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Welcome to The Liberty Lounge

The Liberty Lounge is the Vigilant's lounge and recreational facility, named in honour of Renegade Wing's former ship, the CRS Liberty, which was destroyed by the Empire at Endor. Many of the Vigilant's pilots meet here after missions to unwind and swap stories. Some of these stories will be featured here, and many explain how the pilots came to have a favorite beverage. We hope you enjoy them!

Stories from The Liberty can be found here in the Renegade Wing Lore archive.

Immediately below you will see the latest three releases. Below those stories you will see a page similar to our squadron roster pages. The table is divided by Year and Month (clickable link to take you to the stories of that month in order). You will see how many currently published stories are out, as well as a general note about the Wing's activities and location for that month, and finally the galactic era. Hopefully it is a bit easier for readers to follow the wing chronology in this method!

Latest Releases

Summary: These are the 3 latest releases for ease of catching up on the latest stories. Below these three stories you will find the master calendar and list!

  • 5.2.2 -- A Moment's Notice by Barraken. The bored crew of Mercy 3 get sent on a rescue mission!
  • 3.0 -- The Tipsy Hutt by Savage. It's a pirate's life for Savage, but nobody ever said it'd be easy.
  • 5.2.2 -- Total War Part 2 by Bulldog. The training squadron pilots of Raider Squadron find themselves thrust into a difficult situation when the rest of the wing is on leave. Can they hold the line until help arrives? Part 1 Here
Year.Month Number of Currently Published Stories General Notes Era
32+ BBY 3 Battle of Naboo in 32 BBY Old Republic Era
32-22 BBY 0 Battle of Geonosis 22 BBY Post Naboo Era
22-19 BBY 0 Clone Wars battles Clone Wars Era
19-2 BBY 6 Some Members' origin stories Imperial Era
2 BBY- 0 ABY 7 The events that shook the galaxy Pre-Yavin
0-1.5 ABY 10 Proto-Renegade Days Post-Yavin
1.5-3 ABY 22 Battle of Hoth 3 ABY Pre Hoth
3-4 ABY 3 Liberty and Renegade Wing combine Post Hoth
4-4.5 ABY 3 Endless fighting Pre-Endor
4.6 ABY 14 Battle of Endor and the reformation of the Taskforce Post Endor
4.7 ABY 11 Rest and Recovery after Vigilant is nearly destroyed Post Endor
4.8 ABY 14 Vigilant is out of drydock and back underway Post Endor
4.9 ABY 6 The fighting drags on Post Endor
4.10 ABY 32 RW struggles to rescue and hold Toseng Post Endor
5.1 ABY 13 Beaten and battered, the Wing returns with a vengeance Pre Jakku
5.2 ABY 3 A new threat arises Pre Jakku
5.3 ABY 0 Unmapped Pre Jakku
5.4 ABY 0 Unmapped Pre Jakku
5.5 ABY 0 Unmapped Pre Jakku
5.6 ABY and Beyond 0 0 Battle of Jakku and beyond










32+ BBY

Summary: This is the Old Republic Era. The Phantom Menace occurs in 32 BBY.

  • 1200 BBY
    Passion and Harmony
    --by Wildcard
    - Is it possible for a Jedi known to be pure of heart to survive an undercover mission to Korriban unchanged?


  • 34 BBY
    --- How Maddic Got Happy
    --by Knight
    - The man, the myth, the legend. Find out how the hard-nose Raider Squadron lead training officer found his way in the galaxy.


  • 32 BBY
    --- Other Moons
    --by FLATTOP
    - A spacer getting by on his luck and love of his ship alone finds himself embroiled in a mystery while his ship is down for repairs.


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32-22 BBY

Summary: This is the Post Naboo Era. Currently there are no written stories in this timeframe. Attack of the Clones occurs in 22 BBY.

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22-19 BBY

Summary: This is the Clone Wars Era. Currently there are no written stories in this timeframe. The Clone Wars movie and series occur here.

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19-2 BBY

Summary: This is the Imperial Era. Some members would have had an origin/joining story in this timeframe. Revenge of the Sith occurs in 19 BBY, Solo is about 13-10 BBY. and Bad Batch and Rebels series' occur.

  • 10 BBY
    Tears in the Rain
    --by Wildcard
    - Greelo is your typical enforcer for unsavory types on Coruscant, but he wants out. Unfortunately, his employers aren't willing to let him go.


  • 4 BBY
    --- Jak & Bey Chapter 2: Trashed
    --by Silence
    - You've met Jak and Bey after they'd been partners for a few years, now it's time to go back in time to see how they met! Were they a dream team from day one, or did they almost kill each other? (Chapter 1 can be found in 1 BBY here)


  • 3 BBY
    --- Smashed
    --by Silence
    - After a year working together, Jak and Bey meet the ultimate test and a crushing blow. Can their partnership survive Jak meeting Bey's family? (Chapter 1 can be found in 1 BBY here, and Chapter 2 is above this one in 4 BBY here)


    --- The Sparrow
    --by Dobber
    - Take a look at Starfire's early life as she takes the first step from debutante to deadly Rogue pilot!


