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Second Squad
2nd Squad of the 3rd Platoon of Bravo Company is the squad that specializes in boarding actions. Favoring the offensive nature of this role, they are also adept at defending against boarding actions. Due to the relatively straightforward nature of their mission profile, they skew heavily in the direction of the heavy weaponry and demolitions disciplines. Need a can opener? The "Savage Second" has you covered.

Sergeant Zylvan "Sentinel" Zun

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Second Squad Lead
Primary Specialty Tactical Coordination
Secondary Specialty Blade Dueling
Side Arm Vibrosword, IB-94 Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Dragonjuice
Physical Description Pau'an Male, 300 standard years old. Slender, athletic build. 90 kg, 1.96 m tall, red eyes, cybernetic left arm.


Zylban "Sentinel" Zun was one of the few Pau'ans who left his homeworld to fight in the Clone Wars. As Utapau was allied with neither the CIS nor the Republic, he had little choice but to join a pro-Republic rebel cell operating within CIS territory. As a method of having support from more corners, a Jedi Knight was covertly dispatched to train the fighters in this group to a higher standard. Sentinel was enamored by the Jedi's calm, methodical ways, and brilliant skill with a lightsaber. He asked privately for the Jedi to instruct him in the ways of blade combat as well as the art of battle tactics, an area that the Knight showed particular affinity. The Jedi agreed after sensing signs of force sensitivity within Sentinel, however he himself admitted it was a mere whisper and certainly not enough to constitute full Jedi training. After a rigorous training regime, Sentinel had honed his skills. Learning several non Force-reliant forms of lightsaber combat with a vibrosword, he was a cunning swordsman. His tutelage in battle tactics crafted him into a disciplined leader who was planning and leading missions soon after the Jedi's departure.

After a long three years, the war had ended, but so had the Republic he so admired. The Empire eventually took its hatred for non-humans to Utapau, and enslaved the Pau'an people. Sentinel had lost all trust for others at this stage. Seeing a government he once supported become one that oppressed his people was a heavy burden to bear, and was enough for him to see through the anti-Jedi propaganda. His rebel cell soon became an anti-Imperial group, however as the leader, he had caveats. One such caveat was a policy of minimal casualties. The teachings of the Jedi Knight had not left him, and as such he did not believe it to be right to kill as many Imperials as possible in order to rebel. Rather, he preferred taking down Imperial infrastructure and crippling the government as a whole, as opposed to brutish bloodshed.

Several years of operating wore his group down to a mere handful of people. Many members had been killed or imprisoned, and Sentinel lost faith in his ability to incite change. The cell was disbanded and he retired to an exile on Nar Shaddaa, waiting for war to erupt. His wish came true after the Battle of Yavin, which he was informed of by a contact on the smuggler's moon. Once again Sentinel took up arms and used his connections to find an entry into the Rebellion. He successfully made his way in, where he quickly proved himself, still having retained his wisdom learned so long ago.

He soon made his way to the Commando Corps of what became the New Republic. He was placed in charge of boarding parties during operations due to his penchant for planning tactics for fights while minimising destruction, allowing the NR to capture ships relatively unharmed. In this field he picked up the use of an offhand blaster pistol for picking off enemies where needed. Sentinel's general distrust in people caused by the Empire led to a seemingly cold disposition, however he cares deeply for those under his command and is always willing to lend a hand, whether it be in battle or with their own personal issues where he may be of assistance. This has given him a reputation as a strong leader who commandos can rally around. His training at the feet of a Jedi Knight has gifted him immense focus and forward planning, allowing him to be several moves ahead of his opponent, rather than applying brute force and hoping for victory.

Senior Private Blajj "Wretch" Galeek

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 1
Primary Specialty Heavy weapons and CQB
Secondary Specialty Demolitions
Primary Weapon TL-50 heavy repeater
Favorite Beverage Water
Physical Description 23 year old Duro male. Blue skin and black eyes, scar on his left hand from when it was crushed under a grav-jack.


