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Support Squadron Logo
Renegade Wing Support Squadron is the reason that Renegade Wing stays aloft. Maintenance, Intelligence, Security and Administration, the RWSS is committed to keeping both the Wing's pilots and their starcraft operational. The RWSS is unassuming but of vital importance and their skilled technicians are often the only thing keeping Renegade in the fight.

Wing Leadership resides in Renegade Wing Headquarters Element, Renegade Flight

Callsign Nickname Position Duties
ACE Wackachangi Deck Chief NPC
X-ray One Talza Jech X-Wing Flight Maintenance Chief NPC
Yankee One Colwyn Pall Y-Wing Flight Maintenance Chief NPC
Alpha One Benjan Dawkins A-Wing Flight Maintenance Chief NPC
Bravo One Reiya Velnax B-Wing Flight Maintenance Chief NPC
Uniform One PLNK-M03 "Snorp" U-Wing Flight Maintenance Chief
Watchdog Spook Security Officer
Flight Rex "Wizard" Troy Flight Control Officer NPC
Signal Booster Yam "Sidda" Siddalla Embedded Civilian Correspondent
Freight Prowler Supply Aquisition

Squadron Spacecraft

Renegade Wing Support Squadron maintain all the starfighter craft onboard the Vigilant. In addition they maintain refitted Imperial craft for more clandestine Rogue Squadron operations.

  • 2 Cygnus AC Xg-1 Assault Gunboats
  • 2 Sienar Fleet System TIE Advanced Starfighters

The RWSS also has various support, cargo and shuttle craft at their permanent disposal.

  • 1 CEC YT-1300 Corellian Transport
  • 1 Loronar E-9 Explorer Transport
  • 2 Cygnus T-4a Shuttle Crafts
  • 2 Telgorn Dx-9 Transports
Vigilant Taskforce
Halls of Honor
  • Click here to see the honors awarded to members of the CRS Vigilant.













Deck Chief

Currently assigned to Hangar Operations and Maintenance, attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Starfighter Maintenance
Secondary Specialty Motivational Strategies
Side Arm His arms
Favorite Beverage Garrmorl
Physical Description Wookie male, brown hair with patches of silver from age and blue eyes; age 253, height 2.32 m, weight 171 kg. Has lash scars across his back and chest that have not regrown hair.


Wackachangi, like most other Wookies in the galaxy, was born on Kashyyyk. He spent most of his youth and adolescent life in typical Wookie fashion. While he knew of war and fighting, he hadn't personally had much use for it until the Separatist invasion of his home planet. King Grakchawwaa rallied and led the Wookie forces with the aid of the Galactic Republic clone forces, and Wackachangi got his first taste of combat during that campaign.

Unfortunately, in the intervening years as the Galactic Empire replaced the Republic, Wookies were classified as non-sentient beings to allow for easier enslavement of the hearty species and used by the Empire for construction projects that often led to their death by hazardous work environments or just plain exhaustion. Wackachangi avoided this fate narrowly, but found himself incensed enough to rebel in any way possible. His clan joined others that went to the planet Lasan to aid the besieged Lasat people, but were ultimately unsuccessful. It was here where Wackachangi was finally captured and enslaved.

Thankfully, while his time in bondage was harsh and filled with frequent whippings, he'd learned a valuable skill in ship maintenance. Through his frequent time on the repair docks with his crew, he was able to stage an escape with the timely intervention of a rebel raid. After getting his people to safety, he signed on with the Rebellion. His time during this period of his career is redacted due to his proximity to many of the top Alliance personnel.

After Endor, the CRS Vigilant needed a deck chief, and he needed a ship. While some might say he bullied the poor personnel officer to get the position, others would say he was just very persuasive and motivated the officer to give him the position he wanted and deserved.

On the Vigilant, he is a no-nonsense figure with a temper common to his species. Pilots and techs know not to make him angry, and the rumor of him pulling the arms off of more than one being that angered him has percolated throughout the ship, making respect flow toward him in copious amounts.










