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You've entered the Vigilant Library. From here you can download many stories featuring the members of our squadrons as well as custom missions, game patches, utilities, and other goodies. Many of the files available here are stored in a ZIP file format for the PC.

Note: Some files are useful only with certain games or versions of games. The icons after the file description tell you what it works with:

Works with X-Wing Disk
Works with X-Wing CD
Works with X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
Works with X-Wing Collector Series
Works with X-Wing Alliance




Star Wars Fan Fiction

  • The Lounge Tales Compendium
    All 49 short stories and Vignettes from the 'Liberty Lounge'. Tales from all members of Renegade Wing, past and present, in a single publication for offline reading.(582KB) As if that even matters now ;)

  • The Chase
    A top-secret Alliance Starfighter prototype is stolen by an Imperial spy. Thus begins a chase across the galaxy that leads Electro and Gray Squadron to the brink of disaster, and beyond. (38KB)

  • Operation Inoculation
    Follow the story of the first full scale operation involving the Super X-Wing as the combined forces of five alliance squadrons hunt down and destroy an Imperial Weapons Research project. (17KB)

  • The Runners
    Can Rogue Squadron put a stop to the ravages of a pirate band in the Borellian Breaks before the Empire closes in? All the usual suspects except Rory join in the fun in trying to capture the elusive Runners. (49KB)

  • Blood Ransom
    Electro and Kerbe hover near death after Electro is kidnapped by the villainous Lee Lo. Follow the attempts of the crew of the Liberty to recover Electro in this chilling tale of suspense and Rory mayhem. (33KB) You can also read this story Online

  • First Command
    Buccaneer Squadron was decimated in the First Flight scenario. Now, after rebuilding stronger than ever before, they're looking for a little payback...even if they have to Black Op to get it... (40KB) You can also read this story Online

  • Capital Punishment
    Apparently grounded for cause after taking on a Frigate single-handedly in First Flight, does Corsair's Kallysto really want to 'go out in a blaze of glory'? And will he take some of the Alliance's best pilots down with him? Follow this tale of action and holodrama to find out....(40KB)

  • The Past Ahead
    A story of how the present meets the past, an Imperial commander looking for revenge meets his deathly fate, and the hunt for a savage madman using the awesome firepower of an Imperial Star Destroyer to lure Renegade Wing into an ambush only to be ambushed itself. (58KB) You can also read this story Online

  • Heavy Siege
    Members of the Renegade Wing are sent to aid the rebelling population of the Tot'ya system to break free from the Empire's grasp. With modern weapons, these soldiers know how to fight, but when they find themselves deprived of such weaponry, will they be able to survive? (37KB) You can also read this story Online

Custom Missions

  • Star Destroyer Racing
    Mineracing was one thing. Star Destroyer Racing, now that's something different! See how quickly you can bag an escorted Star Destroyer single handedly. (2K) Want some tips on how to bag this STD in minimum time? See the film clip in Tactical Operations!

  • Test Missions
    Designed as historical/training missions, these nine missions cover many basic X-Wing skills, from the mundane to the advanced! Some are simple, some deviously difficult. (13K)

  • Heir to the Empire Tour X-Wing disk only
    A 12 mission tour that follows the plot of Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire trilogy. X-Wing Disk with B-Wing add-on required. (30K)

  • Falcon Custom X-Wing vs. TIE Mission X-Wing vs. TIE only
    An all new custom mission for X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter brought to you by the Bothan Spy Network. Protect the Millennium Falcon as it makes repairs to its hyperdrive. Features custom in-game sounds. Not to be missed! (299KB)

  • Predator's Hive X-Wing Alliance only
    Fly once again with Renegade Wing as they fight to stop a convoy carrying a deadly new chemical weapon which is being prepared for transfer to the Empire. Standing in the way of the Renegade Wing is the deadly and ruthless mercenary group known only as the Hash Clan. (3KB)

  • Booster Pack Melee X-Wing Alliance only
    A custom melee for X-Wing Alliance. The Booster Pack is a hidden ship in XWA. Fly against a friend in this unarmed craft with flares as your only offense and defense against each other. (3KB)

  • Locker's TIE Madness X-Wing Alliance only
    The zip file contains a set of three custom melee engagements designed to improve and push your reflexes to their limit. Start out easy with mission one and then jump into a more difficult set up as you pilot normal TIEs against TIE Defenders. (4KB)

  • Collapse At Vergus X-Wing Alliance only Its the CRS Liberty to the Rescue! Join with Renegade Wing as they fight against superior Imperial forces who are attempting to capture the Rebel Base at Vergus. (4KB)

  • Graveyard ShiftX-Wing vs. TIE only
    An old battlefield needs to be investigated, and Renegade Wing is called to duty. Fly as Rogue, Buccaneer, or Corsair squadrons and try to capture a capital ship to aid the Rebels in their epic fight against the Empire. (6KB)

