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Sabre Squadron Logo
Sabre Squadron are the watchful guardians of Renegade Wing. Be it close space combat support, search and rescue, or covert ground troop insertions, Sabre has the willpower and know-how to get the job done properly. Sabre is a U-Wing only element, meaning only the best of the best support pilots earn their berth in the squadron. Divided into three flights with different specialties, each flight element are experts in their arena of operation. Mainstay flies into the thick of things to support the other squadrons in battle. Mercy flight goes into hazardous conditions to recover EV pilots. Mayhem flight focuses on inserting commando teams behind enemy lines.

Wing Leadership resides in Renegade Wing Headquarters Element, Renegade Flight

Callsign Nickname Position Duties
Sabre Lead Silence Mainstay One Squadron OC
Sabre 2 Unassigned Mainstay Two
Sabre 3 Grannies Mainstay Three NPC
Sabre 4 Bonehead Mainstay Four NPC
Sabre 5 Zippy Mercy One Training Officer
Sabre 6 Guardian Mercy Two Lore Officer
Sabre 7 Barraken Mercy Three
Sabre 8 Boomer Mercy Four NPC
Sabre 9 Shadow Mayhem One Squadron XO
Sabre 10 Sludge Mayhem Two NPC
Sabre 11 Savage Mayhem Three
Sabre 12 Unassigned Mayhem Four

Squadron Spacecraft

Sabre Squadron fly the U-Wing starfighter support craft exclusively however, Mercy Flight has Telgorn M/ATR-6 Assault Transports at their disposal for Combat SAR operations in contested space.

  • 12 Incom UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft
  • 2 Telgorn M/ATR-6 Assault Transport (SAR)

Halls of Honor

  • Click here to see the honors awarded to members of Renegdae Wing.











Major Rosk "Silence" Vikeron

Sabre & Mainstay 1 - Squadron Commanding Officer
CO's Commendation

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Support & Insertion.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Droid maintenance, Intelligence
Combat Specialty TBD
Side Arm Vibroblade, spanner, DC-15A blaster carbine
Favorite Beverage Caf
Physical Description 175 cm, 63 kg; black hair, pale skin, blue eyes; 28-year-old human female


Born on Coruscant, Rosk excelled in school and landed a quality assurance job at Arakyd Industries soon after graduating. Scrupulously upholding production standards got her promoted into the final inspection role of the KX-series security droid line, ensuring the stability and compliance of each droid's programming.

One of Arakyd's research teams experimented with a medical droid line, but when this project got shut down, the spare memory cores got recycled back into the manufacturing line of the KX. The memory core, while wiped and reprogrammed, still retained vestiges of medical droid programming when it arrived for inspection.

After a second wipe failed to eliminate the anomaly, policy dictated Rosk send the memory core to be destroyed. Instead, she smuggled the memory core out of the facilities, an act which got her charged with treason for stealing classified military property.

She fled to the sanctuary of her estranged half of the family-Rebel sympathizers living on Alderaan. It didn't take long before she decided to join their cause.

The Rebellion quickly accepted her offer to assist with droid maintenance. Within a short time, necessity pulled her into repairing ships, and later, flying supply vessels. With a bit of flying under her belt, her officers wasted no time drafting her into a combat role.

Mismanagement and personnel shortages got Rosk promoted to Wing Leader before she had sufficient leadership experience. A skirmish with Imperial forces resulted in the destruction of Rosk's squadron only a week before Yavin, leaving Rosk badly injured and mentally devastated.

Rosk made it out of the bacta tank days after the Battle of Yavin, but she had no one to celebrate the victory with except the ghosts of the mates she'd failed. When her officers tried to reinstate her, she refused, requesting a demotion instead. Unwilling to grant this request with such a shortage of people, they transferred her laterally to a non-combat role in intelligence.

Over the years, she cobbled together a body to house her contraband KX memory core. With limited resources, she managed to add repulsorlifts and other modifications to a salvaged R2-D2 astromech head. The droid suffered a few quirks from the wipes it had been through, but it retained enough medical and security programming to still function in both roles to a limited degree.

The feminine medical bot personality "Doc" and the masculine security droid personality "Jobber" constantly bicker like an old married couple and frequently complain about being stuck together on one memory core.

Her new unit in Alliance Intelligence gave her the name "Silence" because she tends to observe quietly from the background until she's confident of the situation. She also answers to "Si" and "Rosk".

