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Rogue Squadron is Renegade Wing, and the Alliance's, Elite Element. Infamous for their ability to complete the impossible, defeat the invincible and best the unbeatable, they are indefatigable. Rogue Squadron's pilots are recruited from Starfighter Command's very best and undergo an extensive selection process that not only tests piloting ability but ground combat, close quarter battle, diplomacy and espionage so that a Rogue can handle any situation. Though the Rogues main craft is the X-Wing, they can fly anything in any role they're given.
Callsign Nickname Position Duties
Rogue One Jalb_k Rogue OC Web Master
Rogue 2 Unassigned    
Rogue 3 Dobber    
Rogue 4 Unassigned    
Rogue 5 Jasted   Forge Master
Rogue 6 Kid Squadron XO TacOps Editor
Rogue 7 Unassigned    
Rogue 8 Hellcat    
Rogue 9 Lock   Lore & News Officer
Rogue 10 Unassigned    
Rogue 11 Unassigned    
Rogue 12 Bulldog   Loremaster

Squadron Spacecraft

Rogue Squadron flies the X-Wing primarily, but has A-Wing starfighters available as secondary craft.
  • 12 Incom T-65 A2 X-Wing Starfighters
  • 6 Dodonna/Blissex RZ-1 A-Wing Starfighters
Halls of Honor
  • Click here to see the honors awarded to members of the CRS Vigilant.











Lt Col Chris "Jalb_k" Reynolds

Rogue Squadron Officer Commanding

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified].
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Sublight Drive Tech, Med Tech
Combat Specialty CQB and Demolitions
Side Arm Macquarian Straight Blade and Holdout blaster with modified 3 shot burst
Favorite Beverage Sundowner
Physical Description Human male, age 40 standard, 1.85m, 92kg, brown hair, brown eyes.


Chris Reynolds was born on Macquarie, a remote planet in the Cooramoor Sector of the proximal outer rim territories 40 standard years ago, around 36BBY. He grew up in a close family with his parents and two little sisters, whom he doted on and was always there for them whenever they needed the 'big brother'. His parents were first generation traders and did very well with their import of rare and exotic items that the local Elites enjoyed.

Chris was keenly interested in speed from an early age. If it went fast, it was for him, if it didn't, he'd find a way to make it. His peers still fondly recall the time he modified a landspeeder with the power packs from a junked Pod that had been sent for scrap. The look on the faces of the Troopers that tried to catch him on Speeder Bikes was well worth the discipline infringements. His parents encouraged Chris's adventurous nature and had given him a second hand T-16 on his 14th birthday. Although it handled like a taun-taun, with a bit of technical and mechanical wizardry, there was nothing that could beat him in a straight sprint (something he capitalised on and made quite a few credits off many a convoy escort visiting dirtside). His prowess as a pilot brought him to the attention of a young Intelligence Officer, Davits Draven, from the small Galactic Republic Navy detachment, who took it upon himself to commence Chris's education with a view for service with the Republic. The young Draven was an excellent teacher and while Chris was already proficient in the theory and practice of spaceflight -- his understanding of Battlezone procedure (tactics, logistics and administration) was unheard of in one so young and Draven could see him advancing quickly

Unfortunately Macquarie had sided with the Seperatist Movement and the outbreak of the Clone Wars saw Davits Draven posted back to the Galactic core and Clone Troops sent to bring Macquarie back into the Republic fold. As there ever is in times of war the civilian casualties often outweigh the military and it was this Republic Invasion that bereft Chris of his family. He was still 'in' with the Republic due to his association with Draven, had skills and abilities that others of his age did not and, more importantly, information.

At 15 he made contact with the local resistance movement and, after some months of security precautions on their part, during which time Chris passed on accurate and valuable information gleaned from the Mess hall and Barracks of the Republic Military, he was accepted as a member of their cadre. Having nothing but ground vehicles, Chris was trained in CQB (Close Quarters Battle) and demolitions. He spent his time mainly in the workshops or Aid Post (he seemed to have a natural affinity for hands on healing, with bacta being in short supply) and volunteered for every mission he could. It was quickly noted that he worked better alone (his once gregarious and outgoing nature had turned inward) as he took extreme, sometimes foolish risks, to accomplish the mission and did not want to be responsible for any one but himself as the loss of his family weighed heavily on him. He saw himself in some way responsible for their deaths and this 'survivor' guilt fuelled his desire to destroy the system that caused his pain. His Cadre Staff reported favorably on his performance with a small notation "appears to act 'Just A Little Bit Krazy' when on solo missions". He took this to heart and in later months he made this off the cuff remark into his callsign "Jalb_k".

