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Buccaneer Squadron is Renegade Wing's Heavy Assault Element, composed of pilots with nerves of steel. Buccaneer fly both the Y and B-Wing in bombing roles and X and B-Wing in the Superiority role depending on the operational need however, they are specialists in the aggressive neutralization of capital ships. In a bombing role the other Squadrons are only there to cover Buccaneer, whose motto is:

Stay on target.

Wing Leadership resides in Renegade Wing Headquarters Element, Renegade Flight

Callsign Nickname Position Duties
Buccaneer Leader Animal Squadron OC  
Buccaneer 2 Gnoizic   Lore Officer
Buccaneer 3 Loth-Cat    
Buccaneer 4 Wildcard Executive Officer CO of Tug Duty
Buccaneer 5 Princess   NPC
Buccaneer 6 Wolvinator  
Buccaneer 7 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 8 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 9 Raptor    
Buccaneer 10 Limmie   NPC
Buccaneer 11 Ant    
Buccaneer 12 Puddles   NPC
Squadron Spacecraft

Buccaneer flies the Y-Wing and B-Wing starfighters, however has assigned a small complement of X-Wing variants for specialized assault missions as well as two U-Wing for integral Squadron resupply as required.

  • 6 Slayn and Korpil B-Wings (Heavy Attack Fighters)
  • 6 Koensayr BTL-A4 Y-Wing Starfighters
  • 4 Incom T-65B X-Wing Starfighters
  • 2 Incom UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft


Halls of Honor
  • Click here to see the honours awarded to members of the CRS Vigilant.










LT COL Chris "Animal" Stephen

Officer Commanding Buccaneer Squadron

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Communications and Computer Systems
Combat Specialty Dogfighting
Side Arm Holdout Blaster
Favorite Beverage Strawberry Daiquiri
Physical Description Human male, 25 standard, 1.7m, 87kg, black hair, brown eyes

First Place - Spectre Capital Ship Challenge - 4:12



Chris Stephen was born on the Imperial city on Coruscant. His father was a high ranking Imperial test-pilot, honored by the Imperium for his piloting skills. His mother was an Imperial intelligence officer assigned to gather information on the fledging Rebel Alliance.

Chris applied to the Imperial Naval Academy and in testing his piloting skills were readily apparent. His callsign was given to him by his classmates for standing up to a senior classman in a dispute over a female that they had both taken a liking too. Each in a squint, Chris defeated him in single combat in the Academy simulators. He graduated with honors from the academy in the top of his class. During this time his father was assigned to the team that eventually developed the TIE-Advanced starfighter. Security was so high on that top-secret project that Chris had not seen his father for over a standard year.

Before being shipped off to active duty, Chris was given a week's leave. He spent this time with his mother and she told him of the activities of the Rebellion and their desperate fight against the Empire as the last vestiges of the old Republic were being swept away. Chris had known for some time that his mother was sympathetic to their cause, but he was taken by surprise when she approached him with the idea of defecting. At first, this outraged Chris, he was loyal to the Empire, but coming from his mother he gave it some thought . She showed him proof of the oppression, unwarranted death, and grief that the Empire caused, and this opened Chris's eyes to the truth.

After much thought and soul searching, a meeting with rebel agents was arranged and his defection was almost complete. But the meeting was somehow leaked to the Empire and a trap was set for Chris. The Rebel escort, comprised of three X-wings, and Chris, in an Interceptor, fought out of the trap. Their escape was due in no small part to Chris, who displayed outstanding skill and saved the life of one of the X-Wing pilots when his weapons systems were damaged. The Rebels were impressed with his piloting skills and Chris' defection was complete.

His mother also embraced the Rebellion, and was offered a position with Alliance Intelligence, which she accepted. "Animal" was given training on Rebel starfighters and his skills in dogfighting and computer systems attracted the notice of Alliance High Command and he was offered a place in Buccaneer Squadron aboard the Liberty. While still on Coruscant his mother had told Chris stories of the CRS Liberty, home of the legendary Rogue Squadron and their accomplishments; so with his destiny laid out before him, he accepted in hopes that one man can make a difference.









1st LT Kyle "Gnoizic" Mandal

Buccaneer Two

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Linguist/Impersonator, Basic Starship Maintenance
Combat Specialty Gunfighting and Demolitions
Side Arm Dual WESTAR-35s
Favorite Beverage Rodian Splice, if you've got it. Rum or whiskey otherwise.
Physical Description Human male, age 24 standard, 1.76m, 86 kg, blue eyes, brown hair


Gnoizic's life has proven to be a mystery, even to himself. He was presumably abandoned by his parents in the docking bay of a spaceport on the Rodian homeworld of Rodia when he was no more than a week old, during the last year of the Clone Wars, with no form of identification. Fortunately, the baby was found by a Rodian mechanic named Jurno who took the infant home with him. The Rodian looked after the child as a single parent, working hard to have enough money to raise the young human.