  • 2.5 BBY
    --- Alrick's Tale
    --by Krayt
    - The backstory of the man, the myth, the LEGEND.


  • 2 BBY
    --- For a Good Cause
    --by Dobber
    - Down on their luck Duck and Goose find themselves in a sticky situation with limited options and time to get out!

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2 BBY - 0 ABY

Summary: This is the Pre-Yavin Era. Many members would have had an origin/joining story in this timeframe. A New Hope, Rogue One movies happen at the end of this time, Rebels series concludes.

  • 1 BBY
    Drunken Lullabies
    --by Frosty, Gremlin, and Lock
    - Not all rebels were model citizens, and everyone joining the Rebel Alliance may not have had a squeaky clean background. Take a look at the origin story of Frosty and Gremlin!


  • 1 BBY
    --- Acceptable Losses
    --by Syntax
    - 9-LOM "Syntax" encounters failure for the first time, but most beings could be forgiven for failing due to the intervention of the legendary Boba Fett!


  • 1 BBY
    --- Speculative Investments
    --by Knight
    - A rebel agent risks their life to secure reliable shipping for supplies. They may have bitten off more than they can chew.


  • 1 BBY
    ---Jak & Bey Chapter 1: Wasted
    --by Silence
    - Meet Jak and Bey, the buddy cop duo you didn't know you were missing! They are hot on the heels of a criminal duo while working undercover. Can they pull off the arrest of the century, or will they get in their own way?


  • 1 BBY
    --- Jak & Bey Chapter 4: Going Commando
    --by Silence
    - Fed up with their jobs, Jak and Bey are finally heading off into the sunset. When you're in the Coruscant underground, that's a little harder than it sounds.


  • 1 BBY
    --- A Tale of Frustration and One-Eyed Vanity
    --by Bulldog
    - New Rebel recruit Cyclops finds himself increasingly frustrated with the lack of recognition of his hotshot skills.


  • 1 BBY
    --- Train of Thought
    --by Wildcard
    - Geek, while meek physically, finds a way to fight back against bias and bullying.


  • 0 BBY
    --- Alderaan (Anthology)
    --by FLATTOP, BattleDog, Knight, Dragon, Bulldog, Dobber, Talon, Wolf, Rogue, Lock, Gremlin, Frosty, and Angel
    - Where were you when you first heard of the destruction of Alderaan? It was one of the most defining and devastating moments of the Galactic Civil War, and an act that cemented the evil of the Empire in the minds of many. This is a series of short stories of some of the pilots of Renegade Wing, where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news of that fateful day.

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0-1.5 ABY

Summary: This is the Post-Yavin Era. Many members would have had an origin/joining story in this timeframe.

  • 0.1 ABY
    The Old Guard
    --by Wildcard
    - An old war-horse from the Clone Wars and beyond finds himself being recruited into another David vs. Goliath struggle.


  • 0.1 ABY
    --- The Bloody Banthas
    --by Lock, Gremlin, Frosty, and Flash
    - When the chips were down after a disastrous mission, the survivors of the fledgeling Bantha Squadron are forced to look within to find their own reasons to keep on fighting. For Lock, Gremlin, and Frosty, it is to honor those that were lost by becoming the next iteration of Red Squadron; to be the symbols of hope for the fragile Rebellion.


  • 0.1 ABY
    --- I, Gemi
    --by Gremlin
    - It's a dangerous life as an X-Wing pilot. Many choose to leave family behind to stop them from getting hurt. But every now and then, when a pilot gets lucky, they get a chance to go home.


  • 0.1 ABY
    --- Defender
    --by Dragon
    - The days of blindly accepting Imperial defectors into key positions of the New Republic are long gone. However, sometimes an ex-Imperial can earn his way into the good graces of New Republic Starfighter Command by acts of extreme compassion and bravery. This is the story of the straw that broke the Dragon's back!


  • 0.2 ABY
    --- The Mynock's Last Stand
    --by Ice, Flash, and Gremlin
    - Nowadays people tend to forget that the early days of the Rebellion were ramshackle cells and squadrons working alone with whatever tools they had at hand. Some units fared better than others; some had the unfortunate series of circumstances that made their current situations untenable yet also the wildly good fortune to find the exact thin they needed to keep taking the fight to the Empire. Take a look at the twist of fate that kept Red Squadron in the fight when all hope seemed lost.


  • 0.2 ABY
    --- Unbecoming an Officer
    --by Flash, Lock, and Frosty
    - Even in the Alliance, something so simple as a reshuffling of resources and units could sometimes be a heroic undertaking. Lock, Frosty, and Flash of the recently decimated Red Squadron learn this the hard way when their simple exursion ended up with a blown-up transport, commandeered Y-Wings, and surprise additions to the squadron.


