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Buccaneer Squadron is Renegade Wing's Heavy Assault Element, composed of pilots with nerves of steel. Buccaneer fly both the Y and B-Wing in bombing roles and X and B-Wing in the Superiority role depending on the operational need however, they are specialists in the aggressive neutralization of capital ships. In a bombing role the other Squadrons are only there to cover Buccaneer, whose motto is:

Stay on target.
Callsign Nickname Position Duties
Buccaneer Leader Mighty Squadron OC  
Buccaneer 2 Gnoizic    
Buccaneer 3 Unassigned Squadron XO  
Buccaneer 4 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 5 Animal    
Buccaneer 6 Rogue  
Buccaneer 7 Rev    
Buccaneer 8 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 9 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 10 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 11 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 12 Unassigned    
Squadron Spacecraft

Buccaneer flies the Y-Wing and B-Wing starfighters, but also has assigned a small complement of Y-Wing variants for specialized assault missions.

  • 6 Slayn and Korpil B-Wings (Heavy Attack Fighters)
  • 6 Incom T-65 A2 X-Wing Starfighters
  • 6 Koensayr BTL-A4 Y-Wing Starfighters


Halls of Honor
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Lt Col Michael 'Mighty' Tolle

Officer Commanding Buccaneer Squadron


Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Droid Repair
Combat Specialty Capture Operations
Side Arm Blaster
Favorite Beverage Taboo Martini - Shaken not Stirred
Physical Description Human male, 30 years standard, Height: 1.8m, Weight: 81kg, Hair: blonde, Eyes: blue


Mighty was discovered at the Cantina by Rogues 7, 8 & 9 (Krayt, Hellcat, and Jalb_k). His talent was quickly recognized and it was suggested that he should join the Alliance. Mighty considered the prospect and took them up on it because a steady job was better than mercenary work any day.

Beyond that not much is known about Mighty due to fact that he suffers amnesia. One thing is clear; he has no affiliation with the Empire because of his numerous Imperial kills. Mighty's earliest memories go back 3 years when he became conscious on the Taloraan mining colony. He could not find a single person who knew who he was or how or when he got there. The only thing he had in his possession was a pair of wings that bore his name and a title to an unmarked Y-wing that was in Hanger 25.

Having found only dead ends to the knowledge of his identity in Taloraan he took the Y-wing and flew to Mos Eisley where he encountered many parties seeking mercenaries with starfighters. He took many jobs over the years only refusing bounty hunting missions. He mostly was hired for starfighter defense and taking out capital ships that belonged to the Empire, Black Sun, and other sinister organizations.

Over the next 3 years he took up numerous mercenary jobs for the Airam, Bespinites, and occasionally the Calamari. He has repeatedly demonstrated his ability in the cockpit - "acing out" usually once per sortie. Mighty is best suited in an X-wing although he is a master at piloting all types of craft. Mighty can only hope that some day his memory returns but until then he'll enjoy flying every mission he has a chance at.









1st LT Kyle "Gnoizic" Mandal

Buccaneer Two

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Linguist/Impersonator, Basic Starship Maintenance
Combat Specialty Gunfighting and Demolitions
Side Arm Dual WESTAR-35s
Favorite Beverage Rodian Splice, if you've got it. Rum or whiskey otherwise.
Physical Description Human male, age 24 standard, 1.76m, 86 kg, blue eyes, brown hair


Gnoizic's life has proven to be a mystery, even to himself. He was presumably abandoned by his parents in the docking bay of a spaceport on the Rodian homeworld of Rodia when he was no more than a week old, during the last year of the Clone Wars, with no form of identification. Fortunately, the baby was found by a Rodian mechanic named Jurno who took the infant home with him. The Rodian looked after the child as a single parent, working hard to have enough money to raise the young human.

