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Support Squadron Logo
Renegade Wing Support Squadron is the reason that Renegade Wing stays aloft. Maintenence, Intelligence, Search and Rescue, the RWSS is committed to keeping both the Wing's pilots and their starcraft operational. Watchful guardians, the RWSS is unassuming but of vital importance and their allocation of U-Wing support craft, with their Sabre pilots, are often tactical difference that leads to the decisive victories Renegade Wing is renowned for.
Callsign Nickname Position Duties
ACE Unassigned Deck Chief
X-ray One Unassigned X-Wing Flight Maintenance Chief
Yankee One Unassigned Y-Wing Flight Maintenance Chief
Alpha One Angel A-Wing Flight Maintenance Chief
Bravo One Unassigned B-Wing Flight Maintenance Chief
Uniform One Unassigned U-Wing Flight Maintenance Chief
Mercy One Unassigned Search and Rescue
Mercy Two Tattoo Search and Rescue
Watchdog Spook Security Officer
Flight Unassigned Flight Control Officer
Sabre 1 Unassigned Support Pilot
Sabre 2 Flattop Support Pilot
Sabre 3 Unassigned Support Pilot
Sabre 4 Unassigned Support Pilot
Sabre 5 Unassigned Support Pilot

Squadron Spacecraft

Renegade Wing Support Squadron maintain, and fly, all the starfighter craft onboard the Vigilant. In addition they maintain refitted Imperial craft for more clandestine Rogue Squadron operations.

  • 2 Cygnus AC Xg-1 Assault Gunboats
  • 2 Sienar Fleet System TIE Advanced Starfighters

The RWSS also has various support, cargo and shuttle craft at their permanent disposal.

  • 5 Incom UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft
  • 1 CEC YT-1300 Corellian Transport
  • 2 Cygnus T-4a Shuttle Crafts
  • 2 Telgorn Dx-9 Transports
  • 2 Telgorn M/ATR-6 Assault Transport (SAR)
Halls of Honor
  • Click here to see the honors awarded to members of the CRS Vigilant.











Lieutenant Jeni "Angel" Courtner

RWSS - A-Wing Maintenance Chief

Current assignment: A-Wing maintenance Chief, attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Starship maintenance and repair
Combat Specialty Space Superiority
Side Arm DL-18 Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Corellian Whiskey
Physical Description 152 cm; lithe build; dark red hair; blue-green eyes; 22 year old human female from Sollust


An orphan of the Clone Wars, she was raised in a shelter on Sollust in one of the planet's many 'Ash Ghettos.' With a natural aptitude for machines, she was forced to work for Imperial depots on speeders, walkers, and starships. Her small stature allowed her to reach areas hard to reach for many, though this was often dangerous and confining. Imperial officials nicknamed her 'Angel' after the Ash Angels found on the planet. Originally an insult for those who came from the Ash Ghettos, the name stuck and became a point of pride. By day, she worked herself to the bone for little food and no money, and by night she dreamed of going out there, seeing the galaxy, and maybe finding out who her mother and father were. Did she have any siblings? Anyone at all?

She met another young woman named Risha, who was one of the prisoner laborors, and the two women forged a strong bond. Risha promised to take Jeni to a hundred worlds once they could get out of there, and told her about the terrible things the Empire was doing and of the Rebellion trying to take it down. They could use someone like her, and if they could escape the planet, Risha could get them in contact with the rebellion. Excited by this chance at a real purpose, Jeni used her technical expertise and a familiarity with the guards to get them to a shipyard. Risha was able to jump a starship and after a terribly tense night of flying, they escaped into the vastness of the universe.

Together, the two young women spent nearly a year starhopping around the Outer Rim, slowly making their way north and chasing down Risha's leads for the Rebellion. In that time, Jeni learned to fly and soon surpassed her teacher. By the time they found the Rebellion amidst their search for a new base, she was ready to fight the Empire at any cost. Her first billing was at Hoth, working on X-wings and Snowspeeders. During the evacuation, she was one of the last transports away, having worked until the last moment. Risha was one of the X-wing pilots who left with the first wave. It was the last time they saw one another as Risha was listed as MIA several months later.