With both Imperials and Rebels in her family, having lived both on Coruscant and Alderaan, Rosk has well-rounded insight of both factions that made her a valuable interrogator. However, shortly after the Battle of Endor, Doc insisted Rosk come to terms with her past, and Jobber insisted she face her fears. Despite having misgivings, she agreed with their logic and applied for a position in Corsair Squadron.


















2nd Lieutenant Sharsinnar "Grannies" Grimma

Sabre & Mainstay 3

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Support & Insertion.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Social Engineering
Combat Specialty Strategy
Side Arm Holdout blaster, throwing knife, stun baton, garrote
Favorite Beverage Black tea with milk and honey, and spiked caf with cream
Physical Description Troig female. 5'-0" tall. Two-headed, greenish skin, white hair. Shar has dark pink accents, Nar has a bluish face.


Sharsinnar has lived a long life. A very long life. Together, Shar and Nar have done everything they ever wanted. They ran a bakery on Pollillus, competed against and married a famous stunt pilot, infiltrated an Imperial base as a caterer, became a bodyguard to a local rockstar (their daughter), won several gardening championships, became a doting grandmother.

They've done so much, in fact, that when their husband passed away and their children and grandchildren moved away, they became excruciatingly bored.

After falsifying their age on their documents, Sharsinnar joined the Rebel Alliance. Years later, they're still at it. Nar tends to be the cooler head of the two, sitting back and making calculated observations while Shar lives in the heat of the moment and handles things that require immediate responses.

While no one knows their real age, their white topknots and Nar's famous cookies gained them the names "Grannies" and "The Grimmamas". It's also speculated that if their actual age was ever found out, they'd be immediately retired from service.









2nd Lieutenant Na-Soth "Bonehead" Sammis

Sabre & Mainstay 4

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Support & Insertion.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Navigation, Tactical Analysis, Mathematics, Cryptography
Combat Specialty Snubfighter Tactics, Cap Ship assault
Side Arm Givin knife
Favorite Beverage Water
Physical Description Givin Male, age unknown, slender and tall. Skeletal in appearance. 60kg, 1.8m. No hair, pale white exoskeleton with deep sunken black eyes. Like all Givin, he is able to seal all external orifices against depressurization and temperature change, allowing him to survive in a vacuum for days at a time if necessary.


Na-Soth Sammis was born on the planet Yag'Dhul an indeterminate time ago. He is believed to be very old but not much is known about the life cycles of the Givin and he is not forthcoming about his age, considering it immaterial to deal with such simple calculations. Suffice it to say he is older than any human.

Na-Soth is considered of average ability among his people, which means that he is an exceptionally brilliant mathematician, able to easily calculate hyperspace jump vectors mentally. He was not considered "brilliant" enough by Givin standards to be involved in their ship design and building teams and so he settled down to a modest life as a clerk in the Body Calculus, a governmental body on the planet. He also volunteered in his spare time as a test pilot. This was looked at as a bit of "thrillseeker" activity on Givin, since the chance of an accident occurring upon first flight is, in fact, theoretically higher than average. In reality, there had not been a test-flight accident at the Yag'Dhul shipyards for many generations.

Na-Soth joined the rebellion as a Navigator before the Battle of Yavin. It is not clear why he joined but it must have made sense in his calculations. What was clear is that he had no love for the Galactic Empire. Just the fact that he was willing to serve on a Mon Calamari capital ship was considered evidence of his hatred for the Empire. Serving on a Mon Calamari ship was virtually unheard of among his people as they considered the Mon Calamari design philosophy vastly inferior to their own.

After Endor and the destruction of the second Death Star, he calculated that the need for snubfighter pilot replacements was higher to the probability of success of the New Republic than the need for navigators. He deduced that there would be measurably less need for the hit-and-fade tactics employed by the Rebellion to date. In the post-Imperial world, there was a requirement for organized and calculated tactical superiority. He also knew that several astute snubfighter tacticians had died at Endor and that their experience would need to be replaced. His deep analysis of space battles confirmed to him that, at the lowest levels, snubfighter tactics were of the utmost importance to a successful outcome moving forward.

