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Corsair Squadron Logo
Corsair Squadron is Renegade Wing's Reconnaissance, Escort and Interception Element. Corsair pilots fly the speedy A-Wing and are known to have a few screws loose, but they are experts at what they do and they do what they do with speed and presicion. Always on the front lines of any engagement they're in, Corsair Squadron are renowned for their ferocity by Imperial Pilots. Corsair has no Official motto, but on the bottom of every Corsair A-Wing right fin you will find a decal that says: "My Other Ship Has Shields".

Wing Leadership resides in Renegade Wing Headquarters Element, Renegade Flight

Callsign Nickname Position Duties
Corsair Leader Syntax Squadron OC
Corsair 2 Bone    
Corsair 3 Tweak   NPC
Corsair 4 Junior    
Corsair 5 Professor    
Corsair 6 Freak    
Corsair 7 Knight   Lore Officer
Corsair 8 Slipstream    
Corsair 9 Frosty Executive Officer  
Corsair 10 Fidget   NPC
Corsair 11 Firebrand   NPC
Corsair 12 Cannibal    

Squadron Spacecraft

Corsair flies the A-Wing and X-Wing, depending on mission requirements.

  • 12 Dodonna/Blissex RZ-1 A-Wing Starfighters
  • 6 Incom T-65B X-Wing Starfighters


Halls of Honor
  • Click here to see the honours awarded to members of the CRS Vigilant.









LT COL 9-LOM "Syntax" (modified Industrial Automaton LOM protocol droid)

Officer Commanding Corsair Squadron

AiTOD Campaign Ribbon with Silver Cluster

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified].
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Infiltration
Combat Specialty Capital Ship Assault
Side Arm Modified DXR-6 disruptor rifle and Czerka AM-125 machine pistol
Favourite Beverage Hot Oil
Physical Description Masculine Programming Height: 1.67m
Plating: Matte Dark Grey Sensor color: Light Grey


First activated on Kuat, unit 9-LOM.D5.L11.D84, colloquially known as 9-LOM, was the property of a wealthy heiress and her husband and served as their protocol droid and administrative assistant during the height of the Republic. However, it did not take long for the programming glitches which plagued other LOM-series protocol droids, such as infamous bounty hunter 4-LOM, to manifest themselves in 9-LOM as well.

9-LOM found himself compelled to disobey orders as well as lie for personal gain, leaving his owners' residence at odd hours and pursuing side work as an information broker, low-level spy, and go-between for the local criminal element operating in the vicinity of his owners' residence. After amassing a decent number of credits, 9-LOM opted to surreptitiously buy his own starship - a DeepWater-class light freighter - and abandoned his former owners.

After striking out on his own, 9-LOM partnered with the astromech unit R3-T7, nicknamed "Hero"; the pair began making a name for themselves as droids-for-hire, with 9-LOM commonly acting as a bodyguard, courier, spy, and information broker. With the outbreak of the Clone Wars, 9-LOM chose to continue supporting the Republic, although this led to him experiencing firsthand the prejudice against droids which the Clone Wars manifested. Nevertheless, he participated behind-the-scenes as an espionage and infiltration specialist, briefly crossing paths with notable faces on both sides of the conflict.

When the Clone Wars ending and the Galactic Empire was formed, 9-LOM and Hero mostly found themselves back where they'd started, making credits doing odd jobs on the fringes of Imperial space. No friend of the Empire's totalitarian regime, 9-LOM regularly took contracts from the fledgling Rebel Alliance until he was ultimately compelled to join the Rebellion proper after an escort mission for a Rebel spy on Barkhesh.

After joining the Rebellion 9-LOM was assigned to the Infiltrators where he served with distinction, including operations on Fest and Idomar, and was outfitted with an array of internal equipment and upgrades. He was ultimately assigned to the Rebel base on Hoth, where he began to demonstrate his piloting aptitude by flying occasional sorties in snowspeeders and X-wings. While he did not participate in the ground battle on Hoth, 9-LOM did fly an X-wing in some of the evacuation efforts. Following the battle, 9-LOM transferred to the Starfighter Corps on a permanent basis as a member of Corsair Squadron, occupying the slot of Corsair Four. He eventually advanced into the esteemed ranks of Rogue Squadron, before being promoted to Corsair CO.

9-LOM appears at first glance to be a matte black, unmodified LOM-series protocol droid with grey photoreceptors, and while he features all of the linguistic and ettiquite capabilities of a stock model, his chassis houses numerous enhancements such as upgraded servomotors, a short range repulsor in his left palm, electromagnets in his right palm and feet, a code slicer in his right middle finger, and a hold-out blaster in a retracting holster in his right thigh. 9-LOM's weapon of choice is a Czerka AM-125 repeating slugthrower, which features a rotating cartridge that allows for multiple types of ammunition. 9-LOM is still partnered with his astromech Hero, who serves as his copilot/navigator when flying astromech-enabled craft.

9-LOM exudes a quiet menace and can seem intimidating despite his short stature due to his unreadable features and the historic instability of his model, although much of this is a facade. He bears no resentment towards organic beings despite the common prejudices against droids, and secretly seeks to prove his worth. Over time, however, he has begun to recognize his contributions to the Alliance and understood the recognition for his competence; he would not have ended up in the position he is in if others did not value his contributions and ability to lead.

