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Sabre Squadron Entry Requirements

Star Wars: Squadrons pilots who have advanced beyond beginner level or are ready to graduate from Ghost Training Squadron and have identified a desire to fly Support in either Combat, SAR or Ground Insertion roles may wish to apply for membership in Sabre Squadron, the dedicated U-Wing squadron based on the Vigilant.

To apply for Sabre Squadron candidates must submit a screenshot of their SW:S Achievements and pilot biography of no less than 250 words, describing their pilot in the Star Wars universe, to Sabre Leader (Bulldog) via Discord. Once these conditions have been met, you will be contacted to conduct an interview by Sabre Leader. No applications will be accepted unless there is an opening in Sabre Squadron.

Writing the character biography can sometimes be the most difficult aspect of completing the entry requirements to join a squadron. Please read the Vigilant's
guide to writing bios for a helpful recommendation of bio dos and don'ts.

Current requirements for Sabre Squadron:

    Common Requirements:

  • Display a firm commitment to Renegade Wing ideals and to participate in Wing activities.
  • Completion of online interview with Sabre Leader or XO via Discord.
    • Be aware the online interview may require sharing of your screen to confirm achievements and or participation in an online match.
  • Sabre pilots may not be a member of any other squadron, clan or guild related to X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, X-Wing Alliance or Star Wars: Squadrons, be it "Rebel", "Imperial", or "Mercenary".

    Star Wars: Squadrons:

    Received the following Achievements on your platform

  • Pilot Level 35
  • Galaxy's Finest (Pilot or Better) - Complete Story Mode on Pilot, or better, difficulty
  • Shallow Grave - used tactical shields or supply droids to rescue near-death allies 10 times in ranked FB
  • Stronger Together - won a match while partied up with a friend
  • Stun Em- disable same enemy 5 times in a match
  • Unkillable - evaded or countered 5 lock-ons in a row during a single match
  • Mission 5: Temporary Guardian trophy (Silver minimum): The Trail from Desevro. This is the medal where you prevent ANY missile from damaging the transports.
  • Mission 13: Rally the New Republic (Silver minimum): Earn all medals - Mission Complete (finish mission), Efficiency Medal (complete mission in 16 min or less), Enduring Service (don't die), Comsat Savior (no lost satellites), Loud and Clear (kill jammer in less than a minute).