He put in a request for transfer that was initially denied. He then explained the math behind his reasoning to the New Republic command. None of them understood it. However, they saw that HE understood it, and they knew him to be an exceptional mathematician. Thus he willingly accepted a demotion in rank commensurate with his status as a new snubfighter trainee. As a trainee, Na-Soth excelled at tactical analysis and strategy. He is not the most physically gifted pilot, having slightly below average reflexes and strength. However, his ability to calculate the success probabilities of multiple courses of attack on the fly will make him an asset in the New Republic's snubfighter corps. Due to his skeletal appearance and his skill in advanced mathematics, his fellow trainees took to sarcastically calling him "Bonehead".









1st Leiutenant Ikurrece "Zippy" Ojima

Sabre Five - Mercy One, Search and Rescue

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Search and Rescue.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Short/Vertical Takeoff and Landing - Amphibious (S/VTOL-A)
Electronic Systems Flight Engineering (ESFE)
Combat Specialty Search and Rescue (SAR) Pilot , Electronic Warfare and Countermeasures (EWAC) Officer
Side Arm BGL-77 blaster
Favorite Beverage Chilled Tihaar
Physical Description Pantoran male, mid-forties, 1.77m, 68kg, blue skin, short purple hair and moustache, yellow-golden eyes, no tattoos.


Ikurrece Ojima, a follower of the Old Mandalorian Faith was born on Nal Hutta in 40 BBY. He was raised in austerity, the last scion of a proud Pantoran military bloodline driven long ago from Pantora for their conversion to the Mandalorian faith. He was raised in the firm, regimented embrace of a family which had for a fistful of generations resided on Concordia as part of a small Pantoran Mandalorian enclave. Members of this devout, insular community lived by the six ancient tenets of the Mandalorian creed while secretly keeping both the martial and democratic traditions of Pantora alive among themselves. His parents, both veterans of the Mandalorian Civil War, fled to Hutt controlled space after the defeat and exile of their faction by the New Mandalorian government in ~BBY42. Followers of the true Mand'alor, Jaster Mereel, they took heed of his mandate that the only honorable professions left to true Mandalorians were that of mercenary or soldier. Flying their now surplus Kuat Drive Yards AIAT/i gunship ruefully named, "Pantora's Pride", Ikurrece's parents soon landed on their feet finding work as mercenaries in the employ of minor Hutt bosses throughout Hutt space: never staying in any one place long.

Ikurrece grew up in the compartments and stowage spaces of the enormous amphibious gunship as his parents smuggled contraband weapons and fellow mercenaries into and out of various secluded marshes, swamps, lagoons, coves, and fjords across the Outer Rim for the Hutts. His mother, the pilot, began teaching him to fly the AIAT/i in simulators starting at an early age. In his teens, he successfully completed his training on the embedded atmospheric and space flight simulators of the AIAT/i, passing all the Pilot training scenarios loaded into the unit by the Old Mandalorian Navy. Thereafter, he would occasionally take a shift in the Pilot seat of "Pantora's Pride" as needed during routine, low stakes flight operations. His father, one of the three gunners on the original combat crew, taught Ikurrece about deflection shooting techniques and other tricks of the gunnery trade. His parents shared the duties of instructing him in close combat drill as neither was a specialist. Both did their best to instill in him the true Mandalorian ethos underpinned by their unique Pantoran heritage.

Encouraged by his parents to join the Republic Navy at the beginning of the Clone Wars, Ikurrece enlisted in 22 BBY at the age of 18. Due to manpower shortages in the Republic Navy, exceptionally qualified pilot candidates could take abbreviated basic training and flight training courses followed by Officer Candidate School to expedite the replacement of pilots lost in combat. After finishing training in late 21 BBY, Ensign Ojima was deployed to the Outer Rim flying in a Search and Rescue (SAR) squadron as the Co-Pilot of a Rothana Heavy Engineering LAAT/i gunship specially modified for amphibious SAR operations on aquatic and marshy worlds. He continued in this role until being promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and becoming the Pilot of his own SAR LAAT/i-a shortly before the conclusion of the Clone Wars and subsequent reorganization of the Republic Navy into the Imperial Navy in 19 BBY.