The boy's "adopted" father was highly amused when the child attempted to learn to speak, considering he was a human. The infant spoke Rodese identically to the way Rodians did, instantly making him the most adorable thing in town. One day, Jurno couldn't find someone to watch the child and was forced to take him to work at the spaceport. After a long day of work, Jurno flew his speeder home with the baby in the back seat. Midway through the ride home, Jurno heard the sounds of several types of starship engines. But the thing that shocked Jurno most was that the sounds came not from far above, but close behind him. The Rodian turned around only to find the human boy making all of the noise, imitating the ships he had heard fly in all day. After ten months, the child was given a name. Jurno called him "Gnoizic," which is Rodese for "one who makes noise."

When Gnoizic turned three years old, Jurno started taking the boy to the spaceport daily in an attempt to teach the boy new languages and hoped to teach the boy how to be a mechanic. As the next few years passed, Gnoizic learned to speak Basic, Huttese, Shyriiwook, and in the language of beeps, chirps, and whistles of astromech droids, along with his first language of Rodese.

The boy also picked up skills needed to be a mechanic, fixing anything from speeders to starfighters. Jurno even taught the boy how to fly the ships they had to do extensive repairs to, which required test flights to prove that the ships were, in fact, spaceworthy. Gnoizic picked up on flying as it were just another language to learn. By the age of eight, he was flying solo on most test flights. During this time, Gnoizic became well acquainted with the controls of Z-95s, R-41 Starchasers, and even a Y-Wing or two by pirates who had needed overhauls done on their ships (as most were damaged from run-ins with Imperial patrols). The most interesting “pirates” Gnoizic and his adopted father had helped do repairs for were disparate groups of rebelling freedom fighters.

Consequently, this tie with rebel threats meant that Jurno caught the attention of a bounty hunter, hired by the Empire to bring in rebel “sympathizers.” One day while Gnoizic was giving a Z-95's cockpit a thorough cleaning, the bounty hunter arrived and arrested Jurno, ordering local security forces to do with Gnoizic what they pleased. With no living relatives, Gnoizic was put in a political prison of sorts, where he would be raised and educated in the Rodese arts of theater and hunting. When the boy had reached the age of fifteen, he was pitted against other political prisoners in the gladiator games Rodia prides itself on. Literally fighting for his life, day in and day out, Gnoizic mastered the art of gun fighting, much to the surprise of many viewers, who had initially bet that he would die in the ring almost immediately. As his fame grew, Gnoizic's freedom was bought out by an unknown source, which also provided a YT-2000 freighter dubbed the Gnoiz Maker for the boy to use. As the teenager flew away from Rodia, he vowed to avenge Jurno by using his skills to take up the life of a mercenary.

Not entirely sure where to start, Gnoizic made his way to Nar Shaddaa in Hutt space, hoping that the Hutts would have some odd jobs for him to do. He took on some bounties on debtors to local Hutt crime lords for a while before catching wind of a Hutt who was looking to was looking to shape the outcome of battles between the Houk and Weequay on the Weequay homeworld of Sriluur on the edge of Hutt Space. Gnoizic accepted the job offer and made his way to Sriluur. Soon after his sixteenth birthday, while en route to his newest destination, Gnoizic received a message from his biological father, telling him how to access a previously locked container in the ship. Inside, Gnoizic found a blood red suit of Mandalorian armor. With this, Gnoizic adopted the name Kyle Mandal as a way to market his mercenary skills to potential clients, and to strike fear in enemies.

Gnoizic spent the next year and a half knocking off certain leaders from both sides of the conflict and shaping some of the battles, per the requests of his Hutt client. As each side imported more advanced weaponry and vehicles, Gnoizic found himself “liberating” anti-vehicular weapons to combat any armed speeders or tanks that either species had managed to buy from offworld. Due to his random appearance in battles, taking down Houk and Weequay alike, the Houk nicknamed him the “Red Desert Devil.” As the conflict escalated, the warring nations started sending their own squads to deal with the teenage human, occasionally even working together against their common foe. Gnoizic's Hutt employer, Kavva, not wanting to lose such a valuable asset, offered him a deal to be his personal muscle for his new operation on Sleheyron.

