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Technical Sergeant Pillan "Skitch" Haarit

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Tug Pilot
Technical Specialty Maintenance
Secondary Specialty Botany
Side Arm Hand-Crafted Snap Baton
Favorite Beverage Dulani Tea
Physical Description Human female, dark brown hair, light brown skin and green eyes; 24 standard years old; height 1.67 m, weight 55 kg


Her father was a mechanic and her mother a botanist on a small asteroid colony in the Mid-Rim. Called "Durin's World", it was mostly a stop-over for supply runs to the Outer-Rim. One of six children, Pillan was neither the youngest, nor the oldest, and sought adventure to escape a rather boring life. When one of her childhood friends ran off to join the Rebellion, she thought this was a grand idea and followed suit. She imagined herself a daring starfighter pilot, but found her aptitude below spec. Taking that in great stride, she volunteered to join a maintenance unit and ended up on the Defiance as a Tug pilot during Endor. Afterward, she was transferred to the new Vigilant task force. When asked about her nature, it's often said that nothing in the universe could keep her from being cheerful.