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If you ever need to know what's new in Renegade Wing or in the Star Wars Universe, this is the place to look. Website updates and selected news regarding Star Wars and its general gaming community will be reported here. Just skim down to the last time you visited and you'll be able to pinpoint the new things in a flash. Then scramble to the closest MC80B and take a look!

Internal comms and general orders can be found on the Wing Admin Board

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19 Oct 2020

  • With the Wing in full combat operations we've got a lot going on, not the least of which being Buccaneer and Rogue Requirements. Buccaneer may be finalised in the coming weeks but we're not likely to see Rogue requirements until at least the finish of the first Squadron's Operation phase. Having said that, one requirement will be previous membership of an Alliance Squadron so don't hold back, apply for Corsair, or the soon to be raised for Combat, Spectre Squadron now!

  • Along with the requirements we've made a couple of updates to our Bio Guide page, take a look.

14 Oct 2020

  • It's been a long time coming but OC Corsair Squadron has finally selected a meatbag to act as his XO. With the Squadron carrying only two vacancies (both likely to be filled soon) a full strength squadron is going to need a top notch XO. A combat Veteran with the experience and capability to mentor new pilots as they leave training behind; Myke "Wolf" Krenn is herewith promoted to Major and assigned the duty of Corsair Squadron XO! We know where the drinks are coming from!

  • Corsair Squadron has also to officially welcome Corsair Four, Flight Officer Kyle "Junior" Reynolds. At 19 he may appear young but he flew a Z-95 to help thwart an Imperial invasion at 16 and was also with us at Endor... besides, when your old man is who he is, you have a certain reputation to uphold! So to assist Wolf with that burgeoning bar tab please welcome Junior!

13 Oct 2020

  • Welcome Corsair Six! Another transfer from Red Squadron sees Corsair's comabt effectiveness take another step up with the addition of First Lieutenant Conall "Shadow" McKenna into the vacancy. A long serving Red Squadron pilot and veteran of the Endor Campaign Renegade welcomes and is happy to have Shadow aboard... You know who's buying the drinks (Iggy also reads the daily orders so he knows you have an open tab).

  • Corsair Squadron has also finalised entry requirements for Star Wars: Squadrons. Please see their recruiting page for details.

10 Oct 2020

  • From LT COL Durgan, OC RWSS:
    A couple of weeks ago,Flight Officer Marshal Westfolder joined us as part of the training squadron. He has completed his flight training and decided to specialize in the U-Wing starfighter. Effective immediately he will be assigned to Sabre Squadron as Sabre 2! Please join me in welcoming FLATTOP to the wing!

8 Oct 2020

  • Here we all were thinking the webmaster has it easy now, kicking back in the Ready Room knocking back Ion Suckers when he's not flying and bagging himself Imperial kills, but no! Renegade Wing never stops and everybody wants to be a Renegade, especially this guy:

    Everybody please welcome 2nd Leuitenant Kell "Dragon" Arcfire, the new Corsair Five (and a more than worthy pilot in my old Corsair Billet)! Dragon is Imperial Academy trained but is well aware of what the New Republic stands for; His first action in defiance of the Empire saved hundreds of refugees and turned him into a death marked fugitive, just the type we like.

  • With Dragon's acceptance to the Wing there are also a couple of decorations to go around:

    • For being Steely Eyed A-Wing men and defending the Liberty in multiplayer, proving the ability to work with a team to achieve outstanding results both Dragon and Talon (Corsair Three) are awarded the Renegade Wing Defence Ribbon-Dual Cluster.

    • To keep the plaudits going for Corsair, their Officer Commanding "Syntax" is awarded the Diamond Device to his Elite Service Ribbon with Bronze Gilt Border for 100 Top Performances!

  • As is the tradition around here, drinks are on the new guy! And his OC (bucket of bolts pulls a paycheck so it can spend some for a change).

7 Oct 2020

  • So, my A-Wing cockpit was getting a little festy and Angel said if I didn't take a break she'd ground my ship. Guess there's some maintenance to be done around here...

    Twitter widgets added to the Home page and Bridge! Now Twitter and Gremlin can do the work for me, and I can keep flying! (once Angel's A-wing techs have finished detailing my eggshell)

6 Oct 2020

  • How Good Is It!!! Yes, we've been ingame, a lot, and the Renegades have been flying their pants off. With Pilots operating on Xbox, PS4 and PC with controllers, joysticks, full HOTAS and VR our people have a great insight into the game and how to be the best you can be. Drop into our Discord and ask questions, or share your own experiences. We're all about helping people.

