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CRS Vigilant


The Vigilant is a brand new ship off the assembly line at the Mon Cala Shipyards. While most Mon Calamari Cruisers were once city ships that were retrofitted for combat after they'd escaped the Empire at Mon Cala, the Vigilant was the first built with combat in mind from the start. It boasts multiple hangar bays capable of carrying 6 squadrons of fighters comfortably, with the ability to squeeze in 10 full squadrons for a short period before combat operations. She is roughly 1.6 km long, 100m longer than the Liberty that previously housed Renegade Wing.

Being a new combat-forward design, there have been a few wiring gremlins to eliminate, and usually at inconvenient times when in a hotzone. The maintenance team is top notch, however, and most issues are resolved properly within minutes of first appearing. As with many Mon Cal Cruisers, a massive lake and waterfall system is a central feature of the main leisure area of the ship. It tends to make the ship's atmosphere a bit more humid, which is comfortable for the predominantly Mon Calamari crew, but causes some comfort issues in common areas for non-amphibious species.