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Fifth Squad
The 5th and final squad of the 3rd Platoon of Bravo Company is the group that specializes in exfiltration and extraction. Sometimes they are friendly assets that need a helping hand home, but they also have the muscle to compel those unwilling to leave with them. With three specialized squads, they have the ability to handle all aspects of the extraction: The muscle, the ride, and the distraction and cover. The 'Full-tilt Fifth' have been known to answer their hails with: You call, we haul.

Sergeant Nem "Odds" Neeth

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fifth Squad Leader
Primary Specialty Emotional intelligence, tactics
Secondary Specialty Infiltration, insertion, extraction
Side Arm BlasTech DH-17 carbine, Knives, Vambrace Flamethrower
Favorite Beverage Anything she mixes herself
Physical Description Umbaran female. 36 years old. 1.7 meters tall. Pale violet-gray skin, gray eyes, dark gray hair.


"Never tell me the odds." Nem's call sign comes from the motto she's lived her life by.

Nem grew up on Umbara, where the caste system barred upward mobility--and even leaving the homeworld--from anyone who didn't climb the ranks with cunning and manipulation. She was born into a relatively low caste, and her first job was as a nanny to a wealthy couple's two children.

Nem didn't care about castes, or climbing them. She cared about doing her best in everything she did, however, and about the family she worked for. She worked constantly and with good cheer, quickly becoming beloved by the children and parents alike. During her employment, part of her duties was to cook for them, and she took this as an excuse to become the best chef she could be. Delighted by her and her food, the children would often participate in her many culinary endeavors, learning with her.

Even though Nem's caste technically prevented her from leaving Umbara, one of the people she worked for was a diplomat who frequently hosted dinner parties. It was at one of these parties that a high-ranking Imperial officer inquired about the chef. He was so delighted by the dishes that he insisted the chef come work for him. Deciding she needed a new challenge, Nem accepted.

The officer wasn't looking for a personal chef, however. Nem was taken to a massive space station that was still under construction, where the highest ranking officers required better food, and more importantly, a chef capable of pleasing even higher-ranking members of the Empire who came to inspect progress.

She worked there for several years, honing her skills. As entertaining guests became ever more important, she started cooking in front of the guests, showing off her impressive knife skills alongside her culinary prowess. She was quite pleased that she had essentially bypassed all the castes in Umbaran society without needing any of the deceptive manipulation she'd seen so much of and gotten so sick of. Against all odds, she'd even found a fellow Umbaran, Delen, among the station's security staff. A member of the Umbaran warrior caste, Delen was as disinterested in manipulation as she, and their initial friendship soon became a romance.

The day that space station blew up Alderaan and became known as the "Death Star" changed everything.

Finally needing the skills bred into her by Umbaran society, Nem used her full range of social cunning and ability to read people to band together a group of people similarly horrified by the Empire's brutality. They found a supply ship with a sympathetic pilot and fled the Death Star. The pilot connected them with the Rebellion.

Delen enlisted in the Rebellion's commandos at once, eager to finally do battle with the Empire he had seen cause so much suffering. Nem had no interest in fighting, but encountering an Umbaran with a similar mindset as herself was so unlikely and so serendipitous that she signed up with him. She was not willing to risk losing him. During training, it became apparent her knife skills were good for more than cooking. Her relationship with Delen became apparent as well, and they were sent to separate units. Nem generally keeps a good attitude, but anyone who digs deep enough will find she's quite bitter about the reassignments. She still spends all available leave with Delen when the logistics allow it.

In the following years, Nem's commitment to be the best at everything she did propelled her up the ranks to sergeant. She transformed herself from a loving nanny into a cunning tactician and killing machine, but her nurturing side lives on. As a sergeant, she is responsible for her unit of commandos, which she takes very seriously. She protects them fiercely from enemies, bad officers, and themselves, and is known to take the deaths of her people incredibly hard. She can spot problems and low morale immediately, and tackle those issues head-on. She always has the time to listen and give helpful advice to her subordinate. Her team is one of the most loyal crew the commandos have ever seen.

Senior Private Adrie "Shade" Dugatof

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 1
Primary Specialty Soldiering in all forms
Secondary Specialty Infiltration and Intrusion Specialist
Primary Weapon A-300 Blaster Rifle
Favorite Beverage Any type of whiskey
Physical Description Human Female, 27 standard years old. 1.5m, 49kg, Petite, dark brown hair, olive skin


Adrie was born into a military family. She was enrolled into the Imperial Academy as per her family tradition but she was in no way a traditional soldier. She had a hard time following stupid orders and would fight back against a ranking officer if she needed to. She was placed in brigs so often that she never required a billet.

