X-Wing CD Tactical Operations Briefing

B-wing Historical Mission 5: Attack on Death Star Surface

Armament: Proton Torpedoes (12)

More than anything, this mission can be time consuming. Your first order of business is to destroy all four containers. At mission start, throw all laser energy into your shields and find the nearest container. It should be between five and six klicks away. Once you're in range, and you're sure your torps won't impact on the surface before reaching your target, fire three torpedoes to destroy the container. Find the next closest container and repeat until all the containers are destroyed.

TIE fighters, interceptors, and bombers will be harassing you throughout. Order your wingman to cover you frequently, and break off to blast any TIEs that are too persistent. I fly most of this mission with shields at maintenance level and lasers at 100 percent recharge. In general, try to fly a good distance above the surface. This will keep you out of the range of the laser towers and prevent the unfortunate event of a crash into the surface.

Once all the containers are destroyed, mop up any fighters, which are hanging around. With the containers gone, no more TIEs will enter the mission; so finishing off the TIEs will give you a clear run at the laser towers.

As you begin to tackle the laser towers, target the nav buoy and keep it on you CMD. Since you've got to destroy all the laser towers within two klicks of the nav buoy, use it as your guide. Don't waste time attacking towers beyond two klicks. Try targeting the base of the laser towers with linked lasers to finish them quickly, and again, be careful not to crash into the surface. This is where things can become tedious. If you can't figure out where the towers that you've missed are, check close to the nav buoy itself; that's where I usually leave a few. You'll know you've destroyed enough towers when the "Mission Complete" message appears.

Author: Nova, Buccaneer Three
Strategy: Nova