His insistence and planning had no small part in the eventual liberation of Macquarie through a planet wide coordinated strike. Luck, also, had little to do with the timing of the attack. It was 13BBY, The Empire was just starting to consolidate it's power and had larger problems than a small outer rim world. Macquarie stood apart but supported the nascent Rebellion and sent what support they could, without reducing their own defensive capabilities. Due to the wide range of specialties, the Macquarians were split up amongst different cells, and Jalb_k found himself as pilot and some time reserve-tech, bouncing from cell to cell, planet to planet where needed... Until a chance meeting with his old mentor, Davits Draven.

Draven now represented the Rebel Alliance's Intelligence. He and his operatives worked in the shadows performing unglamorous activities such as sabotage, infiltration and assassination, believing them to be necessary responses to the Galactic Empire's cruelty and power, thus becoming a person who made no apology for his methods and was quick to take Chris back under his wing. He used Chris as an operative and insertion pilot for multiple solo and team covert missions, most of which remain classified to this day.

After many years in the shadow ops theatre Jalb requested transfer to a flying Squadron and was granted the opportunity to fly with Blue Squadron under Antoc Merrick. Formally designated Blue 10, Jalb flew with the Squadron through the Battle of Atollon, the Eadu Mission and finally, the Battle on Scarif. The battle on Scarif wounded his psyche deeply, being the only member of that Blue Squadron to make it out alive and once again he was weighed down with the guilt of surviving when others didn't.

A chance encounter on the Liberty during his 'convalescence' from Scarif brought everything into perspective. In Lieutenant Jeff "Kallysto" Young, Corsair Squadron's Executive officer, he saw a kindred spirit, and realized that the emotion that this seemingly reserved and introverted pilot had was directed in a much more positive and effective way. As naturally gifted as Jalb was he saw he could tone his flamboyant flying and fighting style to a measured, methodical and ultimately lethal mode, with far less risk to himself and his team. He spent many hours in the sims after his return to a rebuilding Blue Squadron but missed the Battle of Vrogas Vas (fortunately) but in defence of the captured ISD Harbinger at Tureen VII his improved combat effectiveness was noted and he was subsequently offered a flight lead position in the new Blue Roster. Although this was the sort of acceptance and belonging he craved he somehow knew that his place was on board the Liberty, and he tendered his application to the Corsairs soon after.

Two days after his acceptance he was in the Lounge celebrating his first kills as a Corsair when he met up with two other new arrivals, Matthew 'Krayt' Houseman and a Buccaneer by the name of Josh 'Hellcat' Kinney. The three became fast friends and eventually applied, and were accepted, to Rogue Squadron. Some months later Corsair's CO, Bob 'Blindman' Lin, was injured on operations and, due to a lengthy rehabilitation period, thought it best to step down from his command position. He made a formal request to Rogue Leader, Vince 'Stryker' Rambo, asking that his former pilot and then Rogue Nine be transfered back to Corsair and given command of the squadron. Under the hand of Jalb_k Corsair went from merely a recon squadron and added interception to their mission statement. A role in which the Corsairs revelled and helped raise Renegade Wing's infamy throughout the Empire to new heights. Some months before the battle of Endor the Wing CO and Rogue Leader, Stryker, was pronounced MIA by Alliance Command after a routine transit and Jalb_k was thrust into command of the Wing and Rogue Squadron. Little did he know, or dare would he hope, that Stryker would return.















Major Andrew "Dobber" Dobson

Rogue Three

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified].
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Information and Communication Systems Repair and Maintenance; Basic Droid Repair
Combat Specialty Capital ship assault; fighter superiority; Escort
Side Arm DH-17 blaster
Favorite Beverage Cliff Dweller or Hyperdrive (Punch It!)
Physical Description Human male, 30 years standard, 5'10", Chestnut Hair, Trimmed Beard, Blue Eyes