Warrant Officer Talza Jech

X-Wing Maintenance Chief

Currently assigned to Hangar Operations and Maintenance, attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty X-Wing Maintenance
Secondary Specialty Water Dancing
Side Arm Sonic Blaster
Favorite Beverage Tibrin Coral Tea
Physical Description Ishi Tib female, 1.5m tall, late 20's, Green skin, eye stalks with golden eyes, weight 73 kg


Talza was the only child to Lemki and Pholgi Jech. Lemki was a smuggler who eventually tried to be a legitimate businessman, but struggled to make it work. Pholgi was an ex-diplomat who used her contacts to keep the family business solvent.

Talza is intelligent, creative and curious about all things technology, especially fighter craft. Seeing her interest in what he thought was space flight, her father bought her a Z-95 headhunter when she was very young. But instead of learning to fly it, she was more interested in taking it apart, learning about each component, and putting it back together again.

She was accepted into the prestigious University Tibrina earlier than any of her peers, but her studies were put on hold when her father and mother became ill and unable to run the business.

She attacked the challenge with her usual attention to detail, learning everything there was about the company in an attempt to save it. Only when the company was starting to make a recovery did she realize that her father was never really able to fully detach from working with the Empire as a smuggler, and it had brought about the family's ruin. The moment her father was buried, the Empire sent troopers to apprehend her in the hopes of silencing the only link that could implicate them in any unsavory shipping practices in the area.

After her parents' passing, she secretly sold what she could and escaped the grasp of the empire to seek out those who might be willing to fight back against the Empire and it's oppression. Through an unlikely series of events, she found herself repairing speeders for a small rebel cell. As each cell coalesced into a larger unit, she continuted to move up in the maintenance ladder with more important repair jobs. Her expertise really shone through to all the pilots in her care when she became the lead X-Wing technician and kept their birds flying no matter the condition they returned in.

Talza is well spoken, inquisitive, and an expert problem solver. She can at times seem scatter-brained, but that's only because her brain moves faster than most people are used to.










Warrant Officer Colwyn Pall

Y-Wing Maintenance Chief

Currently assigned to Hangar Operations and Maintenance, attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Maintenance
Secondary Specialty Salvage
Side Arm Comlink (to call clan for reinforcements)
Favorite Beverage Trufflewine Mudslide
Physical Description Ugnaught female, wispy blonde hair often streaked with grease and blown out in all directions, no visible tusks; 102 standard years old; height 1.43 m, weight 73 kg


Colwyn, like many of her species, is a tribal being. Having been born on Gentes to a less than powerful clan, life was never easy. They had to scrape by through ingenuity and wits, as well as a strong proclivity for salvaging even the most useless wrecks into something worth credits. Colwyn more than most had an uncanny ability to identify which parts could be repaired and which needed extensive work by just looking at a wreck from a distance. Her skills brought quite a bit of renown to her lower-middle class clan and they started to rise amongst the clans.

This fame brought on jealousy from other clans. While still the youngest of her clan but the most reliable for credit earnings, the patriarch was the one in charge of all decisions for the group. Unfortunately, he was slain in a blood duel by a rival clan, thus dissolving her familial makeup in an instant.

Many Ugnaughts ended up in chains due to these blood duels, and Colwyn's clan suffered a similar fate. The rivals attempted to keep her for their clan due to her uncanny mechanical abilities, but she made it very clear that she would not work without her clan. After a lengthy hunger strike, the rival clan finally gave up and sent her to the same slave colony that the rest of her clan was sent to.

She was welcomed with open arms, but something had changed within her. She immediately took over the clan, brushing aside the new patriarch without so much as a blood feud challenge. After decades of meticulous planning and work, she engineered the salvation of her clan by utilizing years of secret salvage to break out of their quarters at night and commandeer a ship ready for takeoff.

Unfortunately for Colwyn, they did not know that the ship was of Imperial origin and that their raid triggered a hefty TIE pursuit force. The ship's hyperdrive was also disabled, and while she identified the issue immediately, she could not enact the repair workaround in time for them to escape without being destroyed.