Blajj spent his early years as a drug runner for a far-flung arm of the intergalactic Spice Cartel. He started out as a scrawny street kid ferrying packages to and from dealers from the higher ups in the chain. One fateful night that would prove a turning point for his life. Cor-Sec swarmed his local cell in a bust they had planned for months. Blajj hid in a maintenance closet as he heard the authorities rushing the rest of his "friends".

He panicked when a Cor-Sec officer cautiously entered the closet, ordered by his senior officer. Blajj attacked the man with a pry bar, but the officer easily overpowered him and slammed Blajj up against the back wall. His arms trapped in a lock and a stun baton pressed to his neck, the officer was about to knock him out, but he got a good look at the 16 year old Duro and he eased slightly.

The next moments proved to be the most important in his entire life. The senior officer called from the hallway. "MacCurrich, report?" Looking at the young Blajj who was scared entirely out of his wits, the officer shouted back. "Nobody here, sir, just a waste of space." The officer pressed his face into the wall harder. "That's right, nobody," he whispered into Blajj's ear, "But it doesn't have to stay that way." Then he was tossed to the floor, by the time he got up, the officer was gone. Those words would echo in his mind for years to come.

Seeing an opportunity in the aftermath of the bust, he fled the city and found work as a cargo loader at a spaceport the next town over. The work turned him from a scrawny kid into a sturdy man. After his boss retired, instead of staying on he looked elsewhere. That's when he stumbled upon a recruiter for the New Republic. He enlisted and began training to be a commando. Intent on never being slammed into a wall again, he focused on close quarters combat where he excelled. After completing boot camp with an additional focus in demolitions, he was assigned to the Vigilant.

After his first mission he got into a brawl with an Imperial sympathizer and kneed him so hard on the gut that the man vomited all over Blajj's uniform. After that his squad started calling him "Retch." Unfortunately, in this case the old adage of a dumb ground pounder rang true, and they all misspelled it on his locker. The funny double meaning didn't bother Blajj too much, as he did indeed used to be a contemptible kid, so however it's spelled it suits him just fine.

Private Arrek "Stuffin'" Thinns

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 1
Primary Specialty Medic
Secondary Specialty Demolitions
Side Arm Ice axe
Favorite Beverage Anything cold and refreshing
Physical Description Human male. 27 years old. 2.44 m, 77 kg, reddish hair, stubble, freckles, brown eyes, and a devilish smile.


Arrek Thinns grew up on a traveling space station, Drifter One. The station served as a base camp for many groups of archaeologists, scientists, geologists, and cartographers. Many expeditions of all species, interests, and political alignments crossed paths here, putting aside their differences to explore the fringes of the galaxy. "What happens on Drifter One stays on Drifter One," was the saying, and that's how Arrek ended up orphaned on the station.

By the time he grew old enough to curse his irresponsible mother, he was too busy to bother. He became one of the few permanent residents of the station. The crew took care of him, but he largely raised himself as he dogged the heels of the many interesting visitors, who filled his head with tales of adventure and a broad spectrum of knowledge.

Soon he was accompanying expeditions down to the fringe worlds to assist them, and along the way he acquired skills in everything from xenobiology and mining demolitions to how to think on his feet and fend off angry wildlife.

After the Empire destroyed Alderaan, the captain and the owner of Drifter One decided to throw their lot and their station in with the Rebellion. Arrek no longer had any expeditioners to chase, and he eventually found himself drafted into the Rebels commando teams.

Whether it was his face, a wound, his pockets, or explosives, his team mates said he was always stuffing something into something. Hence, his nickname was born.

Private Kasi "Gadget" Black

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 1
Primary Specialty Demolitions and "explosive engineering"
Secondary Specialty Jury-Rigging
Side Arm Custom-built mini-Frag with adhesion
Favorite Beverage Bloody Sarlacc
Physical Description Human Female, 27 years old, petite build, 50kg, 1.59m, shoulder-length black hair, pale skin. Brown eyes. Cybernetic implant along temples.