Born on Corellia, Andrew Dobson's heart had always been set on becoming a starfighter pilot. At an early age, he served as co-pilot on his uncle's freighter. Emphasizing, if not agreeing, with his nephew's love of starfighters, his uncle was able to acquire a vintage Republic-era flight simulation program off the smuggler market. Though programmed for older starfighters, such as the Incom Corporation Z-95 and variants of the BTL Y-Wing starfighters, it was still enough to begin sharpening Andrew's tactical skills in the cockpit. While his uncle's freighter business grew to be more successful, it was met with scrutiny by the newfound Galactic Empire. Increasing Imperial rules, regulations, and cargo checks began to hurt the family business. Moreover, pirate raids in systems near the Outer Rim region - where Imperial patrols were laxer and more infrequent - provided additional and dangerous obstacles for the freighters and their crews. To ensure the safety of the crews and their cargos, his uncle was forced to hire the aid of several ex-Republic era starfighter pilots willing to fend off any pirate raiders. While this added some protection to the convoy (and interaction with real-life pilots to help Andrew hone his skills), it proved very costly to business and on more than one occasion the family's personal savings. Disaster for the family struck when the Empire decided to press his uncle's business into the Imperial Industrial Complex. As Corellia was known as a construction hub for Star Destroyer components such as shield generators, among other things, the Empire was known to go to great lengths to keep costs under control while maintaining stable supply lines. While his uncle was able to keep his business in a sense, most of the crews were replaced with droids and a few Imperial personnel, and the former crews were sent to work in the factories of Corellia. Not wanting his nephew to get involved with the Empire, his uncle encouraged Andrew to return home to his parents and siblings. As the years passed, the Empire continued to expand its power and influence. Each year, the Galactic Senate lost more and more of its power and influence under the tutelage of Emperor Palpatine. While few would speak out publicly against the changes, the worsening conditions and ongoing conflicts throughout the galaxy were widely known. These injustices never sat well with Andrew, and he grew to resent the regime.

When news broke that Alderaan had been destroyed, Andrew knew he had to do something. Unlike many of his peers, who sought out the Rebel Alliance seeking vengeance, Andrew sought to fight the Empire to restore freedom and justice to the galaxy. While his family knew that joining the budding Rebellion was dangerous and treasonous, they nonetheless supported him. Somewhat ironically, his uncle was able to smuggle him off-world on one of his freighters where he met a Rebel contact on one of the moons of the Hosnian system during a cargo supply mission.

By the age of 26, Andrew was within the ranks of the Alliance training. He managed to qualify for starfighter combat quickly, studying as much as possible in his spare time. Within several months of joining the Rebellion, Starfighter Command assigned him to Blue Squadron. Blue Squadron, at the time under the command of Jonas "Groznik" Mamlof, was the sole squadron aboard the recently captured Imperial-class Star Destroyer Octavian, later known as the Happy Jack.

Andrew was almost instantly liked by his fellow Blues and became particularly close with Paul "Rogue" Sweet and Ciprian "Zoz" Ionescu. Soon thereafter, Andrew also began using the callsign "Dobber," an old childhood nickname. Since Blue Squadron's mission profile at the time was Reinforcement & Support, Andrew soon gained valuable flight-time and experience in all types of Alliance fighter craft.

Extended and often bloody campaigns after Yavin critically sapped Blue's manpower over the next two years, leading to many changes in command for the unit. The loss of so many friends - especially during the Battle of Hoth -- was trying for Dobson. Blue never was able to replenish it ranks, however, and was in danger of being disbanded by Starfighter Command. It was then that Andrew decided to step in.

Andrew actively petitioned High Command to keep Blue Squadron in service, referring to its long history with the Alliance. After much deliberation, High Command agreed, placing Dobson in command of the unit. The freshly promoted commander was able to attract many new pilots to the ranks of Blue Squadron.

After the climatic Battle of Tynna, which resulted in the loss of the Happy Jack and several pilots, the responsibility and duties of Andrew's position began to wear on him. It was during this reorganization of the group that he took a short leave of absence for some R&R on Mon Cala. It was here that he met Dia "Summer" Tan, a beautiful and headstrong blue-skinned Twi'lek female who was also an Alliance pilot. They hit it off, and their fast friendship quickly turned into a budding relationship. When their R&R was over, Dia told him that she intended to try and put in a transfer into Blue Squadron so the two could be closer.

After rejoining the rest of his Blue Squadron members on the newly christened Mon Calamari cruiser Morning Star, along with the historic Red Squadron, they began a fresh campaign against the Empire. It wasn't long before Dia joined Blue Squadron and she quickly proved herself to be a valuable pilot and addition to the team. When Blue Squadron lost their XO during an especially harrowing and costly mission, she was promoted to Squadron XO by the command staff of the Morning Star.

It wasn't long before Blue Squadron's mission parameters shifted. The squadron was reassigned to the CRS Nautilian where they joined Yellow and Corona Squadrons. While it was a more involved role and stricter environment, Blue soon proved themselves invaluable to the regular missions.