  • As we progress ingame we're also working out the skills and requirements for our Squadron roles; we should have Corsair requirements updated fairly shortly but keep checking back for Buccaneer and Rogue.

1 Oct 2020

  • With the launch of Squadrons imminent you'd forgive us for doing absolutrly nothing... But we've got you covered! We have not one, but two new Lounge Tales for you!

    • Double Agent - A story of deception and redemption, also Talon's Tale

    • Also, the aptly name Alrick's Tale, back story of Renegade Wing's Tactical Officer and OC RWSS

29 Sep 2020

  • It is with greart pleasure that Renegade Wing announce the filling of the vacant Rogue Three billet, whilst offering commiserations to Buccaneer Squadron. Commander Andrew "Dobber" Dobson having fullfilled all the requirements for consideration and, having shown in his attitude and conduct, his dedication to Renegade Wing, his Squadron and the Alliance as a whole, is formally approved by Fleet for transfer to Rogue Squadron, effective immediately. Welcome Rogue Three!

  • With those requirements being fulfilled comes a certain recognition and Commander Dobson is also awarded the following:

    • Renegade Wing Defence Ribbon and Dual Cluster: Awarded to a pilot that displays selfless determination in the face of staggering odds and is able to 'Defend the Liberty' and achieve a Top Performance in Single play as well as multiplayer, proving the ability to work with a team to achieve outstanding results.
    • Veteran Service Ribbon: Awarded to each pilot who completes 80% of the stock single player Rebel exercises and combat missions with at least excellent performances. No missions may be lower than good performance.
    • Service Ribbon Device - Platinum: For 50+ Top Performance mission completions

28 Sep 2020

  • After a brief stint with Training Command (we all knew how that would end up), our favorite hellish kitten returns! Welcome back Rogue Eight, 1st Lieutenant Josh "Hellcat" Kinney

  • Check out this video from Ecks Too as Charlie goes even deeper into new information released ahead of Squadrons' released date. This time with ranked placement matches, crossplay & cross-platform.

26 Sep 2020

  • From OC Rogue Squadron LT COL Chris "Jalb_k" Reynolds:

    Attention all pilots, support staff and otherwise present civilians! In recognition of recent contributions 1st Leuitenant Nick "Jasted" Finelli is awarded a Squadron Citation. Jasted's work is generally classified (RW "skunkworks') and while sometimes undertaken at the direction of Rogue Lead his proactive approach and the extra duty hours he allocates to these projects is a credit to himself and upholds the finest traditions of Rogue Squadron and Renegade Wing. An UNCLAS example is the recently announced Endor Battle Nova. Jasted helped design, and then created the medal and all the individual ribbons for presentation. Well done Jasted, well deserved and long overdue.

25 Sep 2020

  • Our Loremaster, Bulldog, is way too excited! Expecting Part 4 of our Endor POV? Here it is... But wait! There's more! This week only with every Part 4 release you get Part 5! That's right, the last two chapters of the Endor POV have dropped: Theatre, Part 4 and Part 5.

  • To commemorate the sacrifices made at the Battle of Endor, the newly minted Endor Battle Nova medal has been awarded. This medal has been struck from alloy taken from the DS2 debris field and is awarded to Alliance members who, according to Renegade Wing canon, where present at the Battle of Endor. It also honours past commitment to the Alliance and the new resolve of the New Republic. Check it out here.

23 Sep 2020

18 Sep 2020

  • Just like a Death Star shield drop, Endor! Part 3 has arrived, better late than never. The third installment, Revenge of the Death Star, is now available for reading pleasure in the Theatre, as are Parts 1 & 2 so make sure you're up to date!

17 Sep 2020

  • New Tactical Operations! Commander Andrew "Dobber" Dobson, Buccaneer XO, has submitted three new engagement reports and all three will guide you to achieving a Top Performance for the respective missions. He's given us another way to defeat The Formidable as well as Operations 1 and 2 of the Balance of Power campaign.

  • As a result of the submission of 3 excellent TacOps, Commander Andrew "Dobber" Dobson, Buccaneer XO,is awarded a Squadron Citation per Wing Standing Orders. Also knowing Dobber has only had mission access reinstated in the last 7 days (maintenance issues with his controller ;) makes this an amazing effort. Head to the SSD and buy him a drink!

15 Sep 2020

  • The ranks of Buccaneer keep swelling! Renegade Wing welcomes 1st Leuitenant Paul "Rogue" Sweet to the billet of Buccaneer Six. With experience in Red and Blue Squadrons and a long history of... clandestine operations for the darker side of this conflict the knowledge Rogue brings will be of immeasurable help. As always, bar is open and it's on Rogue.

