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Spectre Squadron is an X-Wing focused Squadron assigned to Renegade Wing aboard CRS Vigilant. Flying a multi-role fighter, pilots in Spectre can expect to be assigned to a variety of missions including Starfighter Interdiction, Escort, and Strikes on Imperial Capital Ships. Spectre pilots will also have access to U-Wing starfighters and may be required to fly them in support of larger operations.

Wing Leadership resides in Renegade Wing Headquarters Element, Renegade Flight

Callsign Nickname Position Duties
Spectre Leader Wolf Squadron OC  
Spectre 2 FLATTOP    
Spectre 3 Rogue    
Spectre 4 Squid   NPC
Spectre 5 Gremlin Squadron XO Comms Officer
Spectre 6 Angel    
Spectre 7 Talker   NPC
Spectre 8 Unassigned    
Spectre 9 Unassigned    
Spectre 10 Blixus   Lore Officer
Spectre 11 Damak    
Spectre 12 Greaser   NPC

Squadron Spacecraft

Spectre currently has a full complement of X-Wing as well as access to the U-Wing for support operations.

  • 12 Incom T-65 A2 X-wing Starfighter
  • 6 Incom UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft


Halls of Honor
  • Click here to see the honours awarded to members of the CRS Vigilant.










Major Myke "Wolf" Krenn

Spectre Lead - Officer Commanding

Squadron Citation x 5

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Escort and Interdiction
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Medic
Combat Specialty Reconnaissance
Side Arm X-30 "Lancer" Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Caf
Physical Description 178 cm, athletic build, dark brown hair, brown eyes, 22 year old human male from Sluis Van


Myke never meant to go to war. He grew up working with his father, who ran a medical clinic in the factory sector of Sluis Van. Tending to the well-being of workers of all species, Myke and his father saw the suffering under the Empire first hand. Violence, however, was against everything they stood for, so they helped those who could not help themselves. His father always hoped he'd go to a fancy off-world medical school, and saved what little credits they could, but it would never be enough. The cost of the clinic grew higher every year, and what little the Krenn family saved was often spent on supplies.

Myke's first piloting experience came very early, flying rescue speeders into the mines to retrieve wounded workers. He enjoyed the flying and took to it naturally. He was often able to take his craft deeper into the dark, vast tunnels and factory shafts that others shied from. The Imperial overseer was impressed and offered him a chance to go to the Imperial Flight Academy, promising credits and supplies to the clinic if he did well. His father refused, his ethics against violence too at odds with the reality of joining the Academy. Myke, however, saw it as a chance to help his father, help the people of Sluis Van, and see the galaxy. He agreed to the overseer in private and left in the middle of the night.

The Academy turned out to be an eye-opening experience. Rules, structure, and discipline often warred with Myke's sense of independence and desire to help others. Being forced to leave other cadets to their doom in order to complete a mission didn't sit well with him. Still, his desire to help his father's clinic propelled him forward. He found out through letters that the overseer made good on his promises. When he excelled, the clinic was flush with new supplies, but his father refused to use them. Arguments over the holonet turned into weeks of silence. When that silence abruptly ended with an urgent call for him to abandon the Academy and return home, quickly, he began to pack. Flying was a dream, but his father was his family.

He never made it further than the door to his room. Imperial Intelligence Agents detained him and for two days he was interrogated about his father. Accusations were made of collusion with the terrorist 'rebel alliance.' That his medical supplies were being smuggled off world to rebel cells rather than his own clinic. Myke protested his innocence and that his father was set up. His father's last call to him was shown as evidence and Myke found himself removed from the Academy and transported on an Imperial prison ship, bound for Kessel. When the ship came under attack en route, Myke's medical training proved useful in saving the life of another prisoner. That prisoner happened to be a Rebel agent, and the attack was an attempt to free him. When the rebel rescuers flooded aboard, the agent made sure Myke was brought along.

It was just after the Battle of Hoth when Myke made his way to the Rebel Alliance aboard the Liberty. He was placed in Yellow Squadron once his aptitude with the A-wing was made apparent. His medical expertise made him ideal for a mobile recon unit, and his tendency to stalk and destroy his foes before they spotted him earned him the callsign 'Wolf.' He served with distinction in the Battle of Endor, where he aided in the destruction of the Imperial Comm Ship, Pride of Tarlandia. Following the battle, he was reassigned to Renegade Wing with the surviving members of Yellow Squadron under their new name of Corsair. His father's whereabouts are still unknown, something that Myke aims to fix.