By the time of the Battle of Endor, Blue Squadron had been transitioned into a bombing unit. They were tasked with flying B-wings to support the Nautilian and other squadrons during the battle, but the chaos that ensued saw the destruction of their flagship and the loss of many pilots and fast friends. As the Alliance licked their wounds and began to restructure itself after Endor, Blue was disbanded, and its surviving pilots transferred to other key squadrons to bolster their ranks. Unfortunately, and in part due to the intimate nature of their relationship which was discovered by their Wing Commander and involved a subsequent reprimand, Dobson and Dia were ordered apart. Wishing to maintain their relationship without further complications, Andrew and Dia went their separate ways - he joining Renegade Wing, she joining General Hera Syndulla's group for the time being - though they sought to keep their relationship intact and agreed to take some personal time together in the coming months.

Ultimately, the destruction of the Second Death Star was proof that what the Alliance was doing was worth the cost. With a newfound sense of hope, Andrew continues to fighter for the Alliance and its ideals to restore the Republic with Renegade Wing.
















1st Lieutenant Nick "Jasted" Finelli

Rogue 5

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified].
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Prototype Starfighter Testing
Combat Specialty Intercept and Destroy
Side Arm Merr-Sonn Model 47 Special
Favorite Beverage L.I. Ice Tea
Physical Description Human male, age 20 standard, 1.80m, 75kg, brown hair, brown eyes


The news of rebels destroying the Empire's mighty Death Star hit the galaxy like a giant hammer. Imperial forces were at a new low, their morale even lower. With most of the Empire's top officers killed with one lucky shot by a mysterious farm boy, a new wave of commanders were promoted, one of which being the father of Nick Finelli.

Nick, being in a strict military family, had no friends outside of the military academy he attended. He was taught basic Imperial combat and did very poorly in education because he was constantly questioning Imperial views. As he got older he took up training in TIE fighter simulators, which he enjoyed much more then any of his other studies. However, he never understood what the Empire's purpose was in the galaxy.

His father was a tyrant. He was in command of a patrol squad that controlled the docking bays of Mantooine, in the Atrivis Outer Rim. Nick was constantly told that the Imperial Navy was his future and this eventually drove him mad. After graduating, in the lower end of his class, a hatred of his father began and depression filled his mind. The day that Nick was to be shipped off to the Star Destroyer Ravage he made a decision to run away from his future life in the Imperial Navy.

He found a job as a copilot on the transport called Nighthawk. This freighter was known for carrying supplies all over the galaxy and was heavily watched by Imperial eyes. The captain, John Ralt, never fully trusted Nick because of his time with the Empire. This left Nick with the feeling that he was constantly being monitor by other crewmembers.

The Nighthawk had to make a delivery to a military Strike Cruiser and immediately Finelli believed they were delivering for pirates. The freighter met up with the cruiser and docked with it to make the transaction. To his surprise the cruiser was not a pirate vessel but a rebel ship. He had never seen an Alliance cruiser or fighter in his life, besides in the simulator. Finelli explored the Strike Cruiser, Wave Runner II and learned that this was home of Gray Squadron.

Exploring the ship he bumped into the XO of the Gray's, Axel "Luxo" Glez. The two began a conversation, discussing Galactic War politics and Finelli told Luxo of his time on Mantooine. In exchange, Glez revealed a side of the Empire that Finelli had wondered about, but had never seen. From that conversation, Finelli decided that the Alliance was the place for him. Luxo took the young pilot to the simulator, and decided that Finelli's specific place was behind the stick of a Gray Squadron starfighter.

Finelli's time with Gray Squadron as Gray 5 was lengthy, where he tested many prototype starfighters for the Alliance Research and Development program. When the Squadron was asked to help in the evacuation of the Arconis sector because of an Imperial strike force invasion, he and his fellow pilots fought bravely, saving hundreds of civilians and Alliance personnel. After the evacuation of Arconis, Gray and Blue squadrons took the sector back in a later campaign, leaving Gray with heavy casualties. The surviving members helped reform the battered squadron, making it more structured and organized.

Alliance Starfighter Command noticed Finelli's above normal piloting skills and contacted Gray's commanding officers, recommending he be transferred from the Outer Rim Territory. It did pain him to think of leaving behind the Wave Runner II and Gray Squadron, but Finelli agreed that flying with a squadron more on the offense then on defense would be a greater help to the Alliance's cause. A request for a transfer was sent to Starfighter Command. During the waiting period Finelli heard that a good friend aboard the freighter Nighthawk had been slain by a pirate ambush, and thus Nick changed his call sign to honor him. When the transfer was approved Finelli left the Wave Runner II behind and was sent to the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Liberty, where his assignment is classified.