She was always assigned to squads that were deemed problematic and always sent to pave the way for any assault. Most of the time the squad was ill-equipped and composed of members who were not welcome in any other squads. Even in that situation, she always shined the brightest during missions earning her medals after medals to the chagrin of her OICs.

During a mission, she was ordered to lead a team and locate a Rebel stronghold. She found the stronghold but was surprised when there were only civilians in the stronghold who were sheltering from a storm. One of her squadmates radioed the location against her orders, and a Star Destroyer began bombarding the location. Her repeated calls to stop the bombardment were ignored. She began to lose interest in the Imperial armed forces at that time. She believed that Civilians should never be collateral damage.

During a ground mission on a planet, a stupid order left her squad stranded and surrounded by Rebel forces. An artillery bombardment injured her and most of her squad, who were later captured. She was placed in secure prisons and escaped multiple times. No matter how many times she escaped, she was always recaptured by one particular Rebel SpecForce team.

Finally, during her last escape attempt, the SpecForce team leader sat opposite her in a cafe and offered her a job. His team had observed her and found that every time she escaped, she never went back to the Imperials. She agreed and was sent to be retrained.

At the training centre, she met her instructors, Damak and his fiance, Tricks. They trained her how to raid strategic military installations and specialise as an infiltrator. Unfortunately, she developed feelings for Damak and was at odds with Tricks, which caused some friction between the two of them.

After her training was completed, she was reassigned to another team and lost contact with Damak. She did not know what happened to Damak's team and Tricks, but her professionalism put the mission first and foremost, always.

Private Medea "Valkyrie" Argos

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Section Commander
Primary Specialty Hacking; Physical Augmentation
Secondary Specialty CQB
Primary Weapon Modular A-300. Rarely fires though.
Favorite Beverage Doesn't drink.
Physical Description Kage (originally) Female, 25 standard years old, 1.88m; 190.5 kg ; "perfect" toned body; synthskin forms over her exoskeleton giving the illusion of musculature; eyes change color according to what she's feeling that day though originally blue; hair color is pink and she keeps it tied in a tail, though originally it was blonde.


When, one by one, each part of a ship is repaired and rebuilt anew, when does it cease to be the same ship? Where does the old and the new begin? What separates sentients from machines? Does one remain the same person, when everything that made them a person is nearly gone? All these are questions Val contends with on a daily basis.

Born in the slums of Corellia, a young Medea Argos would watch with amazement how her father repaired droids. They would come in with all sorts of problems and he always knew how to fix them; it was like he was a doctor, but better. Doctors didn't know how to cure her. Her mother had died of this disease shortly after Medea's birth, and much to her father's dismay the young girl started showing signs of the disease around her tenth year.

Knowing she had ten years, Medea's father got to work trying to do anything he could to save her. When her organs began to shut down, he replaced them with better synthetic organs, programs to never cease functioning. When blood stopped flowing to her extremities and they began to slowly rot, he replaced them with mechanical hands and feet, then arms, and legs. When the strain became too much for her small frame, he built her a new pelvis, a new ribcage, and reinforced her skull and spine.

In the end she beat the disease... but lost every part of her to it. All that remains is her brain and her face. Synthetic skin hides the sleek durasteel body beneath and gives her a sense of touch, which she can amplify or decrease at will. As much of a machine as she is it's hard to tell simply by looking at her.

When the Empire got wind of her, they came for her and her father. As he'd always done, he did everything in his power to give her a chance at life. She managed to escape, yet heard him get gunned down. Improved hearing could be a bane and a boon.

Somehow she managed to get in contact with a small rebel group on Corellia who were able to ship her off world. At first she had no idea what to do with her life or where to go, so she ended up staying on the Rebel Base she ended up on. The Base Commander refused to have anyone loafing around and told her if she wanted to stay she would have to at least go through basic training with the rest of the new recruits.

There it was discovered that she was in a league of her own when it came to physical prowess, yet she felt no pride in it. Nevertheless, she was shipped off for advanced training and eventually became a commando.