  • As our talented Comms Officer has highlighted on our Holonet account, we're just not waiting for Squadrons, we're pretty keen for this too.

14 Sep 2020

  • From the vocoder of our estimable 9-LOM Syntax, OC Corsair Squadron: "Has everyone seen this yet? Even if you have, it's worth watching again (and again). The Wing is in full agreement! Watch it! Again... and Again!
    Star Wars:Squadrons - "Hunted" CG Short.
    PS, don't anyone tell Syntax we think he's worthy or deserving of great respect... 'droids damn near a megalomaniac as it is!

12 Sep 2020

  • Renegade Wing welcomes 1st Leuitenant Kyle "Gnoizic" Mandal into the billet of Buccaneer Two. Gnoizic brings a wealth of ship-to-ship combat and clandestine ground operations experience and Buccaneer are happy he has accepted the transfer orders and are quietly working on making his first bar tab in The SSD worthy of a Buccaneer.

  • Another new Tactical Operation for X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter! 1st Lieutenant Andy "Bulldog" Clark, Rogue Twelve has posted his engagement report of the mission Interdiction of Starfighter Deployment. Not only is this Bulldog's 3rd TacOp in as many months but is also a Wing first, him being the first pilot to post a TacOp from an active combat billet in Corsair, Buccaneer and Rogue Squadrons! Dial up the Tactical Operations Database and check it out.

11 Sep 2020

  • The afore mentioned release to Gold of Star Wars:Squadrons notwithstanding, we know what you're excited for... That's Right! Part 2 of the Endor POV: Attack of The Rebellion has been released and is ready for your occular ingestion. You can direct link here or, if you missed Part 1 (required reading we might add) head over to the Theatre and start there.

  • It would also not be right to hold off on posting this list of credits. All of these Alliance/New Republic members have contributed to this epic Tale:

      In order of first writing appearance:

    • 1st LT Andy "Bulldog Clark (Corsair/Buccaneer Squadron)
    • CMDR Andrew "Dobber" Dobson (Buccaneer Squadron)
    • LT Gemilan "Gremlin" (Corsair Squadron)
    • Rick "Mystic" Chesney (Gray Squadron)
    • Anton "Ant" Whitemont (Unassigned)
    • O/CDT Kyle "Junior" Reynolds (Unassigned)
    • 1st LT Nick "Jasted" Finelli (Rogue Squadron)
    • CAPT Roy "Lock" Callahan (Rogue Squadron)
    • LT COL 9-LOM "Syntax" (Corsair Squadron)
    • 1st LT Paul "Rogue" Sweet (Red Squadron)
    • LT Kyle "Gnoizic" Mandal (Red Squadron)
    • LT Myke "Wolf" Krenn (Corsair Squadron)
    • LT Jeni "Angel" Courtner (RWSS)
    • 1st LT John "Knight" Vorwald (Corsair Squadron)
    • 2nd LT Namieh "Tattoo" Calyse (RWSS)


10 Sep 2020

  • Yes! We're Excited!

06 Sep 2020

  • To LT COL Reynolds.

    I hope this transmission finds you well. I again want to thank you for overlooking the 1st (and now final) Porg Drop event the Bucc's held last Life Day. I swear on my life, I thought porgs could fly. I'm glad the dents buffed right out off of your astromech and many of us agree he looks better than before.

    Anyway, to the point, this is my letter of recommendation for LT Andy "Bulldog" Clark's transfer to Rogue squadron. His skills have grown greatly and his performance at the Battle of Endor shows he is Rogue material. Though we will miss his bombings (in both missions and open mic stand up comic nights in The Lounge) I know it will not take him long to reach his potential as you continue to mentor him to a fine Rogue pilot.

    -LT COL Michael "Mighty" Tolle

  • And with that glowing recommendation... 1st Lieutenant Andy "Bulldog" Clark, having fullfilled all the requirements for consideration and, having shown in his attitude and conduct, his dedication to Renegade Wing, his Squadron and the Alliance as a whole, is formally appointed to the billet of Rogue 12.

  • From OC Rogue Squadron LT COL Chris "Jalb_k" Reynolds:

    Attention all pilots, support staff and otherwise present civilians! In recognition of recent contributions and the invaluable work in compiling, coordinating and editing the Post Action Reports (PAR) from The Battle of Endor, the command staff is recognizing Roy "Lock" Callahan with a Squadron Citation and Andy "Bulldog" Clark is awarded a Silver Star to his Squadron Citation.