Major Tony "Kid" Marco

Rogue 6, Squadron XO

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified].
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Starfighter Maintenance
Combat Specialty X-Wing Intercept/Recon pilot
Side Arm Standard issue blaster
Favorite Beverage Full Throttle
Physical Description Human male, age undeclared, 2m, 73kg, brown hair, brown eyes


Tony was the son of a minor elected official who, with his wife, lived in the Imperial City on Coruscant. Growing up so close to the Imperium, Tony was exposed to a very distorted view of the Empire, where Star Destroyers were viewed as an extravagant means to protect the galaxy against the reckless terrorists know as the Alliance.

Most of his young life was spent in private political schools, where he was expected to dedicate himself to the future of the "glorious" Empire. But he cared little for politics, as he was only interested in piloting a starfighter. Much of his free time was spent studying the statistics of the Imperial TIE Fighter and its various counterparts.

Once for his birthday, his father made arrangements for Tony to visit an actual fighter bay aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer. There he was allowed inside the cockpit of a TIE Fighter and a TIE Interceptor. Weeks later, while waiting in his father's office for him to return from a meeting, Tony accessed his father's Imperial HoloNet terminal when he saw a very disturbing image. He saw a recording of a "police" action wherein five Star Destroyers completely obliterated a colony on the Outer Rim. He saw uncensored footage of hundreds of innocent citizens standing in a city street, many pleading for mercy, others shrieking with fear as Imperial AT-ATs began firing ruthlessly into the crowd.

Unsettled, Tony asked his father to explain. His father was very agitated and told him that the entire incident was "staged", nothing more than propaganda from the Rebels who were trying to make the Empire appear to be the aggressors. But his father too seemed shaken by the recording and Tony got the feeling that his father did not believe the story about a "staged incident" even as he told it to him.

Later that same year, when the Imperial Senate was disbanded and the political side of the Imperial government was torn asunder, Tony's family fell on hard times. His father objected to the Senate's dissolution and ran afoul of the Emperor's secret police. This left Tony's family in poverty. All of their possessions and rank were taken away and they found themselves having to survive with the scum that infested the lower levels of Imperial City. Shortly thereafter, rumors began to spread about the destruction of Alderaan and Grand Moff Tarkins "Rule by Fear" doctrine.

His mother fell ill and was residing in a fourth-rate medical center when his father mysteriously disappeared. Tony suspected foul play at the hands of Imperial agents and stayed constantly by his mother's side. As her life signs began to fail she told him of a hidden stash of credits and supplies that she and his father had put aside years ago. It just might be enough to take him off the planet. After her ensuing death Tony managed to retrieve the hidden cache his mother had told him about. Contained therein were a blaster, several dehydrated food packs, ten thousand credits and a few personal momentos from his parents lives. He then made off with his newfound belongings and hired a smuggler to get him off the planet.

After knocking around the Outer Rim for months, Tony was approached by a casual drinking acquaintance and attended a meeting of those unsympathetic with the Empire. In time he was asked to join the Rebel Alliance. His casual friend turned out to be the Leader of the famous Gold Squadron, who put Tony through a grueling simulator training course at Comstock Base, the hidden home of Gold. During his pilot training Tony became acquainted with the rest of Gold Squadron, and signed on with them.

As time progressed, Tony honed his skills and became one of Gold's most skilled pilots. After six months in service he was promoted and became a flight leader. While in his seventh month, he decided to petition for a transfer to the legendary Rogue Squadron. He was then accepted into Rogue and made a new home on the Calamari Star Cruiser Liberty.













1st Lieutenant Josh "Hellcat" Kinney

Rogue Eight

Renegade Wind Defense Ribbon with Dual Cluster  Order of the JediTop Gun Participation Ribbon - Silver DeviceAiTOD Campaign Ribbon

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified]
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Code Slicer
Combat Specialty Sniper
Side Arm Blastech BF-Sniper Rifle
Favorite Beverage Screwdriver
Physical Description Human male, 18 standard, 1.9m, 102kg, blond hair, hazel eyes


Josh "Hellcat" Kinney was born and raised on the Correllian Transport Merciful where he spent most of his childhood life running cargo missions with his parents, but never knew what exactly they were shipping in some cases. Having lived most of his life on board a cargo ship he never really got the chance to make friends and therefore was, and still is in a way, shy to most people he encountered when he and his parents took down-planet time to relax. While on relief time, his father would take Josh out in forested areas of the planets they stayed at to hunt and hone on target practice, which would benefit for him in his later years. Soon developing into a crack shot artist with his father's blastech pistol, Josh wanted to take his precision weaponry training to a starfighter cockpit but instead had to settle for the gun turrets of the Merciful.