The boy's "adopted" father was highly amused when the child attempted to learn to speak, considering he was a human. The infant spoke Rodese identically to the way Rodians did, instantly making him the most adorable thing in town. One day, Jurno couldn't find someone to watch the child and was forced to take him to work at the spaceport. After a long day of work, Jurno flew his speeder home with the baby in the back seat. Midway through the ride home, Jurno heard the sounds of several types of starship engines. But the thing that shocked Jurno most was that the sounds came not from far above, but close behind him. The Rodian turned around only to find the human boy making all of the noise, imitating the ships he had heard fly in all day. After ten months, the child was given a name. Jurno called him "Gnoizic," which is Rodese for "one who makes noise."

When Gnoizic turned three years old, Jurno started taking the boy to the spaceport daily in an attempt to teach the boy new languages and hoped to teach the boy how to be a mechanic. As the next few years passed, Gnoizic learned to speak Basic, Huttese, Shyriiwook, and in the language of beeps, chirps, and whistles of astromech droids, along with his first language of Rodese.

The boy also picked up skills needed to be a mechanic, fixing anything from speeders to starfighters. Jurno even taught the boy how to fly the ships they had to do extensive repairs to, which required test flights to prove that the ships were, in fact, spaceworthy. Gnoizic picked up on flying as it were just another language to learn. By the age of eight, he was flying solo on most test flights. During this time, Gnoizic became well acquainted with the controls of Z-95s, R-41 Starchasers, and even a Y-Wing or two by pirates who had needed overhauls done on their ships (as most were damaged from run-ins with Imperial patrols). The most interesting "pirates" Gnoizic and his adopted father had helped do repairs for were disparate groups of rebelling freedom fighters.

Consequently, this tie with rebel threats meant that Jurno caught the attention of a bounty hunter, hired by the Empire to bring in rebel "sympathizers." One day while Gnoizic was giving a Z-95's cockpit a thorough cleaning, the bounty hunter arrived and arrested Jurno, ordering local security forces to do with Gnoizic what they pleased. With no living relatives, Gnoizic was put in a political prison of sorts, where he would be raised and educated in the Rodese arts of theater and hunting. When the boy had reached the age of fifteen, he was pitted against other political prisoners in the gladiator games Rodia prides itself on. Literally fighting for his life, day in and day out, Gnoizic mastered the art of gun fighting, much to the surprise of many viewers, who had initially bet that he would die in the ring almost immediately. As his fame grew, Gnoizic's freedom was bought out by an unknown source, which also provided a YT-2000 freighter dubbed the Gnoiz Maker for the boy to use. As the teenager flew away from Rodia, he vowed to avenge Jurno by using his skills to take up the life of a mercenary.

Not entirely sure where to start, Gnoizic made his way to Nar Shaddaa in Hutt space, hoping that the Hutts would have some odd jobs for him to do. He took on some bounties on debtors to local Hutt crime lords for a while before catching wind of a Hutt who was looking to was looking to shape the outcome of battles between the Houk and Weequay on the Weequay homeworld of Sriluur on the edge of Hutt Space. Gnoizic accepted the job offer and made his way to Sriluur. Soon after his sixteenth birthday, while en route to his newest destination, Gnoizic received a message from his biological father, telling him how to access a previously locked container in the ship. Inside, Gnoizic found a blood red suit of Mandalorian armor. With this, Gnoizic adopted the name Kyle Mandal as a way to market his mercenary skills to potential clients, and to strike fear in enemies.

Gnoizic spent the next year and a half knocking off certain leaders from both sides of the conflict and shaping some of the battles, per the requests of his Hutt client. As each side imported more advanced weaponry and vehicles, Gnoizic found himself "liberating" anti-vehicular weapons to combat any armed speeders or tanks that either species had managed to buy from offworld. Due to his random appearance in battles, taking down Houk and Weequay alike, the Houk nicknamed him the "Red Desert Devil." As the conflict escalated, the warring nations started sending their own squads to deal with the teenage human, occasionally even working together against their common foe. Gnoizic's Hutt employer, Kavva, not wanting to lose such a valuable asset, offered him a deal to be his personal muscle for his new operation on Sleheyron.

