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Vigilant Theatre

Welcome to the Vigilant Greater Five Theatre.  A vast improvement over the Liberty's two screens, the Vigilant is able to screen up to 5 POVs simultaneously!  Just pick the POV you want to see and it will be presented in all it's online digital glory.

If you would prefer to download for offline viewing in your favorite eBook then hit the epub link (where available).


Boiling Point



Cinder to Ash - The Graphic Novel



Cinder to Ash



Defend The Vigilant



The Battle of Endor
A Five Part Series

  • Part 1 - The Brewing Storm

  • Part 2 - Attack of The Rebellion

  • Part 3 - Revenge of The Death Star

  • Part 4 - A New Chance

  • Part 5 - Aftermath




    The Battle of Endor
    Writing Credits

    In order of first writing appearance:

  • 1st LT Andy "Bulldog Clark (Corsair/Buccaneer Squadron)
  • CMDR Andrew "Dobber" Dobson (Buccaneer Squadron)
  • LT Gemilan "Gremlin" (Corsair Squadron)
  • Rick "Mystic" Chesney (Gray Squadron)
  • Anton "Ant" Whitemont (Unassigned)
  • O/CDT Kyle "Junior" Reynolds (Unassigned)
  • 1st LT Nick "Jasted" Finelli (Rogue Squadron)
  • CAPT Roy "Lock" Callahan (Rogue Squadron)
  • LT COL 9-LOM "Syntax" (Corsair Squadron)
  • 1st LT Paul "Rogue" Sweet (Red Squadron)
  • LT Kyle "Gnoizic" Mandal (Red Squadron)
  • LT Myke "Wolf" Krenn (Corsair Squadron)
  • LT Jeni "Angel" Courtner (RWSS)
  • 1st LT John "Knight" Vorwald (Corsair Squadron)
  • 2nd LT Namieh "Tattoo" Calyse (RWSS)