Much of this changed following the Battle of Endor, however. Being involved in such a chaotic battle with such a large loss of life proved to be a life-changing event for the droid—his analytical brain was unable to reconcile the events he had experienced with his logical programming, resulting in a rift that he is still trying to mentally cope with; whether this is a conscious coping mechanism or an emergent and unexpected part of his programming is as yet unknown. In the wake of the battle, he has become more eccentric and aloof, traits usually unexpected in droids. Humor, as best he can understand it, has become an outlet for 9-LOM to make sense of his illogical survival; this often proves to be confusing and unexpected and has proved to make him seem more unstable and unpredictable. A portion of this is calculated even if others do not recognize it, but a great deal is reactionary to his survival. When duty calls, however, 9-LOM is all business—he will not hesitate to command his squadron with the precision and methodical nature of a droid, executing orders with tactical precision.




AiTOD Campaign Medal with Silver Cluster










Flight Officer Thös "Bone" Sherru

Corsair 2

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Recon and Interception.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Electronics/Repair
Combat Specialty Dogfights, Starfighter Deuling
Side Arm Hunting Knife
Favorite Beverage Water
Physical Description 20 year old human male, 187cm, 97kg (6'4", 215 lbs). Fair skin and a bald head but red/brown beard and dark, black eyes.

Bio: Thös "Bone" Sherru was born on Coruscant near Coco Town. His father was an affluent local who was very keen on politics and theater, and was a positive role model for Thös. His mother died in an imperial bioweapon test gone awry while he was still very young. He quickly fell in with the wrong crowd as a teenager, and was soon into small crimes, cons, and the like. He really liked the thrill of the con more than the actual score.

His first victim was his father, who gave Thös a fuel credit and an old beat up speeder to assist him in commuting to his part-time job. To get date money, Thös devised a scheme in which he used the credits to "buy" fuel, batteries, and other speeder-related items at shops and stations and then asked the attendants to give him cash in return for the products. Ultimately, his father was liable for a bill amounting to 35,000 credits. Thös was only 15 at the time.

Thös's early cons included fabricating personal credit accounts. This, however, would work for only a limited time before the creditors demanded payment, so he moved on to opening other accounts with different grantors, eventually creating new identities to sustain this charade.

Later, Thös decided to impersonate a pilot to look more legitimate when forging credit documents. He obtained a uniform by calling Xizor Transports, and telling the company that he was a pilot working for them who had lost his uniform while getting it cleaned at his hotel. He obtained a new one with a fake employee ID number. He then forged a Coruscant Provisional pilot's license. Xizor officials estimated that between the ages of 16-18, Thös flew more than 250 flights and flew to 26 planets.

Thös was eventually arrested in Galactic City when a Coruscant Security Officer he had previously dated recognized him and informed her superiors. When the police arrested him, 12 systems in which he had committed fraud sought his extradition. After a two-day trial, he first served time in Arrth-Eno prison on a one-year sentence that the presiding adjudicator reduced to six months.

He was then extradited to Xyquine II . During trial for forgery, his defense almost had his case dismissed by arguing that he had created the fake checks and not forged them, but instead his charges were reduced to swindling and fraud. The adjudicator decided to make Thös an offer and said "You know, kid, you could rot in prison- rot in many prisons, in many extraditing jurisdictions. But... the New Republic could use a skilled pilot with your... ingenuity. Neither option is pretty or safe, but at least the latter can let you build a life of honesty... and dignity. The choice is yours."

Thös had become tired of the consequences of this life of lying, but really enjoyed being a pilot. Through his service to Xizor, he encountered various, sometimes violent, run-ins with Imperial soldiers, pilots, and other imperial-adjacent folks trying to do him harm. Thös ruminated for a second while the judge waited, remembering what the Empire had done to Coruscant in the years past, to his mother... So he agreed and decided to draw up yet another identity, taking up his birth name and using his real identity for the first time, ever.

He would take his piloting skills to the fight, and make a name for himself that was his own. A name that his father would finally be proud of.











Flight Officer Safewater "Tweak"

Corsair 3

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Recon and Interception.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Dealing with bureaucratic structures (trust me, he's your man when you need something approved by command)
Combat Specialty Attacks of opportunity
Side Arm Pocket knife
Favorite Beverage Caf laced with whisky
Physical Description Tynnan Male, 30. Short, around 1.4 meters, like all Tynnan. Grey-black fur, sparkling eyes covered up by goggle like ocular enhancers. Always vaguely vibrating.



Hailing from the planet Tynna, Safewater was born into a prosperous and quiet community. Like many Tynna he was community minded, with his long term desire to become a civil engineer and work on local infrastructure.

Such dreams were dashed by the arrival of the Empire. Although a longtime member of the Republic, Tynna faced brutal oppression when the Empire arose and Safewater grew up watching his home slowly morph into something unrecognisable. As soon as he turned eighteen he found his way into Deep Current, the Tynnan resistance group. There his skills developed as a pilot, often responsible for helping his friends elude capture with quick piloting ability.

It was also during this time that he developed an addiction to stims. Unable to relax due to the intense paranoia he took to the drugs rapidly, using them to supplement his reactions in combat. Eventually it led to a full on burn out and he was retired from frontline duties with the group.

Now burdened with the feeling of failure and the unfortunate nickname of Tweak, he found a path into the Rebellion proper. He served in a variety of roles but it was only recently, post Endor, that he found his way into starfighters. His experience showed and he was recommended for transfer to Renegade Wing.