While working for Kavva, Gnoizic would occasionally receive transmissions informing him of his heritage by his biological father, who taught him the history and culture of Mandalorians. In the meantime, he dealt with Kavva's employed smugglers, collecting on bounties for any that crossed him. He was also put in charge of safely driving any high-profile clients wishing to speak to Kavva personally. Two years went by, however, and Kavva's operation was bleeding credits, and given Gnoizic's knowledge on the criminal activities the Hutt was engaged in, Kavva decided it would be best to eliminate the young man. Gnoizic, receiving a tip from one of Kavva's smugglers, planned out how to beat Kavva to the punch. By bribing the Twi'lek in charge of maintaining Kavva's HKB-3 battle droid security force, Gnoizic was not fired upon when the Hutt called him in for a "private meeting." While the Hutt was in shock, Gnoizic pulled out a disintegrator pistol and set it on low charge to shoot out Kavva's massive eyes. As the Hutt screamed and flailed, Gnoizic approached him with a detonator pack covered in lubricant and slid it down Kavva's throat. He left the room, then activated the explosive.

While his overkill plan worked, Gnoizic didn't account for the Hutt's relatives being infuriated by Kavva's death. A bounty was placed on his head, so he made his way to his supposed ancestral home of Mandalore. While en route, however, he received a message from an unknown source promising a high-paying job fighting for a group of freedom fighters on the planet Corsin. These "Rev's Rancors" had been starting an uprising against the Imperials on the planet, and had heard of his special talents. Gnoizic made his way Coreward and took up the job, although never actually learning who the mystery man paying him actually was.

Rev's Rancors were eventually ambushed on Corsin, but a handful of them managed to escape with the Alliance's SOS Team 6. The two combined to become the Red Rancors special forces squad, which Gnoizic willingly agreed to sign onto. The Rancors' stint was short-lived; after a few missions for the Alliance, both the Red Rancors and Red Squadron, housed aboard the Carrack-class cruiser Ugly Mynock, had sustained substantial losses, including the loss of the Mynock itself while capturing the Mon Calamari cruiser Morning Star. High Command ordered the two units to merge, leaving Gnoizic as one of the new members of the reformed Red Squadron.

For Gnoizic, this meant more time in a starfighter than he had initially signed up for, but he took to it quickly enough. Over the next four years, he would help Red Squadron carry out a variety of daring missions and clandestine operations, both in ship-to-ship combat and on the ground. In the days leading up to the Battle of Endor, however, Red Squadron as he had known it was disbanded and dispersed into Red and Gold Squadrons for the battle ahead. Ever the explosive enthusiast, he volunteered to pilot a Y-Wing in the fight, not quite anticipating how much of a death-trap it would be. In the aftermath, the former Red unit's pilots were reassigned to Renegade Wing. Though the Emperor was defeated and the Empire was on its heels, Gnoizic accepted to continue the fight.

















2nd Lieutenant Dion "Loth-Cat" Ninx

Buccaneer Three

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Snubfighter Maintenance.
Combat Specialty ACM Support/Cap Ship Assault
Side Arm Modified DL-44 heavy blaster pistol
Favorite Beverage Blue Milk
Physical Description 168 cm, 79.7 kg, Human, 20, tan skin, black hair and brown eyes.


Dion grew up in the small settlement of Aq Vetina on a planet so insignificant that it didn't have an official name in the galactic registry at the moment. Being a third generation colonist, Dion grew up learning that you didn't waste anything. They quickly learned how to repair machinery and droids of all kinds. While the rest of their settlement was wary of the mechanic automatons due to the Clone Wars and the havoc droid armies had wrought across their planet, they were taught by their family to fix and repurpose anything until it was physically incapable of staying together any longer.

When the Rebellion to Restore the Republic broke out, they weren't paid much mind in Dion's homestead, as they felt that their little unnamed rock was so far out of the way that nobody would come and stir up trouble. So when the Empire placed a garrison in the capital of their planet, everybody was shocked.

Dion's father joined the Imperials as soon as they began recruiting from the local populace. Those that didn't join or show outright fealty were subjected to beatings or other harassment. The local population began to chafe at the slowly tightening yoke of Imperial rule. Dion always thought their father joined them to protect their family, but as time went on and minor transgressions turned into blatant atrocities, their father remained steadfast in his support of the Imperials. Food and resources were nationalized, and the native population began to starve slowly.

One day, Dion heard a sonic boom while they were in their makeshift workshop trying to repair a thresher droid. They dropped their tools and ran out to see the commotion. A plume of smoke rose on the horizon in the direction of the capital and the main Imperial garrison. "Rebels are attacking!"" people shouted all around as they rushed back to their homes to batten down the hatches. There were small fighter craft Dion had never seen flitting about the skies of their planet. They were mesmerized as they watched the lethal dance of TIE Fighters and Y-Wings.

