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CRV Nighthawk


The Nighthawk (known under Imperial rule as the Victory Derra-IV) was captured by Alliance forces during a joint military/intelligence operation. Onboard the Victory was thought to be information on the Empire's latest efforts to eliminate the Rebel Alliance (for information on this, read the Lounge tale: War-machine plans).

Upon its return, the Victory was taken to the Alliance shipyards of Mon Calamari. There it was disassembled and had its datacore downloaded and sent to RADD (Rebel Alliance Deciphering & Decryption). It spent two months under the watchful eyes of the Mon Calamari engineers, who during this time refitted the Corellian Corvette with extra shielding components and added two Taim & Bak turbolaser batteries as well as two ASG-class laser cannons. Due to these refits, there is no hangar space and the storage and cargo area is extremely small. The size of the crew quarters is also greatly diminished.

The modifications restrain the autonomy of the ship. Due to the small interior, not many supplies can be stored and it relies upon frequent resupply. The captain of the ship is Commander L.D. Mackie, and it is his first naval command. Upon seeing his new ship, he described its gliding flight as "beautiful as the smooth gliding of a nighthawk".