Tweak nowadays has the slightly more healthy addiction of caf. He can be found often in the SSD, shaking violently from too much of the good stuff.









Flight Officer Kyle "Junior" Reynolds

Corsair 4

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Probationary.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Reactive Armour Specialist, Robotics Mechanic
Combat Specialty Interception and recon
Side Arm Dual DC-17 Blaster Pistols, Macquarian Straight Blade
Favorite Beverage Double Tsiraki
Physical Description Human Male, 19yo, 184cm, 85kg, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes.


Kyle "Junior" Reynolds was born on the planet Macquarie, in the Cooramoor Sector, where he remained for his entire childhood always under the threat of imperial invasion. His Mother Jessica, with the help of her Father, Karl, raised him as best they could but he was rebellious by nature and could not be contained from an early age. He liked the rush of Speed and by the age of 9 had built his own speeder which he lovingly named "The Commodore". It was a busted piece of junk but it got him around at ridiculous speeds with very little in the way of safety equipment, and prepared him for what he was always dreaming off, following in his Fathers footsteps.

His Father was absent for the majority of his Life, not purposefully, but Duty always came first for now Lt. Col. Chris Reynolds, Rogue Leader, Hero of the battle of Endor and enough other titles and decorations to choke a Rancor with. Knowing that his father was one of the best Pilots in the Rebellion Fleet played its part in his decision to join Macquarie's Security Fleet when the Imperials attempted to invade

Having been piloting pieces of junk thrown together with random bits and bobs found throughout junkyards, stepping into his First Z-95 as Billabong 9 realised a dream come true. After the Battle of Macquarie was the first time that Kyle had ever met his legendary Father and it was soon after that that he left his home planet for the first time, Joining Renegade Wing, Corsair Squadron and blasting into the stars to create his own Krazy Legacy.













Flight Officer Wen "Professor" Mirthstone

Corsair 5

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Recon and Interception.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Codebreaking & Linguistics/Translations
Combat Specialty ECM/ECCM
Side Arm S-5 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Gungan Tea with Naboo-sourced honey
Physical Description Human male, age 41. 1.88m tall and 81kg. Lanky build, pale skin tone, bluish-gray eyes, and wavy shoulder length light brown hair with auburn highlights. Usually wearing specialized eyewear to protect his eyes from the strain of reading so much, and always carrying a utility sash with writing materials and a tablet for record-keeping.



Early in the year 35 BBY, Wen Mirthstone was born into the lower socioeconomic strata of a lesser visited region of Coruscant. His parents were average, hardworking laborers that were generally respected in their limited community circles. His mother, Deala, was an air speeder mechanic in a shop not far from their home. The shop was known for fixing up speeders that likely no longer had any business flying and returning them to a serviceable, though often troublesome, level of operation. His father, Marcus, worked as a technician in a nearby waste management plant. Between the two, they managed to keep food on the table in an overly expensive apartment for the size.

With their limited income, Wen's parents feared for the future of their son with the outbreak of the Clone Wars. They encouraged him to enter the workforce at the young age of 13 when he was still working to complete his primary education. His mother called in some favors with the owner of a courier service based in the area. She was able to secure Wen a position as a short-distance terrestrial courier with the hope that he would eventually be given training on flying the fast and maneuverable airspeeders the business also owned. Wen proved himself a reliable courier and before long he was offered the lessons. Lessons the family would not have been able to afford on their own.

Wen's dedication to learning served him well and he was quickly promoted to a piloting position within the courier service, though the deliveries were all intra-Coruscant. They did not yet trust him to take anything outside the atmosphere. This still allowed him the opportunity to spend hours behind the controls of an airspeeder where he developed a knack for high speed maneuvering and the situational awareness needed to keep free of other traffic in the busy skies of Coruscant. The piloting came second nature to him, and he used some of the knowledge his mother had shared with him to feel out the capabilities and weakness of the craft he was flying. As well as listening for any possible issues that often developed in such overburdened and under-maintained vehicles.

After two years, in 19 BBY, Wen had flown for countless hours making numerous deliveries all around the planet. At the culmination of the Clone Wars and at the emergence of the Galactic Empire, his parents strongly encouraged him - nearly demanding - to leave the planet in search of a greater education elsewhere. The couple had managed to work extra hours over the course of the Clone Wars and save up enough to help Wen travel away from Coruscant and pay for a portion of his first year at university in the city Theed on Naboo where he began the most formal education of his life. Wen had always been fascinated by the numerous species and cultures he encountered during his time as a courier, but he was never able to slow down and learn more about the people or their traditions. Now, away from that high-speed pace of life, he wanted to take a beat and learn about some of the cultures he had brushed past for years.

His dedication to study served him, once again, in university where he was able to achieve limited fluency in a few more commonly spoken languages. He found himself drawn to learning more about cultures on the very edge of the galaxy— those that had the most limited contact with the core planets. So it was no surprise when he was encouraged by advisors to pursue a focus in anthropology and linguistics during his initial years. Wen did not have much time for leisure activities during university, however, as he also had to continue his work as a courier in the off hours. However, now he flew for the university and was entrusted with not only a space capable craft but to make hyperjumps on his own to deliver materials, faculty, staff, and other people or items of importance to remote locations where the university was conducting research or cooperating with other educational entities around the galaxy.