Just then, one of the rebel ships took a critical hit from a TIE and spiraled toward the ground. Dion couldn't tear their eyes away from the scene, and was utterly amazed as the pilot of the ship somehow managed to pull out of their death spiral with meters to spare and skidded their ship to a halt in a nearby ravine.

Throwing caution to the wind, Dion sprinted toward the crash site. They knew it wouldn't be long until the local Imperial outpost would scramble a squad of Stormtroopers to investigate. As they reached the crevice the ship had fallen into, they saw the pilot attempting to pull herself out of the stricken craft. She was having difficulty using her right leg, and would surely be run down and caught if left to her own devices. Dion rushed forward, but stopped and threw their hands up as she leveled her blaster in their direction. Once she identified that they weren't a trooper, she lowered her pistol and allowed them to help carry her off.

The local squad was not far behind, having discovered the crashed ship moments after the two of them had crested a ridge and took refuge in a deep cave system that the Imperials hadn't been too keen to investigate thoroughly previously and likely didn't have accurate maps of the various tunnels and chambers. After a day of searching and a few close calls, the patrol returned to their outpost empty handed.

"What are you doing here?"" Dion asked after they found a good hiding place within the vast caverns.

"Haven't you heard?"" the wounded pilot replied. "The Emperor died when the Rebellion destroyed the 2nd Death Star earlier today!""

These things meant nothing to Dion, having never really heard much of the Emperor or the Rebellion, but they nodded happily anyway.

The pilot thanked them profusely, but Dion only wanted one thing- to learn how to fly so they could get off this rock and get revenge for their people who still continued to suffer under the ever tightening imperial rule. She agreed to teach them the basics as best she could in the cave where they took refuge if they promised to care for her, which Dion eagerly agreed to. They sprinted home, dodging Imperial patrols and retrieved what meager rations and supplies their mother and brother could afford to spare. As Dion prepared to return, they detoured into their repair shop and grabbed their tools and some scrap metal on a whim. As they emerged, they heard lots of shouting. Poking their head out, Dion saw an angry crowd of their neighbors walking toward the local garrison. Without warning, the troopers opened fire on the crowd, killing many and wounding more. Those that were wounded were put down with a point blank shot.

Shaken, Dion once again dodged patrols and returned to the cave and held up their end of the bargain, the rebel pilot scrawled out a mock Y-Wing cockpit with chalk on the cavern floor and walls. She gave Dion a crash-course in flying 101. Unfortunately, Dion's mechanical abilities did not transfer to medical abilities, and later that evening the rebel had succumbed to an unknown injury deep inside her body that neither of them could have seen or understood.

Dion buried the pilot in a cairn of stones where she rested and set to work on fixing the Y-Wing. Despite never seeing such a ship in their life before, their intuition with machines helped them identify most of the issues and they thankfully had all of the tools with them, as the sounds of blaster fire from their homestead and the surrounding areas carried on throughout their work.

Hoping their repairs were successful, Dion climbed into the cockpit past the still smoldering wreck of an astromech droid sitting in its socket and tried to mimic what they'd been taught. After three tries, they got the startup sequence correct, and after another two they were airborne.

As they left the atmosphere, the havoc being wrought upon the surface of their homeworld was more evident, and they became increasingly angry. They were about to turn the ship around and try to figure out how to strafe Imperials when their sensors pinged an alert. A patrol of TIE fighters was closing quickly on their position. Dion panicked briefly, but was calm enough to use the system menu to look for a way to leave.

As luck would have it, the rebel pilot's astromech had calculated their hyperspace course before its demise. Dion took one last look at their smoldering homeworld and vowed they would return once they were a better pilot and pay the Imperials back in spades.











Captain Bakk "Wildcard" J'ruce

Executive Officer- Buccaneer Four

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Slicing
Combat Specialty Evasive Maneuvers
Side Arm K-16 Bryar Pistol
Favorite Beverage Corellian Ale
Physical Description Human male, age 27, 1.70 m tall, 68 kg, short brown hair and green eyes. Whip scars all around his torso and a small one on his cheek.


Wildcard grew up on the streets of the planet Berchest. Having no known family, he learned quickly how to scrape out a life on the margins. While he grew to adolescence, the Empire replaced the Old Republic. During an Empire Day Celebration, his friends put him up to a daring stunt: steal an Imperial patrol speeder. Known to them as "Wildcard" for his crazy antics and lack of inhibition, they knew he would do it. Unbeknownst to Wildcard, they also planned to use the distraction his stunt would cause to steal a hefty bounty of credit chits.