  • 0.4 ABY
    --- Yesterday
    --by Lock and Gremlin
    - After Red Squadon did the impossible in destroying the Death Star, they had to rebuild from nearly 100% losses. While in the process of re-filling their ranks, they are forced to evacuate their base. Lock and Gremlin get cut off from the rest of the Reds while Imperial forces close in! See the chaos unfold from multiple viewpoints of past and future Reds.


  • 1.1 ABY
    --- Green as it Gets
    --by Frosty
    - Frosty is forced to come to grips with his professional and personal responsibilities at the same time. He is working on becoming a better squadmate for his Red Squadron comrades. He is working on being a better friend to Lock and Gremlin. He is working on being a... father? Can he manage to juggle it all at once?


  • 1.2 ABY
    --- The Dathomiri Reuben Incident
    --by Cannibal
    - Imperial officer and food aficianado Swaggalicious ends up biting off more than he can chew, with disastrous results!


  • 1.4 ABY
    --- One for the Money
    --by Syntax
    - Syntax is making a life as a freelancer, but he continues to be confused with 4-LOM! In order to make the distinction clear in the eyes of everybody, he decides to put it all on the line to protect a rebel operative from harm, possibly finding his calling in the process!


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1.5-3 ABY

Summary: This is the Pre-Hoth Era. The Empire Strikes Back occurs in 3 ABY.

  • 1.5 ABY
    Comm Silence
    --by Syntax
    - Now a member of an infiltration unit for the Alliance, Syntax undertakes a dangerous mission to uncover vital intelligence.


  • 1.5 ABY
    ---Cutter's Tale
    --by Guardian
    - Ever wonder where the Vigilant found its resident 2-1B medical droid? Before Cutter got here, he was onboard the Liberty. Before he was on the old Renegade Wing mothership, he was a medical droid on a remote outpost and was slated to be left behind during an evacuation. A chance encounter with Guardian changed both of their fates, as well as every Renegade since that Cutter has operated on!


  • 1.6
    --- Animal's Tale
    --by Animal
    - Every rebel has a story. Why wonder how Buccaneer Leader made his way to the Rebellion when you can read his after action report directly? Read the tale of his harrowing defection and escape from Coruscant!


  • 1.8 ABY
    --- The Fires of the Rebellion
    --by Wolf
    - See what galvanized the lovable Wolf into abandoning the Empire and joining the Rebellion!


  • 1.9 ABY
    --- Guardian's Tale
    --by Guardian
    - Guardian risks his career and rank to take a principled stand on the health of his friends.


  • 2.1 ABY
    --- First Command: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
    --by Raven, Hyp, Guardian, Paladin, Groznik, Arakyd, Animal, and Slicer
    - After Buccaneer is nearly wiped out, they reform and rebuild under a cursed cloud of doubt.


  • 2.2 ABY
    --- Double Duty
    --by Guardian
    - Guardian is stuck pulling double duty as a pilot and medical tech at the same time. Can he manage to get his patient to safety without dying himself despite burning the candle at both ends?


  • 2.3 ABY
    --- Capital Punishment Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.
    --by Guardian, Rooster, Kallysto, and Stryker.
    - Kallysto finds himself grounded, and without flying he has no idea what to do with himself. Can his friends find a way to cheer him up?


  • 2.4 ABY
    --- Outlaw's Ship
    --by various MECantina authors.
    -Owtlaw finds himself on the wrong side of a vision test and finds himself grounded and despondent. His friends come together and hatch a daring plan to get the old timer back in the air.


  • 2.5 ABY
    --- Hyl's Tale
    --by Hyl.
    -Hyl gets a special visit.


  • 2.6 ABY
    --- Shakedown
    --by Guardian
    - The U-wing has proven to be a versatile craft as shown by the mission to Scarif. With High Command wondering if it can be used in a more covert manner, that task falls to Renegade Wing's own Guardian. See how that first major insertion went down!


  • 2.6 ABY
    --- Rimward Spoils
    --by Condor, with input from Jalb
    -Jalb, Krayt, and Condor eagerly accept their first combat mission in what seems like forever, but did they rush into their deaths?


  • 2.7 ABY
    --- End of an Era
    --by Wolf
    - Wolf has to say goodbye to one of his closest friends in Renegade Wing.


  • 2.7 ABY
    --- The Lounge Song
    --by Rancor
    -Rancor decides to have his first ever live performance in the Liberty Lounge.


  • 2.8 ABY
    --- Silk's Tale
    --by Silk
    -CRS Liberty Flight Controller extraordinaire Silk reminisces about the time he first encountered his favorite drink.


  • 2.9
    ---The Big Chill
    --by Syntax
    - A time-sensitive mission to extract important cargo from a wreckage on Hoth puts Syntax in a hard spot. He also earns his now (in)famous callsign!