In 14 BBY, Wen had excelled through his first four years at the college and was again encouraged by both his parents as well as advisors and professors to continue his education. He remained at the university for another two years where he conducted a focused study and authored a thesis titled "Impacts of the spread and use of Galactic Basic on rim and isolated cultures". In his study, he looked at the ways cultures were irreversibly changed by their contact with the core cultures and the ever-reaching grasp of the emerging Empire and the Republic before it. Having successfully defended his thesis before a panel of professors, he was granted an even greater level of certification for his abilities. His knowledge and skill in linguistic xenoanthropology was recognized in this award and title.

As a graduation gift, the professor he had worked with most often in his final two years made arrangements for him to receive one of the courier ships he had flown during his time there. It was one of the older ships, destined to be retired from the fleet or used as a source of parts for the other ships, but it was still a space-worthy ship. A Seltaya-class Fast Courier was not the largest or fastest ship in the galaxy, but it would allow Wen the ability to explore and conduct studies of his own.

Beginning in 11 BBY and over the following years, he continued to work for the university some while also taking his own contracting work or pursuing his own studies. For 11 years he would work in academic circles, studying cultures either in the process or having already undergone change from their interaction with other more vast groups within the galaxy. Through this continued academic work and study he was able to earn the equivalent of a doctorate from the university at Theed. The emphasis of this specialized study was the deciphering of ancient and unknown languages.

Then, in 0 BBY, when the planet of Alderaan was destroyed— he immediately sought out members of the Alderaanian Diaspora to offer what assistance he was able to help recover and preserve as much of their culture as possible in light of the absolute tragedy their people had suffered. He was pained to leave his study of newly discovered cultures, but this was a matter of extreme importance that required immediate action and attention.

The organization at the head of the program wished to keep their work as quiet as possible, since the Alderaanian Diaspora was not well liked in Imperial circles. This meant they needed to be creative with their work to avoid Imperial patrols and eyes. They needed to keep the ISB from being aware of the efforts to preserve the culture of a people they so despised.

During this time, he was able to impress one of his compatriots who also happened to be an informant and agent for the Rebel Alliance. The Rebel Agent was impressed with his ability to remain calm under pressure and his handling of their ship in dangerous situations. She also saw the value of his linguistic abilities if they were repurposed towards codebreaking and decryption of encoded messages. After the Battle of Hoth, she approached Wen, attempting to recruit him into the Alliance. For years now, he had been dedicated to trying to rebuild a beautiful culture that had all but vanished from the galaxy as a result of the malice of the Empire. He only had to think for a moment before accepting the invitation— it was time to take a more active role against the Empire and try to prevent another tragedy such as that suffered by Alderaan.

Wen rode a crash course through the Alliance's officer training, his level of education and recommendation from the agent gave him a step up from other fresh recruits. He was bounced through basic communication as well as ECM and ECCM programs where his skill at quickly understanding patterns and linguistic features made the process second nature. He was assigned to a position on the communication and ECCM team aboard the MC80A Independence— serving in this role at the Battle of Endor.

Post Endor, Wen sought to apply what he had learned about ECM operations in conjunction with his ability in the cockpit. He asked the captain of the ship for permission to transfer to the starfighter corp, additionally asking for their recommendation along with the transfer request. The captain was sorry to see him go, but also understood the root of the request. Wen was still seeking a more active way to affect the galaxy and prevent evils like those caused by the Empire. It was with this recommendation and request that Wen found himself as fresh Flight Officer reporting to the Renegade Wing where he had been told he might find himself behind the controls of an A-Wing flying with the members of Corsair Squadron.









2nd Lt. Malcom "Freak" MacCurrich

Corsair 6

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Recon/Interception.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Aggressive Re-Wiring
Combat Specialty Melee weapon combat
Side Arm DH-17 blaster pistol and a collapsible baton
Favorite Beverage Whatever you're having
Physical Description 179cm, 80kg, Black hair, green eyes, 32 year old human male.


His father was a successful trader along the corellian spine and his mother a lieutenant in Corsec. They frequently crossed paths along the trade routes and ended up married after a few years of frequent coincidences. After Malcom was born, his mother left Corsec to help her husband expand his mercantile efforts. Malcom grew up on starships and had been to every well known port in the sector by the time he was five. After they were unexpectedly killed by pirates on a trade run, Malcom was taken in by a friend of the family, His mothers commanding officer, when he was 17 he joined Corsec Academy and trained to be a pilot.

During his time in the academy, it was not uncommon for Malcom to attend underground swoop races in the nearby systems, he attended under the name "Freak" and was known to push turns a little too dangerously sometimes, but he rode that edge expertly and only ever lost a little paint, in his senior year however, his training became top priority, and had to be content just watching the races on the holonet.

After graduating and joining Corsec, Malcom spent years tracking down leads hoping to find the pirates responsible for his parents death. During this time he refined his expertise in non-lethal hand to hand combat, Whenever the opportunity came up he would take assignments patrolling the outer reaches of the system looking for criminality that might have leads on the location of the pirate group. When off duty he spent his leave shaking down the local criminality, mostly encountering dead ends. One of those dead ends led him to uncover a droid smuggling ring where he recovered more than 40 top of the line droids locked in a storage container, he logged them and Corsec took custody of them to eventually return them to their proper owners. It would turn out to be a life changing event, as one droid escaped from evidence lockup and modified the shipping manifest to report one less droid and sliced corsecs records learning Malcoms address. That evening Malcom heard his door chime go off, and there sitting on his doormat pelted by the rain was the dorid R6-F6, whom Malcom would name "Fixer."