His career in the Imperial Navy continued with more SAR postings along the Outer Rim flying his LAAT/i-a until it became obsolete and was replaced by an amphibiously modified Seinar Fleet Systems TIE/rp-a dropship that came with a long overdue promotion to Lieutenant. The dissolution of the Imperial Senate in 0 BBY forced Lt. Ojima to spend some time considering whether his oath, originally given to the Galactic Republic, Senate, and Navy, still bound him to the Galactic Empire and Imperial Navy. He concluded that it did not and deserted the Imperial Navy in 1 ABY stealing his TIE/rp-a during his last skirmish as an Imperial starfighter pilot. On his way out of the contested star system, he received a Rebel emergency beacon signal. At risk to his own escape from pursuing Imperial forces he rescued the crew of a downed Y-wing; returning them to their taskforce and offering to fly for the Rebellion.













Captain Adam "Guardian" Burns

Sabre Six - Mercy Two, Search and Rescue

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Search and Rescue.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Medicine/First Aid
Combat Specialty Fighter Cover, Search and Rescue
Side Arm Blurgg-1120 Hold-out Blaster (stun setting)
Favorite Beverage Ithorian Green Tea
Physical Description Human male, 30 standard, 1.82m, 69kg, short brown hair, blue natural right eye, red cybernetic left eye, cybernetic left arm (from shoulder), cybernetic left leg (from hip). Visage scarred significantly, patchwork beard and mustache. Usually wearing a flight cap with the squadron symbol on the front


Adam's father was a part of the system space defense force on his homeworld of Ghorman in the Colonies, along the Rimma Trade Route. Under his father's watchful eye, he learned piloting on the various airspeeders and some local starships, mostly Y-wings and Z-95 Headhunters. Before he could apply to the Imperial Starfighter Academy, however, his family was killed in the Ghorman Massacre. Adam took his inheritance and left his homeworld, looking for a new purpose.

He found himself on the Ithorian herd ship Bazaar, where he was taken as an apprentice by an Ithorian mystic named Kol'tar. After two years of training, Kol'tar left the Bazaar to join the Mother Jungle, and Adam left to volunteer with the Rebel Alliance. Enlisting as a medic, he served for several months until the evacuation of the Rebel base on Porchello forced him behind the controls of a Y-wing fighter. Upon regrouping with the Fleet, he was approached by Starfighter Command and transferred to Defender Squadron.

Adam served with Defender for a little over a year, earning the name "Guardian" for his focus on covering his wingmen (sometimes to the detriment of the mission), until Defender was destroyed covering a supply fleet that was ambushed by an Imperial strike group. Guardian was one of the few pilots to survive the engagement; his fiancée, fellow pilot Cori "Angel" Jocert, did not.

After the destruction of Defender, Guardian requested and was granted a transfer to the newly-formed Corsair Squadron of Renegade Wing. He flew for some time with Corsair Squadron, but his skills in the Y-Wing caused high command to reassign him to Buccaneer Squadron, where he was named Executive Officer and then, Commanding Officer.

While with Renegade Wing, Guardian developed a reputation for volunteering to fly the Search and Rescue shuttle on missions where his squadron was not needed, and develop his mission plans with an eye towards making sure his pilots returned alive. He was also drafted into piloting for Alliance Special Forces missions. He was lost and presumed dead during Operation Sarlacc, an endeavor away from Renegade Wing.

Presently, he has rejoined the wing after the initial action at Toseng, having been serving as the pilot of the medical corvette Anti-Venom.

Adam is a quiet, thoughtful man who prefers to give others the glory and collect life debts that he never intends to cash in on. He views his mission as bringing home as many of his wingmen as possible, and will bend or break any rule or protocol to save a life.



Silver Sunburst













Captain Moggaz "Barraken" Murg

Sabre Seven - Mercy Three, Search and Rescue

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Search and Rescue.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Code Slicing, Data Analysis
Combat Specialty SAR, Electronic Warfare
Side Arm Standard-issue A280 blaster rifle
Favorite Beverage Water, Kaf, Cola (in varying quantities)
Physical Description Quarren male, 1.83 m tall, 90.7 kg, age 42 standard years


Moggaz Murg was one of the few Quarren who was closer to the Mon Calamari at the time of the Clone Wars and was enslaved among them at the Empire's rise. He came into the company of a pair of bounty hunters, who he learned most of his skills from by quiet observation while biding his time for his chance at freedom.