2nd Lieutenant Marshal "FLATTOP" Westfolder

Spectre 2

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Escort and Interdiction
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Landspeeder Operations
Combat Specialty Combat Search and Rescue Pilot
Side Arm Standard Issue DH-17, nicknamed "Pkan"
Favorite Beverage Corellian Ale
Physical Description Human male; unremarkable and bland, but for the laugh-lines that are already etched around his mostly-blue eyes. Slightly shorter than average, with dirty-blonde hair that was once close-cropped, a physique that was once toned, and an age that was once on the promising side of 26.


Marshal Westfolder grew up reading almost any file on his datapad he could get his hands on, usually in some dark corner of one of his family's Corellian speeder garages when he was supposed to have been working. He was an unremarkable mechanic or business administrator, so his father was saved the trouble of "figuring out what to do with him" when he left to fly speeders for a cousin in the various planet-wide circuit races. He acquitted himself well for several years, consistently placing in the overall top-10 and avoiding any life-altering crashes, but his cousin's party-boy spending habits and his own inability to break into the top-3 racers eventually convinced him that he needed to do something else. He took several jobs from extended family members working deliveries, warehouse logistics, even slinging nerf-hash for hungover dockworkers; and eventually, resigned himself to being a has-could-have-been.

Then, the Emperor died.

With the destruction of the second Death Star and the scattering of the previously dominant Imperial Navy, the re-christened New Republic put out a recruiting call for nearly every kind of position they had in their ranks. The mission-pivot from overthrowing to governing included the New Republic Starfighter Corps, and with the Diktat's stranglehold on communication shaken, Westfolder heard one of their recruiting transmissions. It left unanswered a question that had not occurred to him in quite some time:

Why not?

Why not join up? He wasn't doing anything on Corellia anyway, not really. There certainly wasn't any love lost for the Diktat or the Empire, and with the Sacorrian Triad making moves now was the right time to get out.

So, he did.

Westfolder's experience and academic skills combined well with his piloting talent to land him on a fast-track through training and out to the fleet perhaps faster than he would prefer. An old story about bringing a speeder back much worse for wear gained him the callsign "FLATTOP," but the real gain was intangible: camaraderie; a goal; drive.

There's a new "top-10" to break into - and this time, FLATTOP isn't stopping there.









1st LT Paul "Rogue" Sweet

Spectre 3

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Escort and Interdiction
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
Combat Specialty Infiltration and Close Quarter Battle (CQB)
Side Arm DL-44 heavy blasters (dual weild)
Favorite Beverage Lomin Ale
Physical Description Human male, age 36 standard, 1.76m, 86 kg, 176cm, 90Kg, Ginger Hair, Hazel Eyes, Ambidextrous polyglot.


Paul was born on the planet of Taanab, his parents owned a farm on the northern continent that specialised in both agricultural and Staga farming. After school, Paul would help his parents on the farm, enjoying the practical aspects of farming and finding he talent for operating the machinery. At school Paul found that he had a natural aptitude for languages and sports, by the time Paul was eleven he was fluent in fourteen languages. When Paul wasn't at school or working on the farm, he would spend time with his father learning how to shoot, so as to protect the Staga herd from predators. After a short period of time, Paul became skilled in the use of the three rifles his father owned.

After Paul graduated from school, he stayed on at his parent's farm until he was twenty; it was at this point that he told his family that he was enlisting in the Empire. His family were at first reluctant to let Paul go but after Paul had impressed upon his parents the virtue of what serving the Empire meant to him, his parents gave Paul their blessings and wished him well. It was whilst Paul was in the Imperial recruitment office and the recruiting officer was asking Paul what branch of the Empire he wished to serve in, Paul saw the holo picture of a Star Destroyer and a squadron of TIE Fighters flying in formation and informed the recruitment officer that he wanted to become a TIE Fighter pilot.

After passing the entry test, Paul was enrolled in the Empire's TIE school at Imperial City Naval Base. Whilst there Paul made friends with another new recruit, Villian Dance, or 'Vil' for short. 'Vil' was a better TIE pilot than Paul so when Paul struggled with certain things, it was 'Vil' who helped Paul out, it wasn't one sided, as 'Vil' struggled with the close quarters hand to hand combat training which Paul found easy so helped his friend.

'Vil' graduated as the top pilot from their course, whilst Paul was awarded the sharp shooters trophy and 'athletes' trophy for breaking the base's recruit records. 'Vil' was posted to a TIE squadron onboard the ISD Steel Talon, Paul however wasn't assigned to a fighter squadron as such, because of his achievements; Paul was selected to become a Special Forces Operative.