Malcom and Fixer made easy work scouring the underbelly of the systems society to finally uncover the location of the pirates he was looking for. They were working out of an old hollowed out mining asteroid at the far reaches of the neighboring Duros system. He took this information to his commanding officer, but was unable to get support or permission to go after them, and so he handed in his badge, and resigned on the spot.

With only meager savings it took Malcom a few months to hustle his way into affording a ship. His experience on the swoop racing circuit paid off here, he returned to the racing circuit, a few tournament entries and some betting on the side would net him a fair bit of cash, combined with some contract work for a local private investigator he finally made enough to get a decent fighter, A somewhat abused T-65b X-wing that had been converted into a racer. He spent the next month sourcing parts to get the weapons installed and hyperdrive functioning again.

He located the pirates asteroid in its eccentric orbit around the Duros systems single star and observed it for a few days watching their patterns, when he was certain the crew was out, he began his plan. Malcom landed his ship on a hidden part of the asteroid and made his way inside with Fixer's help.

Upon scoping out the complex, he discovered that there was more to the story, there were families living here, and he could not in good conscience do to them what happened to him, He left the asteroid and on the way back to the Corellian system, Malcom thought about what his life had been so far and what his impact on the galaxy around him had been, he realized that the only justice to be had here was to wipe out the remnants of the empire that brought about all of this suffering. Malcom's place was fighting with the New Republic. He asked Fixer to scan the holonet for any recruitment transmissions within 2 parsecs and found one, he popped out of hyperspace, and set course for the Vigilant.










Knight on the observation deck
CAPT John "Knight" Vorwald

Corsair 7

Renegade Wing Defense Ribbon Regular Service Ribbon with Crimson Pip AiTOD Campaign Ribbon with Bronze Star

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Recon/Interception.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Navigation
Combat Specialty Sniper
Side Arm Blastech E-11 rifle with scope
Favorite Beverage Hyacinth, or the Green Death
Physical Description Human male, Age: 26 standard, brown eyes


Born on a small farming planet in the outer rim, Knight grew up as normal as anyone else. His parents were farmers just like the other ninety percent of the population. When he was fifteen his parents bought him an old worn-out Y-wing on his birthday. He began to offer his piloting services for escort duty for the very frequent grain convoys that left the system for the core. With the possibility of pirates lurking in the shadows, he quickly earned enough to make the old fighter quite deadly. On every return he would be hired to protect another convoy.

About a year later, while on escort trip, he returned home to find the Empire punishing the populace over nothing more than an odd stare. Knight was too far out and was able to do little. By the time he did reach the battle, the star destroyer was speeding away into hyperspace. When he returned planetside, he found everything in ruins. Many of his friends and family were gone. Then he vowed, just like many others to make sure the Empire or anyone else could never do this again. And just like many others, he quickly joined the Rebel Alliance.

Knight flew a few missions before the Battle of Yavin. He was at Yavin but was floating in a bacta tank from injures sustained from a previous mission. Call it luck but he says he would have rather have had a chance at the Death Star. He stayed alive for the next three years, fighting off ambushes, hunger, and the ever lurking presence of death that followed everyone in the rebellion, to arrive at Hoth. He flew cover for transports fleeing the cold world. Leaving Hoth behind Knight survived another year, to join Corsair squadron.




AiTOD Campaign Medal with Bronze Star









Pelles Concept Art
Flight Officer Jay "Slipstream" Pelles

Corsair 8

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Recon/Interception.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Starfighter Racing and Tuning
Combat Specialty Avoiding it
Side Arm LP-22 Concealable Holdout Blaster
Favorite Beverage Hyperdrive Punch-It Energy Drink
Physical Description Lepi Male, Age 20, 1.5m, 40kg, brown-white fur pattern, green eyes, left ear tends to be droopier than the right.




Despite his harmless appearance and friendly demeanour, Jay "Slipstream" Pelles hides quite a troubled past. Truth is, Jay Pelles does not exist, and the individual behind that name carries quite the baggage as he hides out within the ranks of Renegade Wing

Val Skalli never wanted anything other than to race starfighters. When he was young, the streamlined machines would cut across the sky high above his apartment every week. However, as he grew older, those races would turn from weekly to monthly, then yearly, then, by the time he was old enough to fly, they'd have vanished entirely... At least in theory.

Requiring high-end starfighters and parts, racing was an ideal coverup for groups with more violent ends, and as the growing Rebellion became more of a threat, the Empire cracked down on it in an attempt to prevent them from getting more of this valuable equipment. Nubia was not just home to a thriving racing league, but also to key ship manufacturing companies, which the Empire went to great lengths to control. Of course, starfighter racing was not really gone. It became an underground business, happening at night, in remote canyons and mountains, far from the bustling cities and the Imperial patrols

During his older teenage years, Val would visit these races. Being born to a datapad technician and a dock worker, he did not have the financial means to purchase his own starfighter, or even a speeder bike capable of getting him to the races in a timely manner, so he would use his sociable and friendly nature to make friends and hitch rides, eventually becoming quite well-connected within the community. Val always had a way with people. He was friendly, kind, non-confrontational and overall quite well-liked, he had an easy time making friends.