  • From CO Renegade Wing, COL Vince 'Stryker' Rambo

    9-LOM Syntax, OC Corsair Squadron is awarded a further Device to his Squadron Citation for three Lounge Tales submitted in the lead up to current Operations. This takes Syntax's subsequent awards to 5 and earns him the Gold Star Device for a total of 6 Squadron Citations. In this instance I believe we can buy the bucket a quart of oil.

04 Sep 2020

  • The theatre is finally ready and what a blockbuster we have for opening night! Appearing on all screens in The Vigilant Greater Five Cineplex is Part one of the eagerly anticipated Endor! POV, The Brewing Storm.
    This is an amazing piece of work with writers from all over our Alliance telling their stories of the lead up to, participation in and the aftermath of the Battle of Endor, all skillfully edited by Renegade Wing's own Andy "Bulldog" Clark and Roy 'Lock' Callahan.
    This epic work is well over 1000 pages so will be serialised into five parts released weekly and leading us up to the launch of Star Wars: Squadrons!

02 Sep 2020

  • Mandalorian season 2 finally has a release date, set for October 30th, 2020. The series will release one episode at a time, unlike most other shows on streaming platforms. A release date is good news, amidst all the worrying rumors about possible problems and delays concerning the series. More information here.

31 Aug 2020

  • Its always nice to get new Tales added to The Lounge but when you get something of the quality that we've just posted you realise how talented the members of this Wing are. From our Lore Master, 1st Lieutenant Andy "Bulldog" Clark, please take the time to read "Hard Nights Make Harder Days", or as the C-Staff are calling it, "The Redemption of Buccaneer Six"

  • After the success of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, everyone has been waiting to hear about the sequel. Recent news about SW:JFO2 has come out, with developers talking about how the sequel will most likely come out for the next generation of consoles along with changes and improvements. One of the biggest points is the ability to sway between the light and dark side, giving the player more control of the main character's story. To read more, check out this article.

29 Aug 2020

  • Renegade Wing and Support Squadron is pleased to announce the arrival of 2nd Lt Namieh "Tattoo" Calyse who will be flying SAR, filling the billet of Mercy Two. As Mercy Two Tattoo will be piloting either an Incom UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft or a Telgorn M/ATR-6 Assault Transport, for those hot zone pickups, and for which she will be able to handpick her crew.

  • There has been a lot of speculation about what the next Star Wars trilogy will be about. Kathleen Kennedy finally breaks her silence and gives credence to many of the rumors that will be circulating. According to THIS article, she talks about how Disney wants to set the next trilogy in the KOTOR era.

27 Aug 2020

  • New to the Wing or been living in a hut on Tatooine and don't know what the fuss is all about? Check out this video from EA, Star Wars: Squadrons - Official Single Player Preview. Then head over to The EA Squadrons site for an overview and click that pre-order button while you're there... You know you want to.

  • Orders These have been sitting on the XO's desk for some time...

24 Aug 2020

  • Orders: From the desk of Colonel Vince 'Stryker' Rambo, Commanding Officer Renegade Wing; the following organizational changes are effective immediately.

    • Alrick 'Krayt' Durgan, having served Rogue Squadron well as XO for a significant period of time will move to the Renegade Wing Tactical Officer slot, where he will be responsible for Tactical Operations across the Wing and serve as the Commanding Officer of a portion of RWSS including Sabre Squadron and Search and Rescue. Considering the responsibilities with this position, Commander Durgan will be promoted to LT Colonel.

    • Given his long service in Rogue Squadron, the choice of a replacement XO was easy. Captain Tony Marco has accepted the position of Rogue XO. Along with his new role, he will be receiving a promotion to Major.

    Please join me in congratulating these pilots on their new roles.

  • AI teammates in games can sometimes be more trouble than they're worth so it's natural to wonder just exactly how they're going to work in Star Wars Squadrons. Will they actually be useful? Or will they just get in the way. The game seems hyper focus on arena combat so it's doubtful you'll need them to do anything more complicated than dogfight. EcksToo goes into detail about his experience with AI wingmates during his chance to test the game out in this video.

23 Aug 2020

  • New Tactical Operation for X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter! 1st Lieutenant Andy "Bulldog" Clark, Buccaneer Six has posted his engagement report of the mission Raid on Rebel Factory Koensayr 42. Dial up the Tactical Operations Database and check it out.