Kasi's troubles began when she was just five years old. Her parents were both spice addicts who were arrested after a tense hostage situation. Having no other living family, she bounced from foster family to foster family. None of them could keep up with her insatiable curiosity. She was constantly taking things apart to see how they worked, often without any regard as to her own safety or the state in which she left the items. Exasperated and often in the hole for a lot of money, her foster families sent her packing time and time again.

Despite her lack of a home, Kasi was always described as cheerful and good-natured. Her smile could light up a room and often won hearts just by looking at her. At ten years old, an old Calamari mechanic named Fahdar Black took her in. Seeing her natural inclination with machines, he put her to work in his scrapyard. From trash she built treasures that Fahdar often sold for immense profit. This profit he began to put aside as the Empire tightened its grip on the galaxy. His shop was often looted and the Empire refused to help. More often than not, they'd accuse him of fraud. For years the shop suffered, despite the hard work they did. When Kasi turned sixteen, Fahdar was arrested on suspicion of aiding a resistance group operating in the area. His trial was ten minutes long and his execution was scheduled within the hour.

Kasi found the money he'd set aside. Most of it was for her, along with a commlink and a frequency. A note left behind told her to run. To get off world and make a better life for herself. Instead, she built her first bomb. When she set it off, it freed Fahdar and put her name on the Empire's list forever.

Together they fled Toprawa and joined various Resistance groups throughout the years. Fahdar passed away just months after Yavin, his age and the travel finally taking hold. He died seeing the Rebellion grow and Kasi taking the vows as his adopted daughter. Kasi went on to join various mechanic crews before ending up in the Commandos as a demolitions expert on Hoth. She even fought on Endor as part of a second team sent to blow up the shield dish.

Being reassigned to the Vigilant, Kasi brings her love of life and the hope of her father into the New Republic.

Corporal "Lil Tree"

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 2 Leader
Primary Specialty Heavy Weapons; Blowing things up
Secondary Specialty Construction; Repair; Maintenance (to help blow things up)
Primary Weapon E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster
Favorite Beverage Green things
Physical Description Male Dowutin, age unknown, 2.6m and 227 kg; chin spikes; pale golden skin; green eyes.


Lil Tree was found as a child by a small family of humans, abandoned on the Mid Rim world of Ghatzera. Even at that age he was nearly as tall as his adopted father and soon enough surpassed him in height and strength. He had no memory of his past but his new life was idyllic. He worked on his father's farm, and once a week he'd be allowed to eat inside with the rest of the family. He slept outside, in his own little cottage, because he was so big that he might fall through the floor of an upstairs bedroom. Or so he thought.

In his early twenties he grew tired of living on a farm, from being isolated from his family, from only being able to see them once a month. He demanded they let him leave to go to college or university but it was then that he discovered who he truly was. Who would tend to the farm with him gone? Who would do all the chores? Certainly not Father. Certainly not when he had a slave to do it for him. Lil Tree's "brother" surprised him with stun weapons and it gave his "father" time to equip a collar around the Dowutin's neck. He wasn't going anywhere

For the next five years his "father" did not even bother maintaining the facade, nor did Lil Tree expect it. Resentment grew with his heart what he thought of as his family began to change as well, revealing their true colors. Lil Tree was just dumb alien. Lil Tree was only good for work. Lil Tree was big, dumb, and ugly. Lil Tree's parents didn't even want him, they had sold him for a dose of spice. He should know better. And for years, having never known anything else, he believed it. He was all of those thingsā€¦ and his resentment turned inwards, allowing those people to manipulate and use him however they wanted.