With the fleet split up, she found herself in a cell that received some of the new A-wing Interceptors. Rated as a technician for them, she soon qualified as a pilot. Her small stature and unnatural ability to withstand G-Forces made her a natural for the tiny ship. She served nearly a full year in Red Squadron, before it was disbanded as the Rebel Fleet consolidated around her former home planet. When the time for Endor came around, she flew as Gold Three, and earned the distinction as one of the few pilots alive able to claim she flew into the Death Star's superstructure and made it out again. Following the Falcon in, she split off with Gold Four and Nine to try and lead the chasing TIEs in another direction. She became lost, disoriented, and flying for her life. As the Death Star exploded, her craft took severe damage. A piece of debris pierced her cockpit from below, blowing through her leg and into her chest. The wound, combined with the experience of flying through a fiery, exploding tunnel haunts her to this day. She has no idea how she survived, but her injuries required nearly a week in bacta.

Following her recovery, Jeni was declared physically capable of flying, but could not pass the flying tests. Perhaps it is her memories of Endor, or perhaps it's something else, but the once promising young A-wing pilot finds herself unable to fly again. Declared unfit for active flight duty, she took an open position as an A-wing technician aboard the Vigilant with Renegade Wing.













2nd Lt Namieh "Tattoo" Calyse

RWSS - Mercy Two, Search and Rescue

Current assignment: Renegade Wing Support Squadron, attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Medic, Rescue/Extraction
Combat Specialty SAR Pilot, basic CQC
Side Arm BlasTech Industries DL-44 pistol
Favorite Beverage Merenzane Gold
Physical Description Mirialan female; 172 cm; yellow skin; red hair; blue eyes; black geometric facial tattoos; late twenties


Born on Mirial, Namieh's early life involved a great deal of tradition and religious studies. As the only child of Mirialan diplomats, she was raised with high expectations looming ever over her head and rarely lingered in one place long enough to establish connections. Generally keeping to herself she lived a lonely, but productive existence dedicated to her schoolwork. When she was accepted to the prestigious First Republic Medical Academy of Coruscant at a young age, she received no praise - it had simply been expected of her.

Her years at the Academy proved to be difficult, thrilling, and engaging. Away from her overprotective parents, Nami was finally free to make her own choices for the first time. She reveled in it, made friends, found rivals, made a few bad impressions, and fell in love for the first time - all of which she still looks back on fondly as the best part of her life.

After The Clone Wars, everything changed. The University of Coruscant altered their policy on acceptance, ousting all non-human students from their programs. Namieh was devastated, her dreams crushed before she could graduate. In one fell swoop, she lost her housing, her classmates, and the future she felt she had been destined for. Mustering the courage necessary to break this news to her parents, she reached out to them for help only to receive the news via hologram call that they were dead. Like many casualties in the war, their deaths were senseless. Namieh acquired her first facial tattoos with some of the last credits to her name, adorning herself with the geometry for sorrow, loss, and anger. She could feel nothing else.

When at her lowest, she found sanctuary within The Rebellion like many other strays. Adopted into their ranks, her medical training became invaluable. The fresh tattoos on her face were often the first thing one noticed about her and it quickly earned her the moniker "Tattoo". When she showed an aptitude for piloting during first flight lessons, her talents were naturally aimed toward Search And Rescue operations where she began to excel. In this she could serve the men and women she would come to call family, lending her talents to saving those the universe had thrown the worst at.











1st Lieutenant Vyla "Spook" Rha

Security Officer

Currently assigned to Intelligence and Fleet Security, attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Communications, Networking Relay, Intelligence
Combat Specialty Close quarters hand to hand combat
Side Arm DC-17 Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Naboo Sour
Physical Description Lethan Twi'lek female (red skin). Early 30's (standard). 173cm. Slim, athletic build. Amber eyes.