The subsequent chase drew in most of the security resources of the capital city, allowing his friends to make off with the hefty sum of credits they had targeted. Wildcard's penchant for evasive flying caused multiple security pursuit vehicles to violently crash into each other or other buildings as they attempted to follow the wild-driving teen. The appearance of TIE FIghters from the local garrison caused him to misjudge a gap in the landscape, causing his speeder to get stuck. He was apprehended shortly afterward and sentenced to 25 years on the spice mines of Kessel due to the damages, and his stunt was deemed an act of rebellion by the local Moff.

Wildcard spent 10 hard years doing menial labor on the spice mines of Kessel. He had given up all hope of escape when the scales of fate tipped in his favor for the first time in his life. New Republic forces made a daring strike at an Imperial prison complex in a bid to rescue many of their political and military prisoners in hopes of bolstering their ranks.

Wildcard's untrusting nature, having been formed when he realized he was sold out by his friends on Berchest and hardened by his grim and back-breaking existence on Kessel, made him wary of the rescue. While the prisoners were being processed for transportation, he saw a crashed X-Wing unattended as the pilot had landed and ditched the craft to get aid for an injury incurred during the battle.

Not knowing how to pilot the craft, but seeing no other options, he secreted himself into the cockpit and fumbled through the startup sequence. Thankfully the damage during the apparently rough landing of the ship hadn't been too great as the fighter sputtered to life. The X-Wing was airborne for mere moments before New Republic fighters scrambled to bring him back. Knowing the terrain of the planet well, he used the natural caves and canyons to his advantage as he led the pursuit ships on a wild and harrowing ride.

Losing the pursuit with a dazzling display of evasive maneuvers, Wildcard's luck ran out. The ship's power plant had sustained too much damage during the crash, and it sputtered and stopped while he was hovering above the ground plotting his next move, causing the craft to fall a meter to the ground for its second crash that day. He was quickly found and towed back to the MC-75. He refused to leave the cockpit until he had assurances that he would not be sent back to Kessel. Upon exiting the cockpit, while he received the dressing down he'd expected and deserved, he was spared the worst of it by one of the pursuit pilots.

The pilot suggested that a way to pay for his latest stunt would be to join the fight against the Empire as a pilot. It would be the first actual job that was above board for Wildcard, but he first had to make it through the accelerated flight program. He did so, passing with enough natural stick skill to cover for his deficiencies with astronavigation.

Upon returning home to see what had become of his friends, he found them all either in jail or dead. He was recognized, however, by the locals as an underground rebellion hero. It seemed that they had also misconstrued the dare he'd undertaken so long ago as an act of rebellion. Not wanting to dash their hopes and secretly enjoying the notoriety, he buttoned the cockpit back up and reported to his duty station: the CRS Vigilant.









1st Lieutenant Isdeli "Princess" Ftrari

Buccaneer 5

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Alien Spaceship Piloting
Combat Specialty Multi-tasking, Bombing runs
Side Arm Modified BlasTech E-11 Blaster Rifle
Favorite Beverage Fermented non-alcoholic juice (a favorite of her young lady)
Physical Description Codru-Ji Female, 25, Athletic, One of her four arms is covered with burn scars, 56kg, 1.7m, brown eyes.


Isdeli was just out of her cocoon when a rival family decided to use her to engage in ritual kidnapping. Her royal family was in the middle of preparing her ransom when the location where the rival family held her was attacked by raiders.

She was taken off world and held as a slave. She was sold off to an effluent transportation family who bought her as a companion to their 14 year old daughter. She was lucky that the girl was kind and did not abuse her even though she was a slave.

From then on, at the age of 10, she was taught how to fly. Other than being a companion, she was also tasked to become the young girl's bodyguard. She was familiarised with weapons training and one of the trainers also taught her how to pilot small starships and fighters.

Her four arms gave her an advantage in piloting complex ships. Even those supposed to be piloted by two people. She excelled at the lesson and followed the girl around as she grew up. Isdeli protected her, and the young lady in turn, trusted her. She treated Isdeli well. She even wanted to free Isdeli, but she refused.

When the young lady was 20 years old, the family ran afoul of a pirate gang. Entrusted by the family, Isdeli brought the young lady away in a small transport ship. They survived the ordeal and the young lady restarted her family's transportation business with Isdeli as the sole pilot.

They spent the next five years together working the transportation routes. They also grew closer. Becoming more than just mistress and slave, more than just friends. Their life took another turn for the worst during one of their jobs. An Imperial patrol craft opened fire on their transport ship because it was suspected of carrying contraband for the rebel alliance. Their transport was empty.