One night he heard a crash in the woods. The next day, he found a young woman, a Rebel Commando she called herself. She was the one that was injured and in need of help, yet it was she who, without a moment of hesitation, saved him by disabling his slave collar. Moved, he vowed then and there to help her so she could teach him to do the same to others throughout the Galaxy.

It was dangerous, but the two managed to get off of Ghatzera, and she led Lil Tree to the Rebel Alliance. They were happy to bring him in and he was happy to learn to be a warrior. He took to it naturally and in time he learned that his people were fierce warriors. He's resolved to travel to Dowut, one day, when he knows that there is freedom in the Galaxy. Lil Tree is the only name he knows or has ever had, so he kept it.

He is usually pretty calm and can be playful when he gets to know you. Surprisingly he is a pretty good cook, even if he rarely finds a kitchen he can fit into. As large as he is, Lil Tree can be rather nimble.

Private Zozoped "Beautiful" Har'dak

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 2
Primary Specialty Precision demolitions
Secondary Specialty Patch 'em up and keep 'em fighting field medic
Armament Zoz carries a backpack with multiple pockets filled with different types of explosives, detonators and gadgets to deliver the maximum blast with the most precise outcome. His preferred personal weapon is a traditional Barabel war hammer, though he will make do with an A280 blaster rifle if necessary.
Favorite Beverage Sparkling water
Physical Description A male Barabel, Zoz is heavy-built (120kg) and at the tall end for his species at 2.2m. Tough scales cover his face and body, making his acid-yellow eyes stand out against the dark grey scales.


Zozoped, known as Zoz, knew from an early age that he would leave his nest and strike out as a hunter like his mother and fathers. He learned from them the skills of tracking and attacking, stalking the prey - or as he learned to call them, the bounty - before luring them into captivity. Or, of course, killing them, should the phrase "dead or alive" be on the bounty puck. In the Outer Rim, where the Galactic Empire was still not as dominant as in the centre of the galaxy, there was plenty of work for enterprising bounty hunters such as Zoz and his parents.

When he was judged competent in his skills, Zoz was given his own assignments and developed a reputation as a tenacious bounty hunter who always achieved his goals. However, that was until he came into contact with the Empire during a hunt for a particular bounty who was also on the Imperials' list as a potential Rebel sympathiser. The large group of stormtroopers did not take kindly to a Barabel who disputed their right to take the bounty he had captured. They greatly outnumbered Zoz, who fought ferociously but was badly injured by blaster fire; the Imperials seized his prisoner and departed, leaving Zoz to heal slowly and nurse his grievances against them.

Aware that the Rebel Alliance was fighting against the Imperials, Zoz joined up, pledging his allegiance to overthrow the Empire. His aggressive nature and impressive fighting skills made him a natural choice as a soldier; somewhat to his own surprise, he showed an aptitude for demolition work, especially calculating the precise quantities of explosives necessary to disrupt Imperial plans by bringing down bridges or disrupting transport routes. He decided to specialise in this area as a way of inflicting most damage on the Empire.

His second specialisation, field medicine, is a holdover from his days as a bounty hunter. He learned quickly how to stabilise those who were injured and keep them alive (in the case of the bounty) and fighting (in the case of his parents). Now he does the same to his squad-mates; his long, clawed hands are equally as skilful wielding medical instruments as setting explosives.

Fearsome fighters, Barabels - males and females - are a reptilian species whose dominant feature is a gaping mouth studded with gleaming, needle-sharp teeth. A member of Zoz's first platoon gave him the callsign 'Beautiful' as a sarcastic comment on his terrifying appearance; the name stuck and now Beautiful is a welcome addition to commando teams wherever he is posted.

Private Zask "Salamander" Kot

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 2
Primary Specialty Heavy weapons trooper and grenadier
Secondary Specialty Proficient in assembling and disarming improvised explosives
Primary Weapon Heavy rotary cannon or flamethrower
Favorite Beverage Whisky, preferably his own recipe.
Physical Description Trandoshan male, 28, Broad and muscular, 105 kg, 1.98 m, reddish brown scales like autumnal leaves, orange eyes.


