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Renegade Wing Logo
Renegade Flight is the Renegade Wing Headquarters Element. It consists of the The Wing CO, XO and the best non-command pilot from each of the fighting Squadrons. The best is required as both a defence for the HQ Flight and a capable stand alone outfit to ensure Renegade Wing is able to carry out any mission Fleet should assign, be it Flight, Squadron or all out Wing Deployment.
Callsign Nickname Position Duties
Renegade Leader Stryker Wing CO Bombad Boss-nas
Renegade 2 Jedi Wing XO  
Renegade 3 Krayt RWSS OC Tactical Officer
Renegade 4 Unassigned    
Renegade 5 Unassigned    

Squadron Spacecraft

The Flight has access to all Renegade Wing spaceframes, including the A, X, Y and U-Wing, depending on mission requirements.

  • Dodonna Blissex RZ-1 A-wing interceptor
  • Incom T-65 A2 X-wing Starfighter
  • Koensayr BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bomber
  • Incom UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft
  • Slayn & Korpil A/SF-01 B-wing starfighter (heavy assault)


Halls of Honor
  • Click here to see the honours awarded to members of the CRS Vigilant.









Colonel Vince "Stryker" Rambo

Renegade Wing Commanding Officer

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified].
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Astroengineering
Combat Specialty Commando
Side Arm Mandalorian Battle Armor
Favorite Beverage Ion Sucker
Physical Description Human male, age 35 standard, 1.82m, 95kg, brown hair, hazel eyes

X-Wing Mineracing record holder at 7:36

X-Wing StarDestroyeracing record holder at 12:34

X-Wing SCM record holder at 6:44














Lt Colonel Bill "Jedi" Morrison

Renegade Wing Executive Officer

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [Classified].
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Tactical Space Operations, Covert Operations
Combat Specialty X-Wing interceptor / strike pilot, covert ground assault
Side Arm Lightsaber, standard issue blaster
Favorite Beverage Killian's Red Lager
Physical Description Human male, age [undeclared], 1.78m, 70 kg, blonde/brown hair, hazel eyes.


Born to a middle class family on Corellia, Bill showed an early talent for pilotting while working at the Corellian Shipyards. However, when the Empire took control of local commerce and production, his future in the trade was short-lived. As with many beings of conscience in the inner systems, his family, being of strong moral fiber, sought refuge from the Empire's injustices. Soon, secret plans were made for their relocation to a quiet colony in the Outer Rim by smuggling themselves and other refugees aboard a Blockade Runner with a false manifest of carrying a cargo of Correllian Engineering replacement ship parts to an Imperial backwater garrison.

While passing through the Obroa-skai system, their convoy was stopped by local Imperial forces for a routine customs check. With their cover blown, the refugees were forced to abandon ship, and Bill managed to escape capture by landing his small craft on the local uninhabitted moon... uninhabitted, or so he thought. Alone and separated from his family, he found relief with a group of survivors whose transport had also crashed on the moon trying to evade Imperial capture, and was taken in by an elderly couple whose only son had been killed in the accident. As fate or the Force would have it, the old man was once a Jedi Archivist in the Old Republic, and while he was not Force inclined himself, he still retained many old manuscripts and knowledge of many Jedi exercises. It was here that Bill started down the Jedi path.

He found the simple life of the villagers a refreshing change from the life he had once known. But the more he learned of the Jedi ways and heard the survivors' stories of the Empire's actions, the more he pledged his life to combatting it's many evils. Using his knowledge of ships systems, he rigged his escape pod's remaining parts into a homing beacon, and at the survivors request, travelled to a remote location far from the central village to keep their location a secret before activating the signal. After being picked up by a passing merchant ship, he heard rumors of the Rebellion and knew his future was with them.

During his early pilot testing, he scored well above the mark in almost every category, stunning the instructors. Upon receiving his review, Starfighter Command immediately placed him in the fledgling Rogue Squadron, where he was assigned as the Squadron's Executive Officer. He and his Commanding Officer became quick comrades, often reminiscing of their shared homeworld and lives before the war with the Empire. Throughout Rogue's early years, the two were involved in many key battles. Bill was instrumental in Rogue Leader's liberation prior to the Battle of Atrivis, and played a pivotal role in the operation's overall success. The pair are inseparable, a trait which they were quick to share with their new Rogue brethren. In his heart, he still considers himself "the reluctant warrior", fighting the Empire only by virture of "that which is evil must be destroyed", and one day hopes be reunited with his family.

Star of Freedom
Platinum Supernova









Lieutenant Colonel Alrick "Krayt" Durgan

Renegade Wing Tactical Officer

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified]
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty General Starship Maintenance
Combat Specialty Stealth Recon, Starfighter Interdiction
Side Arm Suppressed Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Fireland Ale
Physical Description Human Male, Age 30, Black hair, Green Eyes. 1.85 M tall and 66 Kg Birthplace: Alderaan


Alrick was born to a minor noble family on Alderaan near the end of the Clone Wars. At a young age, a Jedi Padawan fleeing the Empire passed through his home and identified him as a force sensitive child. Warning his family of the Empire's Agents who were out searching for anyone who showed signs of force sensitivity, he convinced them that it was safest to take him away and into hiding. He would protect the child from the forces of the Empire, and in doing so would keep the family off the Empire's radar. Alrick left his home with the young man the next day, travelling the galaxy with him through most of his childhood. Though he lived with the Jedi padawan, he received little training in the force, just what was required to keep them alive and off the Empire's radar.

After his friend and mentor was killed by a Sith Inquisitor, he scraped by until the age of seventeen. It was then that he found his way to a group of rangers and worked with them over the next five years. He was the crew's pilot, and to his delight he discovered that his connection with the force was at its strongest when he was piloting a starship in the thick of combat. His piloting skills gave the team an edge they needed, and they were able to be a regular thorn in the Empire's side. He grew in other ways as well; learning a variety of special operations skills and growing in one specific force skill; the ability to cloak himself from discovery - both visually and from electronic sensors. After using this ability to help save a small ranger fleet from destruction at the hands of a pair of Imperial Star Destroyers, he disappeared to a backwater planet for a year.

When he returned, he joined the fledgling Rebel Alliance as an advanced scout, joining a team that sought potential bases of operation. He returned from one of those missions to hear of the destruction of the first Death Star, and the sudden loss of many skilled Rebellion pilots. Knowing his own skills, he volunteered to transfer over to the Starfighter Corps, eventually moving into Renegade Wing as a member of Corsair. His skills put him on the fast track to Rogue Squadron, where he eventually became the Executive Officer of the famed squadron, serving there through the Battle of Endor. He continues to serve in Renegade Wing, using his skills to help defeat an Empire that has oppressed the galaxy too long - and wonders what the galaxy holds for him when that goal is finally realized.