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Fourth Squad
4th Squad of the 3rd Platoon of Bravo Company is the detachment that specializes in the darker side of war: removing pieces from the board by any means necessary. Be it long-range or in close, they excel at target elimination by any means necessary. Their job is twofold, they need to be lethal and they need to be stealthy enough to get into position to enact their surgical strike. As such, their most prized skills reflect their long-range strike ability and quiet movements. The motto of the 'Fatal Fourth' is: Never know what hit them.

Staff Sergeant Huff "Stinger" Halcyon

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fourth Squad Leader
Primary Specialty An all round combat expert with a focus on stealth and bagging those who are a challenge to bag.
Secondary Specialty A slicer wiz, able to hack into anything and everything.
Primary Loadout Merr-Sonn 44 Blaster Pistol, Stiletto, with adaptable poison reservoir
Favorite Beverage Jet Juice
Physical Description Human male. 30 years old, 172 cm tall, light and muscular build, short black hair, green eyes, dark complexion


Born on Hosnian Prime, Huff Halcyon was the third son of a middle class family employed by the Czerka Corporation. He was born and raised in what is now known as Republic City, Hosnian Prime's capital. Huff was a quiet child and often disappeared into adventures of his own making. He was adept at hide and seek, melting into the shadows and emerging when least expected. Huff frequently brought trouble on himself for surprising those that didn't appreciate it.

Huff made it through school but wasn't academically inclined. He did excel at computer science, teaching himself to slice into places he shouldn't and minimizing his tracks as he went. His abilities didn't go unnoticed by his family, and he eventually earned a place in the family business, in support of the massive Czerka business machine. He engaged in a variety of petty crimes, mostly theft and information gathering. Huff evolved into a person who became known as "the one to do difficult things", which included taking care of people who landed on the wrong side of whatever his employer wanted.

Huff eventually earned his own crew of mercenaries in the latter years of his time with Czerka and rose to many challenges to earn the title of leader. He had a quiet purpose and determination that inspired others to follow him.

Huff enjoyed using blade weapons to accomplish his darker tasks, and never really became adept at wielding a blaster or slug thrower. He believed killing was an intimate business, and took pride in his ability to sneak out unexpectedly to take down his target. His crew eventually started referring to him as "Stinger", stemming from Huff's preference to use a poison tipped stiletto.

In his dealings on other worlds, Huff increasingly bumped into the Galactic Empire. Although he had become mostly amoral, indifferent and all about the next rush of credits, there remained a core of his personality that was "decent"; he couldn't condone the genocide and overt darkness that the Empire represented. In his mind, Huff never did anything, including killing, without purpose or reason, which served as his own internal justification for his darker tasks. The Empire, however, was something else entirely. Czerka's business dealings also became steadily more difficult due to the ever-interfering Imperial security. Huff increasingly saw them as an obstacle that was generally bad for business.

In the aftermath of a particularly messy mission which the Empire unexpectedly injected itself into and ruined, Huff's crew blamed him for the outcome and to his shock, turned on him. Huff said things that couldn't be unsaid, stunned by being turned on by people he regarded as friends. In a throwback to his early days, Huff decided to completely disappear, rather than deal with an increasingly tenuous situation. He fell into the underworld to keep alive, but doggedly searched for the Rebel Alliance and eventually found his way into their service, determined to get some revenge on the Empire and use his skills to make the Galaxy a better place.

Senior Private Reega "Salty" Kanda

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 1
Primary Specialty Battlefield Trauma Medicine
Secondary Specialty Close-Quarters Battle
Primary Weapons Greel-wood quarterstaff and a GALAAR-15 blaster carbine
Favorite Beverage Any drink that comes with a salt-rimmed glass, ammonia-based spirits preferred.
Physical Description Arcona Female, 24 standard years old, Slight upper-body with abnormally muscular legs, 70 kg, 1.9 m tall, mahogany skin and large golden eyes (from prolonged salt usage). Sharp claws on her hands, though only the index finger claws are still sharp as the rest have been filed down. Feet are often exposed, with sharp-taloned toes.


Salty hailed from the planet Cona, and grew up in a tight-knit familial nest. As with all females of her species, she was more reckless and rambunctious than her male brethren. This led to many injuries for herself and her friends as they adventured into the depths of the less-traveled nesting caves.