By a stroke of luck, the trapped clan was saved by a group of Renegades transiting the system. Once the TIE threat was dealt with by the Renegades, Colwyn managed to fix the hyperdrive and escaped with the pilots back to where the task force was gathering, and were welcomed to the crew with open arms. Many of her clan went into engineering, but a select few were chosen for her personal crew to work on the aging Y-Wings of the fleet by Wackachangi. Parts once thought to be lost causes have now been refurbished and upgraded to work better than when the ships came off the assembly line all those years ago.










Warrant Officer Benjan Dawkins

A-Wing Maintenance Chief

Currently assigned to Hangar Operations and Maintenance, attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty A-Wing Maintenance
Secondary Specialty Weapons System Augmentation
Side Arm Heavy Spanner
Favorite Beverage Whisky- any
Physical Description Human male, brown but graying and receding hair, ruddy, lightly tanned skin, and brown eyes; 50 standard years old; height 1.83 m, weight 104 kg


Benjan Dawkins spent his whole life working on starships. His father was a mechanic in the Republic Navy and Benjan himself was a young maintenance man during the Clone Wars. He'd even served aboard a Jedi Cruiser, working on their starfighters. A humble man of humble beginnings, Dawkins has stood on the same deck as those who shook the galaxy. He's seen Jedi Masters, Admirals, and future aces pass him by, but Dawkins has treated them all the same: pilots in need of a good ship and a good crewman to keep them flying.

He is gruff, short of words except when he feels they might help. Married to naval life, every pilot is one of his kids. Quick with a wink and a smirk, he's also the old man on the deck who always has a sweet or two in his pocket. He never complains, even when the work is never-ending.










Warrant Officer Reiya Velnax

B-Wing Maintenance Chief

Currently assigned to Hangar Operations and Maintenance, attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty B-Wing Maintenance
Secondary Specialty Payload Systems and Gyroscopics
Side Arm Quick, biting wit
Favorite Beverage Reactor Coolant (the drink, not the starship fluid)
Physical Description Mirialan Female, black hair with light green skin and purple eyes; age 25, height 1.68 m, weight 62kg.


Where most Mirialans are known for their spirituality and strong connection to the natural world, Reiya Velnax has always felt closest to some semblance of a higher power working on starfighters. The hangar, her temple. Schematics, her holy texts. She knows that's all probably blasphemous, but it's never fazed her.

Born shortly before the close of the Clone Wars, Reiya spent most of her early life in peace on Mirial as the inhabitants of the cold desert planet tried to avoid the attention of the Galactic Empire rising from the ashes of the Republic. Her mother served as a planetary defense pilot, mostly fending off pirate gangs and the like that slipped into Mirialan space. Her father was a physician. Reiya's passions split the difference, as she quickly fell in love with learning all the ins and outs of starfighters and diagnosing and treating their maintenance needs. As Reiya started working on their ships in her early teens, the defense force pilots quickly took to calling Reiya "Little Sister" and welcoming her to their family.

Through the years, Imperial oppression grew towards the Outer Rim, and staying out of the fight forever seemed impossible. But fear of overwhelming force kept ambitions in check for a while. It was only when they were galvanized by the Rebel victory at Yavin that Reiya, her mother and father, and several Mirialan pilots truly believed the Alliance had a chance. They joined soon after, and Reiya rose through the ranks as a starfighter mechanic.

As the B-Wing went into mainline production and made its way into Rebel squadrons, finding mechanics who could adapt to its more unique design philosophy proved a bit of a challenge. Hoping that perhaps a younger mechanical mind would be more pliable to the gyroscoping craft and its notoriously high-maintenance needs, Reiya was volunteered for the job within her task force. Immediately, the craft sang to her in a way few others could, and soon enough, she found herself promoted to official B-Wing crew chief duty.

Through to the Battle of Endor, Reiya continued to hone her craft, finding ways to squeeze a little extra power out of the engines, shields, and weapons systems to give her pilots every possible advantage in combat. After Endor, she jumped at the opportunity to work with Renegade Wing and keep pushing the fight to Imperial holdouts.

Knowing the B-Wing's weird architecture doesn't always make sense to those who fly them, Reiya has no issue dumbing down (or "translating") technical jargon for her pilots. She's also known to go round for round with the Renegades at the bar in her off hours.