Raised from a young age on Toprawa by his mother and adoptive Wookiee father Zask was able to avoid the normal prejudices of his people and learnt to respect both of his parents' cultures whilst finding his own path.

Despite being one of the only Trandoshans where he grew up, being bigger than the other children prevented him from being obviously bullied. He often used his size to defend those who suffered unfairly.

As an adult he made a modest living distilling his own potent whiskey and supplying local cantina. It was doing this that led to an encounter with a young human who wanted to fight against the Empire. The two of them slowly put together a team and Zask went by the codename "Phantom".

The group would harass Imperial patrols and liberate supplies and intelligence with reasonable success until a betrayal forced them to flee the planet. After joining the Alliance properly Zask signed on to join the marine commandos.

His experience as an insurgent had taught him valuable skills in being able to turn most innocuous items into an explosive and his commando training showed an affinity for all types of heavy weapon. Displaying a particular affinity for flame based weapons other marines took to calling him "Salamander" and the name stuck.

Corporal Daris "Lawman" Freepont

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 3 Lead/ Bravo Squad 2IC
Primary Specialty VIP protection, Industrial espionage, covert and clandestine operations, infil and exfil, hostage rescue
Secondary Specialty Weapon Design Specialist. Alleged to have contributed in designing and field testing the Xana Exotic Arms MMD-18 molecular dagger that he wields very proficiently.
Side Arm MMD-18 molecular dagger, a long and thin double-edged, crystalline matrix blade set into a polycarbonate hilt with a short, straight quillon, honed to mono-molecular thickness and easily shattered when used ineffectively.
Favorite Beverage Coruscant Cooler
Physical Description Human male, indeterminate 40s, athletic, 85 kg, 2 m, short brush haircut and trimmed beard, light brown skin, brown eyes, several cybernetics and scars running from his ears to his jawline.


Born on Coruscant around 37 BBY to Rom and Sari Freepont, both career officers in the Coruscant Security Force. Raised in the Federal district. Attended the CSF junior academy with honors.

Both parents were killed during the Battle of Coruscant in 19 BBY during Separatist General Grievous' assault on the Federal District to kidnap Republic Chancellor Palpatine.

Lt. Sari Freepont was assigned as a bodyguard attached to Palpatine's Red Guard as a CSF liaison and fell from the chancellor's suite's balcony to her death 500 m below during the assault. The exact circumstances of her death were lost in the catastrophe.

Capt. Rom Freepont was assigned as CSF ground rescue coordinator with Coruscanti Rescue Ops pilots. CSF headquarters was a priority target for the Separatist fleet's bombardment that provided cover to Grievous' assault. Rom was killed alongside thousands of CSF personnel under the turbolaser barrage.

After his parents' death and his survival by happenstance (Daris was on the opposite side of the planet during the attack, working in a student exchange program under Dr Ana Xeer, a CSF funded scientist working on a prototype non-lethal sonic blaster), he applied and was admitted to the CSF academy, graduating within six months (the 19 BBY class was accelerated to replace heavy CSF casualties). Daris' career was aimed at taking his mother's place as a close protection officer to the Senate, when Palpatine declared the Sith Empire was restored as the Republic was reorganized into the First Galactic Empire and restrained the powers of the new Imperial Senate.

Daris' first posting as an Underworld CSF patroller was administratively under Clone Army Commander Fox (CC-1010), but his junior assignments were confined to the lowest rungs of Underworld criminality. Within a few months, Fox and his squad of shock troopers were killed in the crash of their LAAT law enforcement patrol ship during an operation to apprehend Jedi Master Jocasta Nu which left Darth Vader the only survivor, Daris' was left without a commanding officer and summarily dismissed from CSF service by Vader without an explanation.