  • Ooohhh, shiny! New Hasbro Collectible STAR WARS Toys revealed. Celebrate the Saga! Get your hands on Action Figures and other new items from the Vintage Collection, the Black Series and more!

21 Aug 2020

  • 1st Lieutenant Nick "Jasted" Finelli is appointed Forge Master of the CRS Vigilant! As Forge Master, Jasted, under guidance of the C-Staff and Web Master, is responsible for all graphical assets created for and by Renegade Wing and the implementation of a 'Style and Format' guide.

  • For those that are still debating where they are going to purchase Star Wars Squadrons, EA Play Pro is offering unique cosmetics for those that purchase through them. According to THIS article, this might just be the beginning--stay tuned for what other freebies might be coming out for SWS.

19 Aug 2020

  • Lieutenant Gemilan "Gremlin", Corsair Two has been appointed Communications and Media Officer (CommO). Coincidently Renegegade Wing has joined the Twitterverse! Follow us there @RenegadeWing

  • Though Star Wars: Squadrons hasnt been released yet, people are already hard at work trying to improve the experience. In this video on the EcksToo channel, the host goes into detail about an app called "Droids" that allows you to give voice commands to your astromech to aid you in battle. Check out this video for more information!

18 Aug 2020

  • A new story has appeared in the Lounge! Head on over, sit yourself in a comfy couch and find out how The Liberty's resident Barman, and general handy droid, Iggy, managed to survive the Battle of Endor in Iggy's Tale

  • General site maintenance and housekeeping. Shout out and thanks to Neill "Ranger" Magill for the code assist to this inept webmaster :)

17 Aug 2020

  • Captain Roy 'Lock' Callahan is awarded the Renegade Wing Defense Ribbon - Dual Cluster for selfless determination in the face of staggering odds being able to 'Defend the Liberty' and achieve a Top Performance, both solo and multiplayer, also proving the ability to work with a team to achieve outstanding results.

  • Captain Roy 'Lock' Callahan is awarded the Regular Service Ribbon with Crimson device for completing 80% of the XvT single player Rebel exercises and combat missions with at least good performances and having in excess of 10 Top Performances.

  • Orders: With the decommisioning of Red Squadron and transfer of it's remaining pilots, support personnel and assets, Fleet has retired the Liaison Officer position currently filled by Captain Callahan. With the removal of this role and at his request:

    • Captain Roy 'Lock' Callahan, having fullfilled all the requirements for consideration and, having shown in his attitude and conduct, his dedication to Renegade Wing, his Squadron and the Alliance as a whole, is formally appointed to the billet of Rogue 9

12 Aug 2020

  • Eckhartsladder returns with another video about Star Wars Squadrons, and Bucc you'll want to pay attention to this one! Going in depth into bomber play, Eckhart examines just what makes a bomber so powerful in battle (albeit the clicky name of the video), talking about load outs and components as well as theorizing about the roles it might play in combat, apart from the usual Capital Ship AssauLT To learn more about this tank of a starfighter, take a look at this video.
  • Orders

10 Aug 2020

  • Welcome aboard to Renagade Wing's newest members, two more pilots transferring in for Wing Support and combat operations.

    • Buccaneer Squadron welomes Commander Andrew "Dobber" Dobson into the Three slot and will also be joining the Command Staff as Mighty's Executive Officer. Dobber brings a wealth of experience as Blue Squadron's previous Commander and Renegade Wing is delighted he has accepted the XO position. Fleet has advised that although there is a change in rank his pay will remain the same.
    • Support Squadron is pleased to announce they have filled the vacant A-Wing Maintenance Lead position. Lieutenant Jeni "Angel" Courtner transfers in after suffering serious injuries protecting the main assault on the DS2 at Endor and is looking forward to not only keeping the Wing's interceptors in shape but forging close links with Corsair Squadron, who will be her main customer.

  • New RWSS badge (draft) posted.

  • New Squadron descriptions added to roster pages.

8 Aug 2020

  • Renegade Wing welcomes two more pilots transferring in for combat operations with Corsair Squadron.

    • In as Corsair Two, Syntax has chosen the indomitable Zeltron Lieutenant Gemilan "Gremlin" to cover his wing. Gremlin is another Fleet directed transfer from Red Squadron and the Wing is sure Syntax's metal rear will be well covered.
    • Filling the vacant Corsair Three billet is Flight Officer Edwyn "Talon" KalDan. Talon transfers in to his first billet out of the Academy and was personally selected by Rogue XO Alrick "Krayt" Durgan so he comes highly recommended. The Wing looks forward to seeing this promise fulfilled.