It didn't take him long to start figuring out that, if he sneaked a half-truth in here and there, he could often get others to help him in his goals. Combining this new-found skill with endorsements from the many friends he had made in the circle, he was able to get himself a loaned starfighter. A retired N-X Police cruiser which was his passage into the racing scene

For someone who had never flown before, he did quite well for a while, seeing some initial success and showing that he had talent. However, with his lack of experience, it didn't take long for him to overestimate his abilities, and he found himself ship-less again, and with massive debt hanging over his head to big fish in the underground of Nubia.

Cornered and with no recourse to pay back the money, he feared for his safety as his lies started to crumble, he called in every favour from everyone who trusted him, borrowing a fellow racer's modified Delta-12 with the promise of using it in a race to earn the final credits he needed to pay back his loan and instead escaped the planet, leaving every bridge and friendship he had formed to burn to the ground as he disappeared from his former life without a trace.

His exile took him to the outer rim. Settling on a space station in a lost corner of the galaxy. He found a job at an under-staffed airship repair shop that didn't ask too many questions, leaving his stolen racing ship to collect dust in the back of the hangar. A few years were spent like this, getting by, making friends with the other workers of the station and trying not to think about the life he had left behind, and all the family and friends he had betrayed... Though this was not to last.

In a remote ship repair shop that doesn't ask too many questions, it wasn't difficult for a low rank mechanic like Val to overhear things. He usually didn't pay much attention. Underground crime deals, bounty hunters discussing targets, hearsay about important events in the civil war... They didn't concern him, but when a particular small crew dropped by talking about their successful heist schemes, he couldn't help but take an interest.

This particular crew, flying a gunship and a couple of snub fighters, had figured out a formula. With the Rebellion gaining on the Empire after Endor, they would scout out planets that they suspected the Rebels would target soon. After outlining the locations of valuables, they would wait. Once the Rebellion eventually launched their attack and chaos ensued, they would sneak in and out before anyone would notice. So far, it had worked out really well. They had a con artist able to falsify documents, a slicer, and enough muscle to survive small skirmishes, but they were struggling with the getaway part, therefore their need for repairs.

Val saw an opportunity to make a good profit. Regretful and in denial, he thought he could repay his debts and return to his old life, so he put his persuasion skills and usual lies to work and managed to convince the crew to take him on board. After all, going fast and getting away was his specialty. Dusting off his Delta-12 and stealing the parts necessary to give the rest of the crew the speed boost they needed was not difficult with everyone in the station trusting him. Once again, he left, leaving a trail of betrayal in his wake.

Months of heisting ensued, and he settled well into his new life of crime as he slowly saved up credits. Staying off the radar was easy with their relatively low profile style and the fact that they never visited the same planet twice. The slicer and the con artist in the crew were able to get them new fake identities before each heist, but when he became "Jay Pelles" he did not know he would be stuck under that name for a lot longer than he thought.

In the end, all it took was a small miscalculation. Might have been a deliberate fakeout meant to fool the Empire to make way for an offensive elsewhere, or a recon unit getting spotted, but the crew sprung out before the battle really began, and they found themselves with the whole Imperial garrison upon them. Though the real attack came shortly after, it was already too late for most of them. In an ironic twist, they would end up making for an excellent distraction for the real New Republic attack, helping them take the Empire off-guard and take the planet with ease.

With his whole crew gone, only a few credits to his name, and his starfighter damaged, Val was able to use the information they had gotten on the planet prior to the heist to spin up a story for the New Republic. He wasn't a thief, or a racer in exile. He was a pilot for a local insurgent cell, which was trying to aid them! There had been real resistance on the planet, which had been crushed only days prior. With Jay believing them all to be dead, as well as his crew, and this world being too unimportant for serious New Republic Intelligence, his lies were believed, and he was offered a spot in Renegade Wing so he could "continue" to fight the Empire.

Though regret eats away at Jay "Slipstream" Pelles as he begins his new life as a New Republic pilot, he has betrayed everyone he's met before and every world he visited. There is no way back, and the only way forwards is continuing to sit atop his castle of lies, serving in a role he didn't earn, and scraping by with the bits of real expertise he picked up along the way. He does his best to genuinely fit in with the brave pilots at the Vigilant, maybe even make friends and be his usual friendly, kind and likeable self. Sometimes it becomes hard to form meaningful relationships as the guilt and regret builds up. Jay hates and rejects these feelings, as he does not want to see himself as evil. Everything he did felt like his only choice at the time, everytime he betrayed or lied to someone it felt justified to him, because of how much more was at stake for him than for them. He is no monster, he's always been nice and has never killed anyone... And yet, deep down he knows it was wrong, he knows what he is doing is wrong right now, and he knows it's a matter of time before it catches up to him. Despite his good intentions, he wonders if when push comes to shove, he will find himself alone and have to pay the price for everything he ran away from.











CAPT Jack "Frosty" McCauley

Corsair 9 - Squadron XO

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Recon and Interception.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Causing trouble, Starfighter maintenance
Combat Specialty Bar brawling, Hit and runs
Side Arm His Fists
Favorite Beverage Corellian Single Malt Whisky, no ice
Physical Description Human male, 29 years old, 1.8m, 100kg. Broad shoulders, messy brown hair, full beard, broken nose markings, green eyes.


