Valorous exits into hyperspace. When I did it, I killed Alpha 1, 2, and 3, and had 4 follow me around. At this point, just turn around and finish off the remaining fighters. You may have to set ELS to 0/0 to get the remainder of Alpha. As long as there are two containers recovered, and you get around twenty kills, you will a nice Blue ribbon to add to your collection.

Author: Matt Houseman (Krayt, Rogue Seven)
Strategy: Matt Houseman