Bewildered but well aware of the Sith Lord's reputation for summarily executing insubordinate officers, Daris left the CSF and eventually found employment with his former supervisor, now CEO of Xana Exotic Arms, Ana Xeer.

Working with Dr Xeer on the design and field testing of several illicit weapons, including his favorite MMD-18 molecular dagger, Daris pursued a career as a VIP protection agent, industrial spy and freelance law enforcement officer for several Underworld communities that needed help cleaning up their districts of scummy and villainous types. All his targets disappeared without a trace.

By 1 BBY, Daris had developed into a specialist in his field of work on Coruscant and several other Core Worlds, ferreting out secrets to further the interests of his employer, Dr Xeer. A nagging suspicion on the motives of Xeer left him wary, collecting data until he could be certain of her loyalties. Eventually, he confronted her with financial records confirming that Xana Exotic Arms procured material for the Rebel Alliance. Far from being surprised, Xeer told him everything, including the truth about the Emperor's role in his parents' deaths, with holovid recordings and holonet data as proof.

For weeks, he existed in a nimbus of rage and confusion, confined to his quarters by a doting Dr Xeer who regarded him as an adopted nephew. Sari Freepont had been Ana's greatest childhood friend and her son was all she had left to remember by.

Daris emerged from his grief with a vow of justice against Palpatine's Empire and, with Xeer's blessing, defected to the Rebel Alliance. He eventually made his way to Yavin 4 and survived the trenches of Hoth, before being assigned to the CRS Liberty as part of the Commando detachment. During the Battle of Endor, Freepont's squad was groundside when the Liberty was destroyed.

Seeing an opening to finally go investigate his mother's strange death all those years ago, he went AWOL during the celebration on Endor. He fell back in with his former employer Ana, but due to his identity being compromised she was busted by the ISB as a Rebel sympathizer, and both were forced to flee Coruscant. For his endangerment of an important logistical and Imperial intelligence resource on Imperial Center, he was busted from Lieutenant down to the enlisted rank track.

He's lucky a demotion was all he received, and he knows it.

Private Con "Sandman" Skema

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 3
Primary Specialty Infiltration and Recon
Secondary Specialty Battlefield First Aid
Side Arm Umbaran Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Bloody Rancor
Physical Description Male Umbaran, 33 standard years old. 1.75m, 68kg. Slight but muscular torso, pale bluish skin.


Sandman learned of war the hard way, having the Battle of Umbara brought to his doorstep quite literally at the age of 10. While too young to fight in the Umbaran Militia, he was pressed into service as a scout and used to not only identify targets for ambushes, but also scout ahead to find and steal unprotected Republic supplies. His status as an Umbaran child did not exempt him from danger, as he would have most certainly been killed for his actions in the name of his planet if he'd been discovered. This realization led to him honing the requisite skills to increase his abilities in skullduggery to avoid being caught, living up to the nickname the clones gave his people: The Shadow People.

His parents were both herbalists before the war, and throughout the years he picked up quite a knack for the profession. However, due to his anachronistic nature amongst his people, he did not believe Umbara was better than everywhere else, so he was willing to study exo botanical sources and therefore earned a much higher degree of understanding in the field than others of his proud race that often disregarded non-Umbaran resources as automatically inferior. While this attitude had merit with regard to a lot of Umbaran technology, with regard to herbs and compounds, the old guard were way off the mark.

While the rigid caste hierarchy survived the war, Sandman's parents did not. Left to his own devices, he continued the family herb business and was quite sought after for his wares as they were much more effective than the Umbaran-Only ingredient tinctures sold by all of the other herbalists and medicine-men on the planet. This popularity drew the ire of the traditionalists, and he was soon threatened and beaten into one inch of his life until he "willingly" closed down his family shop.

Armed with a traditional Umbaran Blaster that struck fear in the hearts of the galaxy at large, he gathered up all of his proprietary seeds and torched the shop and his hard-earned recipes. If he couldn't have them, nobody would. Hitching a ride off his planet, he found himself on Pasaana and set up a small hydroponic growing station to build up his stock.