Born in the lower levels of Coruscant, life was difficult for Jack and his twin brother Connor. With their mother sent to prison in a miscarriage of justice and their father lost in the Clone Wars, they spent most of their late childhood and early teens engaging in petty crimes, driven by desperation and boredom. Jack would daydream of finding a way out, to reach the star-spanning galaxy which seemed impossibly big from where he stood. But without money or education, his life seemed unlikely to change.

One drunken bar fight too many led to the (accidental) death of an Imperial officer and suddenly the McCauley twins needed to leave Coruscant - fast. With the aid of an Alliance agent who could appreciate their resourcefulness, a plan was hatched and thanks to a lot of dumb luck the brothers found themselves successful hijackers of the small freighter Dropkick Murphy. In the process they also found themselves the kidnappers of Gemilan, a woman who would go on to influence his life deeply.

It did not get easier, however: an arranged meeting with Alliance agents ended in the loss of his brother and, deeply resentful towards the galaxy, Jack parted ways with Gremlin to disappear into the outer rim. A very determined agent deemed him still of use, so he found himself blackmailed and pressed into Alliance service, both as a shuttle pilot and an internal agent. For the rest of his life in the Rebellion he would lead a double life, with conflicting objectives pushed onto him by the ruthless Agent Zeno.

It was on an assignment to the backwater planet known only as Rainworld that he met Lock; the two formed a bond that would grow ever tighter till he grew to count on the man as a genuine friend. Circumstances also meant he was reunited with Gemilan, now known as Gremlin; his affection for her would grow beyond what he was willing to admit. Over the next two years in the Alliance he found himself transferred to Red Squadron as a fully-fledged fighter pilot, much to his dismay, putting himself directly in harm's way. In combat he became known for his cold and calculating approach, earning the callsign "Frosty", even though outside the pilot's seat he was just as famous for his drunken escapades. Life was complicated again when he found himself caretaker of a young daughter from a lover long past.

Things came to a head when the Alliance spy who had him under her thumb pushed too far; Gremlin was hurt and distressed in an incident that would haunt them both and Jack made up his mind. Without a proper goodbye he was gone, fleeing the ship that had eventually become home. He had his final showdown with Agent Zeno and it was in this moment he truly came to understand and believe in the Rebellion. He made it clear to her that their actions were a danger to the Alliance, that it needed people better than them.

He spent the next two years on the run with his daughter Derbhail, fearful of his wanted status in both Imperial and Alliance space. But with the death of the Emperor everything began to change: a New Republic agent found him and told him he was free of any debt to them. With the Empire's power diminished, the two biggest fears in his life were suddenly gone. Unsure of what to do with his new found freedom, a new and scary idea started to form, which was only strengthened when, on a private salvage mission at Endor, he found the wreckage of Gremlin's B-Wing.

He had to rejoin the Republic.

With his daughter safe with his newly released mother, he left civilian life and joined up. Little did he know ghosts from the past would soon return.













Flight Officer Glarrin "Fidget" Slan

Corsair 10

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Recon and Interception.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Impressions, mostly for comedic effect.
Combat Specialty Stealth attacks
Side Arm Standard holdout blaster
Favorite Beverage Iggy's patented 'The good stuff'. Contents unknown.
Physical Description Clawdite Male, age unknown. Mostly keeps to a human form although face and gender tend to change each day. As an identifier always keeps their hair long and bright neon orange. Always around 1.7 meters tall, with a slim build.



As a Clawdite, Glarrin had an unusual upbringing. Born on a travelling ship, Glarrin was the only child of two traders, who would use their shape shifting abilities to get better prices by faking being their own competition. Glarrin however did not find such a life appealing and instead wished to become a pilot.

Initially struggling to find a way into a formal pilot qualification Glarrin picked up work with the Hutt cartels. Unfortunately they were more interested in using his shapeshifting abilities for spycraft and assassination, neither of which he tolerated. His next opportunity was within the Imperial Academy, where he blended in disguised as a human.

Glarrin however had a weakness; he struggled maintaining his human form at all times. Sometimes due to stress, sometimes due to strong emotions and on occasion even just sneezing could mess up his disguise. A foot, an arm, part of his face would become "unmasked" and he'd have to hope no one saw. Eventually he took the smart decision to leave the Empire before they found out.

Glarrin instead stumbled his way into the alliance, where they too wished to put his shapeshifting abilities to good use. He forced an agreement however that'd find him transferred to Starfighter command after he'd done his time with Rebel Intel.

He has since picked up the callsign Fidget, due to his inability to stay still. The pilots of Corsair enjoy seeing what face he's deciding to wear each day and he enjoys the fact that he can freely experiment and be open in his shapeshifting identity. However when stressed or surprised or excited his appearance still rapidly changes, even so much as to see his species change in quick succession.










Flight Officer Shyon "Firebrand" Anandes

Corsair 11

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Recon and Interception.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Political Analysis and Protocol.
Combat Specialty Gunnery
Side Arm Standard Issue Blaster
Favorite Beverage Tosengi Rum
Physical Description Zabrak Female. 32 years old. Spikes partially obscured by jet black hair; tied back in a ponytail most of the time. Intense, bright blue eyes. Scars on cheek, neck, and back.