During one such adventure, her best friend introduced her to salt, a common substance across the galaxy. It was illegal on Cona due it being a massively addictive hallucinogen for her species. During her first trip on the substance, her friend fell down a dark shaft and broke his leg.

Despite having no medical training aside from the basics taught during her educational sessions in the nest, she managed to splint the bone and stop the bleeding with almost expert care despite the wild visions she was experiencing from her usage of salt.

Unfortunately, in spite of the care she'd rendered, the usage of salt was such a taboo that she was expelled from the nest, lest she taint the rest of her family. Nevermind that she hadn't introduced the drug, but due to her sex and the rebellious nature of the females of the species, it was assumed she'd been the instigator rather than the truth of the situation.

During her lost travels, she used more and more salt until her eyes changed from the pink she was born with to the gold common among the salt addicts of her species. Despite the wild hallucinations brought on by the innocuous substance, she never made a single mistake during her work in a med clinic. She was often praised for her calm demeanor and steady hands, even when completely tripping on the clock.

Eventually, she tired of the medical lifestyle after she felt as though she'd learned all she could. She once again traveled the stars, only now she wished to learn how to break bodies rather than mend them. She studied all manner of martial arts she could find, becoming something of a jack-of-all trades in close quarters combat styles including: Teras Kasi, Echani, Zavat, and Bakuuni Hand.

Her true specialty was Zama-shiwo, and she was considered a master in that martial art. She became adept at using the quarter-staff that her teacher had often used, and once she became comfortable enough with all Zama-shiwo had to offer she would mix in other styles. Her naturally long legs of her species helped master the Kick of the Bantha, which added even more trauma when her talons added to the blow.

It was during an unfortunate sparring session with an Imperial officer that her life was shaken up once again. The boisterous officer was bragging about his mastery of echani, and said nobody in the bar could beat him. She'd just taken a large dosage of salt from the rim of her glass, so she decided to challenge the human to put him to the test. Unfortunately, he was not as skilled as he'd boasted, and when Salty threw a lazy set-up kick that any amateur should have seen and deflected, he ducked into it. Her toe claws sliced open his jugular, and the man bled out in the cantina in front of all of the patrons.

On the run from the Empire all over the galaxy, she fell in with a rebel cell. They originally used her as a medic based on her official employment history, but once she subdued an unruly patient in an expert manner, they started using her as their hand-to-hand instructor as well. This first group was responsible for her nickname, as they often saw her adding salt to her meals and drinks despite not understanding why.

Salty is full of contradictions. Her martial arts expertise excels at breaking bodies while her medical knowledge puts them back together. Despite having large eyes, her vision is actually fairly poor, rather having to rely on the heat-focused sensory organ in the center of her face to recognize friend and foe as well as other important information. She often uses salt to fuel her addiction, but no matter how wild the hallucinations she is able to do her job with expert care. And despite the fact that she is alone in the galaxy due to her exile, she always thinks in terms of "we", and that includes whomever is in her squad or unit.

Private Donahue "Swaggalicious" Swagg

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 1
Primary Specialty Infiltration and food supply theft
Secondary Specialty Demolitions, mostly of the non-lethal but incapacitating variety
Primary Weapon DH-17 Blaster Carbine
Favorite Beverage Whatever's most filling, likely a Stout
Physical Description Human Male, 27 standard years old. 140kg, 1.75m, heavy build. Brown eyes, black hair in standard Imperial cut and clean shaven. Might be some lingering food stains near his mouth.


Swagg grew up, like most every child of Naboo, a loyal citizen of the Empire. Which meant starving. Sure, they had enough food for normal people, but Swagg was what you would call a "Starving Artist"- he made his work look good and the rewards taste even better. After watching some bucketheads profile his best friend Fass for merely being a Gungan, he knew they needed to go down, but he didn't know how to go about this task.

During his education, he was not an exceptional student. He did, however, destroy his fair share of refreshers during the senior trip to Coruscant, halting a session of the Galactic Senate due to a biothreat with his handiwork in one of the public freshers. Looking back, it was his first act of true rebellion.

He started his Imperial service onboard the ISD Engager as a communications officer. He did his job, meaning messages got through just fine, but he caused a four month docking retrofit due to problems with the waste management system. Don't mix Huttese spices with any exotic Dathomirian meats was the life lesson Swagg, and by proxy the crew, learned.