That time would come shortly before the Battle of Yavin, when rumors of an Alliance against the Empire began circulating. One of those rumors involved an outpost on Dantooine, and, when a chance assignment took the bounty hunters close to the system, Moggaz saw his opportunity. He hijacked the first space worthy vehicle he could find and took off for Dantooine. The attempt did not escape the notice of his masters, however, and a chase ensued. Somehow, Moggaz proved better than his bounty hunter captors and destroyed their ship, which caught the attention of the Rebel commanders present at the base.

Seeing the need for starfighter pilots and Moggaz's natural talent, the Quarren was assigned to accelerated pilot training, accompanying the force when the base moved to Yavin. However, Moggaz was not quite ready for combat at the time of the Battles of Scarif and Yavin. Murg did graduate a couple of standard months later, serving admirably until a strange neurovirus affected his dominant hand to the point of his removal from combat status. Moggaz then shifted duties to Search and Rescue. He helped find many missing pilots and was rewarded for it and his previous combat duty by being assigned Fleet Liaison attached to the CRS Vigilant task force during the Endor operation. Being a student of Alliance history has served him well in this role.

It is rumored that an experimental targeted form of bacta is being tried on Moggaz, which has resulted in improved use of his dominant hand. Speculation has been running aboard the Vigilant that he may take a run in the simulators soon to see if a return to combat status is possible.

Moggaz has a couple of interesting side hobbies. He has been known to enjoy a night of rumble pins every so often. Also, his voice has been described as more beautiful than most Quarren and is often demonstrated when he shows up at the SSD's karaoke system.











Flight Officer Tecta "Boomer" Fassimo

Sabre Eight - Mercy 4

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Support & Insertion.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Stealth Systems
Combat Specialty High-risk Extraction
Side Arm Whatever's at hand, usually tools
Favorite Beverage Fizzyglug
Physical Description Xexto female. 24 years old. 1.5 meters tall. Violet skin, black eyes, brown hair. Thoroughly tattooed.


Tecta grew up around the podracing circuits, to a father so addicted to the thrill of the race that he staked his only child against his debts with the Hutts, gambling for the chance to race one more time. The prize money would have paid Lasgon's debts and saved his child, and he bet everything on his ability to win. Tragically, as he came close to winning, engine failure sent him spinning into a canyon wall. Tecta lost her father and her freedom that day.

As the Hutts took her away, she overheard whispers that Lasgon's crash had been sabotage by the Hutts to rig the results.

A promising young pilot herself, Tecta found herself in her father's place--a podracer. She knew what happened to him would inevitably happen to her. Using every bit of mechanical skills that she'd learned from helping her father, she rigorously inspected and repaired her own podracer before every race. The Hutts, after having their plans of sabotage subtly thwarted several times, pulled her from the races and made her a test pilot for their podracer manufacturing company.

Again she found her life hanging by the thread of her own skills to inspect, repair, and fly the prototypes, as little regard was given to her safety.

As soon as she was given a reliable prototype, she used it to make a run for her freedom. The Hutts later found their podracer in pieces, nothing more than a smoldering wreck. While they assumed her death, Tecta vanished into the night.

Now free but in dire need of making a living, Tecta refused to take any racing or mechanic jobs. She wanted as much distance between her and her past as possible. She soon found her chance in a bar and club, where she took up singing for a local band and eventually learned to play the Bontormian klesplong, but they eventually parted ways with her, claiming her playing was clinical and uninspired. She continued to take singing gigs by herself.

Several years into her new career, she heard rumors of how Princess Leia, a rebel sympathizer, had overpowered Jabba the Hutt. It made her realize the Hutts were not all-powerful. If the rebels were standing up to them, she wanted to help.

She would discover later that the Rebel Alliance was more interested in fighting the Empire than the Hutt families, but by then she'd committed to becoming a pilot once more. As the Alliance transitioned into the New Republic and U-wings were issued, they assigned Tecta to the support craft. Her six, long limbs, which proved cumbersome in a small fighter, became very useful in the two-seater craft. Her long neck and round head earned her the call sign "Lollipop". Not enjoying this one bit, a frustrated Flight Officer lost her mind slightly and left the hangar at full power. The blast-back sent shockwaves through the hangar, stunning the mechanical staff and the maintenance heads. Upon her return, she was now called "Boomer", which was a callsign she found much more... ferocious and befitting a pilot.