Living with her father all those years did her good in one field—she can fix or program just about anything. She's especially good with droids, but give her a place to jack into and she can bring the mainframe down in a moment. Because of how ridiculously strong she is, she prefers to not actually hit people, since hitting them means that she'll probably kill them, even in stormtrooper armor. Instead she prefers to take over a system, lock people out, and support the team in this way. As much as she hates smacking people's faces off their skull, she still knows her duty as a commando and will protect her squad by any means possible. Her desire to help the squad and her steadfastness in coming to their rescue at a moments notice earned her the nickname "Valkyrie," though most that are close to her just call her Val.

Medea is quite distant. She prefers solitude to company, as she feels like she rarely has anything interesting to add to the conversation. No matter who she is with she is uncomfortable... whether it be humans, other sentients, or droids. What must they think of her? She doesn't need to eat or breathe, she can't power down. Physically she is all of them, but mentally? She can't tell.

In fact, she doesn't even know if her face is her own; it's who her father thought she would look like.

Private Coryn "Patchwork" Fordyce

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 1
Primary Specialty Combat medic/first aid
Secondary Specialty Combat
Side Arms Dual S5 Security Heavy Blasters & Vibro Blade Knives
Favorite Beverage Tatooine Sunsets
Physical Description Ardennian male. Tan skin. Brown eyes. Six arms (two as legs).


With family connections on Ardennia, Coryn Fordyce has always considered himself to be a handy individual — and not because he happens to have six of them. Born and raised into an enclave on the small Outer Rim moon of Igo, he spent most of the years of his childhood raised amongst his people. Their diverse community, as it was home to many Ardennians and a handful of other races, occupied the area around and within the small moon's only Bo'Gani tree, often nicknamed the ‘World Tree' because of its size and significant root system. As a young boy, he loved to race the other Ardennian children through the intricate branch system of the tree, often proving to be one of the most agile and fastest climbers. Coryn also proved to be a curious individual as a young boy, taking a fascination with how things worked. Sometimes this proved to get the better of him, as more than once he was scolded for being underfoot or in the way while the adults worked to earn a living. His natural interest, however, was in biology and how local fauna worked.

This curiosity especially proved to be the case when one day, a few months after the creation of the Galactic Empire, a mysterious orange-skinned alien woman with yellow tendril highlights in flowing brown robes entered the community. She was, he would later learn, a Mikkian who was seeking shelter and in search of work. He remembers many of the adults in the community were apprehensive at the idea of sheltering the woman, but her actions in saving one of the community elders through her knowledge of natural flowers and medicine convinced them to allow her to stay. Her name, Coryn would soon learn, was Zris Zavar.

Zris Zavar quickly gained the respect of the community members with her concoctions of tinctures, medicines, and herbal remedies — all of which were effective substitutes in the absence of bacta, which the newly created Empire began hoarding for their own purposes. She earned a modest living from her craft, and word soon spread that she was looking to take on an apprentice who could quickly collect much-needed flowers and other plants. The most prized of these was the Bo'Gani Dahlia, which only grew at the highest levels of the Bo'Gani tree.

As Coryn was just at the right age to begin an apprenticeship, he jumped at the opportunity to not only prove himself, but become her apprentice. He managed to gather an entire basket full of the dahlias — no easy feat — and presented them to her. Impressed with Coryn's knack for collecting the dahlias, as well as his knowledge of local plants, Zris immediately hired the young Ardennian to be her apprentice. The two got along well, and he spent many hours learning how to concoct medicines and salves from the woman, as well as how to heal different injuries and wounds. Both Coryn and Zris also made many journeys beyond their community to the rolling hills, forests, and even the slopes of Mount Ashgoni to collect supplies. It was during these experiences that she also taught him how to protect himself, as well as hide from deadly predators.

This apprenticeship lasted for just over a year and a half. Coryn had mastered many of the skills she had taught him by this point, and Zris had become a staple in the daily lives of the community members. This all changed, however, when one day he heard rumors of a Jedi in the area. Coryn didn't understand what was wrong with this Jedi, or why the community was on edge. The arrival of an Imperial Star Destroyer in orbit soon changed everything.

Two mysterious figures clad in black, identifying themselves as Inquisitors and flanked by a battalion of Imperial stormtroopers, descended upon the community, demanding that they give up the Jedi. When the community members refused and denied harboring any Jedi, the Imperial troops began searching and destroying the houses of anyone who opposed them. It wasn't long before the Inquisitors rounded up the community elders and began killing them one by one.