Having heard his son's pleas to pilot a starfighter, his father got in touch with an old friend of his who was a starfighter captain stationed on board an Alliance space platform, who generously allowed Hellcat's father to borrow his fighter when they landed to refuel and resupply the Merciful. After a brief explanation on controls within the cockpit of the Z-95, Hellcat was soon in space twisting, turning, looping, and rolling all over the place enjoying the time of his life as his father looked on noticing his son's skills within the cockpit of a starfighter. Finally landing on board the station, Hellcat thanked his fathers friend for allowing him to fulfill his dream to pilot a fighter and with that out of the way the Merciful took off to complete it's cargo run.

To make a long story short, Hellcat, now 18, was on a cargo run with his parents to an outpost on the galactic rim when they were pulled out of space by an indictor cruiser. Having been told to take the evacuation shuttle, Hellcat left the Merciful only to witness it soon being destroyed after his parents turned to attack it. Soon the Alliance Calamari Cruiser Torgo dropped out of hyperspace to finish off the interdictor. When the battle was over Hellcat requested to join the Alliance as a pilot and was placed into Phoenix squadron on board the Cruiser Windstorm.

While on patrol one day, however, Phoenix squadron along with two other squads and their mothership Windstorm, were ambushed by 3 Star Destroyers and an Interdictor Cruiser. Heavily outnumbered and outgunned the pilots of the Windstorm fought with courage and luck destroying numerous enemy fighters and heavily damaging one of the Star Destroyers, but the sheer numbers of the Imps caught up to the Rebel pilots as one by one they were overwhelmed. With things starting to look bad on the Rebel pilots and the Windstorm itself, as it was taking fire from all sides, relief support showed up with the arrival of the Calamari Cruiser Jackrabbit and Frigate Evesdropper dropping out of hyperspace. The odds were about even once again, as the Imps started taking there loses. The battle soon ended leaving the Empire with 1 less Star Destroyer, the other 2 damaged and an Interdictor Cruiser damaged as well. Many of the Imperial pilots were floating in space or flying around in non-hyperdrive ships until they agreed to surrender to the Alliance. The battle, though a success, took it's toll on Phoenix squadron and her sister squads as most were either destroyed or badly injured while the Windstorm hypered to a repair depot in the next system. Josh "Hellcat" Kinney landed on board the Evesdropper and kept to himself for awhile, looking over the battle in his mind. After a long conclusion Hellcat decided to leave the Windstorm because of so many memories left on board. He knew he'd never be able to go back again because of the times spent with it's crew and dead pilots and therefore sought out on his own in his squadron X-wing seeking a new home with a different squadron.

AiTOD Campaign Medal









Captain Roy 'Lock' Callahan

Rogue 9

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified]
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Covert Operations, Petty Crime
Combat Specialty Commando, Pararescue/Extraction
Side Arm Merr-Sonn Type CC Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage The local brew
Physical Description 187 cm; athletic build; white hair, brown eyes; 30 year old human male from Corellia


Born on Corellia to a middle income family, Roy's early childhood was uneventful for the most part. His parents worked for one of the largest shipyards on the planet and Corellia was mostly unaffected by the Clone Wars. After the Clone Wars, however, the Empire imposed its presence on the planet and bought out the shipyards Roy's parents worked at. What was a middle class family soon became a low income household, and they soon found themselves evicted from their home. In his early teens Roy fell in with a bad crowd and started stealing speeder bikes. When he was eventually caught by Imperial authorities, he was given the choice between a one way ticket to Kessel or joining the Imperial Academy.

He did well in the Academy, getting high marks, and was finally interested in higher education, having his eyes on a career in Archaeology, before he was recruited into Imperial Flight School. It was here that he received his call sign, Lock, for being so hardheaded and single minded at times, like a missle that was locked on. At the age of nineteen he graduated as a TIE Fighter pilot.

After bouncing from unit to unit for a few tours of duty, Lock eventually found himself recruited into Imperial Commando Extraction Squadron, or ICE Squadron, a specialized airborne commando unit specializing on sneaking behind enemy lines and extracting Imperial assets. Though he excelled in this field, Lock began to see more and more of the darker side of the Empire and things he was ordered to do didn't sit well with him… but what was he supposed to do? Go back to the neighborhood he'd grown up in in Corellia? Become a smuggler? He managed to stick it out a little while longer until he met her.