While working for Kavva, Gnoizic would occasionally receive transmissions informing him of his heritage by his biological father, who taught him the history and culture of Mandalorians. In the meantime, he dealt with Kavva's employed smugglers, collecting on bounties for any that crossed him. He was also put in charge of safely driving any high-profile clients wishing to speak to Kavva personally. Two years went by, however, and Kavva's operation was bleeding credits, and given Gnoizic's knowledge on the criminal activities the Hutt was engaged in, Kavva decided it would be best to eliminate the young man. Gnoizic, receiving a tip from one of Kavva's smugglers, planned out how to beat Kavva to the punch. By bribing the Twi'lek in charge of maintaining Kavva's HKB-3 battle droid security force, Gnoizic was not fired upon when the Hutt called him in for a “private meeting.” While the Hutt was in shock, Gnoizic pulled out a disintegrator pistol and set it on low charge to shoot out Kavva's massive eyes. As the Hutt screamed and flailed, Gnoizic approached him with a detonator pack covered in lubricant and slid it down Kavva's throat. He left the room, then activated the explosive.

While his overkill plan worked, Gnoizic didn't account for the Hutt's relatives being infuriated by Kavva's death. A bounty was placed on his head, so he made his way to his supposed ancestral home of Mandalore. While en route, however, he received a message from an unknown source promising a high-paying job fighting for a group of freedom fighters on the planet Corsin. These “Rev's Rancors” had been starting an uprising against the Imperials on the planet, and had heard of his special talents. Gnoizic made his way Coreward and took up the job, although never actually learning who the mystery man paying him actually was.

Rev's Rancors were eventually ambushed on Corsin, but a handful of them managed to escape with the Alliance's SOS Team 6. The two combined to become the Red Rancors special forces squad, which Gnoizic willingly agreed to sign onto. The Rancors' stint was short-lived; after a few missions for the Alliance, both the Red Rancors and Red Squadron, housed aboard the Carrack-class cruiser Ugly Mynock, had sustained substantial losses, including the loss of the Mynock itself while capturing the Mon Calamari cruiser Morning Star. High Command ordered the two units to merge, leaving Gnoizic as one of the new members of the reformed Red Squadron.

For Gnoizic, this meant more time in a starfighter than he had initially signed up for, but he took to it quickly enough. Over the next four years, he would help Red Squadron carry out a variety of daring missions and clandestine operations, both in ship-to-ship combat and on the ground. In the days leading up to the Battle of Endor, however, Red Squadron as he had known it was disbanded and dispersed into Red and Gold Squadrons for the battle ahead. Ever the explosive enthusiast, he volunteered to pilot a Y-Wing in the fight, not quite anticipating how much of a death-trap it would be. In the aftermath, the former Red unit's pilots were reassigned to Renegade Wing. Though the Emperor was defeated and the Empire was on its heels, Gnoizic accepted to continue the fight.












Maj Chris "Animal" Stephen

Buccaneer 5

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Communications and Computer Systems
Combat Specialty Dogfighting
Side Arm Holdout Blaster
Favorite Beverage Strawberry Daiquiri
Physical Description Human male, 25 standard, 1.7m, 87kg, black hair, brown eyes


Chris Stephen was born on the Imperial city on Coruscant. His father was a high ranking Imperial test-pilot, honored by the Imperium for his piloting skills. His mother was an Imperial intelligence officer assigned to gather information on the fledging Rebel Alliance.

Chris applied to the Imperial Naval Academy and in testing his piloting skills were readily apparent. His callsign was given to him by his classmates for standing up to a senior classman in a dispute over a female that they had both taken a liking too. Each in a squint, Chris defeated him in single combat in the Academy simulators. He graduated with honors from the academy in the top of his class. During this time his father was assigned to the team that eventually developed the TIE-Advanced starfighter. Security was so high on that top-secret project that Chris had not seen his father for over a standard year.

Before being shipped off to active duty, Chris was given a week's leave. He spent this time with his mother and she told him of the activities of the Rebellion and their desperate fight against the Empire as the last vestiges of the old Republic were being swept away. Chris had known for some time that his mother was sympathetic to their cause, but he was taken by surprise when she approached him with the idea of defecting. At first, this outraged Chris, he was loyal to the Empire, but coming from his mother he gave it some thought . She showed him proof of the oppression, unwarranted death, and grief that the Empire caused, and this opened Chris's eyes to the truth.