PLNK-M03 "Snorp"

U-Wing Maintenance Chief

Currently assigned to Hangar Operations and Maintenance, attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty U-Wing Maintenance
Secondary Specialty Pugilism
Side Arm Fusion Cutter and Miniature Tool Kit, Fuel Storage tank.
Favorite Beverage Hot Oil
Physical Description PLNK-Series Droid, Masculine Programming, Weathered Pthalo Blue Plating with the words "Snorp" printed in Aurabesh in white on the right hand side, two ventral ports housing extendable repair limbs (retrofitted), Four Servomotor legs, several loose wires/fusion coil tubes extending from side of chassis, Small scrolling vocabulator text readout beneath Large Yellow-orange Sensor eye on interface plate.


Manufactured on Bespin by Industrial Automaton during early years of the Clone Wars, "Snorp" was a prototype model of the PLNK-series power droid retrofitted to fill a mechanic role. The prototype, designated PLNK-M03, included extendable manipulator arms and a simplistic text-based vocabulator to allow for better communication than its Gonk Droid predecessor.

The model was deemed a flop compared to the far cheaper and simplistic model, the GNK-Series. Mass production was denied due to faulty wiring, derived from a corrosive exposure to the prevalent Tibanna gas. This caused the PLNK droid to make a garbled "Snorp" sound instead of the titular "Plunk".

In addition, the faulty wiring also caused irregularities in the droid's learning matrix, resulting in the droid picking up the colorful language commonplace among his organic crewmates. The droid was auctioned off to a mechanic on a tibanna gas mine platform, where he stayed repairing cloud cars until 4 ABY at the Liberation of Bespin. He was then purchased by the Rebel Alliance, where he was then programmed to service various Incom starfighters, specializing in the repair and maintenance of UT-60D Series U-Wing Support Craft.

Due to his age, Snorp's colorful language often leads to him butting heads with the various pilots and astromechs, taunting them with his own uniquely callous and crotchety demeanor. In his spare time between power charges, Snorp has learned to play Sabacc and even use his manipulator arms to paint rudimentary pictures. He often goes on long existentialist diatribes reminiscing about a simpler time on the tibanna gas platforms, yet fails to name any positive events when questioned.










1st Lieutenant Vyla "Spook" Rha

Security Officer

Currently assigned to Intelligence and Fleet Security, attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Communications, Networking Relay, Intelligence
Combat Specialty Close quarters hand to hand combat
Side Arm DC-17 Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Naboo Sour
Physical Description Lethan Twi'lek female (red skin). Early 30's (standard). 173cm. Slim, athletic build. Amber eyes.


Born into slavery on Nar Shaddaa to parents owned by the Hutts, Vyla's future was all but determined from the start. Instead they sacrificed everything to buy their daughter's freedom by the time she turned 21 years old. Including their lives. Free of the Hutts but bereft of direction as a "free woman", Vyla fell in with a small band of freelance Bounty Hunters who took on a range of work from reconnaissance intelligence gathering and general problem-solving to target retrieval and delivery. With a head for mechanics and a developing reputation for providing solid and reliable intelligence, Vyla eventually began running solo. Her information was good and could be bought for the right price. Along the way, after a job tracking down illegal poachers, Vyla obtained "Silo" - a peculiar semi-feathered, flying, lizard-like creature whose ability to colour shift to camouflage with his background came in useful when she needed an extra set of eyes. Especially after getting him used to wearing micro cameras and audio bug devices.

Approached by a covert Rebel squad to obtain intelligence on the location of a high-interest target, the quality of work piqued their interest and a tentative offer to join the Rebels was raised. They could use someone who knew comms and could work alone when needed. Initially uncertain, Vyla confirmed the rumours that they had indeed been responsible for the destruction of the first Death Star at Yavin and a new possibility of doing real good, not to mention a way to get off the smuggler planet suddenly became potentially obtainable. Not just a pipe dream.