  • Renegade Wing CO, Colonel Vince "Stryker" Rambo, has been given permission to raise Renegade Flight, a five pilot fighting HQ element. He takes top billet and his XO, Lt Colonel Bill "Jedi" Morrison takes the Two slot. Standby for orders confirming the remaining three billets.

  • Renegade Wing Discord has added 4 'Role Play - In Character' channels. Feel free to drop in and participate.

7 Aug 2020

  • Renegade Wing welcomes Captain Mitch A."Rev" Ri'chard into the billet of Buccaneer Seven. Rev has had a distinguished career with Red and Blue Squadrons but with the post Endor fallout and the consolidation of the 2nd Fleet HQ has transferred Captain Ri'chard to where his skills will be best used in the coming battles against the failing empire.
  • Orders

5 Aug 2020

  • Update to Support Squadron Roster.
  • Update to available craft for all Squadrons.
  • Update to the Wing CO's Bio.
  • General houskeeping.

4 Aug 2020

  • Biography added to Lt Myke 'Wolf' Krenn's entry on the Corsair Roster.
  • An update to an old institution, The Liberty Lounge chat will now be hosted on Discord every Saturday at 6pm Eastern.
  • Updated all Squadron recruiting contacts to Discord file drops.
  • Attention to Award

    Renegade Wing Commander Colonel Vince Rambo has awarded the Order of Merit to Lieutenant Colonel Chris 'Jalb_k' Reynolds for professional achievement in the superior performance of his duties while serving as squadron commander, Rogue Squadron, CRS Vigilant, during the recent revitalization and replenishment exercise. His tireless efforts at bringing the Vigilant Task Force in general and Renegade Wing in particular up to date reflect on the highest traditions of the Rebel Alliance.

  • There are multiple reasons for Star Wars: Squadron's cheaper than usual price tag, but the most significant reason is that the game is not trying to be what it's not; SWS is a multiplayer starfighter experience first and foremost. While there is talk about what might come later, SWS's creators are adamant of getting what they're putting out right. Sure, there will be a singleplayer campaign, but ultimately it's about getting in a dogfight and taking on some capital ships. For a more in depth report speaking with SWS's creative director Ian Fraizer,check out this article.

3 Aug 2020

  • Intelligence reports hint that a new 'The Mandalorian' Season 2 trailer will be dropping this month. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Alliance Transfer request application process posted on the Wing Admin Board. Link also available from above and the Recruiting Center!

2 Aug 2020

  • From OC Buccaneer Squadron Lt Col Michael "Mighty" Tolle:

    Attention all pilots, support staff and otherwise present civilians! In recognition of recent contributions and in aiding in the resurgence of the Wing, the command staff is recognizing Andy "Bulldog" Clark with the squadron participation citation. We look forward to your ongoing contributions and more importantly, picking up of bar tabs. And to that point, the next round is on him! Cheers!

1 Aug 2020

  • We're all hoping that SWS will be as great or better than the X-Wing series that we all know and love but though it will be releasing on next gen consoles, the game itself won't be adapted and optimized, instead relying on backwards compatibility to function on the PS5 and Xbos Series X. More information in this article.

30 Jul 2020

  • With Star Wars Squadrons comes a new class a flyable class, the support class, including the U-Wing and the TIE Reaper. How will these ships fly? What are their utilities and are they actually any good? Reports say that they are a must have for any squadron, and they will play a crucial part in SWS battles. Eckhartsladder goes into depth in this video.
  • New unit patch for Corsair Squadron uploaded.

29 Jul 2020

  • Ship customization will be an important feature in Star Wars: Squadrons; there will be over sixty options to choose from, allowing pilots to spec their ships into their favored role. Will it be possible to get a Y-Wing to manuever like an A-Wing? Probably not, but it will be fun to play around with the many options. The posibilities are almost limitless. Bombastic goes through each component in this youtube video.
  • Renegade Wing welcomes Captain Roy 'Lock' Callahan! Lock has transfered from Red Squadron as Corsair Six and Fleet Liason for the reberthing of the surviving heroes of Red Squadron within the Squadrons of Renegade Wing. Red took the brunt of the Battle of Endor and without the stalwart resolution of their pilots the Alliance would likely be mourning a loss rather than celebrating, what appears to be, the beginning of the end for The Empire.