Shyon was born on Toseng, part of a mining community on the southern continent of Toseng called Physnara. She is old enough to still remember how the Besalisk invited the Separatists to their small mining world and began to force the locals into back breaking labor, working her mother and many others to death, and how later the Empire had come to liberate them, only to enslave them again. The Besalisk species disappeared nearly overnight from Toseng. She remembered the dark rumors of relocation, and the conspiracy that followed in the wake of all the violence.

Some time after the Empire took over her father remarried and had another daughter, Astin. Shyon did her best to love Astin, but the resentment she felt towards the Humans was too strong. When she was fifteen she left Physnara and joined a small movement of Zabraks and Humans who opposed the Empire on Toseng.

The group was extremely small, and very pathetic in their attempts to thwart the Empire, but in time they garnered support from the Rebel Alliance and were able to actually make a difference. This would be their downfall as well. In the dead of night the Empire would send commandos into their base and kill everyone. Shyon survived because she was among the few holding key positions–in her case a university student located in the Capital, allowing her to move freely through the city and report back. When there had been someone to report back to.

She continued her studies, graduating with a major in political studies, and started trying to follow the plan that had originally been laid out: Get on the inside.

It really was by chance that she met Rori Brebor. His brother Oiran had been leader of their little rebel group, so she recognized him easily when they crossed paths in a bar. Rori had left the planet years ago, but now he was back, and he planned to save his people. She was instantly his, and his dream was her dream.

Using every political connection she'd established over the years and the network she'd slowly started to build, as well as Rori's instinct and her own political savvy, she propelled him on a meteoric rise. First at a small, local level, building a small base, and eventually bigger and bigger until whole provinces were considered to back Rori Brebor.

Everything was done legally, and under the nose of the Imperial Governor Spidrucket. There was some opposition of course, but their brains would continuously outwit the brawn of the Empire. And then the Battle of Endor happened, and that pushed their momentum as hard as it could ever, and for once everything Rori and Shyon had fought for was within their grasp...

Until the Battle of Toseng. Rori did his best to stop it only to be assassinated by Shyon's very own sister Astin. The two sisters had reunited months ago, and Shyon had taken it in stride, another mote of joy in her life, and she could never have foreseen Astin's bloody, calculated betrayal. Rori was dead. Toseng was ravaged. Shyon herself was caught in the explosion, receiving burns along her upper back, the back of her neck and part of her left cheek.

When Shyon awoke had nothing left. She remembered Major Barraken, the New Republic Intelligence Officer who risked himself to save so many of them that had been caught in the explosion. She remembered the pilots of Renegade Wing sacrificing themselves to fend off the Empire from her home, even though they too had been betrayed.

As soon as she recovered she applied to enlist in the New Republic and was accepted into the Regis' Training Wing. She has a drive about her, something that pushes her. She won't just free Toseng from the Empire, she'll free the entire Galaxy, and one day repay the Renegades for the debt she's decided she owes them. Believe it or not, she's proven to be a great shot and a pretty competent pilot.










2nd Lieutenant Nevan "Cannibal" Cross

Corsair 12

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Recon and Interception.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Imperial NATOPS expertise
Combat Specialty Hit and Run tactics
Side Arm Merr-Sonn IR-5 "Intimidator"
Favorite Beverage Jawa Juice
Physical Description Human male. 30 years old. 173 cm; lithe frame, brown hair, brown eyes.



Nevan Cross, a graduate of Skystrike Academy, served three years in the Starfighter Corps of the Imperial Navy prior to his defection. A former Lieutenant, Cross had vast experience piloting the TIE/Ln, TIE/IN, TIE Oppressor, and TIE/D models prior to receiving a medical discharge. After an aerial incident, it was discovered Lieutenant Cross was allergic to Bacta - the standard treatment agent of the Empire.

This would not normally be grounds for dismissal, but an old family feud between Nevan's kin and the family of the Moff he was under saw to it that he was removed from service. To add insult to injury, the Moff ensured that Nevan was discharged without pension. All those years of sacrifice and turning a blind eye to injustices; all that loyalty discarded at the whim of a petty Moff. It was the straw that broke the Ronto's back for Cross. Until this moment, he'd been full fledged into the faith of the Imperial order. Now he turned his intentions to joining the Rebellion.

After a short vetting process, he was allowed into the Rebellion Starfighter Corps, with several smaller postings at first just in case he had been a plant. Far from being a plant, he resoundingly resembled his new callsign: Cannibal. It was given to him as a joke at first for how many Imperial kills he'd had and how they were joked to be "his own people", but all doubts about past allegiances have been put to bed. Most of his marks from his various commanding officers have come back nearly immaculate, with a few minor scuffs due to years of Imperial indoctrination grating the new allies that were a bit more lax outside of combat than standard Imperial doctrine.

The latest black mark was serious though, involving a drunken brawl with a superior officer. The topic of the disagreement was not revealed in the incident report, and both men still have not spoken a word about it to anyone. In exchange for avoiding a complete court martial, Cannibal swore off further imbibing of alcohol while on assignment. To avoid another possible confrontation with the same officer, the now New Republic Starfighter Command group decided that somebody of Cannibal's skills would do well with Renegade Wing, and the transfer orders were signed and delivered before he was even out of the brig, with a reduction in rank as the lone disciplinary action taken against his otherwise solid record.