Her colleagues will describe her as the most cheerfully paranoid and forgivably frustrating pilot they know. She insists upon inspecting her own U-wing before every flight, no matter what tech signed off on it before her. Partially due to being punished whenever she broke the rules and partially due to a lingering terror that something will go wrong if she doesn't do everything exactly by the book, she is incredibly inflexible when it comes to procedures and rules.

At the same time, she has proven willing to do any kind of work and is remarkably adaptable--as long as she's told exactly what is expected of her. Her work ethic and desire to help others, along with her bright attitude, tends to earn her forgiveness for her other foibles. The maintenance techs, however, have never learned to like her.

If asked about her many tattoos, she will explain that each one tells part of her story. Like Mirialans, she records every landmark event or accomplishment in ink. She claims no matter how she dies, her skin will tell the truth of how she lived.













Captain Conall "Shadow" McKenna

Sabre Executive Officer - Mayhem One

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Support & Insertion.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Stealth/infiltration
Combat Specialty Close quarters (armed /unarmed)
Side Arm Twin vibro hand axes
Favorite Beverage Ale/Beer
Physical Description 26 year old human male. 5'10". Short dark hair, clean shaven, fair skin and green eyes. Relatively slim build, muscle tone often hidden by his flight suit.


Raised in the woodlands of Toprawa by his grandfather, former Antarian Ranger Adair McKenna, after his parents went MIA on a supply run. Adair passed on his survival, infiltration and combat training when Conall came of age, noting that his aptitude for going unnoticed made him like a shadow.

Eventually Conall and other like minded rabble rousers would participate in escalating raids on local Imperial outposts, stealing supplies and classified information when they could.

Shortly after the destruction of the Death Star Imperial retribution was swift forcing Conall to flee his Homeworld, using his contacts he was able to connect with a larger rebel cell and, based on initial promising scores, applied for starfigher training leading to his initial assignment to Red Squadron.

Shadow occasionally comes across as almost two different people, on duty he is is serious, straight to the point and pragmatic, often questioning various tactics in order to refine them as much as possible. This direct attitude often translates into his flying, trying to end each engagement as soon as possible. To him in war the ends often justify the means.

Between missions however he is relaxed and gregarious, enjoying his down time as much as he can either engaging in social activities or utilising any fitness facilities the squadron has access to in order to keep his non-pilot skills sharp.

Notable skills if his include: Piloting, recon and infiltration, close quarters combat. Basic field medic training.











Flight Officer Sir Howard "Sludge" Worthington the First

Sabre Ten - Mayhem Two

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Support & Insertion.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Xenology, History
Combat Specialty Infiltration, Strike Commando
Side Arm Four SE-14R Light Repeating Blasters
Favorite Beverage Tea
Physical Description Male Dianoga, age unknown, 2.06m fully upright, 135 kg. Deep purple skin, red eye, armored vacuum-sealed suit with polarized visor and some choice attachments.


In the beginning, there was humming. After the humming came echoes of a vast universe, and then, blackness and pain tempered by curiosity and a desire for life.

Born in the sewers of an Imperial bioweapons facility, the Dianoga who would eventually choose to be called Sir Howard Worthington the First, swam eye-first into an area full of noxious chemicals that seeped through his skin and into his primitive brain. Changes occurred. His tissues became thicker and more resilient, his dependency on water faded into oblivion, and he was left considerably smaller than regular, fully-grown Dianogas. The most important change, however, took place in his mind. The great imperative was no longer to feed, but to explore—to know. He could taste the vastness of the universe, and he wanted to learn all he could about it.

Sneaking into the Imperial facility to obtain usable data became part of his daily routine. Unfortunately, during one of his many escapades, Howard tripped the alarm, and was promptly captured. He spent the first year in a tank, being prodded and poked by scientists. When they found out he could speak intelligently, things changed. The Imperial scientists became determined to unlock the secrets behind the Dianoga's accelerated evolution, and hoped to harness it as a weapon.

Howard became a resident, rather than a captive. He now had his own quarters, access to as much material as he wanted, and also received military training, such as piloting, weapon handling, infiltration techniques-which bolstered his natural abilities tenfold-and marksmanship. He would devour data, particularly in the fields of history and xenology. The latter would become something of a lifelong pursuit for him. The Imperials, fascinated by this creature and its scientific ramifications, acted like scientists first and Imperials second, giving Howard more leeway than they would have otherwise.