During their struggle to the escape pod, an explosion mortally wounded the young lady and burned one of Isdeli's arms as she tried to shield her.

Isdeli carried her to the escape pod and launched themselves away from the transport as it exploded. The explosion hid them from the patrol craft. The young lady passed away in the escape pod, but she freed Isdeli from her servitude before she did.

Isdeli buried her in an unknown location and looked for a Rebel Alliance cell. She immediately joined up as a pilot. She showed uncanny capabilities in flying complex spacecraft. She loved flying the Y-wing since she can even control the turrets manually. When the B-wing was introduced, she transferred to the new craft and found it to be the most well fitted craft for her.

She is still trying to find the patrol boat that took the life of her young lady. She refused treatment for her scar so that she will never forget. When she does find them, they will eat the full complement of her B-wing's payload.














Flight Officer Glenn "Wolvinator" Ahdee'khee

Buccaneer 6

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Hyperspace Mechanics
Combat Specialty Close Quarter Combat, Advanced Weapons training, Dogfighting
Side Arm Augmented BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Spotchka
Physical Description Human male, age 30 years 1.77 meters and 143 kg. He has a very athletic physique that does not look to be the mass he tips the scales at. Sky blue eyes, short brown hair, thin reddish brown beard and mustache.


Wolvinator hails from the inner core systems, although his exact planet of origin isn't entirely known. Wolvinator stems from a lineage of Jedi, his Grandfather Heron-Ojo, was a Jedi Master who fought in the Clone Wars, later fleeing during the great Jedi Purge. His father was a Republic pilot during the Clone Wars and through the rise of the First Galactic Empire. As a child. Wolvinator grew up moving from planet to planet, efforts to keep his family name a secret, and out of the reach of the Empire during the formation of the Rebel Alliance. As he grew older, he spent a good amount of time on Rendili, where his parents taught him how to work on electronics and space-faring vessels, using the Rendili Hyperworks surplus as the main source of hands-on knowledge. As he grew older, his parents began giving him piloting and targeting lessons while still fraught beneath the shadow of the Empire.

When he approached adulthood, Wolvinator entered the Imperial Skystrike Flight Academy in an effort to hone his skills under the assumed surname "Mac Jones" to hide his true identity and maintain secrecy. Academy life came as second nature to him. Having stemmed from a family-line of pilots, he excelled in his Academy Class and quickly rose to the rank of Flight Leader during non-instructor based training exercises. While nearing his graduation from the Academy, The Empire and Rebellion engaged one another in the Battle of Yavin. The loss had a butterfly effect across the Empire, and an opportunity presented itself during a defection of Imperial pilots. Wolvie stole a finalized prototype for the Tie Aggressor, and fled with numerous pilots in an effort to seek out the Alliance. After a few days attempting to make contact through numerous back-channels, Wolvinator found his way back to a small Rebel contingent and delivered the new Tie Starfighter into Rebellion hands.

With the delivery of the Tie Aggressor, Wolvinator officially became a pilot of the Rebellion. He changed his name again out of habit, taking on the surname Adeek. He quickly made his mark, running a variety of sorties on Imperial Weapons Depots and minor shipyards before flying in the Battle of Endor against the Second Death Star as a part of Green Squadron. He became fast friends with his assigned wingmate, Anton "Ant" Whitemont, often joking to break up the stress. Many times he had wanted to tell his friend about his true history and identity, but the Battle of Endor interrupted him. During the final push once the shield generator was down, he and two of his squadmates were given the impossible task of breaking through the Imperial fighter screen between Red and Gold Squadrons as they made their approach on the now exposed Death Star. Knowing it was likely a suicide mission, he did his duty and plowed into the teeth of the fighters to break them up and clear a path for the others to make a clean attack run. His ship was nearly blasted apart, but took a fortuitous tumbling path toward the forest moon of Endor.

Ejecting from his cockpit, he managed to crash land in the dense jungle approximately twelve kilometers away from the Death Star's remote shield generator facility. Dodging multiple Imperial holdouts attempting to hide, he managed to make it onboard the last shuttle leaving the planet's surface and made his escape with the fleet. Unfortunately, the heavy losses incurred by Green Squadron during the battle left them too fractured to reform, and the pilots were scattered into different outfits before he could rejoin them.

As the war escalated, Wolvie continued his service in multiple engagements against the Imperial Remnant forces. Since the fall of the Empire, his pursuit against the now Imperial Remnant did not waiver, floating around different Squadrons and trying to find a place to call home. Wolvinator eventually found himself flying with Renegade Wing, befriending Andy "Bulldog" Clark and reuniting with Ant", he was invited to become a part of some of the best starfighter pilots in the galaxy.