His next posting is classified, and Swagg is reluctant to share many details due to a strong worry that word will get back to some Imperials he used to work with at the black site. He did learn, however, that the key to getting Sweet Bombad Otto's Cocktail Sauce out of a dead Moff's dress uniform was to use ample amounts of tongue.

His final posting was on Corellia with the Imperial garrison stationed there. The food, Swagg noted, was exceptionally good. Unfortunately, the troopers didn't get much of the good stuff, forcing him to work outside the regs to sate his appetite. He learned, after having to cover his tracks, that a momma Gurrcat can split open a dead trooper's armor in seconds after dragging the corpse back to its den for the kittens.

He may not be the 'ideal' commando candidate, but he believes in the destabilization of the enemy's amenities. No hot meal? Refresher spewing septic sludge instead of working properly? Sounds like Swagg's work. He is also the man that learned that a standard Imperial Officer's had can fit two fried Porgs. He also accidentally ingested his old commlink, and sometimes he can feel it buzzing still.

Swagg would list his skills as follows: He's a social chameleon that can blend into standard Imperial rank and file very well and he can make people disappear so long as you don't ask how or where. Unfortunately, his appetite can get in the way sometimes, as he ate an entire garrison into half-rations after a week of joining the posting, and he thinks he looks better in swimwear than he actually does in reality.

Private Zlabba "Firefly"

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 1
Primary Specialty Speeder driver
Secondary Specialty Heavy weapon tactics
Usual Loadout RPG launcher (can carry particle, ion, or thermal detonators) and ELG-3A blaster pistol
Favorite Beverage Ion Sucker
Physical Description Toydarian male, 1.15m tall, 58.2kg, age 33 standard years


During most of the Imperial era, Zlabba plied the Outer Rim Territories as a trader until the Empire decided to bring him in for questioning regarding reporting of his business data for tax purposes. This made him scared, and he went on the run, eventually seeking refuge with the Rebel Alliance on Ryloth.

There were several close calls on the way to Ryloth with Zlabba driving various speeder vehicles, so he was put to service by the Alliance as a utility driver. He'd also learned how to handle an RPG launcher while driving to make things difficult for those attempting to stop him. His current service track finds himself on duty with the CRS Vigilant task force, awaiting assignment.

Corporal Reldan "Ghost" Boru

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 2 Lead
Primary Specialty Sniper Assassinations
Secondary Specialty Slicing Security Systems
Primary Weapon IQA-11 Blaster Rifle
Favorite Beverage Whyren's Reserve
Physical Description Selonian Male, 28 standard years old. 190kg, 2.1m, heavy build. Brown eyes, all dark brown fur save for a white X-shaped patch centering on his right eye.


Reldan "Ghost" Boru was raised on the planet Talus in the Corellian system. He was born into a cult, the Children Of The Five, who had a religious fascination with the Five Brothers, the planets that formed the Corellian System. The cult lived underground in a den much like any other society of Selonians, however their societal structure was different in many ways. Although many Selonian communities tended to be private and their people agoraphobic, the Children held more extreme values. They believed those in the outside world who did not follow their ways were heretics. According to the Children's traditions, a child marked at birth would be endowed with an insatiable bloodlust that was activated by the full moon, and once trained to adulthood, these marked ones would leave the den at full moon and slaughter nonbelievers. Reldan was one such slaughterer.

When the Empire rose to power and increased their presence within the system, the cult was quickly discovered and rooted out. Reldan's skill at infiltrating settlements and stealthily killing his prey caught the attention of the Governor, who allowed only Reldan to live out of every one of the Children. He was told that if he joined the Empire he would have the ability to slake his thirst for blood whenever he needed, provided he killed who he was ordered to. Thus, his life as an Imperial Commando began. He received training in areas he lacked, such as technical knowledge, where he discovered he had a particular talent for slicing security systems, allowing him to be one step closer to his targets. He honed his abilities using weapons, taking a particular interest in sniper rifles, which gave him something he had lacked his whole life: the ability to kill from afar. His fellow commandos named him Ghost, due to his wraithlike modus operandi.