28 Jul 2020

  • Capital ships will be an important part of battles; rather than being static objectives that attack only when provoked, they will press the attack depending on the state of the morale bar. Corvettes will also spawn in to help starfighters, tanking hits from frigates and capital ships as well as providing support against fighters--but be careful, the loss of your corvette can have catastrophic results on the battlefield! Eckhartsladder explains in more detail.
  • Updates to Squadron Rosters are ongoing but lower decks are abuzz with scuttlebut from Fleet in regards to pending transfers!

27 Jul 2020

  • Pre Order bonus content for Star Wars: Squadrons has been announced. As for now, it looks like pre-order bonuses consist of skins for your pilot and decals for your TIE and X-Wing starfighter. More info inside this article, as well as information on a discount for EA and Origin Access members.
  • Orders:Kid, Rogue Six has been assigned TacOps Editor Role. Please direct any Tactical Operations submissions to Kid through the Wing Discord
  • Orders:Bulldog, Buccaneer Six has been assigned Lore Master. This position is, by default, also Editor-In-Chief so all POV or Tales to be submitted to Bulldog, once again through the Wing Discord
  • Updates to Squadron Rosters are ongoing.

22 Jul 2020

  • New E-Book available in the Library. All the Lounge Tales in one place for your offline reading requirements. Working on the longer serialized stories and will post them as individual e-books when formatted.

21 Jul 2020

20 Jul 2020

  • Star Wars: Squadrons is the X-wing vs TIE fighter Sequel You're Looking For: A great writeup over at Ausgamers.
  • 9-LOM 'Syntax' Corsair Lead has an updated bio. Go check it out on the Corsair Roster Page.
  • Updated Bulldog's assignment from Recon/Interception to Heavy Assault in-line with his transfer to Buccaneer Squadron.

17 Jul 2020

  • 9-LOM 'Syntax' Corsair Lead has been awarded the Bronze Gilt Border to it's (we still don't know what 'gender' our bot identifies with) Elite Service Ribbon with Platinum Device; Gilt Borders are added to Service Ribbons and awarded to pilots who achieve the following criteria: Bronze - 80% of the Balance of Power Rebel combat missions with at least good performances. No missions may be lower than fair performance.
  • Orders: Fleet Command to Renegade Wing. Approval granted for transfer of Andrew 'Bulldog' Clark to vacant billet of Buccaneer Six. Transfer is to be effected immediately. Corsair CO Reccomendation follows:

    Re: Transfer of Andy Clark to Buccaneer Squadron
    2nd Lieutenant Andy Clark has demonstrated a strong committment to Renegade Wing ideals as of late, having spearheaded a large-scale Endor POV project as well as engaging in numerous discussions regarding the future of the Wing and its organization, both internally and as part of the larger Alliance as a whole. His dedication to the improvement of the Wing comes in tandem with his dedication to improve himself as a pilot as well. It is with these factors in mind that I can only give my highest recommendation in his transfer to Buccaneer Squadron, effective immediately.
    LtCol 9-LOM

  • Orders: Fleet Command to Renegade Wing. Per request 336-2-6 COL Reynolds; Approval granted for promotion of Andrew 'Bulldog' Clark to 1st Lieutenant. Promotion effective immediately with all rights and privileges of new rank herewith.

16 Jul 2020

  • Update to Roster! Rogue Squadron welcomes Bill 'Jedi' Morrison back from RWSS. Jedi has stepped back into Combat Operations and brings a wealth of experience (and possibly some Bothan connections). Back on the board as Rogue Two and filling Wing XO.
  • With the return of Jedi, Matthew 'Krayt' Houseman has been able to reduce his headwear by one and will be able to focus soley on Rogue Squadron as it's dedicated XO.
  • Format of the site has been mostly standardized. TacOps for all but the X-Wing and Tie Fighter editions are available.
  • NEW TACOP Andrew 'Bulldog' Clark, currently Corsair Six, has submitted the Wing's first TacOp for over a decade! Head over to the XvT Tactical Operations database and try Bulldog's tactics for taking that Top Performance on Space Bombs.
  • A rather more suitable header has been applied to the Recruiting pages

7 Jul 2020

  • Apparently there's a new Space Sim on the way, time to sort this place out.
  • Fixed formatting and links for Recruiting and all four Squadron Rosters.
  • TacOps Databases are next to go. We'll be starting with Classic X-Wing then XvT and XWA, by which time we'll probably have training ops packages for Star Wars Squadrons available.

1 Nov 2014

  • Been a long time in Space Dock!  Final refit and Space Trials upcoming
  • X-Wing and Tie Fighter have been rereleased for digital download, go to Good Old Games and get your DRM Free copies now!  Then get back here and check out the Tactical Operations section to fight your way to Top Ace!