Officially joining the ranks approximately 1 year before Hoth, Vyla knuckled down, working alongside the Security Officers to provide intelligence and communications support She earned her stripes on Hoth, showing she could work with a team when the chips were down. Since then, her knack for intel and willingness to do the work has seen her find a niche as a Security Officer.

Some day, she wants to see the Hutts taken down for good. Maybe the Rebels can help. Maybe.










Ensign Rex "Wizard" Troy

Flight Control Officer

Currently assigned to Combat Communications, attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Communications and Anti-Jamming
Secondary Specialty Slicing
Side Arm Alliance Navy Service Blaster
Favorite Beverage Whatever's free
Physical Description Human male; 30 standard years old; height 1.7 m, weight 76 kg


Nicknamed "Wizard" by the first captain he served with, Rex has always lived up to the name. Having worn many different hats during his professional and unprofessional career, Wizard has done it all. Security, Communications, Systems Administration, and Computer Slicing are a few of his official and unofficial duties.

The latter has earned him plenty of disciplinary marks on his record, which he strangely hasn't tried to edit as far as NRI can tell. His relatively lax attitude and dry sense of humor also have made him a bit of a problem for his previous commanding officers, and they've all found a reason to transfer him off their ship as soon as possible.

While he tends to rub some people the wrong way, his good-natured name calling ingratiates him to the sort of people that enjoy that sort of interaction. Captain Quelle, with an eye for talent, has seen enough from the oft-transferred officer to know he's found a diamond in the rough. Not only is he a jack of all trades sort of officer that Quelle can utilize in multiple settings and tasks, when Wizard is at the flight control console he works miracles. It is not unheard of for ships to have a communications officer for each squadron, and then an overall controller above them. Wizard has the uncanny skills to manage controlling all of Renegade Wing's squadrons without any delay or degradation in communication, allowing Quelle to utilize the extra space for other vital combat operations.

These skills are the reason the brawl Wizard was included in with Dragon during his first day onboard the Vigilant was overlooked, where chairs and other things in the environment were utilized as weapons. This is the incident responsible for Iggy installing a magnetic floor at the SSD so chairs and other items could no longer be used as weapons in his establishment. The two brawlers became fast friends afterward, further cementing Wizard's place among the Vigilant crew.










Reporter Yam "Sidda" Siddalla

Embedded News Correspondent

Currently assigned to Public Relations, attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Holonet/Hyperwave Equipment Maintenance
Secondary Specialty Prose
Side Arm Blurrg-1120 holdout blaster
Favorite Beverage Gin
Physical Description Twi'lek female, 32 years old, 1.4478 m, 43 kg, purple eyes, yellow skin tone with yellow and pink variegated lekku, tip of the tchun (left lek) is missing. Cybernetic right arm.


Known to her fans and enemies alike as Sidda; Yam Siddalla is often seen with the following specialized equipment so she is ready to go on an assignment at the drop of the proverbial hat:

Wearable glasses with HUD overlay, holo/audio/visual recording capability, small storage capacity, short range send/receive capability

Cybernetic right arm with holo/audio/visual/ recording capability, medium storage capacity, short range send/receive capability

HoloNet/Hyperwave transmitter/receiver, portable, compact, backpack form factor, large storage capacity, medium range send/receive capability

Her subversive, personal, and unapologetically opinionated narrative style combined with her willingness to court danger have made her among the most accomplished war correspondents of her generation. Her most recent series of popular 'casts on HoloNet Free Republic saw her embedded with the 357th Mountain Division for 6 weeks covering their successful assault on the mines of Sevarcos II in the Tamarin Sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Beamed into Imperial occupied star systems across the galaxy, her personal journey of hope and rebellion has reached millions to inspire or enrage; as their hearts and the Force guide them.

She first rose to prominence as an independent journalist for her syndicated investigative HoloNet series on the sex trafficking of female Twi'leks by the Hutt Cartels. Soon after, looking for a new gig and on the run from the Hutts, missing the tip of a lek but not a missing a beat; she found herself reading bulletins for the Alliance News Network - dispatches to the far corners of the galaxy for all those in harm's way - bearing news sometimes of victory and sometimes defeat but always of freedom fought for.