  • 2.10
    --- The Past Ahead: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.
    --by Jalb, Hellcat, Krayt, and Alli
    -The trio of Renegade troublemakers hatch a harebrained scheme and drag Alli into it, but it might cost them more than they have in their combined credit accounts.


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3-4 ABY

Summary: This is the Post-Hoth Era. Renegade Wing aboard the CRS Liberty brings the fight to the Empire.

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4-4.5 ABY

Summary: This is the Pre-Endor Era. Return of the Jedi happens at the end of this timeframe.

  • 4.1 ABY
    Growing Pains
    --by Bulldog
    - Bulldog has officially joined the Rebellion after the debacle at Hoth. His first posting is... rocky to say the least. He didn't gain his curmudgeonly reputation out of nowhere!


  • 4.3 ABY
    --- Shocked, not Stirred
    --by Jalb_k
    - With a disasterous slice job on Mixer causing the Liberty's bar droid to completely melt down, it is up to the three Rogue friends to find a new replacement in a... creative fashion.


  • 4.5.7 ABY
    --- Lost With a Cause
    --by Barraken
    - With the Rebel fleet on the cusp of the battle to end the war, Wildstar gets a call from some long-lost friends needing help.


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4.6 ABY

Summary: The Battle of Endor and the reformation of Renegade Wing into its current iteration, and the tribulations that various members faced during that frantic first month after Endor.

  • 4.6 ABY
    --by Bulldog
    - Ugly, knowing nothing but unsightly warfare for his entire existence, finally finds something beautiful in his life... only for the Empire to destroy it. Now, his friends struggle to pull him out of his depression and get him back in the fight.


  • 4.6 ABY
    --- Endor Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
    --by Bulldog, Dobber, Gremlin, Mystic, Ant, Junior, Jasted, Lock, Syntax, Rogue, Gnoizic, Wolf, Angel, Knight, and Tattoo
    - Endor was the defining battle of the Rebel Alliance. Victory did not come without cost, though. See the hardships the veterans of Endor fought through to see the fruits of all their labors within the Rebellion! This massive multi-author project could not have been completed without the steadfast help and guidance from Lock as he helped Bulldog piece together this quilted narrative of the entire battle. Every writer that participated in this project was a complete professional, and the Lore Master wants to again issue his sincerest thanks to all those that participated and modified their ideas to fit in the overall narrative.


  • 4.6.1 ABY
    --- Consolation and Loss
    --by Lock, Gremlin, and Tattoo
    - Everybody thinks the Empire died the moment the second Death Star was destroyed, but many pilots and personnel still had important work and very serious introspection to do in the intervening days. Follow a determined SAR pilot and her new friends pushing through the post-battle depression and festive atmosphere to do the work that still needed to be done.


  • 4.6.1 ABY
    --- Farewell to Yesterday
    --by Wolf
    - We've all had that one person that we've known all our lives and have felt a strong connection with. See what happens when Wolf runs into that person during the festivities on Endor after the destruction of the Second Death Star.


  • 4.6.2 ABY
    --- Cinder to Ash Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4
    --by Lock, Angel, Frosty, Jalb_k, and Bulldog. Contributions from Gremlin, Krayt, Spook, and Stryker
    - Hot off the heels of the victory at Endor, the now homeless Renegades and ex-Reds are reformed under the command of an overly ambitious amateur general. Can they survive the whims of their new reckless leader? Can Jalb manage to hold them all together despite the outright lack of cooperation from his dangerous superior?


  • 4.6.3 ABY
    --- Blaster Burns
    --by Rogue
    - Grab some popcorn and a beverage and enjoy the pulse-pounding story of an infiltration mission turned explosion fest with a body count so vast even the editor couldn't keep track!


  • 4.6.4 ABY
    --- Double Agent
    --by Krayt
    - A story of deception and the redemption of Talon.


  • 4.6.4 ABY
    --- Recovery of Power Station Theta
    --by Blixus
    - Charmer's squad fights hard on the surface of Naboo to thwart Operation Cinder.


  • 4.6.5 ABY
    --- Iggy's Tale
    --by Krayt
    - The recounting of how our lovable killdroid "survived" the destruction of the Liberty at Endor.


  • 4.6.5 ABY
    --- Right of Passage
    --by Dobber
    - A daring story of Renegade Wing's first full action after being reformed and housed on the CRS Vigilant


  • 4.6.5 ABY
    --- Hard Nights Make Harder Days
    --by Bulldog
    - called "the Redemption of Buccaneer Six" by C-Staff, follow the tale of Bulldog's demons and his battle to overcome them.