The Imperial facility was heavily guarded, and while Howard wanted to leave and see the universe, he knew escape wasn't an option. Yet, in a stroke of luck, or fate, or karma, a Rebel Commando cell raided the facility and shut it down permanently. They found Howard, who spoke to them in perfect, if slightly accented, basic. Perplexed, the Commandos looked at each other and, after a lengthy discussion, agreed to take the strange creature with them. The Rebellion had always been about freedom and saving lives. Strange as this one was, they could not simply trample their guiding principles.

During his time with the Commandos, Howard was given Strike Commando training, an armored vacuum suit that would allow him to blend in, as well as additional pilot training. His instructor said he flew as gracefully as Sludge, and the callsign stuck. Howard thought it fitting, for he believes one should never forget one's roots. He became a decent pilot in time, and his skills were put to the test when the Empire attacked the small base the Commandos operated out of. Howard got behind the controls of a transport, and helped with the evacuation, drawing Imperial turbolaser fire while his friends and the civvies escaped. He managed to survive due to the monologue with the gentle voices in his head telling him where he needed to be in order to avoid being vaporized.

With the loss of their base, the Commandos scattered, and Howard went to an unassuming fringe core world planet where he got a position as a xenology teacher. He would also work as a substitute history teacher whenever he was needed. He was nicknamed "Professor Hazmat" by his students, as he would always be wearing his armored, vacuum-sealed suit with a polarized visor due to, in Howard's own words: a lifelong medical condition, as well as an excruciating sensitivity to light.

After a few years of a quiet, erudite life, Howard once again yearned for new horizons. He got in touch with one of his old Commando mates, who said he would be a good fit for a New Republic military outfit—the misfits known as Renegade Wing. Thus, Howard, the distinguished and refined scholar in perpetual pursuit of knowledge, decided to have at it.









Flight Officer Queequeg "Savage" Black Cloud

Sabre Eleven - Mayhem Three

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Support & Insertion.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Forced Entry
Combat Specialty Hand-to-Hand Combat
Side Arm FWG-5 Flechette Pistol
Favorite Beverage Speeder Bomb
Physical Description Devaronian Male, 1.94 m tall and 81 kg. Red skin, 30 summers old. slim athletic build with black horns, black eyes, and ample tattoos.


They called him the Savage, and since they likely would never be able to pronounce his real name he eventually started going by the moniker. He was born on what he would later learn was an unknown world deep in the uncharted regions. He knew its name of course, but it never did him any good when he looked at the star charts so there was never any point bringing it up.

He'd been taken captive by intrepid Trandoshan slavers who had set out on an expedition into Unknown Space in search of exotic new slaves for their deranged markets. He'd been told the stories by the elders of course. He knew that many lives ago his people had come to this planet in the great ships that now lay in ruins to the north, but all he'd really known up until that point was the land and the trees. The lakes, rivers, and forests of his home world had been all he knew of the Galaxy. It was quite a shock to be taken into stars he had only ever seen from the comfort of his village. But, he was not without hope, as he had been trained in his people's martial arts since he was old enough to count his fingers. For his people were always raiding one another, and it was tradition for everyone in his society to learn to defend themselves with and without weapons.

Fortuitously, upon nearing the Outer Rim the Trandoshan ship was attacked by pirates. In the resulting chaos he was able to kill one of his captors with naught more than the chains around his wrists and a sufficiently bad attitude. By the time the boarding party found him he had managed to kill two more of his would be slavers and had only been hampered in his pursuit of blood and vengeance by his incomprehension if the ships door panels which refused to open to him despite his creative cursing and occasional kicking.

The Pirates didn't speak his language, or care to, but they recognized the skill it took to take down Trandoshans while unarmed. They referred to him as the Savage. Both due to his origins and his furious fighting style. He slowly began to grasp Basic, and quickly began to grasp the new weapons technology. It wasn't long before he held a prominent position on the boarding crew. He was trained in their boarding tactics and taught the basics of space flight. Every boarding party member was expected to have some experience with the shuttle craft they used to overtake enemy ships, and the training came in handy sooner than he would have liked.

They were prowling a hyperspace lane coming out of the Corporate Sector utilizing a privateer charter given by a minor lord in a neighboring system who had recently declared themselves to be part of the Rebellion. The Corporate Sector authority had so far shown themselves to be lightly armed, yet heavily loaded. Through their recent piratical raids it was looking like they'd be able to lay low with their riches sooner rather than later, but they had underestimated their quarry.