But that was a long time ago - days, months, years - if you're picturing a cheap calendar blowing away in the wind; you've got the idea, chum. Now she finds herself embedded with Renegade Wing, on assignment. Please send any gin you can spare to me, Sidda, C/O The Force, CRS Vigilant, Whereabouts Unknown.










1st Lt. Marc "Prowler" Desrosiers

Supply Pilot

Currently assigned to Supply Aquisition, attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Astromech programming and maintenance
Combat Specialty K'tara martial arts
Side Arm Merr-Sonn LD-1 Blaster Rifle
Favorite Beverage Caf
Physical Description Human male, shaved brown hair and blue-green eyes; age 26, height 1.8 m, weight 90 kg.


Born on Cardooine in 18 BBY, he was raised in an entrepreneurial family of Fijisi wood industrial manufacturers (CIL - Cardooine Industrial Luxwoods). He attended the Cardooine Aerospace Academy at age 12, graduating in 0 BBY at age 18 with his commercial and cargo ship flight qualifications and a specialty in astromech programming and maintenance.

In 0 ABY, CIL partnered with Alliance Underground Engineering in the production of a wing of A-wings in their assembly plant on Cardooine. For several months, Prowler assisted his parents and siblings, aunts and uncles and cousins in the hand-assembly of the first few prototypes and test-piloted several of the snub fighters, their signature Fijisi wood paneling marking all the units produced at CIL. During the week preceding the Imperial assault on the Cardooine Alliance base, he trained with and reluctantly befriended Zal Artha, an ex-Imperial pilot, now the CO of the Soaring Dactillion Squadron, the first Alliance pilots to train on A-wings. When the Imperial fleet appeared in orbit above Cardooine, it first targeted CIL industries and its surrounding community, flattening the complex and leaving no survivors.

Helping Alliance forces evacuate Cardooine from their isolated mountain base several hundred kilometers away, Prowler learned of his entire family's demise at Imperial hands. He flew alongside the Soaring Dactillions (shortened to Dacs in combat) and escorted several Rebel transports as they made their way to hyperjump distance. Three Imperial TIE fighter squadrons engaged the under-powered Soaring Dactillions, their A-wings equipped with only laser cannons. Prowler scored six kills in the ensuing dogfight which saw all the Imperial fighters destroyed and only two surviving A-wing pilots: Zal and Prowler. Nevertheless, the skirmish demonstrated the A-wing's space superiority capabilities against Imperial starfighters, with a 36 to 10 win-loss ratio for the Alliance.

Filled with anger against the Empire for the death of his family and the destruction of his home and bitterness towards the Rebel Alliance for having bargained with CIL in the first place, Prowler left Zal and the Alliance behind to make his own way, eventually reaching Nar Shaddaa. Taking out a loan to purchase a Loronar E-9 Explorer light transport, the Zalian Rose. He started a career smuggling varied goods through Imperial blockades, blasting TIE patrols when opportunity presented itself and helping the Alliance when he could, mostly so he could catch a glimpse of Zal. They met several times over the intervening years, and started an on and off again relationship that culminated in a profound commitment to each other and the Alliance's ideals to establish a New Republic.

By 3 ABY, he had become quite adept at evading Imperial customs and patrols, as well as the loan shark bounty hunters tracking him for long overdue payments for his freighter loan. When he met Wackachangi the Wookie for the first time in a cantina on Abregado-rae, he thought him a mercenary looking to seize the Rose, but was agreeably surprised to be hired (read : threatened to rip his arms off) by the Wookie to fly a cargo of heavy weaponry to the Alliance base on Hoth.

Arriving on the ice planet a few days before the Imperial ground assault and subsequent evacuation, he off-loaded his cargo of weaponry, met some old smuggler turned Rebel acquaintances and re-kindled his relationship with Zal, eventually proposing to her, which she accepted. Her team of SpecOps veterans gave him a hard time that evening, as they gathered around the heating unit in their quarters and toasted the newly engaged couple with cups of stimtea, though they all promised to attend the wedding once the Empire was defeated.