After much thought and soul searching, a meeting with rebel agents was arranged and his defection was almost complete. But the meeting was somehow leaked to the Empire and a trap was set for Chris. The Rebel escort, comprised of three X-wings, and Chris, in an Interceptor, fought out of the trap. Their escape was due in no small part to Chris, who displayed outstanding skill and saved the life of one of the X-Wing pilots when his weapons systems were damaged. The Rebels were impressed with his piloting skills and Chris' defection was complete.

His mother also embraced the Rebellion, and was offered a position with Alliance Intelligence, which she accepted. "Animal" was given training on Rebel starfighters and his skills in dogfighting and computer systems attracted the notice of Alliance High Command and he was offered a place in Buccaneer Squadron aboard the Liberty. While still on Coruscant his mother had told Chris stories of the CRS Liberty, home of the legendary Rogue Squadron and their accomplishments; so with his destiny laid out before him, he accepted in hopes that one man can make a difference.









1st LT Paul "Rogue" Sweet

Buccaneer Six

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
Combat Specialty Infiltration and Close Quarter Battle (CQB)
Side Arm DL-44 heavy blasters (dual weild)
Favorite Beverage : Lomin Ale
Physical Description Human male, age 32 standard, 1.76m, 86 kg, 176cm, 90Kg, Ginger Hair, Hazel Eyes, Ambidextrous polyglot.


Paul was born on the planet of Taanab, his parents owned a farm on the northern continent that specialised in both agricultural and Staga farming. After school, Paul would help his parents on the farm, enjoying the practical aspects of farming and finding he talent for operating the machinery. At school Paul found that he had a natural aptitude for languages and sports, by the time Paul was eleven he was fluent in fourteen languages. When Paul wasn't at school or working on the farm, he would spend time with his father learning how to shoot, so as to protect the Staga herd from predators. After a short period of time, Paul became skilled in the use of the three rifles his father owned.

After Paul graduated from school, he stayed on at his parent's farm until he was twenty; it was at this point that he told his family that he was enlisting in the Empire. His family were at first reluctant to let Paul go but after Paul had impressed upon his parents the virtue of what serving the Empire meant to him, his parents gave Paul their blessings and wished him well. It was whilst Paul was in the Imperial recruitment office and the recruiting officer was asking Paul what branch of the Empire he wished to serve in, Paul saw the holo picture of a Star Destroyer and a squadron of TIE Fighters flying in formation and informed the recruitment officer that he wanted to become a TIE Fighter pilot.

After passing the entry test, Paul was enrolled in the Empire's TIE school at Imperial City Naval Base. Whilst there Paul made friends with another new recruit, Villian Dance, or 'Vil' for short. 'Vil' was a better TIE pilot than Paul so when Paul struggled with certain things, it was 'Vil' who helped Paul out, it wasn't one sided, as 'Vil' struggled with the close quarters hand to hand combat training which Paul found easy so helped his friend.

'Vil' graduated as the top pilot from their course, whilst Paul was awarded the sharp shooters trophy and 'athletes' trophy for breaking the base's recruit records. 'Vil' was posted to a TIE squadron onboard the ISD Steel Talon, Paul however wasn't assigned to a fighter squadron as such, because of his achievements; Paul was selected to become a Special Forces Operative.

After successfully completing the extensive training in hand to hand combat, close quarter's combat, sniping, explosives and various other skills to become an Operative, Paul was immediately assigned to a unit. The missions that the unit were sent on were many and varied, Paul could find himself breaking into places to plant explosives or surveillance equipment, supporting ground units in combat operations, to being part of a covert TIE Fighter unit ambushing Rebel convoys.