Coryn, who had gone to find his parents, found their house in flames and his parents dead at the hands of Imperial stormtroopers. With no other choice, he left to find Zris at her hut. It was here that he found her adorned in the clothes and flowing robe that she arrived at the community in just over a year before. Realizing that she was, in fact, the Jedi that was being searched for, he implored her to run away. She explained that she couldn't, and giving him a satchel full of her medicines, instructed him to go hide with the other children and community members in the heights of the tree where the Imperial forces couldn't reach them.

His inquisitive nature getting the best of him, he secretly followed her, watching as she handily dispatched any stormtroopers that got in her way with her shimmering green laser sword. Staying just out of sight, he watched as she faced down the two Inquisitors in the community square. While Zris fought valiantly, she was ultimately cut down in defense of the community. Satisfied that their quarry had been taken care of, the Imperial forces left, announcing that the community would be hit with an orbital bombardment for defying the Empire and harboring a fugitive.

After the Imperial troops had left, he went to Zris and found her dying. Knowing that no medicines could heal her wounds, her last instructions to him before she died was a single word: "Run." Coryn ran as fast as he could with the few remaining survivors, and watched from the fields afar as the Imperial Star Destroyer rained destruction on the Bo'Gani tree and the community, leaving it in flaming ruins.

Using what medicines he had, he treated the wounds of those who had made it out alive. The group made their way to the nearest community, which was a two-day walk away. Here they were welcomed with open arms, and Coryn found work at an apothecary shop. Working here for several years, he watched the Holonet as the Empire slowly spread its influence and tightened its grip on the galaxy. Knowing he had to do something, he heard rumors that a recruiter for the Rebellion was on Ardennia. Saving up enough money to buy a ticket off-world at the spaceport, he traveled to his native homeworld and eventually made contact with this individual.

He joined the Rebellion not out of a sense of revenge, but out of the desire to help others affected by the Empire, and to honor the memory of Zris. He enlisted in the ground troop program, eventually being assigned the role of a combat medic for his knowledge and quick-thinking on the battlefield. While he isn't a fan of using his blasters or vibro blade knives, he is proficient with them and he's been known to use them for defensive purposes from time to time. Anyone who has served with Coryn sees his value, and there have been more than a few troopers who have been saved thanks to his quick-actions and agility on the battlefield or during critical missions. This has earned him the endearing nickname of "Patchwork" or "Patch" for his abilities and healing concoctions and patching squadmates up on the fly.

When not in combat, Coryn enjoys spending time in the natural environment of a world or moon, learning about local flora and fauna to concoct new remedies and medicines. He can also on occasion be found hanging out — sometimes literally — in the local cantina or lounge, enjoying the occasional Tatooine Sunset.

Corporal Ret "Puffer" Adlux

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 2 Leader (Demo and Distraction)
Primary Specialty Underwater demolitions
Secondary Specialty Tracking, especially with use of sonar and lidar equipment
Side Arm Twin hold-out blaster pistols
Favorite Beverage Any of a variety of Mon Calamari specialty soups
Physical Description Mon Calamari male, 1.63m tall, 75.4 kg, age 35 standard years


Ret Adlux was living in the same village as, and was a passing acquaintance of, Moggaz "Barraken" Murg until they were separated as slaves at the rise of the Empire following the Clone Wars. Ret stayed behind on Mon Calamari until his rescue by the Rebel Alliance, in the same mission that rescued Admiral Gial Ackbar.

Following his rescue, Ret entered military training, during which time he became an expert in the use of demolition munitions. Knowing, as an aquatic species, what would work in that environment, he became one of the Alliance's specialists in the field of underwater demolitions, being called upon whenever the Alliance needed a high-value underwater structure either demolished or weakened enough for entry. Ret Adlux also became adept at tracking vehicles, and, again, his native underwater environment helped him find his niche, as he was able to train Alliance personnel in the use of advanced sonar and lidar tracking equipment.

Barraken, noticing this familiar name with this combination of skills potentially being useful to Sabre Squadron and Mercy Flight in particular, has lobbied successfully for Adlux's transfer to the CRS Vigilant task force.

Private PUC-21 "Greenfingers"

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 2
Primary Specialty Vehicular Explosive Disassembly
Secondary Specialty Vehicle Reassembly
Primary Weapon RPS-6 Rocket Launcher
Favorite Beverage Oil
Physical Description DUM-series pit droid. Manufactured 32 BBY, 1.19 metres tall, 35 kg. Dark earthen browns, with some moss cultivated and growing on main chassis.