After successfully completing the extensive training in hand to hand combat, close quarter's combat, sniping, explosives and various other skills to become an Operative, Paul was immediately assigned to a unit. The missions that the unit were sent on were many and varied, Paul could find himself breaking into places to plant explosives or surveillance equipment, supporting ground units in combat operations, to being part of a covert TIE Fighter unit ambushing Rebel convoys.

Paul had been given the nick name 'Rogue' by his squad mates due to the fact that Paul would often deviate from mission protocol to achieve success. After a few years, Paul was promoted from pilot officer to full Lieutenant and was now in charge of his own team within the unit. During his time as an operative, Paul managed to build up a wide range of official and unofficial contacts that would supply him with information, safe houses when needed, weapons and various other off book needs.

It was during this time that Paul met, fell in love with and married Cally. Cally was a Captain in the Imperial Navy and one of the control operators that dealt with Paul's unit when they were on missions, she relayed co-ordinates, objectives, frequencies and more. After making an excuse to meet up with her, Paul had made it his goal to win her heart, although there was a difference in rank, with Paul being junior to Cally, the two became close and eventually a relationship developed.

Paul and Cally had been married for a few years when Cally convinced Paul to defect to the Rebellion. Cally had uncovered evidence that revealed that some of the missions that Paul and his unit had carried out had been to simply eliminate the local Moff's enemies or troublemakers. Furthermore it seemed that the Moff had also benefited financially by seizing the assets of the people he had ordered terminated and was amassing a personal fortune through this.

Between themselves, Cally and Paul came up with a plan to make their escape, when they did, Cally and Paul paid the Moff a visit, after some none too gentle encouragement from Paul, the Moff gave up his account codes to Cally who transferred all of the money from the Moff's account into a new account created by Cally. With this done, Paul executed the Moff and burnt down the Moff's mansion. Paul had suggested that they transfer some of the money back into the community by way of donations to several local charities.

Paul and Cally made their escape and a few weeks later after they had linked up with Rebel sympathisers who in turn got in contact with the Rebellion. During this time, the Death Star was destroyed and the Rebellion became known as the Rebel Alliance. Paul and Cally were accepted into the Rebel Alliance, Cally was assigned to an intelligence unit with Paul being assigned to Red Squadron because of his piloting skills and the Rebel Alliance being short on pilots after their costly victory at the battle of Yavin.













Flight Officer Y'Adair "Squid" Komach

Spectre 4

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Escort and Interdiction
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Quartermaster- Procurement
Combat Specialty Situational Awareness
Side Arm DL-44 Blaster
Favorite Beverage Naboo Wine "Domaine de la Maison sur le Lac" when he can find it, lesser vintage of emerald wine otherwise
Physical Description Near-Human Male from Lorrd. 1.6 m tall, thin and rangy build. Grey eyes beneath sleek dark eyebrowsl pronounced cheekbones; thin lips; shoulder-length dark hair, usually clasped into a tail with a silver ring at the base of his neck. Stands stock-still in new situations while assessing body language of people nearby. When nervous, which is often, he will make aimless hand gestures, and then awkwardly stop when he realizes he's doing it and clamp his arms close to his body.


Y'Adair was born into a family of hoteliers who have hotels in various scenic locations. They managed to survive during the Imperial rule by separating their business into two distinct entities: one that served on the Imperial Worlds and the other catering to other clientele.

His parents were in charge of a hotel on the outskirts of Imperial Space. From a young age, he followed his father around, making deals for the supplies of their hotel as well as looking for exotics required by their family's other locations. Lorrdians are skilled at reading body language and other informal communications, which makes them almost able to predict what their customers are wanting - a boon for the hospitality industry. It also helps them to drive the best deals with suppliers and Y'Adair learned his trade well.

While dealing with suppliers, he became interested in stories about the Rebellion, bounty hunters and other adventurers. Living an otherwise sheltered life, secluded and tied into his family's business, these stories were the only thing he was obsessed with. He used his family's simulator to practise his flight skills, telling his father it was because he wanted to become a better shuttle pilot but in reality, he was fighting virtual space battles whenever he could find the time.

When he turned 20, Y'Adair talked to a Rebel recruiter staying at his hotel. Excitement overcame caution and he signed up to join a pilot training academy based at a secret location. He settled in quickly, determined to do well, and seemed to make friends easily - but in reality, this was because his fellow cadets discovered he could use his network of suppliers, developed during his years in the hotel business, to "acquire" certain forbidden items like alcohol. His trusting nature was abused several times before he learned to say no.