Paul had been given the nick name 'Rogue' by his squad mates due to the fact that Paul would often deviate from mission protocol to achieve success. After a few years, Paul was promoted from pilot officer to full Lieutenant and was now in charge of his own team within the unit. During his time as an operative, Paul managed to build up a wide range of official and unofficial contacts that would supply him with information, safe houses when needed, weapons and various other off book needs.

It was during this time that Paul met, fell in love with and married Cally. Cally was a Captain in the Imperial Navy and one of the control operators that dealt with Paul's unit when they were on missions, she relayed co-ordinates, objectives, frequencies and more. After making an excuse to meet up with her, Paul had made it his goal to win her heart, although there was a difference in rank, with Paul being junior to Cally, the two became close and eventually a relationship developed.

Paul and Cally had been married for a few years when Cally convinced Paul to defect to the Rebellion. Cally had uncovered evidence that revealed that some of the missions that Paul and his unit had carried out had been to simply eliminate the local Moff's enemies or troublemakers. Furthermore it seemed that the Moff had also benefited financially by seizing the assets of the people he had ordered terminated and was amassing a personal fortune through this.

Between themselves, Cally and Paul came up with a plan to make their escape, when they did, Cally and Paul paid the Moff a visit, after some none too gentle encouragement from Paul, the Moff gave up his account codes to Cally who transferred all of the money from the Moff's account into a new account created by Cally. With this done, Paul executed the Moff and burnt down the Moff's mansion. Paul had suggested that they transfer some of the money back into the community by way of donations to several local charities.

Paul and Cally made their escape and a few weeks later after they had linked up with Rebel sympathisers who in turn got in contact with the Rebellion. During this time, the Death Star was destroyed and the Rebellion became known as the Rebel Alliance. Paul and Cally were accepted into the Rebel Alliance, Cally was assigned to an intelligence unit with Paul being assigned to Red Squadron because of his piloting skills and the Rebel Alliance being short on pilots after their costly victory at the battle of Yavin.












Captain Mitch A."Rev" Ri'chard

Buccaneer 7

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Communications
Combat Specialty Sniper/Sharpshooter
Side Arm DL-22 blaster pistol, Czerka 411 holdout blaster
Favorite Beverage Suural Swirl
Physical Description Human male, 40 years standard, Height: 1.8m, Weight: 91kg, Hair: brown, Eyes: green


Mitch Andor Ri'chard was born 36 BBY in the city of Suural on the planet Corsin. It's a planet in the Ploo sector of the Expansion Region and is a beautiful planet with a large variety of animal and plant life, some of which are very dangerous. As well as being a big trade route stop along the Hydian Way, it boasts as a top tourist location for wildlife lovers…and hunters. The city of Suural, located on the opposite side of the planet from the well-known Tinn'lyi Islands, is one of the largest areas of commerce on the planet. It has a large spaceport for freighters of all types. Many local businesses thrive because of the constant arrival of cargo ships and passenger liners. Suural is also the location of the planetary government buildings, currently under Imperial control.

Mitch was the first born of Chas and Lin Ri'chard. His brother, Mika, was born about four years later. His father, Chas, is a very wealthy businessman and merchant. He is well known and respected in the business world for trading in all kinds of minerals and gems mined in the southern regions of Corsin. Along with that, he also owns and operates, when he has the time, a local produce store for locals and travelers, making him very popular with the local population. Growing up, both Mitch and Mika helped their father in the store and often visited the mines.

Taught by his father from an early age, Mitch loved shooting and became very proficient helping the hired sharpshooters keep the mines safe from wild animals…and other less savory characters. When he was fifteen, he learned how to ride a swoop. His mother didn't like it because of the excessive speeds and the danger that came along with it, but Mitch loved it. Since their family had some money, they always had good seats at the popular swoop races. Mitch would have loved to enter, but his mother wouldn't allow it. His father noticed his son's ability to handle the swoop and taught him how to fly the family transport. At first it was just short trips, but eventually he had Mitch on longer trips out of the Corsin system.