  • 4.6.6 ABY
    --- The Tale of the Ready Room
    --by Talon and Gremlin
    - Extreme Makeovers! Who loves them? Well, to be honest, who doesn't... but if you've ever wondered how the Vigilant got such an... interesting Ready Room, this is the tale for you! It takes more than tradesman tools and know-how to make a space shine; you ned a little heart and a sprinkling of soul. Take a look at Gremlin and Talon's hijinks and inventive manipulations they undertook to make this the most unique Ready Room in the fleet!


  • 4.6.6 ABY
    --- Darkness Rising
    --by Bulldog
    - Darkness finds himself experiencing the brutal nature of head-on warfare for the first time in his career as a soldier, though a chance encounter presents a fork in the road...


  • Festival of Life Fete Week
    --- Defend the Vigilant Arc 1.1, Arc 1.2, Arc 1.3, Finale
    --by Bulldog, Wolf, Dobber, and Krayt. Contributions from Gremlin, Ant, Jalb_k, Jasted, and Angel. Consultations from Talon, FLATTOP, Foo, Stryker, Jedi, and Dragon
    - a four-part series detaling the near disaster that befell the Renegades when Command ordered them to make multiple simultaneous strikes on different targets, leaving them open to a dangerous ambush reminiscent of the Defend the Liberty mission from X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter! Outnumbered, outsmarted, and outgunned- it'll take a miracle for the CRS Vigilant and her task force to survive...


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4.7 ABY

Summary: The Vigilant has been bloodied and in need of serious repairs. While this means some much needed rest for many of the veterans of Endor, some pilots are not so lucky to earn a reprieve.

  • 4.7.1 ABY
    Victor, Not Victim
    --by Silence
    - The "Call of the Cockpit" is ever present. You may think you'll never hop into one again, but the Force has a funny way of making sure you hear the call and return home again. This is the exciting tale of honor and intrigue of an ex-pilot within the nascent New Republic Intelligence agency and her time away from "home".


  • 4.7.1 ABY
    -- Shore Leave - Part 1, Part 2,Part 3, and Part 4
    --by Dobber
    - While it may seem like a pilot's life is nothing but explosions and close calls, not every moment of their lives is filled with peril. We take vacations and like to turn our brains off just as much as the average being. Take a look at Dobber's weekend getaway!


  • 4.7.1 ABY
    --- Idiot's Array - Part 1 and Part 2
    --by Bulldog and Lock, with contributions from Battledog and Jalb_k
    - Much-needed shore leave is coming up for the pilots of Renegade Wing. Everybody is looking forward to some much-needed time off the line. However, ghosts of the past have a habit of coming back to torment you, especially when that ghost is your ex-CO who hasn't forgotten your insubordination. See how Lock and Bulldog take a turbolaser blast for the entire wing!


  • 4.7.2
    --- Ashes of Bandit
    --by Bulldog (with inspiration from Jalb)
    - Krayt has an idea to raise a new jack-of-all-trades squadron to take the pressure off of all of the squadrons, but he meets resistance with Command Staff until a particular visitor with a deep connection to the past joins the meeting and intercedes on his behalf.


  • 4.7.3 ABY
    --- Ties That Bind
    --by Frosty, Gremlin, and Lock
    - No matter how long or far away we run, there are always the things that bring us back to the ones we care about. Check out the hard-hitting tale of Frosty's journey away from and back to the New Republic.


  • 4.7.4 ABY
    --- I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
    --by Frosty and Gremlin
    - Not all missions go off without a hitch. Sometimes you have to hide, and sometimes you have to charge into certain death to make it home. Follow the tale of four New Republic pilots trapped behind enemy lines, low on fuel, and running out of stims!


  • 4.7.5 ABY
    --- Ghostfire Part 1 and Part 2
    --by Angel with contributions by Wolf and Gremlin
    - The Spectres are launched on a last minute mission to rescue defecting Imperial forces and the civilians under their care. Spectre has a long way to go before they are a cohesive and battle-hardened unit. Will their collective experience alone be enough to see them all through?


  • 4.7.5 ABY
    --- Bad Influence
    --by Frosty
    - Renegade Wing is home to some of the most talented pilots in the New Republic. As such, they are sometimes given a little more... leeway than other units. See what happens when a prank war escalates beyond anything Frosty could have predicted!


  • 4.7.6
    --- A Missing Piece of Kit
    --by Freak
    - It's not all blasters and explosions when you join Renegade Wing! Take a look at how a Freak spends his downtime when he's not strapped to his Corsair Squadron rocket couch.


  • 4.7.6
    --- Salvage
    --by Dragon
    -Dragon is detained and interrogated about his role in a... possibly larger rogue action.


  • 4.7.7 ABY
    --- Rogue Choices - Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
    --by Dobber
    - Ever wanted to join the best of the best and fly with the men and women of Rogue Squadron? Follow along with Dobber as he experiences the highs and lows of working his way into the most elite squadron in the galaxy.


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4.8 ABY

Summary: After a month of repairs, the Vigilant is finally back in the sky and on the prowl.