The meteorite they had drug into the hyperspace lane pulled out a large transport ship, and they had thought they'd hit it big. It put up little resistance as they shot down its shield and jammed its comms, and the boarding party was underway. Yet, they had been fooled. After the Savage and his fellow boarders blew their way through the airlock they were drawn into the ship chasing down retreating crew members and were lead straight into a Stormtrooper ambush at a hallway junction. The Savage and his boarding party opened fire immediately, but they were outgunned and were quickly flanked by the adjacent hallway. It was clear they had to retreat. They fought their way back to the ship, but were cut off by another group of Stormtroopers. The fight was furious, the kind of fight that only happens when you have a group of highly skilled killers trapped with their backs against the wall.

Bloodied and singed, the Savage was the only pirate to make his way back to the shuttle. He immediately disengaged from the transport ship hull only to realize the full scope of the trap set for him and his crew. Empty cargo containers were languidly floating away through space to reveal the hidden docking bays they had been concealing. One look at his fleeing ship covered in Imperial Tie Fighters was all he needed to piece together what had been secreted in those bays. He knew his captain had no choice to abandon him and his fellow crewman aboard the enemy ship, but it still tore at his heart. That pirate ship had been his only home since he had been taken from his homeworld. Even as he pulled away from the transport ship he saw his home amongst the stars engulfed in flames with huge streams of vapor shooting out in geysers as the hull was breached and crew members pulled out into the devouring void. He wasn't certain if he was the last surviving pirate or not.

One thing was for certain though, he would never be a captive again. He was mentally preparing himself to go down in a blaze of glory when the unthinkable happened. His long range sensors suddenly lit up with new contacts, a squadron of X-wings had appeared seemingly from nowhere. His relief was short lived however as the TIE fighters apparently decided to finish mopping up the last remaining pirate ship before engaging the rebels, and unfortunately for him he was that last remaining pirate ship. His shuttle had no armaments, but it was agile and heavily shielded. He used every evasive maneuver he knew, and a few he was pretty sure were just blind luck mixed with adrenaline and the liquor he had stashed under the pilot's seat in case of emergency. His little shuttle was hammered repeatedly by the faster TIE Fighters, but even after his shields were taken down he was able to hold his craft just outside of the Imperial targeting sights. He couldn't be sure, but from his frantic looks at his sensors he thought one of the X-wing pilots even used his half crazed maneuvers as a distraction to blast a TIE fighter from a blind spot he had inadvertently created in a debris field. Who could say for sure though in the chaos of the space battle.

He would later learn that the Corporate Sector Authority had been lax in its security protocols and had transmit their request for Imperial assistance with their pirate problem on an older encryption that the Rebellion had already cracked. Normally the Rebellion wouldn't care to intervene, but the Transport in question had been conveying a hefty payroll of hard credits from the Corporate Sector directly to an Imperial garrison world to bolster the local Moff's recruitment efforts in his bid to regain his footing against the Rebel offensive in his sector. It had been ripe pickings for the Rebel command. Let the pirates act as a distraction and swoop in to take the Imperials unawares, even the Savage couldn't blame their tactics.

As the sole surviving pirate he was picked up after the battle and submitted to polite questioning given the vaguely useful role he had played in the battle. After some initial confusion given his heavily accented basic, and general lack of understanding about any governing bodies, Rebel or otherwise, he was able to relate that his late Captain had been working under a lawful Privateer Charter and therefore he hadn't been doing anything illegal at the time when the X-Wing squadron happened upon his unfortunate Imperial entanglement. Further questions about his crew's other activities received less straight forward answers. His questioners quickly realized he would lapse into some unintelligent speech and conveniently forget Basic when asked about raids against non Imperial or Corporate Sector ships in the sector.

They had quite the conundrum with what to do with this savage pirate until one of the X-Wing pilots mentioned they could use someone with his, shall we say, uniquely evasive flying style in their Mayhem Flights. There was still some confusion as it was found he didn't have a shred of documentation proving who he was, but after deciphering his particular dialect they were able to learn his true name, Queequeg of clan Black Cloud. Which is much more than his old pirate crew had ever managed. They fashioned him a basic ID chit giving him his first government name, Queequeg Black Cloud, and he was quietly transferred to the CRS Vigilant to see if they had any idea what to do with him.