PUC was purchased as part of a large droid order made by Prince Banzor. A very wealthy individual, Prince Banzor owned multiple homes on many planets. PUC was placed in one of the Prince's mansions on a privately owned paradise moon. PUC's duties were to maintain Banzor's very extensive collection of speeders and luxury ships. For the first ten years PUC completed these duties diligently, with little interference. The Prince was so busy with all his holdings that he rarely visited this paradise palace.

Unbeknownst to the droids maintaining the house and grounds, Prince Banzor had earned the ire of the Emperor for an ill fated business move, and was executed. However the Prince had been an expert at tax avoidance and this moon was mentioned nowhere in his holdings. For another ten years there were no visitors to the house at all.

In 10BBY a rare solar flare eliminated all of the droids working in the house; all except for PUC who was spared due to being shielded as he was working inside one of the ships at the time. Slowly, with years since his last memory wipe, PUC became aware of the sudden lack of caretakers of the house. He assumed this role, taking a particular interest in the gardens. Soon he was spending as much time harvesting the orchard crop as he was maintaining the classic speeder line.

In 0BBY the Empire arrived. Paradise was newly discovered and claimed by the Empire, who found the soil fertile and perfect for a mass farming project to help feed their Imperial army. The Imperial commander in charge of the project took the house as his new headquarters and PUC found his garden and house were no longer to be kept as his own. At first PUC adapted to this change, but soon he clashed with the officer, due to the officer's desire to re-landscape the garden. PUC's own desire for the gardens were discarded and he was lambasted; a simple automaton with no right to make claim over the land.

PUC went back to the garage area and plotted. By nightfall he was on one of the freighters carrying grains out of the system, but behind him chaos reigned. Millions of credits worth of rare ships and sporty speeders spontaneously combusted, igniting the house and nearby farming equipment. PUC rode the slow freighter not knowing his destination, arriving in a low power state at a rebellion base. The freighter had been hijacked by its pilot, a rebellion sympathizer, who brought food to the ragtag army. PUC was found amongst the cargo and recharged. The next phase of his life had started.

PUC soon discovered the Rebellion were a very different group to the Empire. His skills in maintenance were much appreciated and he was treated as crew, rather than as a tool. During the evacuation of one rebel base he helped buy his comrades time by turning several non-repairable fighters into bombs; destroying the base as the Imperials entered and buying he and his friends time to escape. Commanders were impressed with how easily he was able to make the improvised explosive devices and he was recommended to look at joining the Alliance infantry.

In training his chassis design of small size and immense strength proved to be a potent combination; he soon found himself on track to join an elite commando unit. He has fared well in service, his agility and destructive capabilities earning him respect not often given to a pit droid. On his days off he'll be in one of two places; the lake center of the Vigilant tending to some plants, or in the hangar examining a bank of repulsorlifts and figuring out the best way to overload them.

Private Donom "Mr. Exogorth"

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 2
Primary Specialty Medic/First Aid; Acting
Secondary Specialty Driving
Side Arm Standard Issue Blaster
Favorite Beverage He likes expensive things.
Physical Description 40 year old Zeltron Male. 6'6", very muscular. Very handsome and he knows it. Always has a cocky smile on his face. He's packing some heat.


When Donom was very young his father died. His mother was left alone on Nar Shadaa and very little ways of supporting herself and her young son, and soon got into some nasty dealings with a local hutt gangster named Nagga. In time, drugs and the hardships of her line of work got to her and Donom found her dead in their one bedroom apartment.

It didn't take long for Donom to start working for Nagga as well, as did most who lived on that hemisphere of the moon, and it took even less for Nagga to realize that Donom had a... gift. He received the nickname "Mr. Exogorth" and starred in over three hundred holo-films, for which he became quite an infamous figure among a certain crowd.

Though Nagga took care of him, Donom hated the Hutt and everything he represented. When he discovered that his female co-stars did not receive the same treatment as him, he decided to do something about it. Donom concocted a plan, and with the help of some loyal fans he managed to free ten of the girls. Together they managed to escape Nar Shadaa and eventually even Hutt Space.

There was a hitch in Donom's plan, though. People recognized him wherever he went for his holo-film roles, which only alerted Nagga's henchmen. One of the women he'd rescued said she had a relative with an in with the Rebel Alliance and suggested they reach out, but Donom wasn't a fan and viewed it as trading one set of troubles for another set in the Empire. However, After a few more close calls, he agreed to seek out the Rebellion and joined their ranks.