Y'Adair gained the callsign "Squid" from his classmates after blurting out the truth about why he had an unhealthy fear of Quarrens: when he was a child, a group of unruly Quarren tourists staying at his family's hotel had teased him mercilessly (he prefers the word "terrorised") for day after day. He still shudders whenever he sees Quarren, though at least he doesn't try to run away any more.

Since he already had experience in his family's simulator, Squid was able to graduate early from the pilot academy and his score led to his assignment to Spectre Squadron in Renegade Wing. He entered the Wing several months after Endor but Squid has still not been involved in anything remotely adventurous. He is always looking up to the "Legends", as he calls the senior pilots of the Wing, and dreams of one day possessing their swagger and self-confidence. He is still naive, though, and would do anything to earn the Legends' recognition.









Captain Gemilan "Gremlin"

Spectre Executive Officer

CO's Commendation

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Escort and Interdiction
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Engineering; Sabotage
Combat Specialty Dogfighting
Side Arm Blastech DH-44 heavy blaster
Favorite Beverage Zeltron spiced wine
Physical Description 172cm; 60kg; long purple hair; violet eyes; deep crimson skin; 22 year old female from Zeltros


As the eldest of a large Zeltron family, Gemilan - known as Gemi - grew up surrounded by siblings. She enjoyed school, excelling in mathematics and the sciences, but while she would have liked to take her studying further she knew it would not be possible. Her family was unable to afford the cost of university study, so she would have to find a job.

At the age of 16, she joined a tradeship as a trainee engineer and back-up pilot. Her birth-father was a pilot and she seemed to have inherited his skills, enjoying the challenge of flying the Dropkick Murphy whenever she could. She was surprised to discover that, as well as its legal cargoes, the ship also carried a range of less savoury goods in smuggling compartments. During a visit to Coruscant, Gemi was stashed in one of the hidden holds with a blaster to guard an illicit cargo of spice while the rest of the crew were undergoing immigration procedures. Unfortunately, the otherwise-empty ship was stolen by a couple of hot-headed young idiots seeking to escape Imperial entanglement. By the time the McCauley twins discovered her, they were far away from Coruscant - and her crew.

Jack and Connor McCauley would happily have abandoned their unexpected stowaway, but her engineering skills came in handy when the Dropkick Murphy kept breaking down. By the time they reached their destination, Gemilan had acquired a new nickname, Gremlin, because the brothers blamed her for the ship's mechanical faults. Unknown to Gremlin, the McCauleys were due to meet with a contact from the Rebellion, who was seeking to recruit them to the Alliance cause. However, they were caught in an Imperial ambush: Connor was shot, Jack and Gremlin barely escaped. Jack, nursing his grief, told Gemi he hoped he would never see her again and the pair parted company, leaving Gremlin with the Dropkick Murphy and its secret cargo of spice.

Experiencing the Imperial attack, combined with the Empire's growing repression of non-humans, motivated Gremlin to join the Rebellion. She put the Murphy in storage, spice and all, and signed up. She was sent to one of the Rebels' piloting academies, based on a planet known as 'Rainworld' for its stormy weather, and began her new career as a would-be fighter pilot. Her training officer was one Lieutenant Roy 'Lock' Callahan; the pair had, at times, a combative relationship as Gremlin struggled to adapt to military discipline but she loved the speed and responsiveness of her X-wing snubfighter, though she still had a lot to learn.

Just how much was made clear when Gremlin and seven other cadets graduated early into Bantha Squadron, which had Lock as its new XO. Their first mission was a disaster: the CO was killed, as were most of the cadets, and Gremlin initially struggled with survivor's guilt. The group was quickly transferred into the newly-constituted Red Squadron, commanded by a Mandalorian mercenary, Meg "Flash" Avern, and Gremlin settled into the role of a snubfighter pilot. Life expectancy was short; comrades quickly became family. Gremlin flew to protect her squadmates and her own family, far away on Zeltros. She made mistakes, survived and learned from them; bacta took away the worst of the physical scars and the support of her colleagues helped with the mental ones.

Gremlin is extremely loyal to her squadmates and takes happiness seriously - theirs and hers. She is passionate about the Rebels' cause, though not blindly idealistic - she is well aware of what they are up against and knows their realistic chances of survival. Sometimes this leaves her feeling down, a state alien to her usual Zeltron cheerfulness, and she needs to be coaxed out of her sadness to regain her normal place at the centre of a crowd.

Her skillset expanded when members of the Rancors, an elite Commando unit, joined the Reds. The squadron was trained to undertake clandestine special operations and in addition to her engineering knowledge, Gremlin became the unit's demolitions specialist, a task she enjoyed. Or as she put it happily, "This means I can blow Imps up in space and on the ground!" Lock, who had been CO of the Reds for some time, was heard to wonder aloud if this was a good idea after all.

