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Tactical Operations Briefing

X-Wing Alliance - Prologue: Family Business, Mission 6

Rebel Rendezvous: Aid to the Alliance

Skill level: Hard
Craft: CORT YT-2000
# of Craft: 1
# of Waves: 1
Armaments:  None
Countermeasure:  None
Mission Objectives:
    Deliver Bacta
    Rebel Hospital: At least 66% evacuated
    CORT Otana: Escape Imperial Ambush
    FRS Adrasta: Escape Imperial Ambush
Bonus Points:
    (50) CRV Coen escapes
    (50) CRV Raimi escapes
    (50) MTRNS Tsore escapes
    (50) MTRNS Belit escapes
    (50) MTRNS Haumia escapes
    (50) MTRNS Jowa escapes
    (50) MTRNS Seri escapes
    (50) MTRNS Mara escapes
    (50) MTRNS Kucedre escapes
    (50) MTRNS Walo escapes
    (100) CRL Shadow escapes

This mission is a relatively simple bout of defending the mothership, however there is a way of making it more complex and a little more challenging- by trying to take down the ISDII. Once you have launched from the hangar, select the Nav Buoy to "Brint-wo Colony" and hyper over with your family. Once there you will have to wait for a short moment while the X-Wing containing Lt. Garn launches. Once he has joined you and has transmitted the co-ordinates for the next jump head over to the nav buoy called "Rebel Hospital" where the action begins?

Wait while the "Vasudra" docks with the platform and then wait for the Imperials to arrive. Now you have two options as to what to do next, you can either go to bag the ISD or stick to your objectives (and easier task) of merely covering while the Rebels escape. If you take the latter then press X to have your cannon fire on defensive in case any TIEs buzz you. Next fly towards the ISD and flick through the various TIEs until you find one attacking the Rebel craft. Concentrate you fire on them and then on the TIE Bombers attacking the fleeing Rebels. Keep this up until you see the GUNs attacking you then request cover fire (CTRL + C) and concentrate your attack on them. Once the Rebels have escaped and the only objectives to complete is that you and the "Andrasta" escape head to the nav buoy for "Brint-wo Colony" and make a sharp exit.

To take the option off taking down the ISDII, as soon as the Imperials arrive turn on defensive fire (X) and head to the right and a little on top of the ISD. While it's engines are facing you now they are about to turn so you would not be able to reach the rear of the ISD therefore make your approach so it will place you quite a bit above the ISD. Do not target the ISD as it will then start firing warheads at you. If you are shot at by the ISD's escorts on the way just move around a little to make yourself a harder target, the defensive fire should take care of any cocky TIEs. Once in position press X again to give you your full laser payload and turn your lasers and shields to 0/0 (you will have to keep on charging your lasers from your shields as you attack). Aim at one of the ISDs shield generators and judge when you are in range before opening fire. If you are accurate enough you should be able to take out the first generator on the first run if not merely move away and do another run at the craft- once it is gone repeat the method on the second generator. Now return your shield/laser recharge settings to full, turn on defensive fire and arm your ions. Start disabling the ISD until it's systems reach 0% then id it to give your craft a bonus.

Now you can either leave finishing the ship until the end if you are planning on hanging around to destroy all the Imps or you can take it out now, if you are planning on waiting until the end skip to the next paragraph. By now the GUNs should have arrived and will be targeting you with missiles, ask your brother to attack them specifically by targeting them and pressing shift + A. If they are quite a distance on their run up head on the other side of the ISD than they are on and their warheads should hit the ISD. Keep on moving round targeting the GUNs and hitting the ISD as well if you move your message log list onto the enemy craft list by using the left arrow key you can check on the hull of the ISD while still targeting the GUNs . Eventually the ISD will be destroyed, get clear of the area when you see it is nearly gone as the explosion will do heavy damage to your shields. There is no way of saving the "Vasudra" from being disabled therefore it can not be saved - just part of the plot.

Now move over towards the Rebel fleet as you are more likely to be helped by friendly fire over there. It is important to remember you get bonus points if certain Rebel craft escape (as you do if you destroy the ISDs capital ship escort) so make sure you get them clear. By now the TIE numbers should be vastly reduced (largely helped by your defensive fire) but if you are badly damaged the Rebels should have escaped by now and you will be able to select the nav buoy to escape. If you ship is strong enough just fly around and wipe up what is left of the Imperial forces. Once the armoured transports are the only enemy craft left, begin to attack them sending the target to the "Andrasta". If you get damaged you can fly away to repair, the "Andrasta" should fair fine against the craft. When you have destroyed all the ATCs destroy the ISD if you have not already done so and select the nav buoy in order to hyper to the Brint-wo Colony before hypering home and finally docking at your base.

Author:  Alastair Harper (Rancor - Buccaneer 8)
Strategy:  Alastair Harper