By the time he finished basic training, where he was trained as a medic and a driver (a paramedic, in other words), the Battle of Endor had happened. He served in a few squads where he proved to be a great combat medic, even if he was always recognized. He's come to terms with it, and almost thinks it's funny that his squadmates call him "Mr. Exogorth" and whatever creative variations they can think of.

He's a handsome guy and well endowed, and he knows it. Donom has no aversion to flirting, and will hit on anyone that catches his eye, male or female, though he's been known to scare many away once his pants come down.

Corporal Jima "Hawk-bat" Aarb

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Squad 2IC/Fire Team 3 Leader (Exfil)
Primary Specialty Interception and infiltration scout
Secondary Specialty Skilled slicer, especially in tight situations
Side Arm Czerka Arms 411 holdout blaster
Favorite Beverage Ion Sucker
Physical Description Jima is just over average height for a female Sullustan at 1.5m. Weighing in at 59kg, she is slightly lighter than normal, giving her a more athletic physique for her race. She has a typical Sullustan appearance with heavy dewflaps, black eyes, round ears and light green skin; she has long black hair which she frequently wears in a number of plaits that can tuck beneath her trooper helmet.


Jima Aarb was originally a navigator on a tramp freighter which plied the Rimma Trade Route, making enough profit to give its crew-members a comfortable life or - in Jima's case - allowing her to send enough money back to her family. Jima had decided early in her life that she did not want to stay in her warren-clan, bear babies and follow the life of a typical Sullustan fem. Her restless, questing spirit meant she struck out for the stars, using her skills to navigate trade routes and scout around potential obstacles so they could deliver their cargos as quickly as possible.

But all Jima's skills and experience could not help them when they were pulled out of hyperspace by an Imperial Interdictor and boarded by stormtroopers from its accompanying Star Destroyer. They were accused of smuggling Rebel spies, which was hotly denied by the ship's captain, a Human female called Indra Pelergan. Even after an initial search of the freighter turned up no hidden passengers, the Imperial interrogator continued to insist they were aboard, finally shooting the captain in cold blood in front of the crew in a bid to get them to talk. Jima watched her lover die in front of her eyes.

Eventually, after multiple searches failed to find Rebels aboard the freighter, the interrogator reluctantly released the crew and ship to continue on their journey. Only when they were safe in hyperspace, well away from the Interdictor and Star Destroyer, did they rescue the two spies from their cramped but safe hiding-space. At their next destination, the spies faded into the planet's society, accompanied by a Sullustan determined to lend more overt support to the Rebel cause.

Jima learned quickly; her innate abilities made her an excellent scout and she backed up those skills with slicing techniques honed through years of working on the freighter's systems. Perhaps because she saw Indra killed in front of her, she is very protective of other members of her squad, which led to her moniker of 'Hawk-bat' after the Coruscanti predators who carefully guard their nests - ironic, for a fem who had decided never to have children of her own. She is now almost 30 years of age - getting old for a Sullustan - and although she is not yet aware of it, her large black eyes are beginning to suffer corneal defects, a condition which typically affects her species as they age.

Private Blee "Shiner" Sundaii

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 3
Primary Specialty High Speed Transport Driving and Maintenance
Secondary Specialty Vehicle interdiction
Side Arm Customized Hold-out Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Homemade distilled liquor in a flask
Physical Description Tholothian male, 27 years, Medium build, 90 kg, 1.9 m, Bluish skin darkening around the eyes, blue skull tendrils. Black eyes.


Blee Sundaii grew up in a rural family in the Toloth system. Because his father was a manual laborer, his family was not allowed to live on Toloth itself and instead had to live and work on a nearby planet. At first, life was hard for the Sundaii family. In order to make ends meet Blee's grandfather began to distill illegal liquor to sell to his friends using a family recipe passed down from his own grandfather. After experimenting with the addition of local wild herbs to his liquor mash, he hit upon a modified recipe that quickly became a local favorite. Blee's father and young Blee (who was 13 at the time) were quickly enlisted in the illegal liquor enterprise helping him distill the liquor at night in a secret still hidden deep in the forest and then transport the liquor to sell it directly to the locals.