Just before the Battle of Endor, however, Red Squadron was disbanded. Most of the team went into Wedge's Red and Lando's Gold Squadrons but, much against her will, Gremlin was posted to Blade Squadron to help train B-wing cadets in dogfighting techniques. She took part in the attack on the Imperial Star Destroyer Devastator as a B-wing pilot, albeit still wearing her orange X-wing flightsuit - her way of showing her allegiance to her former squadmates. When she was found by the SAR team after ejecting from her damaged B-wing, they first thought she was an X-wing pilot so her name did not appear on the list of Blade Squadron survivors. After recovering from her injuries, she was assigned to Renegade Wing.











1st LT Jeni "Angel" Courtner

Spectre 6

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Escort and Interdiction.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Starship maintenance and repair
Combat Specialty Space Superiority
Side Arm DL-18 Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Corellian Whiskey
Physical Description 152 cm; lithe build; dark red hair; blue-green eyes; 22 year old human female from Sollust


An orphan of the Clone Wars, she was raised in a shelter on Sollust in one of the planet's many 'Ash Ghettos.' With a natural aptitude for machines, she was forced to work for Imperial depots on speeders, walkers, and starships. Her small stature allowed her to reach areas hard to reach for many, though this was often dangerous and confining. Imperial officials nicknamed her 'Angel' after the Ash Angels found on the planet. Originally an insult for those who came from the Ash Ghettos, the name stuck and became a point of pride. By day, she worked herself to the bone for little food and no money, and by night she dreamed of going out there, seeing the galaxy, and maybe finding out who her mother and father were. Did she have any siblings? Anyone at all?

She met another young woman named Risha, who was one of the prisoner laborors, and the two women forged a strong bond. Risha promised to take Jeni to a hundred worlds once they could get out of there, and told her about the terrible things the Empire was doing and of the Rebellion trying to take it down. They could use someone like her, and if they could escape the planet, Risha could get them in contact with the rebellion. Excited by this chance at a real purpose, Jeni used her technical expertise and a familiarity with the guards to get them to a shipyard. Risha was able to jump a starship and after a terribly tense night of flying, they escaped into the vastness of the universe.

Together, the two young women spent nearly a year starhopping around the Outer Rim, slowly making their way north and chasing down Risha's leads for the Rebellion. In that time, Jeni learned to fly and soon surpassed her teacher. By the time they found the Rebellion amidst their search for a new base, she was ready to fight the Empire at any cost. Her first billing was at Hoth, working on X-wings and Snowspeeders. During the evacuation, she was one of the last transports away, having worked until the last moment. Risha was one of the X-wing pilots who left with the first wave. It was the last time they saw one another as Risha was listed as MIA several months later.

With the fleet split up, she found herself in a cell that received some of the new A-wing Interceptors. Rated as a technician for them, she soon qualified as a pilot. Her small stature and unnatural ability to withstand G-Forces made her a natural for the tiny ship. She served nearly a full year in Red Squadron, before it was disbanded as the Rebel Fleet consolidated around her former home planet. When the time for Endor came around, she flew as Gold Three, and earned the distinction as one of the few pilots alive able to claim she flew into the Death Star's superstructure and made it out again. Following the Falcon in, she split off with Gold Four and Nine to try and lead the chasing TIEs in another direction. She became lost, disoriented, and flying for her life. As the Death Star exploded, her craft took severe damage. A piece of debris pierced her cockpit from below, blowing through her leg and into her chest. The wound, combined with the experience of flying through a fiery, exploding tunnel haunts her to this day. She has no idea how she survived, but her injuries required nearly a week in bacta.

Following her recovery, Jeni was declared physically capable of flying, but could not pass the flying tests. Perhaps it is her memories of Endor, or perhaps it's something else, but the once promising young A-wing pilot finds herself unable to fly again. Declared unfit for active flight duty, she took an open position as an A-wing technician aboard the Vigilant with Renegade Wing.














2nd Lt. Lieza "Talker" Damha

Spectre 7

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Escort and Interdiction
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Diplomatic Negotiation, Hostage Negotiation, anything having to do with talking to gain advantage or achieve a favorable outcome
Combat Specialty Fast-mover, fast-thinker
Side Arm Whatever she's issued
Favorite Beverage Plain water, or skyjuice from dry desert planets when indulging herself
Physical Description Human Female, 27, petite and lightweight, 45kg, 1.5m, neck length wavy dark, bluish, hair. Fair skin, Emerald green eyes.