While the battle continues to rid the Galaxy of the Imperial Remnant, he always stands at the ready to jump into his cockpit at a moments notice to restore freedom, liberty and the New Republic.































1st Lieutenant Kevin "Raptor" Clayborn

Buccaneer 9

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Data Analysis
Combat Specialty Capital Assault
Side Arm Paired DC-15s
Favorite Beverage Rum (various and sundry)
Physical Description Human Male, 25, 185cm, 70kg, White (Graying) Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Gaunt Build.


Born and raised somewhere in the Middle Rim, Raptor grew up near major Hyperspace trade lanes leading to the Inner Core. Wanting to be more than just another cog in the wheel, yet mindful of his limited opportunities, he signed up with a spaceborne security outfit as soon as he was legally able. The chance to earn a living in space, coupled with the otherwise inaccessible travel opportunities to the Inner Core, made him feel that this was what he wanted to do in life.

Swiftly gaining experience in space combat against the occasional pirate raids, Raptor's first few years in space were otherwise uneventful on that front. What was not uneventful was his understanding of the state of the galaxy. As the Empire grew ever more powerful, and applied ever harsher measures, so did his hatred for the Imperial Navy. He quickly began to resent the appearance of their vessels, the arrival of which heralded yet another imminent abuse against the merchants and traders who were just trying to make a living like he was.

It was not long after news of the destruction of the Death Star (the first one) made its way across the galaxy that he sought to make common cause with the Rebellion. With some discreet inquiries made amongst traders he had regularly worked alongside, many of whom had no love for the Empire themselves, he made an arrangement to depart with his (now paid for) Z-95 Headhunter and join the movement to free the galaxy. It was, thankfully, an uneventful transition with only the standard safety measures upon arrival to show for his transition from space escort pilot to freedom fighter.

Having explained his reasons for joining up to the intelligence officers, and passing several flight sim evaluations, he was assigned to the deep strike Green Squadron with the promise that, "You'll be able to vent your frustrations with the Imperial Navy in no time flat." He spent several years stationed aboard the Nebulon-B Frigate Rehz"nor with them, participating in many strikes against Imperial Navy capital assets, including the campaign against the SSD Vengeance in the Airam Sector in which he nearly died during the final battle.

With the battles of Endor against the Death Star (the second one) and Fondor devastating Green Squadron around him, Raptor felt his future slipping away. The reassignment of the Rehz'nor to the Cruiser Vigilant"s task force heralded a new opportunity for him, however. After a discussion with the operational CO of Green, he made a transfer request to join Buccaneer Squadron aboard the Vigilant. With new fellows to work alongside his personal mission to free the galaxy, one wrecked Imperial hull at a time, finds new life.










Flight Officer Teffis "Limmie" Utanks

Buccaneer 10

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Data Analysis, Physical Conditioning/Rehabilitation
Combat Specialty Escort, Fighter Superiority
Side Arm Hold-Out Blaster
Favorite Beverage Vodka
Physical Description Human Male, 24, extremely athletic, 72 kg, 1.9 m. Close cropped black hair, brown/bronze skin. Brown eyes.


Teffis Utanks was born in the capital city Svitalos on the planet Fwillsving in the Calaron sector of the Outer Rim. As a child it was recognized that he had a high level of talent for Limmie (also known as Bolo-ball), a sport with which his homeworld was obsessed. By the age of 7 he was given a place in the prestigious Limmie academy of his local team, LC Svitalos. This was a major source of pride to his family, especially to his Uncle Kerlay, who was part of the riots that destroyed Svitalos in 22 BBY when Team Fwillsving defeated Team Kubindi in the opening round of the Galactic Cup of Limmie.

His childhood was mostly spent in a combination of Limmie practice and school at the academy. He was obsessed with his sport and knew that he wanted to be involved in the game somehow, even if it wasn't as a famous player, so he concentrated his studies in the areas of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. He also spent as much time watching holo-film and analyzing the tactics of opposing teams and players.

He rose through the academy as a star player and was eventually given his first professional contract at 16 and shortly after made his professional debut for the LC Svitalos. By 18 he had been selected to play for Team Fwillsving, representing his planet in Galactic Competition. Professional Limmie places a high value on inter-species play and respect, and so he was regularly exposed to and developed deep and lasting friendships with members of other species. It was through these tournaments and relationships that he formed that he was made aware of the realities of the Galactic Empire and its treatment of its citizens. He resolved to work even harder to become the best Limmie player in the Galaxy so that he could use his wealth, power and influence to help those in need.