As the years passed and the New Republic overtook the Empire, Ghost saw the futility of staying on a sinking ship. He had no love for the Empire; seeing them as employers, nothing more. This made his defection an easy decision. He killed his fellow commandos in their sleep, extinguishing any possibility of a revenge mission against him. Skilled though he was, he knew he would not be able to defeat them. He stole his squad's shuttle and jumped into New Republic space. Ghost turned himself in to the authorities immediately, confessing his crimes, and expressing his "sincere" desire to join the right side and fight for the New Republic. He was taken once more, this time by the NRI. Impressed with the work he had carried out in service to the Empire, he was accepted begrudgingly into the armed forces of the Republic. His undying need to take lives made him a determined and reliable asset who never quit. He found himself using his slicing skills to infiltrate Imperial Remnant bases and clear the way for his comrades, as well as covert assassinations of Imperial spies within NR ranks, however this work was highly classified due to its legally grey nature.

Private Kaa "Boom"

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 2
Primary Specialty Explosive Placing/Detonation
Secondary Specialty Battlefield Medical Treatment
Side Arm TL-50 Heavy Repeater
Favorite Beverage Caf
Physical Description Noghri Female, age 20. Heavy build, 1.3m and 80kg. Grey eyes and skin.


Growing up on Honoghr, Kaa was predestined from an early age to serve the Empire as a commando. The primitive nature of the Noghri species made them easy to manipulate, which the Imperials took advantage of. When the Empire deemed Kaa old enough to serve, she was trained to be an expert with explosives. Although she was never formally trained as a field medic, she learned the necessary skills anyway, as her culture was dependent upon honour, thus providing motivation for her to protect and aid the Noghri she fought alongside.

Years of service to the Empire made it eventually apparent that they were not the saviours that they seemed to be. The Noghri realised that they were seen as nothing more than tools to be exploited by the likes of Darth Vader, who required personal commandos to carry out their dirty work away from prying eyes. While on a highly classified mission, Boom disappeared into the night, leaving her squadmates behind. She spent months on Onderon, trying to find some way to leave the planet without a chain code. Her efforts finally brought her to a smuggler who was willing to sneak her offworld. She appealed to his empathy, asking if there was any way she could be smuggled without having any credits to pay him with. He agreed to smuggle her free of charge, provided she helped him deliver a shipment to an anonymous buyer.

Upon delivering the cargo, she was told that the smuggler and his client were rebels shipping explosives to militias on several worlds. Being an expert in the area, she offered to procure and create higher quality goods in exchange for a cut of the credits. This arrangement continued for years, until there came a time when an operation required a demolitions expert, and Boom was nominated to assist. She showed great skill returning to her commando roots and decided to stay with her squadmates from the mission, eventually becoming an official member of the Rebel Commandos.

Boom's Noghri biology allowed her to be extremely stealthy in the field which granted an advantage in planting explosives undetected. This made her an essential asset when carrying out surprise attacks upon Imperial soil.

Private Niclas "Max" Innes

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 2
Primary Specialty Heavy Weapon Specialist
Secondary Specialty Improvised Explosives
Primary Weapon Modified DC-15LE
Favorite Beverage Anything clear with a high proof. Doesn't matter what kind.
Physical Description Human male, age 29, 118 kg, 1.8 m, heavy build. Clean shaven if possible, bleach-blonde hair, dark skin, green eyes. Lots of little scars across his scalp and body. Missing right ear from a hunting excursion-gone-wrong on Endor and a couple of fingers missing from left hand from extreme frostbite on Hoth.


Niclas had the misfortune of being born in an apartment complex in a Scrapper guild town on Bracca. His parents were both signed on with the guild which meant that Niclas spent a lot of time on his own with the few other scrapper kids.

Niclas hated Bracca. There weren't many other kids, there wasn't much to see other than rusting mountains of old ships, and Imperials were everywhere. The only joy in Niclas' life were the broken tools and droids his parents would bring home for him to tinker with. What his parents did not expect was just how much Nilcas would love repairing and 'improving' things. It was his escape from the boredom of the guild town. When he got old enough to start working, Niclas signed on with the only job around: scrapping. Despite hating the place, Niclas just couldn't bring himself to leave. Turned out, scrapping is more interesting when you're not a kid. It also turned out that it was very easy for Niclas to acquire new things to tinker with.

Niclas found himself falling in with a crowd that was not fond of the Empire. So much so that he started making homemade explosives and rebuilt and improvised blasters being smuggled off-world for rebel cells. He was consistently approached to join the rebellion, but he didn't want to get so directly involved.