Lieza Damha was brought up as a scioness to a diplomat family on Coruscant. She was educated in the various methodologies on negotiations. Her family hoped that she would become the new face of the Damha family and continue the family tradition of supporting the Empire.

She was faithful and worked hard for the family, studying endlessly beyond what was required of her. She loved history and was an avid reader of the past. She graduated at the top of her class. She applied for the diplomatic corps and was accepted.

Unfortunately, her love for history became her undoing. While on planet, she discovered a discrepancy in the history she read before and she decided to pursue it to discover the truth. What she discovered shattered her belief in the Empire and her family.

She ran and hid while at the same time tried to uncover more of the distorted truths. She used her talent for negotiation to cut deals and stay alive. Sometimes working for shady people, another for a prominent businessman. All the profit she acquired was put on her unending quest for undistorted history.

One day, she discovered a rebel cell on one of her journeys. They were trying to negotiate a ride off the planet. She was trying to get off the planet too and decided to offer her services to them. She successfully negotiated a deal and impressed the rebel cell.

She stayed for a few years with the cell, helping them negotiate deals on behalf of the Rebel Alliance and earning some credits to restart her journey. As soon as she saved enough, she parted ways from the group and continued her journey.

While traveling alone, she also learned how to pilot small ships, since sometimes she had to rely on herself to escape. She was partial to small fast moving ships like the interceptors. Her fast thinking ability while negotiating helped when piloting fast ships where split second decisions were required.

After years on the road, her journey led her back to the rebel cell she assisted before. She decided to join the Rebel Alliance diplomatic corps, helping them acquire materials and support. She was on a diplomatic mission on a space station helping hammer down a peace treaty when it fell apart. She managed to make her way to one of the hangars and took off in an antique interceptor.

While escaping, she managed to take down three fighters. She was transferred to starfighter command where she was given an A-wing. She still does diplomatic duties and her smooth negotiation skills earned her the callsign Talker. Nowadays, if anything goes wrong during her high risk negotiations, she can use her A-wing to escape.













Second Lieutenant Jeff "Blixus" Mitchell

Spectre 10

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Escort and Interdiction.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Starfighter software systems
Combat Specialty Close quarters battle
Side Arm DL-18 blaster pistol and Knuckle plate vibro blade
Favorite Beverage Thuris Stout
Physical Description 178cm tall, 77kg weight, light brown hair, gray/blue eyes, 26 year old, male human from Scarif.


Jeff was born and raised on the Imperial world known as Scarif. He was born to parents working in a leisure town on one of the many inhabited archipelagos in the northern hemisphere. The family business of fishing, cooking, and restaurant ownership in support of the local Imperial garrison had been passed down several generations. The restaurant was a favorite amongst the locals, widely known for several exquisite seafood dishes made fresh from the various "catches of the day".

Jeff learned the family business, and became a decent fisherman and cook. However, he quietly longed for another path. From an early age, he had a keen interest in flight and all things that flew. As a young boy, he loved to venture to the beaches surrounding his home and watch the comings and goings of the many craft, civilian and military, serving the area. He went through the motions to support his family, working in the restaurant after school and sometimes on weekends as his studies allowed, but never really demonstrated an obvious passion.

Jeff's mother and father saw the lack of enthusiasm, and while it disappointed them, they loved their son too much to force him into something he clearly wasn't passionate about. The finances were always a bit tight, and they could never afford to send Jeff to any kind of flight school, but cobbled enough money together and called in a favor from an Imperial officer who was a regular patron at the restaurant, to buy Jeff an older model flight simulator. Jeff loved this gift so much he could barely be pried from it, sometimes sacrificing school, sleep, and restaurant duties to teach himself how to fly and lose himself in the experience.

Somewhat regretful, Jeff's father frequently had to pull him kicking and screaming from his new found sim addiction and insist he return to the world and help his family. Resentful, Jeff always did the bare minimum, somehow graduating school and continuing to help his family with the never ending grind of life in a small business. Little did Jeff's mother and father know, somewhere on a simulated combat mission, he had made the decision to join the Imperial Navy.

The day after his 18th birthday, Jeff hiked off on his own, under the guise of shopping for fresh produce in the local City market, and found the local Imperial garrison recruiting office and applied. He never told his family. A week or so after his interview and testing at the recruiting office, he received his acceptance offer, which came as a severe shock to his parents. There was a heated discussion, which degenerated into a screaming fight, which turned into Jeff packing his bags in a fit of rage and running off from home.

Jeff was never able to speak with or see his family again after this fateful day, due to the storm that eventually overcame Scarif.