At age seventeen, just before the end of the Clone Wars, Mitch entered the Suural University where he studied business and several other topics believing that he'd follow in his father's footsteps. There, he met Kx'li, a Verpine, who became his best friend. Kx'li was in a couple of Mitch's classes, but the two really became friends at the shooting range,

where Mitch would go to release stress. Kx'li let him try his custom made sniper rifle. Mitch absolutely loved it, so Kx'li, being an expert small arms maker by nature, made him one of his own. After graduating, both Kx'li and Mitch decided to take their hobby to the next level and joined the Corsin Defense Force (CDF) where they received basic training in various weapons, like the DL-22 blaster pistol and Czerka 411 holdout blaster. Along with weapons training, the two of them learned how to identify and use various pieces of communications equipment, which included coming up with a code for keeping their communications secret. Although nowhere near what is required to be a corpsman, they both learned basic field medical procedures, which wasn't much more than learning how to field dress a wound and apply a bacta patch if necessary.

CDF recognized their proficiency as sharpshooters and sent them to advanced sniper training with a Republic Commando sniper. The RC taught them to use the DC-17m sniper rifle. This was by far the most intense training either of them had ever done. Out of necessity, the training included all-climate survival and stealth. As snipers, they had to be able to sneak into position, possibly stay there for long periods of time, and take the shot…all while in any kind of climate and terrain. They were also trained to be very well suited for recon missions where the sniper would get into a position where he could relay the enemy's position to artillery and/or air support. They both graduated at the top of their class. It was one of the only skills at which Mitch excelled. When they returned to their unit, they went on sniper missions as a team. Most of the time, Kx'li operated as Mitch's spotter since he had the better eyesight of the two.

Not long after, the Galactic Empire was born, but it took another year or so for them to establish control of Corsin. An Imperial governor was put in place to oversee the absorption of the CDF into the Imperial forces. At first, Mitch and Kx'li, along with the rest of the CDF, welcomed the new rank and privileges that came with the transition. The crime rate seemed to disappear and business improved. After going through the Clone Wars, everyone seemed to welcome the peace. It was about that time that Mitch's brother, Mika, got married and established a business on the peace-loving planet of Alderaan.

Another benefit to Imperial service was that Mitch received more advanced training in weapons and communications. He even got some pilot training. Because he already knew the basics, he advanced to fighters very quickly. That was a little different from flying the family transport, but he found it exciting. There weren't a lot of V-19 Torrent fighters available on Corsin, so most of his training was in simulators. It didn't take too long for Mitch to notice that Kx'li was not getting the same training. Not only Kx'li, but it seemed like all non-human troops were almost castigated. That didn't sit well with him. He talked to his father about it, who also noticed this sort of thing happening more and more all around him. There were even rumors that the Imperial government may institute a draft. Mitch didn't like it, but, at the time, he didn't think that there was anything that he could do.

A few years later, Mitch was on his way back to his barracks when he met a strange man on the street. The man began talking to him out of blue and asking him how he felt about the Imperials. Mitch was hesitant to answer in fear that this man could be some sort of spy testing him to see whether or not he was loyal to the Empire. When he really thought about it, it scared him to realize that he was beginning to have his doubts. Then the man turned his focus to Mitch himself. Mitch had always thought of himself as a good person, but this man made him realize the truth…that Mitch, at heart, wasn't really a good person. He had lied; he had stolen; he had wanted things that belonged to someone else; he had, on occasion, disobeyed his parents. The man gave him a few more examples, but they only proved to further convict Mitch that, at heart, he was not a good person. What made it worse, was what the man told him next…what that meant for Mitch's soul. The realization hit him like a durasteel wall. But all was not lost, the man explained. He told Mitch about Y'shua and that He loved him. Mitch lost it, right there on the street. He fell to his knees and begged Y'shua for forgiveness. The man let Mitch know that just by asking, Y'shua freely gave the forgiveness Mitch so desperately needed. For that moment on, Mitch was a new man. There was a new joy in his life that he sometimes couldn't even explain…just that it came from Y'shua.