She was an Imperial Agent who had gone through so many modifications that she had forgotten who she really was. Though brainwashed to serve the Emperor, she was becoming increasingly unhappy with what she saw and attempted suicide--only to be saved by Lock. A small romance blossomed between the two and eventually they formulated a plan to get away from the Empire. For the purpose of this, Lock made contact with a Rebel Agent who promised to help in exchange for their help--he needed Lock to plant a bomb in the Command center. Lock struggled with this but she did not; she simply did what had to be done and amidst the carnage, they were smuggled out by the Agent.

Over the next year, they went from planet to planet as fugitives. Somehow the Empire continued tracking them down, over and over, until she realized that they were tracking her hardware. Letting herself get caught, she once again used a bomb to free Lock from the clutches of the Empire. Devastated, Lock turned to heavy drinking.

It wasn't long before the Rebellion found him and he discovered a way to get back at the Empire. He started out in a Y-Wing Squadron, where he met his good friend Dirr “Jet” Sol, a fellow Corellian. After a fairly disastrous mission in which only he and Jet survived, Lock was reassigned to Rainworld, a hidden rebel starfighter training base, where he met Frosty, a future close friend, and Gremlin, a future protege. Jet would return, informing him that the Rebels had decided to form a Squadron out of the Cadets and Jet wanted Lock to be his XO. Bantha Squadron's first mission was a disaster, where Jet himself was killed. The remaining pilots would be transferred into the newly minted Red Squadron under the command of a mandalorian mercenary named Flash.

Battle after battle would decimate Red over and over again, but slowly it forged battle hardened pilots. Red found itself receiving members from the Rancors, an elite Commando unit, and cross training began. The Reds eventually became a force to be reckoned with and for nearly four years Lock lead them into battle though to the loose organization of the Rebellion, and the clandestine nature of Red's activities, they were most and unsung, anonymous group of fighters and rarely received any sort of acclamaides or recognition--which is why Lock never rose above the rank of Brevet Captain (or in his words, a glorified Lieutenant--enough clout to order around other Lieutenants but still have to shut his mouth around real Captains). In any case, it wasn't a very big deal to him and his pilots wouldn't give a damn how many pips were on his collar anyways.

Shortly before the Battle of Endor, Red was disbanded and divided into Wedge's Red and Lando's Gold Squadrons. Though they proved their worth in the Battle, Starfighter Command decided to reallocate resources into Renegade Wing, where Lock found his new home.












1st Lieutenant Andy "Bulldog" Clark

Rogue 12

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified]
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Combat Tactic Analysis
Combat Specialty Medic
Side Arm RSKF-44 Heavy Blaster
Favorite Beverage Whyrens Reserve
Physical Description Human male, Age 38, heavy build, Weight: 135 kg, Height 1.9 meters, Brown Hair (balding), Brown eyes.


As a young man growing up in public starfighter simulators, Andy got fairly proficient behind the stick. He often challenged his classmates to duels within the confines of virtual space, winning far more than he lost. Tactics came naturally to his youthful brain in cyberspace, and he often tried many new things in the duels that he took pride in seeing his peers using in subsequent tilts. His prowess led to him being bullied outside of the simulators by the more vicious and physically imposing peers that couldn't win in the cockpit. On top of building his flight skills and tactical studies, the frequent beatings he took led to him becoming pretty adept at treating minor injuries to reduce the physical marks left behind.

His father was a mildly successful independent spacer, often gone for weeks at a time doing runs to keep their middle-class lifestyle flush with credits. However, this time away also had the downside of his father never realizing his love of flying or his skill behind the stick. So his father continued to be gone for weeks at a time, leaving Andy with little supervision and ample means to get into trouble. This led to a party boy lifestyle that went unchecked throughout his adolescence. The beatings continued, as the bullies that couldn't beat him in virtual battles also couldn't compete with his reputation with their female peers. They still took pride in getting to him in the only way he couldn't best them. By this point, however, Andy was into too many illicit substances to really feel the beatings or care that they continued to happen.

On his 18th birthday, Andy's father gave him a modest loan with the intention of him buying his own ship to join the family business. The sum was large enough to buy a very advanced freighter, with his father dropping a heavy hint that he should purchase a lightly used YT-2000. Instead, Andy opted to purchase a heavily used YT-1200 and used the balance of the loan for some aftermarket modifications and ample amounts of alcohol.

The moment it was fit to fly he christened the ship 'The Dalliance', and his father brought him fully into the family business. They began running shipments for the highest bidders. As time went on and credits continued to flow in, Andy continued to find more creative ways to blow his share of the profits, sampling all the delights from the sectors of the galaxy they visited. On the rare occasions trouble arose during a run, the two Clark men were more than capable of bloodying the noses of any pirates hazarding a run at the pair of surprisingly well-armed freighters.