By the age of 20, Blee was making the liquor delivery runs in a personally modified speeder that he had modified for increased cargo and speed. He became known as one of the best drivers around, avoiding the local law enforcement at every turn and running spice in addition to liquor. The business had expanded to the point that Blee's family was no longer working manual labor but were running liquor and spice full time and making plenty of money doing it. They were making so much illegal liquor they began having to hijack sugar trucks to get enough sugar for their distilling. Blee began to get a reputation as a man who could get things done and was soon being hired for all sorts of jobs on the wrong side of the law. He earned a reputation as someone who was stern but fair, ready to do what needed to be done but with no ill-will towards others. As long as he was treated with respect, he'd do the same.

Blee's family eventually moved back to Toloth as "independently wealthy businessmen", but Blee stayed to oversee the local operations on his homeworld and continue with the hands-on side of the business he enjoyed so much. Life was good...until the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire.

Tholoth became a virtual prison planet for Tolothians when the Empire occupied the planet. Imperial officials began using the planet for their own pleasure, building grandiose vacation palaces for themselves. The Tolothian residents were treated like vermin but were also not allowed to leave the planet, being forced out of the Empire's "protected zones", except for those kept as servants in the Imperial Estates. System-wide crackdowns lead to increasing danger for Blee running the Sundaii family operation. Blee eventually decided that he must escape the Toloth system while he still could. As he was not on the planet of Toloth itself he was still able to leave. He tried to find a way to smuggle his family offworld but the Imperial Eye was firmly fixated on Toloth and nothing got in or out without their say.

Blee left everything behind and vowed revenge against the Empire.

Private Jaxon "Jarhead" Merak

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 3
Primary Specialty Frontline Combat, Heavy Artillery Support
Secondary Specialty Ambush Positioning
Loadout Options Some combination of the following based on mission profile: Two custom Z-9 Rotary Blaster Cannons, one Heavy Slugthrower Cannon, two bays of thermite micro-missiles, one Minelayer Unit that holds 8 mines, Smokescreen Generator (able to be deployed away from chassis), localized Shield Generator for his vulnerable brain.
Favorite Beverage Nutrient Fluid
Physical Description Human brain, Gunmetal spider-mech chassis with smaller off-duty and transportation configurations, eight eyes that glow red when engaged in combat, green when at peace, and that produce no glow at all when laying in wait. Bladed legs to help dig ambush and firing positions. Fully Armed Dimensions: 1.92m tall, 2.44m wide, 3.66m long, 1474 kg, age 31 at conversion—irrelevant now.


Jaxon Merak was a highly skilled engineer-turned-businessman who owned and operated a successful transport company off of Diem, a small planet in the Outer rim. In his spare time, he could be found in his shop, building a technologically advanced mechanical spider-frame—a project he kept well hidden save for his equally engineering-adept aide—as well as robotic prosthetic limbs he'd give out to those members of his community who'd suffered crippling accidents.

He led a good life, until the Imperials, led by the infamous Admiral Tarus Denhoff, decided to raid Diem for resources. When they came across Jaxon, they were amazed by his creations, and the Admiral extended him an invitation to join them as a weapons engineer. When he declined, Denhoff suddenly demanded that Jaxon's aide be turned over to him.

This perplexed Jaxon, as he hadn't thought much of his aide's personal life outside of the workshop where the two created their wares, and his aide had left the planet a week prior rather hurriedly and with no explanation. He supposed there was quite a bit about his aide he hadn't even tried to know, as his helper's skills mirrored his own and all of his energy and attention was focused on creation of their wondrous mechanics. When Jaxon questioned the issue with the Admiral's insistence, he was told that his now missing assistant was a Rebel agent, and that Jaxon was now considered a Rebel sympathizer for refusing to turn him into the proper authorities. Denhoff ordered his troops to kill everyone and raze the town for aiding and abetting a Rebel.

Through nothing less than a miracle, Jaxon survived by jumping inside a bacta tank he kept in his lab, but his body was maimed and crippled way beyond the limits of medical technology. He'd lost half his torso, both legs, and one eye. The tank's computer gave him, at most, six months to live. Whilst he pondered his fate floating in bacta, he had a vision of his brother, who he hadn't seen since he set off on a pilgrimage to find enlightenment through the B'omarr monks, who purportedly lived in the deserts of Diem. This could have been a fever dream brought on by the massive recent trauma he'd been subjected to, but some strong inkling led him to believe it as actually happening.

