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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

Single Player Exercise: Disabling Training

Skill level: Hard
Duty Roster: Y-Wing Gold
Craft: Y-Wing
#Craft: 1
#Waves: 1
Armament: Space Bombs(4)
Countermeasure: None

Immediately at the start of the mission, order Gold Two to wait. Fire one shot at CRV Burke, this will cause Z-95 Red (1 craft, 3 waves) to be launched. Then call for reinforcements. These will consist of four Y-wings and ATR Phoenix, your reload craft. Assign the Phoenix to F5, Gold Three to F6, and Gold Two to F7 for future reference. Also Order Gold Three to wait. (Golds Four, Five, and Six will stay in formation with Three unless within four km of ESC Eclipse 1, letting you give out one order instead of orders for individual craft.)

Lock and fire four space bombs at Eclipse 1, then call ATR Phoenix for a reload. Move toward the Phoenix to avoid her getting too close to the combat area. Once reloaded, bomb ESC Eclipse 2. Reload again.

Order Gold Three to continue mission. When Gold Three is about 1 km behind you, facing ESC Eclipse 1, accelerate to full speed. Identify both carriers, starting with Eclipse 1. As soon as you have identification of the second ESC, evade vertically. By now, Gold group should have already disabled Eclipse 1 and should be attacking Eclipse 2. Be on the lookout for the arrival of CRV groups Sharky (2 CRV?s, 10 seconds after Eclipse 1 is disabled) with GUN Mu (3 craft) and Spear (2 CRV?s, 5 seconds after Sharky arrives) with GUN Tau (3 craft).

Making certain that ESC Eclipse 2 has been disabled, hit [E] bringing up Mu 1, and then [shift+a] to order Gold to attack. Hit F7 and order Gold Two to wait, he is acting as a decoy for Tau at this point. Fire one space bomb at each CRV as fast as you can get a lock and a decent firing angle. Now you must take on GUN Mu. Your best bet is setting ELS to 100/100, speed 1/3rd, and use of the laser/ion toggle trick. Use Gold as best you can to help with all fighters.

Once Mu is dead or disabled, order Gold to attack Tau while you attack GUN group Sigma, (2 craft) which hypered in once 50% of the CRV's was destroyed. They will be torpedoing CRV Burke, so get them as soon as you can. Shift your attention to Tau at this point, by now they will have destroyed Gold Two and will be moving towards you. Continue using Gold to assist as needed. Two more Gunboats from Sigma will arrive, this time targeting you, and armed with missiles. Hopefully you will have disposed of Tau by this time and can order Gold to attack this new threat.

About a minute after all four Imp Corvettes have been destroyed, FRG Vagabond will arrive. Fifteen seconds later, T/I Alpha (2 craft) will launch, targeting you, disable them. Return to attacking Gunboats, which after the two Sigma armed with missiles, will be once again armed with torpedoes and hunting the CRV Burke. As long as the Burke survives, they will be sitting ducks, destroy them as fast as possible.

Once all Gunboats are destroyed, take the time to reload. Order Gold (and Red, if any survived) to wait, or they will destroy Alpha before you are ready. Once reloaded, target the Vagabond and fire all space bombs once you have a lock. Reload. At this point, you can either destroy the Vagabond, (which will take five more space bombs) or you can destroy Alpha, causing T/B Beta (3 craft, 1 wave) to launch targeting you. Destruction of Beta causes T/B Delta (3 craft, 1 wave) to launch, destruction of Delta causes T/B Gamma (3 craft, 1 wave) to be launched. The Vagabond will run for hyperspace once Gamma is destroyed, so destroy her as fast as you can. With space bombs and reloads available, this should be no problem at all.

By now the mission goals should have long been completed, you can stick around or go home depending. If the second ESC has not been captured or made it to hyperspace wait for bonus points, otherwise feel free to leave.

Author: Vince Rambo (Stryker - Rogue One)
Strategy:  Vince Rambo