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Buccaneer Squadron Entry Requirements

Serious X-wing vs. TIE Fighter pilots who have an appetite for larger Imperial prey, may apply for membership in Buccaneer Squadron. Our main objective is to bring about victory through the use of superior and overwhelming firepower. Rarely flying alone, Buccaneer Squadron is usually escorted by Rogue and/or Corsair Squadron during engagements.

Current requirements for Buccaneer Squadron are:

All missions should be flown single player, Rebel side

  • Rank of Top Ace 2 or higher
  • All Rebel Stock XvT Exercises and Combat Engagements completed with no Reprimands. Pilots must achieve a "Good" performance or better on 75% or the missions.
  • 10 Top Performance awards, with a minimum of three from the following:
    1. Gunnery Training
    2. Custom Dogfight
    3. Frigate Duel
    4. Raid on Giobiniu Platform
    5. Rebel Capture of Corvette near ISD
    6. Raid on Rebel Factory Koensayr 42
    7. Interdiction of Starfighter Deployment
    8. Attack on Rebel Convoy near Athega
    9. Defend the Calamari Cruiser Liberty
  • To prove your ability to handle the duties of a bomber pilot, the following missions must all be completed with an "Excellent" or better performance.
    1. Proton Torpedos
    2. Heavy Rockets
    3. Space Bombs
    4. Disable Training
    5. Rogue Squadron Attacks ISD Dominance
  • An on-line interview with Buccaneer CO, XO, or both (mIRC or ICQ), including a possible live-fire mission.
  • A demonstration of Renegade Wing ideals and commitment to the Liberty, her squadrons, and their activities.
  • Buccaneer pilots may not be a member of any other squadron related to X-Wing or TIE Fighter, be it "Rebel", "Imperial", or "Mercenary".

To apply for Buccaneer Squadron, candidates must submit a XvT pilot file to Buccaneer Leader. They must also submit a pilot biography of no less than 250 words, describing their pilot in the Star Wars universe.

Writing the character biography can sometimes be the most difficult aspect of completing the entry requirements to join a squadron. Please read the Liberty's biography guide for helpful recommendations of bio do's and don'ts.