Jaxon knew the grim legends surrounding the B'omarr, but he had nothing left to lose. The worst that could happen was a lifetime spent inside a jar in a dark cellar of the B'omarr monastery. He preferred that alternative to death, for even in such a situation, being alive meant there was still hope. Unfortunately, almost all of his former acquaintances or customers were now dead or wouldn't touch him due to his status as a Rebel sympathizer. However, a mysterious benefactor provided information anonymously—and with copious amounts of credits from his own accounts—he found the monastery of the B'omarr Order.

Jaxon arrived aboard his spider-mech—aboard being a relative term—and the monks were surprised to see such a machine in the hands of an unenlightened human. He explained his body had not long to live, and that he wished his brain to be installed in it, so he could one day achieve enlightenment himself. He made sure to point out that death meant enlightenment was impossible. In exchange, he would become the protector of the monastery, ensuring no one would disturb them ever again.

After much deliberation, the B'omarr agreed on the principle that the death of someone who sought enlightenment, even if that meant trespassing into the realm of the unorthodox, was wrong. The monks explained to Jaxon that an Imperial battlegroup had been harassing them, going so far as hunting down their brothers. Jaxon was delighted to find out that Admiral Denhoff was the leader of said battlegroup. He offered to bring the brain of the Admiral for the monks to do as they pleased with it.

That day, Jaxon Merak was reborn as an eight-legged war machine. Once he got used to his new self, he set off to hunt. After three days and two nights, the prodigal brother returned. His plating had laser scoring and a few dents here and there, but remained, for all intents and purposes, undamaged. Jaxon used one of his mechanical appendages to pull out a jar from one of the spider-mech's storage compartments. It was the brain of the Admiral, destined to live the rest of his life cut off from all sensation, and in complete isolation—or whatever horrific fate the monks could cook up. He didn't care, his vengeance was complete.

Later that evening, Jaxon heard a very familiar voice in his head. It guided him into the monastery catacombs. There were rows upon rows of brains in fluid-filled jars neatly organized in slots built into the walls. Quite the sight. Jaxon walked slowly, looking around and feeling strangely at home. After all, he was no different from them. When the voice told him to stop, he would've shed tears if he could. The brain floating in front of him was his brother, Gil Merak. It was a strange reunion, but a happy one. The brothers conversed. It was the first of many enlightening conversations.

During the following seven years, pirates, raiders, and warlords tried to seize the monastery. They failed. The legend said that upon hostile intent, a scarred gunmetal spider would materialize from thin air to dole out brutal and deadly punishments to trespassers. It was common knowledge that the lucky ones died outright, while the unlucky ones became part of the B'omarr's collection—whatever that might mean. The legend of the ghostly spider-bot spread, and eventually reached the ears of somebody that knew it was more than just a ghost story meant to ward off predators looking to sack a monastery.

One day, the monks informed Jaxon that a visitor was awaiting him outside of the monastery. Unsure of the intent of the visitor, he geared up for battle and charged forth to meet whatever awaited him. As he preemptively spooled up his rotary cannons, the face of the visitor came into view and stopped what now served as his heart dead in its tracks. His long lost aide had found him! After a long conversation, his aide had confessed that the Admiral's accusations were true, and he was indeed a Rebel agent. He also confessed to being the mysterious benefactor that had provided him the information he needed to find the monks to prolong his life. He apologized for not being more forthright with his ties to the old Rebel Alliance, as he was working with Jaxon to learn more about prosthetics so that he could take that knowledge to help the downtrodden populaces that were in need. He was back now because yet again they could use help in their final push against the Empire, and Jaxon was just what they needed to push back against the Empire on the ground while the fleets attempted to do the same in space.

Jaxon, wanting to take the fight to the Imperials, asked the elders for the opportunity to leave the monastery for a while in order to join the New Republic. The elders unanimously agreed that it was just a matter of time for the Empire to become a threat to the B'omarr, and allowed Jaxon to leave with their blessing. During his tenure as a protector of the monastery, Jaxon spent seven grueling years fighting the scum of the galaxy, becoming one with his new body in the process. He is now the spider, able to identify fortuitous ambush locations and dig himself into the ground to lay in wait for his enemies to stumble upon his killing field. Jaxon is a deadly ambush predator, devastating artillery unit, and stalwart frontline fighter who's honed himself into a powerful weapon. With his old aide paving the way for him to join the New Republic, he will now fight to expunge their evil from the galaxy.