26 Oct 2009

  • Woah! 6 Years! Really? You guys left me in carbonite for 6 Years!! Take a look at this place, the wiring's fried, half the relays are out and I don't know how we'll get the hyperdrive online... Boy, we've got some work ahead of us.

20 Apr 2003

  • Tactical Operations. The Vigilant's TacOps Database is finally back online. This also marks the start of some increased activity aboard The Vigilant as the crew gears up for action in the form of Star Wars Galaxies. Watch this space.

20 Oct 2002

  • Domain Name Change - Due to a minor communications glitch our domain name was undirected after the rent fell due ;) Anyway, we're back thanks to Bill 'Owtlaw' Bradley and the Staff down at the ever friendly Mos Eisley Cantina. A big thank you to Blue Horizon Enterprises... again
  • SWG News - Space Expansion - The much-anticipated first add-on for the Star Wars Galaxies series will introduce personal starships and starfighters, which can be used for interplanetary travel or space combat. The expansion also promises additional worlds, playable species, non-player characters, new creatures, and more!

    ?The staggered release schedule of the space component of the Star Wars Galaxies series will benefit players because they will have time to establish their characters and explore different elements of the core game before we add the space layer,? says Rich Vogel, director of development at Sony Online Entertainment?s Austin studio. ?Once the space component becomes available, players who have been with us since the beginning will be ready to buy their own starships and launch into this new arena.?

12 May 2002

  • They say change is as good as a holiday... changed the view from the main portholes. General housekeeping.

24 Feb 2002

23 Feb 2002

  • Communications re-established. A covert Imperial attack on our hosts server forced the shutdown of FTP services. This has been rectified and normal operations will now resume.
  • Site maintainance: Links from Squadrons to Halls of Honour fixed, Task Force pages updated, Contact e-mail changed for Rogue and Corsair Recruiting

30 Jan 2002

  • Michael 'Mighty' Tolle has transferred at own request. Captain Tolle has moved from Rogue Squadron to his original billet with Buccaneer, now with the added responsibility of Executive Officer. Although newly promoted, the Wing CO has ratified Mighty's further promotion to the rank of Major.
  • LT COL Marc 'Prowler' Desrosiers has taken on the added appointment of Tactical Operations Database Management, so all you hotshots with the 'only way' to fly that mission, make sure you send a copy of your flight log over and get yourself some recognition.

28 Jan 2002

  • After heavy losses Battle of Endor High Command has been forced to make changes within the leadership of Renegade Wing, in particular the CO positions of Renegade Wing, Rogue & Buccaneer Squadrons

    In accordance with the wishes of High Command, newly promoted Colonel Chris 'Jalb_k' Reynolds has accepted Command of Renegade Wing. He has transferred from his position as Corsair CO and now occupies the Rogue CO position.

    Newly promoted LT Colonel Matt 'Krayt' Houseman has moved into the position Renegade Wing XO, and continues to hold the position of Rogue XO.

    Replacing Col. Reynolds as Commander of Corsair Squadron, newly promoted LT Col 9LOM 'Syntax' has assumed command of Corsair.

    Major Desrosiers has performed exemplary as CO of Buccaneer Squadron, and will continue to do so, now as LT Colonel Marc ?Prowler? Desrosiers.

    While not assuming an official command position at this time, the long time commitment to Renegade Wing and exemplary performance has earned 1st LT Michael 'Mighty' Tolle a promotion to Captain.

24 Jan 2002

  • R2-I3 - Icarus is the latest addition to the Droid Pool. Icarus comes to us fresh from the Vigilant's tech bay with a certified 100% serviceable and virus free clean bill of health. Our thanks once again to Jasted,RogueFive, for his rendering and bio outline.
  • Absolute positioning added to main frames to alleviate image duplication in high resolution viewing. This will be added to the rest of the site as time permits.

22 Jan 2002

  • Got a view you'd like to see from the Vigilant's ports? Think you've got a graphic that would look good? Just mail the Webmaster and we'll set the co-ordinates to swing by your view.

20 Jan 2002

  • CRS Vigilant goes live.
  • Medium and Heavy Starship and Platform Blindspot Guides for XWA added to the Intel section.
  • 12 new TIE Fighter Combat Chamber TacOp briefings added to the TacOps Database courtesy of Syntax, Rogue Four.
  • Strike Force Battle Ribbon image added to the Coduct and Commendations section of the Medals and Awards pages.