Born into slavery on Nar Shaddaa to parents owned by the Hutts, Vyla's future was all but determined from the start. Instead they sacrificed everything to buy their daughter's freedom by the time she turned 21 years old. Including their lives. Free of the Hutts but bereft of direction as a "free woman", Vyla fell in with a small band of freelance Bounty Hunters who took on a range of work from reconnaissance intelligence gathering and general problem-solving to target retrieval and delivery. With a head for mechanics and a developing reputation for providing solid and reliable intelligence, Vyla eventually began running solo. Her information was good and could be bought for the right price. Along the way, after a job tracking down illegal poachers, Vyla obtained "Silo" - a peculiar semi-feathered, flying, lizard-like creature whose ability to colour shift to camouflage with his background came in useful when she needed an extra set of eyes. Especially after getting him used to wearing micro cameras and audio bug devices.

Approached by a covert Rebel squad to obtain intelligence on the location of a high-interest target, the quality of work piqued their interest and a tentative offer to join the Rebels was raised. They could use someone who knew comms and could work alone when needed. Initially uncertain, Vyla confirmed the rumours that they had indeed been responsible for the destruction of the first Death Star at Yavin and a new possibility of doing real good, not to mention a way to get off the smuggler planet suddenly became potentially obtainable. Not just a pipe dream.

Officially joining the ranks approximately 1 year before Hoth, Vyla knuckled down, working alongside the Security Officers to provide intelligence and communications support She earned her stripes on Hoth, showing she could work with a team when the chips were down. Since then, her knack for intel and willingness to do the work has seen her find a niche as a Security Officer.

Some day, she wants to see the Hutts taken down for good. Maybe the Rebels can help. Maybe.









Flight Officer Marshal "FLATTOP" Westfolder

Sabre Two

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing Support Squadron, attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty TBD
Combat Specialty TBD
Side Arm Standard Issue
Favorite Beverage Corellian Ale
Physical Description Human male; unremarkable and bland, but for the laugh-lines that are already etched around his mostly-blue eyes. Slightly shorter than average, with dirty-blonde hair that was once close-cropped, a physique that was once toned, and an age that was once on the promising side of 26.


Marshal Westfolder grew up reading almost any file on his datapad he could get his hands on, usually in some dark corner of one of his family's Corellian speeder garages when he was supposed to have been working. He was an unremarkable mechanic or business administrator, so his father was saved the trouble of "figuring out what to do with him" when he left to fly speeders for a cousin in the various planet-wide circuit races. He acquitted himself well for several years, consistently placing in the overall top-10 and avoiding any life-altering crashes, but his cousin's party-boy spending habits and his own inability to break into the top-3 racers eventually convinced him that he needed to do something else. He took several jobs from extended family members working deliveries, warehouse logistics, even slinging nerf-hash for hungover dockworkers; and eventually, resigned himself to being a has-could-have-been.

Then, the Emperor died.

With the destruction of the second Death Star and the scattering of the previously dominant Imperial Navy, the re-christened New Republic put out a recruiting call for nearly every kind of position they had in their ranks. The mission-pivot from overthrowing to governing included the New Republic Starfighter Corps, and with the Diktat's stranglehold on communication shaken, Westfolder heard one of their recruiting transmissions. It left unanswered a question that had not occurred to him in quite some time:

Why not?

Why not join up? He wasn't doing anything on Corellia anyway, not really. There certainly wasn't any love lost for the Diktat or the Empire, and with the Sacorrian Triad making moves now was the right time to get out.

So, he did.

Westfolder's experience and academic skills combined well with his piloting talent to land him on a fast-track through training and out to the fleet perhaps faster than he would prefer. An old story about bringing a speeder back much worse for wear gained him the callsign "FLATTOP," but the real gain was intangible: camaraderie; a goal; drive.

There's a new "top-10" to break into - and this time, FLATTOP isn't stopping there.