Game Patches

  • Wingmen and Orders - Mission Patch X-Wing vs. TIE only
    This Renegade Wing mission patch allows outstanding Rebel and Imperial pilots to obtain a Top Performance ribbon on Wingmen and Orders. Both missions will fly exactly the same as the originals, however the bonuses and goals have been slightly altered making it possible to gain a score of 50,000 or more, required if you hope to achieve a Top Performance award. (9KB)

  • XWA Mission Fixes X-Wing Alliance only
    This mission pack currently contains fixes for four X-Wing Alliance missions: Battle 3 - Mission 7,Battle 5 - Mission 2, Battle 6 - Mission 4, and Battle 7 - Mission 2. The enclosed readme file contains a description of the errors and the changes made to the missions. (40KB)

  • XWA Shiplist X-Wing Alliance only
    This shiplist allows multiple crew on the YT-1300, YT-2000 and the Millennium Falcon in multiplayer mode. Secondly it activates the "Booster Pack" and the "Viper" which is required for the "Booster Pack Melee". (11KB)


    A useful DOS Freeware keyboard mapping utility. (15KB)

  • XCDR
    This shareware utility lets you fly custom missions in X-Wing CD. Not required for Macintosh version of X-Wing.

  • Ship Editor
    A freeware utility that let's you edit the performance characteristics, weapons, etc. of any ship in X-Wing. Useful for creating more capable Imperial opponents and for experimenting with alternative ship designs (such as the Z-95B and Super X-Wing of Operation Inoculation fame!) (181K)

  • Mission Editor
    A Windows freeware utility that let's you edit X-Wing mission files. Does not allow you to edit briefings, just the missions themselves. A useful addition to XMB (the premiere DOS mission editor) for Windows users. Requires VB40016.DLL to work properly. (108K)

  • Tour of Duty Editor
    A Windows freeware utility that let's you edit the missions included in an X-Wing tour of duty. While it does not allow you to add more tours to the game, it does enable you to substitute custom missions into the game relatively easily. Also includes a scrolling text message editor for the opening introduction to the tour. (181K)

Other Goodies

  • Rogue Squadron Logo Wallpaper
    Download the new Rogue Squadron wallpaper for Windows! Features a slightly enlarged Rogue Squadron uniform patch. Compressed file contains a Windows Bitmap. (158K)

  • Classic Rogue Squadron Logo Wallpaper
    The original and classic Rogue Squadron wallpaper for Windows by Chris "Electro" Schock! Features the Rogue Squadron logo on a starfield background. Compressed file contains a Windows Bitmap. (99K)

  • Buccaneer Squadron Wallpaper
    Not to be outdone, Buccaneer Squadron now has its own Windows wallpaper! JPG file can be viewed online and then set to be your Windows Wallpaper. (163K)

  • Corsair Squadron Wallpaper
    Stunning high color 800x600 Corsair Logo Windows wallpaper! JPG file can be viewed online and then set to be your Windows wallpaper. (83K)

  • 3D Star Wars Art
    A spectacular JPG format picture of the Liberty with Rogue, Buccaneer and Corsair flying cover. Note: for online viewing. (30K)

  • Top Ace Wingman
    This file contains an artificial Top Ace wingman you can use to help you beat that tough X-Wing mission and also allows you to fly any mission as a historical mission. (0.1K)

  • X-Wing Theme for Windows 95
    Contains a theme for use by Microsoft Plus! under Windows 95. Complete with wallpaper, desktop icons, and X-Wing sounds. Turn your Windows 95 desktop into a shrine to X-Wing! (269K)

  • Corsair Leader Sound Pack X-Wing vs. TIE only
    The Corsair Leader wingman sound pack contains a set of .wav files used to replace one of the wingman voices in X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. (1.11 MB)

  • Corsair Five Sound Pack X-Wing vs. TIE only
    The Corsair Five Wingman sound pack contains a set of wav files that may be used to replace one of the wingman voices in X-wing vs. TIE Fighter. Includes instructions for use with the Corsair Leader Sound Pack. (1.03 MB)

  • Corsair Wingman Sound Pack X-Wing vs. TIE only
    The Corsair Wingman sound pack contains a set of wav files that may be used to replace one of the wingman voices in X-wing vs. TIE Fighter. Includes instructions for use with the Corsair Leader and Five Sound Packs. (961 K)

  • X-Wing Mission Designer's Guide Version 2.1
    The X-Wing Mission Designer's Guide provides all sorts of information on how you can create and play custom missions using X-Wing. Topics include mission design, custom ships, and more! Adobe Acrobat PDF format for online reading or printing (Acrobat 2.1 or later required.) (255K)