A few days later, when the Death fleet, led by Admiral Ozzel, arrived in system and triggered perimeter alarms, the Alliance troops immediately began evacuations and brought the planetary shield online. While the Imperial fleet launched heavy transports to assault Echo base from the ground, Prowler helped Zal's team fill the Rose to the brim with materiel and Alliance troops. By the time the AT-AT's managed to get through Rogue Squadron in their snowspeeders and destroy the planetary shield, the Rose launched and ran the Imperial blockade with a fighter escort from Blue Squadron along the way.

Safely reaching the Alliance fleet, he enlisted as a starfighter pilot with Blue Squadron, then eventually applied for Corsair, though his application was denied due to a full roster. Buccaneer Squadron had several open billets, so he returned to the simulator to qualify for heavy assault flight status, which he completed successfully, becoming Buccaneer 5.

In the years that followed, Prowler flew numerous successful operations with Buccaneer Squadron. He realized he had found a new home on the CRS Liberty, where he contributed regularly to the flight training program for Renegade Wing pilots with numerous TacOps guides and contributed to several combat missions and training exercises logs.

During the battle of Endor in 4.6 ABY, Prowler flew with Blue Squadron as Blue 4, engaging and destroying the ISD Annihilator. Prowler's B-wing was gravely damaged in the ensuing furball as the B-wings withdrew towards friendly lines after completing their objective. His bomber was fatally damaged and exploded, leaving his cylindrical cockpit on a free-fall trajectoryl towards Endor. Prowler sent out a distress signal and one final transmission to Zal, hoping someone would record and forward it to her, wherever she was.

Little did he know that Zal was on the forest planet's surface below with her SpecForce team, running a diversionary strike on an Imperial munitions depot to provide cover for General Solo's raid on the Death Star's planetary shield generator. Their objective complete, Zal's team was already on the move towards their rally point when they picked up Prowler's and several other Alliance pilots' distress signals across the continent. Stealing an Imperial shuttle, they quickly set out to rescue their team leader's future husband and any other crashed pilots they could find.

In the aftermath of Endor, Prowler spent several weeks recovering from his wounds in a medical facility alongside Zal. When he was discharged he returned to the New Republic Home Fleet, trying to track down the current status of Renegade Wing. For several weeks he flew simulator runs with new pilot trainees, trying to re-qualify for flight status on a B-wing, but lingering aftereffects from his crash crippled his flying. The official medical diagnosis was acute ocular pain brought on from in-helmet HUD imagery, though whether the pain was psychosomatic or injury related remained unclear.

Faced with this failure and without contact with Renegade Wing HQ, he officially submitted his resignation as commander of Buccaneer Squadron to Fleet Command and remained aloof and despondent for some time, traveling the galaxy in the Rose, resuming his old ways as a freighter pilot, a life of peril and adventure.

Two months later, Zal contacted him with intel from a HUMINT source on Cardooine, of the unexpected but deliriously joyful type. It seemed a few of Prowler's cousins had survived the destruction of Cardooine Industrial Luxwoods at Imperial hands and were restarting the family business to produce starfighters for the New Republic, with little fear of reprisal now that the Emperor was dead. Without skipping a beat, Prowler and Zal quietly eloped with her SpecForce team to Cardooine without asking anyone's permission and held their wedding in a small private ceremony on the shores of the inland sea near Prowler's childhood home. Zal and Prowler spent their honeymoon rebuilding CIL with his cousins and a few months later, Zal announced she was with child and would be remaining on Cardooine for the foreseeable future.

Just after the Battle of Toseng, Prowler was contacted by old friends in the Renegade Wing, who were now posted on the CRS Vigilant. With Zal's blessing and insistence, he rejoined his fellow pilots, gladly accepting an administrative rebuke from Wing HQ for going AWOL after his recovery and the appropriate demotion in rank. He submitted his application to continue his role as part of the administrative staff of Renegade Wing's Support Squadron, namely contributing to the training of support pilots aboard the Vigilant and offering the services of the Rose, his E-9 light freighter, for military, diplomatic and civilian operations and cargo runs, with the caveat he would regularly detour to visit his wife and newborn son on Cardooine, at his expense, of course.