Life was tough in the Imperial Navy, Jeff barely made it through boot camp. Somewhere along the path he developed a resilience and toughness which allowed him to continue into flight school, and eventually getting into the cockpit of a real TIE Fighter. Jeff was assigned to one of the squadrons that was based at the space station forming the shield gate that protected Scarif. By this time the tropical world had evolved into a core asset of the Imperial Navy and Jeff was proud to be one of those protecting it.

Two years into his life as a fighter pilot in the Imperial Navy, on the day that the fateful Battle of Scarif erupted, Jeff had sudden pangs of guilt about how things had been left with his mother and father. He vowed to try to reach out to them on his next round of leave. Jeff had evolved into a valued leader in his squadron, becoming an excellent trainer and gifted in explaining the components, systems, and tactics of just about every Imperial craft. He was supposed to take a flight of cadets for gunnery training when the klaxons sounded as the Rebel fleet dropped out of hyperspace. Thrown into battle, Jeff and his comrades waded in against the Rebels and stood their own to the best of their ability. Many of his good friends were lost in the action that day.

Jeff never really formed an opinion about what the Empire was, or what it did. Scarif's secrets were far above his pay grade. The training and conditioning was strong, and his pure joy of flying even stronger, that he rarely thought deeply about any particular mission or orders. This started to change as he first watched the Death Star's surprise exit from hyperspace, followed by the destruction caused by the now infamous low power laser blast. The blast triggered immediate destruction which wiped out a good portion of the northern hemisphere, his family included. Jeff watched horrified in real time. He was distracted to the point of tragedy, losing his flight and sustaining heavy damage to his TIE Fighter. Only Lord Vader's arrival in the Star Destroyer Devastator saved him. The Devastator made short work of the then exhausted Rebel fleet and the remnants of Jeff's squadron were able to withdraw to support ships that arrived in the Devastator's wake.

To say the Imperial forces were left in chaos after the battle was an understatement. Jeff found himself aboard a nameless support ship surrounded by crew he didn't know. In a haze of rapid fire decisions and luck he still can't quite explain to this day, he stole a transport and just ran. The Imperials never came looking for a random pilot and Jeff was able to fade away into the lawlessness of the Outer Rim. He kept a low profile for many years, taking random dead end jobs, doing good deeds, questionable deeds, whatever was needed to stay alive. After nearly 3 years of running around and in a constant state of worry for his life, he decided to make a change. The first step was to return to Scarif. He'd heard things, whispers and rumors, but felt the need to see it.

What he saw when he eventually made it back rocked him to the core. A slow motion environmental catastrophe, combined with strip mining, left his beloved home a dead husk. The Empire abandoned Scarif after pillaging what was left. He hung in orbit for hours, trying to process the magnitude of what was below. He felt somehow dirty, like he'd contributed to the vile act that took away everything.

Eventually shaking himself out of the stupor and memories of his childhood, he decided he needed to take action. Jeff was determined to chart a new course with the rest of his life and atone for his time with the entity that destroyed his beloved home. He faded back into the relative anonymity of the Outer Rim, but this time seeking contact with the Rebel Alliance, whom he eventually found. He was able to find his way into a training squadron and resume his life as a pilot, choosing the callsign "Blixus" in memory of the sea creatures and lost oceans of his home.















First Lieutenant Andika "Damak" Malim

Spectre 11

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Escort and Interdiction.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Communications and Undercover Work
Combat Specialty Close quarters battle
Side Arm Czerka SH9 Silenced Slugthrower
Favorite Beverage Skyjuice
Physical Description 26 year old human male. 1.62 m tall, 62 kg weight. Short cut wavy black hair and a close trimmed moustache and beard. Brownish tan skin. Often wearing cargo-type pants and a tucked in collared shirt and a dark brown flight jacket when off duty, and a standard tan flight suit when on duty.


Andika was one of the undercover agents working for the fledgling rebel group. His job was to blend in and identify whether a newly formed or prospective Rebel cell were genuine rebels. His job gave him a slightly cautious view of everyone he met although outwardly he was a very outgoing and fun kind of guy. He was outwardly friendly with everyone, even though he was judging them all the time.

So far he had recommended two cells to be ex-communicated and three cells absorbed into the rebel group structure. He destroyed another cell when he found out that they were actually imperial agents attempting to infiltrate the fledgling Rebel Alliance.

Andika was born into the Alliance, or, to be precise, one of the rebel groups that preceded it. His father was a covert operations specialist and his mother a communications and liaison officer. He was brought up and trained by both of them in their respective fields of expertise.