For more than a decade, they continued to rake in the credits, and Andy found more ways to immediately blow his earnings. Much to the chagrin of his father, who had hoped his son would be more than capable by now to handle the family business and let him retire.

One fateful day, a pirate attack had surprised the pair and put them into a defensive running light battle. An Imperial patrol arrived and immediately provided aid. In an unfortunate series of events, one of the pirate Z-95 Headhunters was clipped by one of Andy's aftermarket auto-canons and it collided with a TIE Fighter that was rendering aid. Immediately, the Imperials turned their guns on the father and son and started pounding their shields.

At the most dire instant in the battle when both men were sure they would die, a rebel strike force of X-Wings and Y-Wings hypered into the system and fell upon the Imperials with reckless abandon. The Victory-Class Star Destroyer was crippled, allowing the two freighters to escape. They were fed coordinates by one of the rebel pilots, saying that their cargoes were needed by the Rebels. Not being in a position to say no, they acquiesced to the request and followed the fighters to their base, which happened to be on the abysmal ice planet Hoth.

While freezing their backsides off in the base and having their cargoes picked through by the rebels, a general alarm went up. The Imperials had found this new base and set up a blockade, with a ground assault sure to follow. Their freighters were immediately commandeered by the Rebel Alliance, needed by the ragtag fighters to evacuate. They were thankfully allowed to pilot their own craft, but they had to carry rebel personnel and the supplies they had just given away off the ice planet.

The two men were cleared to leave together without fighter escort, as the majority of rebel fighter pilots were throwing themselves in a futile gesture against the Imperial juggernaut AT-AT walkers in little more than a box with weak blaster cannons. To this day, Andy still doesn't understand why the rebels didn't use their X-wings on the battlefield. These craft surely had the punch to destroy the Imperial ground forces.

The planetary Ion cannon fired behind them and drilled the Star Destroyer in their exit vector, disabling it. It didn't, however, stop the swarm of TIE Fighters from angrily harassing them. A piece of TIE Fighter debris from one of Andy's kills collided with his father's engines, disabling him. Andy watched helplessly as the remaining TIEs swarmed and destroyed his father's ship. Anger welled up inside of him, and he wheeled his ship about despite the numerous protests of the rebels he was charged with ferrying to safety. He cut through formations of TIEs, his ship shuddering with each laser blast. Alarms wailed, but still he pressed on in his rage-blind revenge tour.

Once there were no TIEs left, he saw a rebel medium transport being harangued by more Imperial fighters. He charged in with guns blazing, clearing the transport's exit vector. The transport's pilot radioed that their nav computer was damaged and they needed to slave their ship to his to make it to the new rendezvous point. Unable to leave these people dead in the water with no hope of escape, he relented and slaved his destination to theirs and left the scene of his father's grave.

While offloading the supplies and personnel he carried off Hoth, the rebels in the other transport thanked him profusely for saving their lives. One had called him a Bulldog for being so tenacious in his pursuit of TIEs. A passing fighter pilot heard the comment and suggested he try his hand at being a fighter jockey. Andy had nothing but revenge in his heart and immediately took the pilot up on his offer. He sold his freighter to the Rebellion at a modest discount, and never looked back.

He spent the first year of his tour as a Rebel stationed on a backwater planet with minimal action. In the few light fights he did participate in, he distinguished himself well and earned a promotion, which was quickly revoked after Andy became inebriated and got into a scuffle with his timid commanding officer. He was busted back down to Flight Officer and transferred to Corsair Squadron, onboard the Mon Calamari Cruiser Liberty, where more action was there to be had and it was hoped that this increased action would provide more focus and purpose to the angry pilot.

For every step forward in the rank ladder, he always seemed to take a larger step back with his conduct outside of the cockpit, frequently being put up on discipline charges and spending many nights sleeping off a bender in the brig. Somehow, though, he was given a promotion to 2nd Lieutenant and it managed to stick through the battle of Endor, where he miraculously survived and earned another promotion to 1st Lieutenant and a move to Buccaneer Squadron onboard the new Renegade Wing flagship, the CRS Vigilant.

What changed? Not a thing. He's still a hard-drinking snub jockey with a hard-on for vaping Imperials in any way possible, legal or not. He's been known to take a run at disabled fighters to give them the release they deserve in his eyes, taking joy in the thought of them feeling the same helpless fear that his father did when they immolated his disabled ship at Hoth.