Over the following several years, Mitch learned more and more about Y'shua and shared what he learned with everyone he could. Sure, at first, he was shy and/or uncertain how to talk to someone, or even if he should. But, over time, it got easier. Some of his friends even started calling him Preacher or Reverend. Some people that he talked to accepted Y'shua, but most didn't. Most just saw it as Mitch being Mitch and thought nothing more of it. The situation on Corsin slowly got worse and worse over the next several years. Little by little, the freedoms that the people of Corsin enjoyed were being evaporated. It was becoming more evident that the Empire did not like non-humans. Since Corsin's population was almost seventy percent non-humans, they saw more and more persecution and non- humans being rounded up and taken away. Mitch talked to his father about it, and they both agreed that something needed to be done. Having served honorably in the CDF for almost four years and in the Imperial Army for a little over twelve years, Mitch decided that he no longer could serve in a military that enforced that kind of tyrannical rule. Together, Mitch and Kx'li left Imperial service and vowed to start a resistance. They found an out of service mine in the southern regions and set up a base of operations. It was well hidden and long forgotten by most. From there they staged small hit and run attacks against the Empire on Corsin. It didn't take too long for the people to notice and a few of them to join up with Mitch and Kx'li. They were only a small band of rebels, but they were making a mark. They decided, in order to conceal their identities, to go by code names. Everyone called Mitch "Rev". After one of their successful attacks, one of their team members made a claw mark that looked like a Rancor attacked. At first it was meant to keep the Imperials guessing, but then it became more of a distinguishing mark of their group. The Imperials, and eventually even the locals, began calling them the "Rancors". Shortly thereafter, the team started calling themselves "Rev's Rancors". Over the months, random citizens would leave a package with credits in one of their team's pocket. None of them knew exactly from where the credits were coming, but sometimes

there would be notes attached…intel on what the Imperials were planning. They were warned when ambushes were set up to catch them, or any other types of traps. No one suspected Mitch's father. Not even Mitch knows the full extent of his father's wealth, which Chas keeps in various off planet accounts in order to keep out of the prying eyes of the local Imperial governor and would be thieves and extortionists. Long ago, Chas saw that his family could be put in harm's way if nefarious beings knew how much credits he had and could try to rob them or kidnap his family for ransom. However, he also saw it as a way to secretly fund a resistance movement against the ever increasingly oppressive Imperial control of his once freedom loving planet.

Then, there was sudden devastation. News arrived of the destruction of the planet Alderaan at the hands of the Empire's new super weapon. Mitch and his parents were distraught at the loss of Mika and his family. Enraged, Mitch launched a series of attacks, but they didn't go as planned and Rev's Rancors lost four good men. Chas saw where his son's team were headed and used his vast contacts to call in the aide of the growing Rebel Alliance to Restore the Republic. He got word that they were sending in a special operations team, SOS Team 6, to try to liberate Corsin.

Unfortunately, the Imperials somehow learned of the Rebel's aide to Rev's Rancors and, through overpowering forces, backed the two groups into a corner. Both teams lost a lot of members in the ensuing battle. Incredibly, working together, the survivors managed to escape. They were all listed as presumed dead in the Imperial reports. For Chas and Lin, they believed that they had lost both of their sons.

A few days later, Mitch was able to get word back to his parents that he had made it off of Corsin and was now a part of the Rebel Alliance. The SOS Team 6 and Rev's Rancors had joined together to form the Red Rancors, with Mitch as the XO of the newly formed group. Unfortunately, Mitch's tenure as the Red Rancors' XO was fairly short lived. During the campaign to acquire the Mon Cal Cruiser Morning Star, the Rancors' commander was badly wounded and they lost three of their team members. Two others transferred out for other reasons, leaving Mitch with only two. Subsequently, the Red Rancors were disbanded and Mitch was transferred to Red Squadron, where he vastly increased his piloting skills.

For a short time, Mitch transferred over to Blue Squadron, the heavy assault fighter squadron also on the Morning Star, after they had taken some heavy losses. In Blue he fell in love with the B-Wing, as well as the Intelligence Officer on the Morning Star, Sooli Kae. His time in Blue Squadron turned out to be rather short and he found himself back in Red Squadron until the Battle of Endor.