His abilities to create interesting psychoactive tinctures and miraculous healing salves grabbed the attention of the locals, and business was booming. The Festival of the Ancestors event was going on, and his hallucinatory compounds were a big hit with the attendees that hoped to have an even more powerful out of body experience than usual.

As had happened on his home planet, the story repeated itself on Pasaana. Sandman was once again rousted from his wares and shop by jealous and conniving rival merchants. This time, however, he set enough of his compounds inside that when he triggered the bomb to level his new shop, the cloud of hallucinogens overwhelmed the surrounding Aki-Aki tribe and they murdered each other in a fit of stoned rage.

He decided he no longer wished to do this line of work, and then snuck through a New Republic cordon at a spaceport on Chandrila almost successfully. Had it not been for a random guard coming back from an unscheduled bathroom break, Sandman would have been home free and able to meld into this new environment and restart his business for the third time.

The confiscated compounds perplexed the security forces, though New Republic Intelligence recognized the psychoactive elements of Sandman's catalog. They offered him a choice, become a soldier or serve out a hefty sentence on a prison barge. Without much of a choice in the matter, Sandman chose the dangerous option and quickly distinguished himself as a scout and infiltrator. The cause of his incarceration became one of his greatest tools, as he often would mix nonlethal compounds to incapacitate guards or sentries to open up pathways for his team. If the mission dictated lethal force was required, his compounds could easily be made lethal or increase the psychoactive properties to cause beings to turn on allies.

On the flipside, his chemicals can be mixed to create powerful healing solutions and salves for quick and dirty first aid on the field. He is reclusive amongst his squad, but dependable and just happy to not be chased away from his new posting as he's Salamanderexperienced throughout his life.

Private Fisk "Crank" Thule

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 3
Primary Specialty Loves heavy weapons combat, believes there is no such thing as too much firepower
Secondary Specialty Can repair just about anything with an engine
Primary Weapon T-21 light repeating blaster
Favorite Beverage Flameout
Physical Description Human male, 25 years old, from Kessel.190cm tall, 109kg, muscular build, brown short cropped hair, grey eyes.


Born on Kessel, in the capital city of Kessendra, Fisk Thule had a rough childhood. He was one of several children born to a family of spice miners, and was most of the time forgotten and left to fend for himself. This led him to develop a very hard personality and was a bit of a bully. Despite this, Fisk wasn't a bad person and maintained a decent moral compass. He couldn't tolerate the strong exploiting the weak, and would frequently step in to right wrongs, which given his lack of status as a slave, earned him frequent hard lessons.

Fisk was a tall, muscular boy who realized the importance of physical strength. He worked out and exercised a lot. He also enjoyed a good wrestling match, frequently challenging those better than him and very often squeaking by.

He had an intuitive, handyman type of ability that helped him develop the ability to fix almost anything that had moved on the ground. Word of this spread around and Fisk quickly found himself with no end of work. He earned the nickname "Crank" from his ability to somehow magically spark machines back to life.

Through his exposure to a variety of tasks, many involving deals with the Empire, Fisk's hatred of the strong oppressing the weak grew from a smoldering fire into a flaming one. He started attempting to undermine his captors any way he possibly could, which eventually caused him to be arrested and imprisoned. Fisk had been long abandoned by his family at this point, as they had no time for his rebellious nature..

Rescue came for Fisk in the form of liberation by the Rebel Alliance. In the aftermath of the Battle of Endor, the Empire abandoned Kessel and doomed all its residents to death by turning off the factories which generated the thin atmosphere. He took up arms during the chaos, and fought his way out of prison, earning his freedom in the process. He immediately sought passage off the hell of Kessel and out into the galaxy where he could continue to make a difference as a free man. Fisk eventually found his way to the Rebel Alliance and enlisted with them as a soldier.