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Tactical Operations Briefing

X-Wing Alliance - Prologue: Family Business, Mission 7

Nowhere to Go?: Escape Imperial Attack

Skill level:  Hard
Craft:  CORT YT-2000
FG:  Otana
# of Craft:  1
# of Waves:  1
Armament:  None
Countermeasures:  Flares
Mission Objectives:
    Sabra recovers valuables
    Otana recovers warheads
    Reunite at Azzameen Home Base
    RzR/F Strelka: Destroy All
    Reach hyperbuoy to Rebel Fleet
Bonus Points:

Having trouble with the hardest mission in the Prologue? Well here is the trick to it. Your objectives are to complete the mission while carrying a container full of warheads. But if you get shot while carrying the container, it blows up and you fail the mission.

First of hyper to RY/2: Twin Suns. Once you arrive target C/C: Chi 8 and fly towards it. It will be in the hanger on the far side of the station. Fly into the hanger and pick it up. After you have secured the container, set your throttle to full and fly out of the hanger to about 3 km away from the station.

NOTE: Take a course just below the repair arm of the yard and stick to it. Once you are 3 km away from the station set your throttle to 0. Now all you have to do is wait for Aeron to activate the hyper buoy. Be patient, a whole array of enemy craft will enter the area but none will attack you until right before the buoy is activated. This is a good time to set your turrets to defensive fire, the "X" key. The VSDII: Furious will appear with 2 L/C's (Bullpup 1 & 2), the CRV: Blast Radius, and 3 Rzr/F's. The VSDII will launch 4 waves of Tie Fighters and 2 waves of Tie Bombers. Once the Tie Bombers try to get a missile lock on you, you may want to begin to accelerate your craft from 0 mglt. Once Aeron activates the buoy, dump all your laser power into your engines and fly towards it. The Tie Bombers will get a solid lock and fire missiles at you before you reach the buoy but your turrets will shot down a couple of them and you should reach it and be able to hyper out as soon as you get within range. You may want to fire a couple of flares just to be on the safe side. It is important to hyper out of the area ASAP so that the missiles do not hit you!

As soon as you come out of hyper space, drop the container, "Shift-R." Now charge up as needed. 4 Rzr/F will soon enter the area, destroy them. You can make short work out of them using turret auto-fire, "F" key. Once the Rzr/F's are destroyed go pick up your container and fly towards BASE: Azzameen.

Now you have 2 choices. You can wait for Aeron to activate the next hyper buoy and dump all energy to the engines and hyper out and watch the next cutscene and complete the mission, or you can stay and kill as many Imp's from the ISD: Corrupter as your heart desires. Just be sure to not to let the CORT: Sabra get destroyed or your mission will fail. If you decide to go after some TIE's be sure to drop your container first and don't forget to pick it back up when you have satisfied your thirst for blood. If you have done everything successfully, welcome to the Alliance!

Author:  Michael Tolle (Mighty - Buccaneer 2)
Strategy:  Michael Tolle