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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

Combat Engagement, Raid on Rebel Factory Koensayr 42

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot- Any
Ship: B-wing
#craft: 2 
#waves: 3
Armament: Advanced Torpedoes (6)
Countermeasures: Flares

The goal of this mission is to protect your Escort Carrier and the Factory from being boarded/destroyed while 12 Y-wings are ferried from the factory to the ESC. Stopping the boarding part is simple. There are 3 Assault Transports bearing down on the station and they start relatively close to your ship, along with the half of the gunboats that are tasked with burning you and your wingmen down.

Ignore the threat to you, (or, take one head to head with IONs for max range), and blow through. If any try to wheel around for a lock, tell your wingmen to attack it and use your flares. They can keep the GUNs off your six for long enough for you to get your bearings. Locate the 3 Assault Transports and get a lock as soon as you can. One pair of ATs is strong enough to take it down. Your B-Wing has 3 pairs of ATs which is perfect for you to take down the ATRs. They have no follow up waves so no need to be stingy to save torps.

The other half of the gunboats are the major threat to the mission. They are tasked with taking down the factory. Once the ATRs are history your job is to hunt down the gunboats attacking the factory and kill them before they can launch warheads that will do serious damage. You can't do much about the group that is already close to the factory. It can take care of itself with those fighters. In my playthrough, it was at 34 shields after it finished the close in gunboats, and never got touched after that. Dump all laser energy into Engines when you need to close distance quickly to reach the gunboats attacking the factory.

Continue to kill the gunboats that are targeting the factory as they come in before they can launch, and continue to use flares to shake pursuit. As you get "ahead", you'll find yourself closer and closer to the spot where the gunboats hyper into the system, and it'll be easier to smoke them before they can do much of anything with alternating laser/ion blasts. However, this is also the location where the gunboats that target you and other fighters will spawn, so if the AI kills one, another will hyper in and go after you.

If your first ship dies and your wingman is alive, you will jump to his craft. Continue hunting the gunboats attacking the factory and take them out. Your new ship should have another full load of ATs, and a pair will ruin the day of any Gunboat you target. Just be sure to be head on or right behind them so your Torps don't have to turn too much because the turn radius is not super great.

Rack up as many gunboat kills as you can to hit the Top Performance. Some will hyper in after the mission victory is called and immediately go to hyper out. If you are short points, order all AI fighters (except the Y-Wings going to the ESC) to wait so you can have exclusive access to these free kills. With all the bonuses for destroying the ATRs and Gunboats, you'll earn the TP. Also wait until all of the red Y-Wings enter the ESC for bonus points, then fly yourself into the hangar to end the mission (or hyper out, it's your ship).

Author: Andy Clark (Bulldog - Buccaneer Six)
Strategy: Andy Clark