Two things happened to change that: one was Alderaan. The other was that the Empire pinched the freighter captain that got his weapons off-world for the Rebellion. Niclas fled Bracca and joined up with the Alliance. Initially he was in a position to be a mechanic where he was quite a valuable resource. It didn't take long before Niclas realized he was good with a blaster and his explosives. His souped up weaponry has helped turn the tides of more than one battle from Hoth to Endor.

Corporal Ka'lar "Slink" Saltaan

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 3 Lead/ Squad 2IC
Primary Specialty Slicing, Mechanics
Secondary Specialty Scouting and Infiltration
Side Arm Whatever she can scrounge
Favorite Beverage Anything opaque.
Physical Description 28 year old half Bothan Female, 1.4m tall, Dark grey fur, Yellow eyes.


A somewhat unknown but dependable mechanic in the underground swoop circuit on Corellia, her clientele were die-hards once they did business with her. They were so loyal because in addition to doing incredible work, she was always able to source hard to find parts on short notice. She may have sold and installed them, but she never bought them. She had impeccable slicing skills she had learned from her mother, and a knack for stealth. She always had a strong sense that let her know when it was safe to move or not. Close friends joked about Force sensitivity, but she reasoned that if she was sensitive, she would have been stolen away by the Empire as a child. Those same friends that joked about her having hidden Force powers also claimed that she was the single largest cause of missing inventory at the Incom distribution warehouse on Corellia, among others. She never told a soul or confessed to these indiscretions, it was just an assumption her friends made based on her ability to magically find the parts she needed. She found thrill in her life, split between tuning fast machines and pruning vast inventories.

Things changed for her when one of her clients, a young human pilot and ex-corsec officer, desperately needed parts to quickly re-fit an old X-wing. She turned him down at first, but he offered to pay double on the condition that she tune his bike first. They were long-time friends, even when he was on the other side of the law, so she agreed. She had never seen a racer run such a clean line and was proud of her work. Due to some last minute bets he placed, the officer paid five times his original offer if she could get it done in a week.

This led to her planning a series of back-to-back heists, she asked the human if she could borrow his droid for the week, whom she knew to be an exceptionally good slicer, and he acquiesced. The series of heists followed by a massive payout was a big deal for her. She was finally able to pay off the syndicate to whom she owed a staggering amount of credits.

Unfortunately the heists led to a little bit more heat then she was content with and she decided it was time to move on. She didn't regret it though as she helped her friend, and got herself out from under a debt that had been hanging around her neck for a long time. It was the perfect time to leave her old life behind. With a handful of credits left over. She bought a ticket off-world. A few years later she would run into her old friend again, who had become a pilot for the New Republic. His stories were entertaining, but she found the tales of covert ops he had been involved in to be intriguing, more so than she would ever admit. Mulling it over she decided to enlist, if she could slink her way through danger and darkness for a good cause, then she would do just that.

Private Ylesia "Shiny" D'Serro

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 3
Primary Specialty Fire suppression
Secondary Specialty Advance Recon
Primary Weapon A-300 blaster rifle
Favorite Beverage Iggy's fabled 'The Good Stuff'
Physical Description Human-Cyborg woman. 19 years old, athletic/robot build, 60 Kg, 1.6 m. Dark colour skin, head half metal plate, other half short cut dark hair. Cybernetic arms and lower torso/legs. Natural brown eyes.


Ylesia's parents met in Hutt space, where they fought in gladiator battles for the entertainment of their masters. They were both successful and formed a pairing that became a household name in Hutt space. As is typical for anyone who fought in the arenas, injuries mounted and over time more and more of their bodies had to be replaced with cybernetics.

The couple reached their breaking point when they learned their next fight was scheduled to be against one another. Breaking free they traveled to the Outer Rim, moving from place to place to find safety. Eventually they found a colony on a moon orbiting D'Serro. The colony was formed by other cyborgs, who welcomed the highly mechanized couple. It was here they had their only child, named after their new home and their favorite star in Hutt Space.

As a child of this cybernetic enhanced community, Ylesia fully embraced the change and modification of her small community. By the time she was seventeen she had replaced her limbs and taken extensions that enhanced her brainpower, fully unaware of how frightening this concept was to many outsiders. The cyborg community lived in peace, withdrawn from the galaxy, the elders knowing all too well how the highly modified beings would be treated.