  • 4.8.1 ABY
    Dion's Tale
    --by Loth-Cat
    - Not everybody in the galaxy was aware of the war raging between the Empire and Rebel Alliance. Many backwater populations had no idea. See what happens when one such person is caught up in a war they knew nothing about.


  • 4.8.1 ABY
    --- Spaced Out
    --by Bulldog and Frosty
    - After a much-needed break from the front lines while the Vigilant undergoes repairs, Frosty and Bulldog are sent off on a scouting mission to the Zavian Abyss. When they come back, they aren't sure what is real or what is fake. Experience the madness for yourself!


  • 4.8.1 ABY
    --- The Kaf out of Hyperspace
    --by Dragon
    - This is a tale straight out of the horror holovids of yore. Only the intrepid actions of Dragon and his antagonistic NRI companion avert total carnage aboard the CRS Vigilant.


  • 4.8.1 ABY
    --- To Die Alone
    --by Silence
    - Friendship transcends the planes of existence, going into places even the Force doesn't seem to go. See how recently paroled Zander Pokri deals with the fact that his comatose friend and takes their fates into his own hands.


  • 4.8.2 ABY
    --- Failing Upward
    --by Bulldog
    - Even in defeat, there can be victory. Sometimes it just requires an outside perspective to silence our hardest critic: ourselves. Follow a recently promoted Captain as he leads his first mission and the fallout.


  • 4.8.2 ABY
    --- Dark Protocol
    --by Dragon
    - Dragon seemingly goes AWOL to chase down a phantom of his past, narrowly surviving to tell the tale.


  • 4.8.3 ABY
    --- Warm Welcome
    --by Animal
    - The Buccaneers pride themselves on their courage and operating under extreme circumstances. Consider this tale an in-depth look at one of the more unorthodox team-building exercises honed throughout the years.


  • 4.8.3 ABY
    --- Payback by Payload - Part 1 and Part 2
    --by Buccaneer Squadron (Bulldog, Animal, Gnoizic, Loth-Cat, Wolvinator, Ant, and Foo)
    - Hot off the heels of the raucous welcome party for Wolvinator into Buccaneer Squadron, they are selected for a strike mission with the aim of destroying important war materiel. Unfortunately, the condition the pilots are in would be generously called "operational" after their long night of partying. Can they pull it off, or has their hard-drinking lifestyle finally brought their chickens home to roost?


  • 4.8.4 ABY
    --- Dance Dance Rebellion
    --by Bulldog and Gremlin, with consultations from Wolf
    - What do you do when the ship goes into emergency quarantine? Virtual dance-off, of course! Special video appearance by Rogue Leader showing off his moves!


  • 4.8.5 ABY
    --- Escape and Evasion Part 1 and Part 2
    --by Rogue, with contributions by Gremlin
    -Rogue has had better flights, considering most of them don't include being shot down on a hostile planet. Not to make him feel left out, Gremlin finds herself in the same boat soon after.


  • 4.8.6 ABY
    --- Just Another Day in the Life
    --by Dobber
    - A daring, covert mission to capture an intact ISD is in motion, but Dobber is still reeling from a devastating loss and working with anything but a focused mind. On top of that, a brash recruit has joined Rogue Squadron and has been placed under his care by Jalb. Can he get it together and keep the reckless rookie alive while also ensuring the mission is a success?


  • 4.8.6
    --- Closing the Distance
    --by Frosty and Gremlin
    - A tale spanning the first few months of Frosty's return to active duty shows the rocky road of mending an important relationship between himself and Gremlin while also dealing with the stresses of combat.


  • 4.8.7 ABY
    --- Gutshot - Part 1 and Part 2
    --by Bulldog and Silence
    - Sex, booze, rock and roll? A Jedi craves not these things... but a Bulldog does. The past has a funny way of pulling the strings on your future. See what kind of mess Bulldog's past gets him into, and the efforts his comrades go through to get him home.


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4.9 ABY

Summary: The Vigilant is building up her stores for a big action, but that doesn't mean her pilots are idle.

  • 4.9.1
    Skull Saga Part 1: Defects Detected
    --by Silence
    - The return of fan favorite Imperials Poker and Joker! They have officially defected and have been assigned to Skull Squadron onboard the CRS Vigilant! Unfortunately, their orientation is far from smooth as they struggle to come to grips with their new environment and comrades.


  • 4.9.3
    --- Skull Saga Part 2: Divided
    --by Silence
    - Another week, another new XO for the Skulls, and this one is a doozy. Will they be able to stick it out this time, or will Skull Squadron be on the market for another new XO sooner rather than later?


  • 4.9.5 ABY
    --- Dangerous Love
    --by Bulldog, Silence, Angel, Wolf, Jalb, and Frosty
    - Many Renegade pilots come down with severe cases of food poisoning, and all signs point to Frosty as the culprit considering his prankster past. Will he get drummed out of the wing for finally taking things a giant leap too far?