From a young age he showed an affinity for unarmed combat. One of his father's colleagues took it upon himself to train Andika in Teras Kasi. But without the use of the Force, he could only master it to a certain level. That never frustrated Andika, who enjoyed learning new things for their own sake.

His father was lost in a covert mission and presumed dead. But Andika never accepted that. He believed that his father was betrayed when he worked together with a new cell. Even now he and the rest of his family hold onto hope that his father is still alive. Current location of his family is still classified due to the nature of his work. Part of the reason he did his job was to ensure that what happened to his father never happened again.

After the Rebel Alliance was formally formed, he was drafted into an experimental SpecForce and SpecOps team called Psychos. They were a unit responsible for taking out important military installations, assassinations, pathfinding and uncovering Imperial spies and Alliance traitors.

The group was self-sufficient and conducted their own intelligence gathering and mission planning. Alliance Intelligence would set the goals but left the execution up to the team. Over the next several years the unit destroyed space docks, uncovered a major Imperial Intelligence operation, and committed various other acts of mayhem.

He developed an attraction to one of his team members, a SpecOps operative. They got engaged against the wishes of her family who did not know about her work. They both worked well together. They planned to quit the team and settle down. Unfortunately, history was destined to repeat itself.

A year after Yavin, a mission went sour and when the smoke cleared, Andika was the only survivor. The rest of his unit, including his fiancée, were dead. Andika himself was seriously injured and had to undergo medical treatment and psychological evaluation (contents sealed). Investigation revealed a leak in Alliance Intel. They found some of them, but he knew there were more.

After his recovery, Andika asked to be reassigned to solo missions, preferring to take missions which no other sane agents would be willing to accept. While on his mission, he was always investigating the traitors who burned his fiancee and team. Finally, just after the Battle of Hoth, he found them. He tracked them down and collected evidence which he passed to his previous commander.

After that, he disappeared.

He privately owned a Y-wing Long Probe which he used during his early days in the rebel group and the quirky astromech unit that came with it, Cee-Four. His commander believed he used the starfighter to disappear.

The Battle of Endor took the life of many Rebellion personnel. The New Republic needed to replenish their pilot ranks. His fiancee's sister, who joined the New Republic, decided to search for him after she gained access to sealed records about him and her sister's operations. After spending months retracing his steps, she found him working as a teacher in a backwater planet. He refused to return as a SpecForce operator due to the bad memories he had.

She decided to leave but before leaving, she said that he's letting her sister down. She also said, if he changed his mind, he did not have to join the army because he was also a good pilot. After thinking about it for a long time, he decided to rejoin the New Republic as a pilot. He mellowed down after three years living as a teacher, away from the war. He was no longer suicidal and depressed.

Andika is well versed in communication, close quarters battle, undercover work and is an above average pilot. Due to his undercover work, he is also fluent in five different native languages and disguises. He carries a blaster in a standard holster and a Czerka SH9 silenced slug thrower in a concealed holster as well as having an aptitude for unarmed combat.

Taking on the callsign "Damak" (meaning "Dart"), he plans to blend in with his current undercover work. If he is assigned to a ground forces cell, he will show his aptitude with personal weapons, unarmed combat and just basic piloting skill. If he was assigned to a fighter squadron, he kept his unarmed aptitude hidden from everyone and pushed his piloting skills to the fore.












Flight Officer Zak "Greaser" Cheeznoe

Spectre 12

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Escort and Interdiction
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Cooking, making something vaguely edible out of even the worst rations
Combat Specialty Enemy Harassment
Side Arm Standard holdout blaster
Favorite Beverage Nerf-milk shake (Banana preferably)
Physical Description Devaronian, Male, 19. Lanky with brown-red skin, a neat black moustache on his upper lip. A permanent goofy grin.


Raised on the quiet outer rim trade post of Portway, Zak was enthralled with the idea of rebellion from a young age. Despite his home being one with little direct interference from the Empire he hungrily consumed rebellion propaganda with tales of their exploits. When he was old enough he wanted to join up but the untimely death of his mother delayed his plans.

Zak's father tried to get him to settle down and run the family burger bistro, but Zak desired something more. His father found him work in scrap claiming and merchant ships but neither satisfied. Finally seeing Zak's unending desire and with the Rebellion morphing into the New Republic Zak's father gave him his blessing to apply.

Applying to Starfighter academy Zak did surprisingly well, showing a smart mind underneath the boyish enthusiasm. He earned the callsign Greaser when his academy friends discovered his previous work in kitchens, but he wore it with pride. Graduating into his first squadron he did well in his first few battles and when the call went out for exceptional pilots of Renegade Wing his commanding officer put forward his name.