Unfortunately, at the age of 23 tragedy struck when he received a severe injury in a Limmie match. He was told that his professional Limmie career was over and as he began the process of rehabilitation he considered his future. He was offered employment by LC Svitalos as a Physical Training and Rehabilitation Specialist, but he soon realized he would never have the influence and wealth he would require to make a real change in the Galaxy. While rehabbing, he started paying increasing attention to Galactic politics and came to the realization that the Empire had to be stopped at all costs. He knew that joining the Rebellion was the best way to "get into the game" and have an impact.













2nd Lieutenant Anton "Ant" Whitemont

Buccaneer 11

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Reconnaissance
Combat Specialty Scout/Hit and Run
Side Arm A180 blaster
Favorite Beverage Kashyyykan bitter berry beer
Physical Description Human male, Age 32, light but athletic build, Weight: 73kg, Height: 1.76 meters, Brown hair (short on the sides, slightly longer on top), brown eyes.


Anton was born on Hays Minor during the time of the Galactic Empire. He never knew his father, who abandoned the family early on. His mother was left to raise him and his brother alone. She managed to build a very respectable but humble life for Anton and his brother. While his brother was content to stay on their planet, Anton was always the one looking for something new to do, even throughout his school years. This eventually led to a job flying cargo ships for a transport company across the galaxy. But even with this, he began to grow bored. It wasn't until an opportunity came up at his company. They needed escort pilots for a quick journey through a territory known for piracy. He signed up, one of the few to do so. This came with the reward of flying one of the company's newly acquired R-22s.

As his teen years faded into his early twenties, his disillusionment with the Empire grew. He firmly believed that the danger that comes with the chaos is a small price to pay for a more open, vibrant life. In his travels, he had already begun to feel angry with some of the things he'd seen the Empire do. It wasn't until a full crackdown of his neighborhood that he truly saw the Empire for what it was. Stormtroopers executed five entire families, children included, for something that later turned out to be a mere suspicion. Eventually, his company began transporting Imperial cargo. He continued to simmer in anger during his first dozen runs with the company. The next run was when the "cargo" changed. His company had delivered cargo to a small, somewhat out of the way installation and was now heading back to Hays Minor. Anton was set to be the last of this crew to leave, making sure everyone made it out okay. As his R-22 lifted off of the ground, he looked up. What he saw changed his life. Bound individuals were being forced out of the cargo crate. They were slaves. Slaves had been the cargo for this particular run. Anton spent the remainder of the trip home in silence.

Anton eventually found himself in his company's hanger, staring at the credits he had earned. The rest of his crew seemed to either not care or not know that their payment for this job had come from slavery. These credits somehow weighed on him, and his guilt drove him to strip off his company gear and drop it on the hanger floor where he stood. With everyone around staring, Anton grabbed his personal bag and walked off, yelling that he was quitting, effective immediately. After quitting his job, he returned home. What ensued was a massive argument with his family. Neither his mother nor his brother wanted him to go. After some harsh words were exchanged, he left his home for the nearest starport the same night he quit his job.

He would eventually fall in with a group of smugglers that had connections to the Rebel Alliance. Little did he know how prophetic that decision which led him to fly the R-22 would be....












Flight Officer Hue "Puddles" Allue Rue

Buccaneer 12

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Complex Flight Maneuvers
Combat Specialty Comple Flight Maneuvers
Side Arm None
Favorite Beverage Acetone
Physical Description Polydroxol male. 6'-7" tall. 15 years old. Looks metallic, like liquid. Usually wear long, concealing clothes like robes or trench coats.


Puddles is not what Puddles seems.

Puddles is not old enough to enlist. None of them are. Puddles is a trio of Polydroxol siblings from Sevetta, who are neither old enough nor big enough to be considered for flight school, but they were determined to be pilots for the New Republic and so they joined forces.

Hue, Allue, and Rue are three brothers. As an amorphous species made of liquid metal, denantium, they can combine their masses into one form. In doing so, they have managed to trick the recruiter into thinking they are one rather large Polydroxol of adult age.

Hue generally does the talking, forming the upper torso of their invented identity "Puddles". Allue generally serves as the hands and mid-torso, while Rue serves as the legs. Their teamwork is beyond excellent, as they have practiced this mode of existence for most of their lives, and they rarely need to communicate with each other.

Once out of the sight of others, the brothers can separate to essentially run one ship with three pilots, allowing for extremely complex maneuvers. Rue flies, Allue mans the weapons systems, and Hue runs the communications and other systems.

As far as any of his wingmen or command knows, Puddles is a single pilot with decent flying skills and a phenomenal ability to multitask.

Hue, Allue, and Rue got the nickname "Puddles" from an unfortunate underage drinking incident.