  • 4.9.6 ABY
    --- Always a Rogue
    --by Bulldog with contributions from Lock and Wolf
    - Bulldog is pulled into a mission with the Rogues at the last minute as Animal and a select team of Renegades attempt to suss out a number of listening devices that have been planted in the Ready Room. Can the Rogue Qualified pilot survive? Or have his skills atrophied beyond the level required to hang with Rogue Squadron?


  • 4.9.7 ABY
    --- The Case of Illegal Midnight Hooch
    --by Dragon
    - Darlene finds herself reviled by the members of the Vigilant Taskforce due to her position as an NRI agent. She struggles with these feelings while also breaking an espionage case wide-open with her oft-nemesis, Dragon.


  • Festival of the Stars Fete Week (4.9.8 ABY)
    --- Age of Paradox
    --by Lock, Frosty, Talon, Bulldog, Dragon, Silence, Gremlin, Syntax
    - A mysterious artifact causes a droid uprising onboard the Vigilant. Can the organics manage to turn the tide back in their favor, or will they all perish in a cloud of metal and fire?

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4.10 ABY

Summary: The Vigilant rushes to the aid of the populace of Toseng to ensure world-government elections are not tampered with. They may have bitten off more than they can chew!

  • 4.10.1 ABY
    The Fith Element
    --by Gremlin
    - The staff of the CRV Anti-Venom attempt to calm down a familiar ornery Chadra Fan nurse while en route to their next destination.


  • 4.10.1 ABY
    --- Boiling Point Episode One , Episode Two , Episode Three , Episode Four , Episode Five, and Episode Six, and the exciting conclusion: Episode Seven
    --by Frosty, Lock, Bulldog, Jalb_k, with contributions by Foo, Damak, Gremlin, Knight, Syntax, Guardian, and Wildcard
    - The story of Renegade Wing's efforts to protect the democratic right of a planet during an election. The agents of the Empire have a different, more violent agenda...


  • 4.10.1
    --- Day One Blues: Part 1 and Part 2
    --by Lock, Bulldog, Dobber, Frosty, Guardian, Silence, and Wildcard
    - After the Battle of Toseng, the pilots of Renegade Wing are gut-punched by the aftermath of their costly victory.


  • 4.10.1 ABY
    --- Past Dues
    --by Lock
    - An individual tormented by past demons returns to Toseng to look for his good friend in the aftermath of the battle.


  • 4.10.2 ABY
    --- Jade 2 Down
    --by Wildcard
    - All of Renegade Wing's pilots and personnel have travelled a unique path to reach the unit. Wildcard's path unfortunately included friendly fire, capture, escape, and loss. Take a look at how he found his way home.


  • 4.10.2 ABY
    --- The Birthday Gift
    --by Loth-Cat
    - Bulldog drags Loth-Cat off-base for a birthday adventure.


  • 4.10.2
    --- Ghosts of Hoth: Part 1 and Part 2
    --by Bulldog
    - Bulldog and the rest of Renegade Wing begin to trickle down to the surface of Toseng. He is temporarily placed into a larger leadership role, and he immediately has a run-in with his mortal enemy, Thram Shen'ryu. Can he keep things together until the rest of the Wing leadership returns?


  • 4.10.2 ABY
    --- Debrief
    --by Rainman
    - Rainman is detained by NRI as he recounts his long absence from the wing. Will his answers be satisfactory enough to resume active duty?


  • 4.10.2 ABY
    --- The Transfer
    --by Raptor
    - Raptor settles into his new assignment after transferring to Renegade Wing, and runs into a few familiar sights along the way.


  • 4.10.2
    --- Semper Foo- Part 1 and Part 2
    --by Foo and Bulldog
    - The Battle of Toseng may be over, but recent activity near the crashed ISD Glory has drawn Renegade Wing back into action. Foo, having recurring nightmares of his time as an Imperial, fights to grapple with his past while also doing his duty in the present.


  • 4.10.3 ABY
    --- Cat and Mouse
    --by Dobber
    - Just as things are beginning to normalize for Dobber after flying off the handle weeks ago, his friend Captain Supriya is pulled into a situation with the gravest of implications for Dobber's sanity.


    --- Redemption: Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3
    --by Bulldog, Guardian, Shadow, Silence, and Zippy
    - A few Renegades are tapped for a mysterious covert mission with very few specifics and many unknown elements. The only thing that is known to them is that it'll be dangerous. With Bulldog fresh out of the brig and Silence lacking confidence in his leadership capabilities, will they be able to pull it off?


    ---Recruiting Drive
    --by Guardian
    - Guardian has had a rocky reunion to the Wing, having been pulled a few weeks after recovering from his wounds during the crash-landing of the CRV Anti-Venom and thrust into a dicey covert mission. Upon his return, he is given another assignment, and it's one he's actually eager for...


