Eliminating Star Destroyers

Tactical Operations Briefing 1

By Lieutenant Eddie "Storm" Schenk, Rogue 3 (Retired)

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, it is nice to see so many faces for the first of our technical lectures, if you will please take a seat I will begin."

"It has come to my attention that some pilots are not comfortable when engaging Imperial Capital Ships, namely Star Destroyers (STD), so it is my intention to discuss tactics for attacking these ships. As you are all serving pilots I will assume you understand the basic controls of the four craft that you may fly. Each one has it's strengths and weaknesses and I will touch on each of these briefly during the course of the lecture."

"When flying into an unknown situation the fighter of choice is the X-Wing. It is our finest all around craft, and the one we will concentrate on today. With the A-Wing providing cover there are no ships than can't be disposed of. So our hypothetical flight group will consist of one X-Wing with two A-Wings flying cover. The mission is to destroy an Imperial STD protected by the usual compliment of T/Bs, T/Is, T/Fs and a handfull of T/As."

"The most dangerous craft so far as your own safety is concerned are the T/Bs and T/As due to their capability of firing missiles and or photon torpedoes at you from long range. You must instruct your wingmen to engage these craft first, leaving you free for more important matters. STDs are one of the easiest capital ships to take out, all that is required is a steel nerve and accurate 'no lock' shooting."

"Before exiting hyperspace configure your ship's initial ELS setting to 100/100/50, transfer all laser energy into your shields, and continue doing so until there are fully charged. Instruct your wingmen to engage the enemy fighters, bearing in mind the craft I listed before. Locate the STD and assign it to your combat computer's memory. Select dual fire torps and approach the STD from the rear, your primary objective is to destroy the two shield generators located on top of the flying bridge. It will not be possible to lock the shield generators in your CMD as they are surrounded by a heavy damping field, you must rely on line of sight shooting, the closer the distance from the time you release your torps to the generators the better. Select one of the shield generator towers, they are the two domes above the flying bridge, very near the rear of the ship, just forward of the engine exhaust ports. Flying a weaving approach, fire a pair of torps into the selected generator, immediatly loop back and fly out of reach of the laser turrets, perform another 180 degree loop at about 0.5 klicks out and approach the opposite tower to the first one engaged. Fire another pair of torps into this one, loop and return again selecting single fire torps, place one more torp into each of the towers, with both generators gone the Star Destroyer's shields will fall."

"From this point the mission becomes much easier, assuming that your wingmen are still earning their keep, all that is required is to fly a weaving pattern whilst firing lasers into the STD, looping and returning when it gets too hot. You must remember in all the excitement to rebalance and transfer power to your shields as often as needed. The type of laser config you use is not important, as your energy banks can only supply power to fire at a maximum rate of four shots per second, whether they are used in single mode or quad mode, the number of shots hitting a given target in a set time will always remain the same."

"There are some exceptions to this technique. The A-Wing by it's very nature is a nimble and fast craft, it's main role is bomber support along with exceptional dog fighting capabilities. But these small fighters can still take down a STD. The startup procedure should remain the same, but because the AW carries missiles in place of the heavier photon torpedo, its killing power is somewhat reduced when dealing with capital ships. You need to fire 9 missiles into each of the shields generators to bring them down, now as the AW only carries 12 missiles it is impossible to take the generators down with missiles alone. So you should concentrate on one tower only and pump 9 missiles into it, when that has been destroyed fire your remining 3 missiles into the other tower, and then finish it off with lasers. Using the same loop and retreat manover that I listed before. If you find that you have exhausted your supply of missiles before you reach the second tower you will need to fire 90 full power laser blasts into it to achive the same result."

"The Y- and B-Wings are the best craft to use on a mission of this nature, setup is identical to the X-Wing except when you have destroyed the shield generators switch to Ion Cannons. Once the shields are down Ion Cannons will quickly disable the STD rendering it's laser turrets inactive, making your job much safer. Then fire your remaining torps into it and finish off with lasers as before."

"That concludes the lecture, I hope it has been of use to you, and I will now accept questions from the floor."

The group of pilots was gathered around a hover sled on which stood Rogue pilot Captain Eddie "Storm" Scheck. "Captain Schenk, assuming you cannot disable the Impstar, is it still necessary to close with it to take it out? I mean even without shields that's a lot of turbo-laser fire to endure while trying to penetrate the hull."

Storm nodded, "Very good question, and it hinges on whether or not you have eliminated the extant fighter cover before you make your attack on the Star Destroyer. Preferably you have taken out all the fighters in the vicinity. If you have then you do not have to subject yourself or your ship to unnecessary risks, perhaps I could ask my friend Captain Lee to elaborate further... what do you say Raven?"

Rogue 19 stepped in front to the pilots gathered in the hanger bay and stepped up on the sled. "The Class 1 Impstars have several design flaws, the most notable of which is, of course, the vulnerability of the shield towers as Captain Schenk has detailed. But intelligence from KDY as well as much hard won knowledge from actual combat engagements has revealed two blindspots from which the Class 1's can be attacked from relative safety even when not disabled."

"First if the STD is stationary you should maneuver to the front of the ship, about 3 klicks out. Approach it head-on right off it's nose. Cut your speed to one-third and close to about 2.3 klicks and come to a full stop. You should be just 2.2 or 2.1 kilometers off the tip of the STD's nose. From this position you'll find that the enemy Star Destroyer is within your gun range but you are not within it's turbo-laser targeting computer kill zone. You are essentially hidden from the enemy's scopes and can pound the Impstar until you cause a hull breach."

"If the enemy Destroyer is underway things get more interesting. Make your attack run from dead astern and target the central engine nacelle. During your approach you will be subject to turbo-laser attack from all stern guns so you need to recharge your primary and secondary shields to maximum before you close and you had best be able to jinx while still flying a reasonably direct course."

"Close to three-quarters of a klick from the main engine exhaust port. This puts you so close that you may be buffeted by the exhaust discharge. It is critical that you match speeds exactly with the Impstar and maintain the .75 klick distance. There is a narrow spot just off the main engines that are not covered by the sweeps of the rear turbo-lasers. From this position you can fire into the engine port with impunity."

"But be advised to stay alert to your combat situation. Neither of these tactics are without risk. If you are off the nose of a stationary STD you must watch your Combat Multi-view Display closely in case the Destroyer begins to maneuver. A few tenths of kilometers movement and you are the blue plate special as the turbo-lasers will instantly lock and begin to fire."

Captain Lee stepped down from the hover sled as Storm again stood in front of the group and made a few final statements, "Remember, with either approach you must keep an eye on your forward and rear screens as any enemy fighters will find you a sitting duck in either the bow or stern positions. If there are no further questions we conclude this lecture."