This peace was shattered by the arrival of the Empire in 3.5 ABY, as part of their continuing Outer Rim expansion. Although the cyborgs tried to keep peaceful relations with the new arrivals, the Imperials feared the cyborgs and hostilities ensued. Despite being only a small group against the Empire, the cyborgs had many victories and took advantage of the Empire being overstretched in their colonization. Ylesia spent her late teenage years fighting in these skirmishes, eventually driving the Empire off world.

It was clear however that the Empire would return and so the decision was taken to relocate the colony. Some traveled further into the outer rim, in the hope of finding a peaceful life. Ylesia and a few others instead learned of the galactic wide resistance to the Empire, and together they traveled to find a rebel cell to join.

Ylesia found the Alliance still held many beings who were frightened of her appearance but they warmed to her as she proved an able soldier, and it was her first Sergeant who recommended her for commando training putting her on the path to join the Vigilant's taskforce.

Private Alder "Brainman" Gocti

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 3
Primary Specialty Improvising High-Power Explosives
Secondary Specialty Slicing and Data Extraction, Spiritual Enlightenment, Cooking
Usual Loadout Twin Vibroblades, CryoBan Grenades, C-11 Blast Cannon, Monomolecular Blade
Favorite Beverage "Soup", Water
Physical Description Male Anzat, 52 years old, pale gray skin, height 1.70m, weight 59.9 kg, long, dark hair braided down to the waist, with a monomolecular blade attached to the end.


Alder Gocti was an unnamed baby Anzat on his way to be delivered to a very wealthy collector of exotic galactic species. Fortunately for Alder, the ship he was in suffered an engine malfunction and crash-landed on planet Araka, located in the Outer Rim. No one survived the accident, except Alder.

The first to arrive on the crash site was a man named Rann Gocti, an ex-Imperial Demolitionist and Tech expert who served the Empire as an assassin—until his family was taken hostage and brutally murdered because he refused to spill more blood in the name of a decrepit psychopath who fancied himself a deity.

Rann, who became a monk to atone for his past sins, and more recently a marshal of sorts to help protect his town, briefly considered a mercy-killing when he saw the brain-eating baby Anzat, but decided against it. He knew the Anzat were considered monsters, yet something in his gut made him spare the little one. Rann then vowed he would not let this one turn into a monster, nature be damned. He named the boy Alder after his grandfather, a man he deeply respected.

Through fifty long years, Rann trained Alder. He passed all of his skills to the boy, as well as his spiritual knowledge, and helped him refine them. Rann was stern, but fair, as a father, always reminding Alder of the importance of discipline, meditation, focus, and willpower, as well as the horrific consequences of laxity. The most important lesson Rann taught his son was: no innocents.

Dutifully, and meticulously to a fault, Alder followed his father's teachings, never straying from the path laid out for him. He learned how to extract the "soup" from corpses, how to add to it, and how to preserve it. Not once did Alder kill an innocent to feed, always preferring to go hungry over giving in.

When Alder reached the age of 47, the Empire finally caught up with Rann. There was a brutal battle, in which Alder, Rann, and the local militia took up arms against the Imperials. Alder snuck behind enemy lines and turned the Imperial commander to goo with a well-placed bomb. The defenders won, but the price of victory was high. Rann suffered a mortal wound during the battle, and wasn't long for this world when Alder returned. Rann's final words to Alder were: I'm proud of you, Alder. You've learned well. Never forget. No innocents. My time is almost up. Now feed, my son, and I'll be with you, always.

For the first time in his life, Alder cried. With the tears came rage, with rage came unbound white-hot hatred for the Empire. Alder left Araka that night, and from that point forward he dedicated his life to hunting down and slaughtering Imperial troops, feeding on their "soup" and storing the excess for times of scarcity.

Alder always adhered to his father's teachings, and became a boogeyman of sorts among certain circles of the Empire. No one ever caught up to him. Those who might have, were already dead.

During a hunt in Coruscant, Alder saved the life of a woman who served as a black-ops agent for the New Republic. Having seen some of Alder's handiwork in action, particularly the controlled demolition of an Imperial garrison, as well as his evident hatred for the Empire, she suggested he should join the New Republc, as they were looking for capable soldiers to fill commando roles. After some thought, Alder agreed, and soon after completing boot camp he found himself aboard a shuttle headed towards the CRS Vigilant.

Alder spent the trip in deep meditation, where only two words manifested in his mind: NO INNOCENTS.