Renegade Wing Support Staff

RWSS Entry Requirements

Those that do not have X-Wing but still wish to contribute substantially to the Wing can become part of the Renegade Wing Support Staff. Requirements for entry to the Support team are:

  • Display a firm commitment to Renegade Wing ideals and to participate in Wing activities.
  • Write an essay of no less than 500 words describing why they wish to be a part of the Renegade Wing Support Staff and how they will contribute to the group.
  • Write a short biographical sketch of the individual in the support staff they wish to play. Support staff members may be any of the non-pilot support staff not otherwise already designated by name in the Roster. They may choose to be a droid, non-human, etc.

All application materials should be sent to Rogue Leader. Upon examination of the materials a vote of a majority of the Vigilant Command Staff will allow you to join the support staff. Renegade Wing Support Staff members may not be members of any other squadron related to X-Wing or TIE Fighter. We want you to be serious about your commitment to the Vigilant.