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Commander Eane Oamb

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position XO MC80B Vigilant
Technical Specialty Logistics and Personnel
Secondary Specialty Disciplinary Strategies
Side Arm Embarked Marine Detachments
Favorite Beverage Untold amounts of Caf
Physical Description Sullustan male, male grey skin with pinkish jowls. Age: 38 Standard Years, height 1.65 m, weight 51 kg.


Born on Sullust, the son of a freighter captain, Eane Oamb was always expected to go into the Sullustan merchant navy, shipping cargo for SoroSuub or one of its subsidiaries. By 3 BBY Oamb had received his Chief Officer's license and was serving as first officer on long-haul cargo flights up and down the Rimma Trade Route. With Imperial authority weighing increasingly heavily on Sullust, he joined the nascent local resistance and from there he eventually found his way to the Alliance Fleet.

Oamb's professional background and his talent for instilling discipline in the sometimes disorganised crews on early Alliance warships earned him several promotions until he reached the rank of naval Lieutenant and became the executive officer on a light cruiser. Oamb would go on to serve on several ships over the next few years. However, with one exception following the battle of Scarif, he was never actually given the command.

Like many Sullustans, Oamb suffered the particular forms of prejudice that Imperial authorities inflicted upon near humans from "overly divergent races." This casual prejudice was what originally motivated him to join the Rebellion. However, Oamb feels he has not always been treated with the respect he deserves, a feeling compounded by the habit many humans have of pronouncing his name as "Ian" and continue to do so despite multiple corrections. Meanwhile, Fleet Command has noted Oamb's skills but also the lack of rapport he often has with the crews he oversees. It could be said that both the prejudice and the chip on Oamb's shoulder are "unfortunate facts of life."

With the losses suffered at Endor, Oamb has been given the opportunity to serve as the first non-Mon Cal XO on an MC80 battlecruiser. He is determined to make an impression this time, one that will finally convince Fleet Command to give him his own ship. Until then, he serves the Vigilant as XO, responsible for the readiness of the ship and the training and discipline of the crew - roles to which he is still well-suited.