  • 4.10.4 ABY
    --- Survivor's Guilt
    --by Wildcard
    - A spectre from the past as come back to haunt the newly-minted Spectre 12. Will this ghost reborn bring down Wildcard as well as his new squadmates?


  • 4.10.5 ABY
    --- Gone but not Forgotten
    --by Dobber
    - Dobber makes a solemn trip to Ryloth to return Dia's personal effects to her grieving family.


  • 4.10.5 ABY
    --- Jumping Blind
    --by Bulldog
    - Bearcat and the rest of the Renegades on a routine patrol stumble upon a secret artificial hyperspace lane.


  • 4.10.5 ABY
    --- Nomad Squadron After Action Report 1
    --by Professor
    Professor shares a recent discovery from one of his long-lost relatives.


  • 4.10.6 ABY
    --- Hard Time Part 1 and Part 2
    --by Bulldog, with a contribution from Silence.
    - Bulldog finds himself in the Toseng brig for the third time since they'd taken the planet just under a month ago. Will this time he his last?


  • 4.10.6
    --- Hunting High and Low
    --by Wildcard
    - The Spectres prepare to escort vital supplies to Toseng. They thought they prepared for everything, but they never expected what met them on their run.


  • New Years Fete Week
    --- Small Acts of Kindness
    --by Dobber
    - A routine patrol discovers a village that appears to be bad off. The pilots decide to go "rogue" to provide supplies in the spirit of the holidays despite their immediate superior's objections.


  • New Years Fete Week
    --- Renegade Wing Life Day Event
    --by Bulldog, Angel, Syntax, Gremlin, Damak, Gnoizic, Jalb, Knight, Wildcard, Rainman, Wolf, Foo, Zippy, Guardian, Battledog, Lock, Frosty, Silence, and Shadow
    - The Renegade Wing Personnel celebrate the Life Day holiday in the SSD with a gift exchange!


  • New Years Fete Week
    --- Nomad Squadron After-Action Report 2
    --by Professor
    - Professor continues his search for a long lost cousin from the early Rebellion era.


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5.1 ABY

Summary: After having their noses bloodied, Renegade Wing comes back with a vengeance.

  • 5.1.1
    Here There Be Dragons
    --by Savage
    -Savage finds himself between a rock and a hard place, facing jail time unless he undertakes a dangerous mission due to his experience with the Unknown Regions.


  • 5.1.4
    --- Magnificent 9 Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
    --by Bulldog, with contributions from Foo, Dragon and Silence, Loth Cat, and Shadow.
    - Bulldog finally emerges from his stay in the brig to find he's been replaced as Buccaneer XO, but he manages to find one more cause to take charge once again. Will it be a charge to his end?


  • 5.1.4
    --- Erosion Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
    --by Renegade Wing
    - With the sudden and surprising loss of control over the planet of Toseng, Renegade Wing is investigated by New Republic Intelligence at the behest of the upper echelons of the fledgeling New Republic leadership. Who will they railroad to pin this on?


  • 5.1.5 ABY
    --- An Education
    --by Knight
    - Firebrand struggles with her training regimen, impatiently hoping to graduate in time to do some good on her homeworld.


  • 5.1.5 ABY
    --- Resistance Part 1, Part 2 , and Part 3
    --by Bulldog, with contributions by Jalb and Wildcard
    - The Renegades have retreated from Toseng, but not everybody made it off the planet. Bulldog attempts to organize the scattered resources into something to use against the Imperial occupiers.


  • 5.1.5 ABY
    --- Renegade Wing Sea Shanty Collection
    --by Bulldog, Silence, Gremlin, Wolf, Wildcard, Dragon, and Savage.
    - Enjoy a collection of Renegade Wing drinking songs often heard in the SSD!


  • 5.1.6 ABY
    --- Nomad Squadron After Action Report 3
    --by Professor (with input from Freak)
    - Professor is once again enthralled with the records recovered from his long-lost relation during the early Rebellion.


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5.2 ABY

Summary: A much needed shore leave is cancelled while the Renegades are called upon to counter a new threat.

  • 5.2.2 ABY
    Total War Part 1 and Part 2
    --by Bulldog
    -The training squadron pilots of Raider Squadron find themselves thrust into a difficult situation when the rest of the wing is on leave. Can they hold the line until help arrives?


  • 5.2.2 ABY
    --- A Moment's Notice
    --by Barraken
    -The bored crew of Mercy 3 get sent on a rescue mission!

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5.3 ABY

Summary: Unmapped.

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5.4 ABY

Summary: Unmapped.

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5.5 ABY

Summary: Lead up to the Battle of Jakku.

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5.6 ABY and Beyond

Summary: Battle of Jakku and beyond. Mandalorian series in 10 ABY, Star Wars Resistance series, The Force Awakens, and The Last Jedi in 34 ABY. The Rise of Skywalker roughly 35 ABY.

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