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Nomad Squadron: AAR Log 1
As reported by members of Nomad Squadron

Recovered by: Wen "Professor" Mirthstone

Guns of Autumn - Ep.11-12

    Reported by Gussky Trubold ~4 months ABY

Wing Designations

    Nomad 1: A-Wing // FO Raskter Fenni "FTL"
    Nomad 2: X-Wing // FO Laransir Vel Aath "Doc"
    Nomad 3: Y-Wing // FO Gwirr Seast
    Nomad 4: Y-Wing // FO Gussky Trubold
    Nomad 5: Y-Wing // FO Oryn Thalo
    Nomad 6: Y-Wing // CPT Leena Avin
    Nomad 7: X-Wing // LT Noshi Ennex "T"
    Rookie 1: X-Wing // FC Anya Cortesse
    Rookie 2: X-Wing // FC Joachim Emala
    Rookie 3: A-Wing // FC Aeshix Mod
    Rookie 4: A-Wing // FC Jex Mod

After Action Report Narrative

  • Nomad Squadron, led by FO Fenni in the absence of Lt Ennex, launched to escort and protect a shuttle transporting a leadership delegation from the Dragon's Tooth, a modified Corellian Corvette.
  • Oddities were noted in the design and structure of the Dragon's Tooth during initial visual inspection and scans. Later in the mission, it would be discovered the large structures on the underside of the modified corvette contained devices to create gravitational shadows preventing hyperspace transitions.
  • Shortly after a mission critical shuttle was launched from the Dragon's Tooth, FO Thalo (?) identified hyperspace signatures on the far side of the rogue planet. Moments later the Apex, a Hammerhead Corvette, emerged from hyperspace - confirmed by the Wayfaring Stranger.
  • Apex launched two wings of fighters:
    • Mu: a wing of four T-Wings
    • Eta: a wing of four Y-Wings
    • Scans and visual inspections indicated all fighters from both opposing wings were of standard configuration
  • Mu flew in an aggressive pattern towards the Wayfaring Stranger
  • Tau approached the Dragon's Tooth in a formation indicating a setup for a strafing run
  • Apex throttled up its engines on course for a direct attack on the Dragon's Tooth
  • N1 intercepted Mu wing, N2-5 engaged Eta wing, and N6 flew close escort for the mission critical transport
  • N1 used the stellar terrain and jammer of his A-Wing to obfuscate his initial attack on Mu wing and eliminated the wing lead before the group seemed aware of his presence, claiming the first kill of the engagement.
  • At approximately the same time, N2-5 eliminated two of the Y-Wings from Eta, damaging and stripping the shields of the remaining two. N2 and N3 each claiming a kill.
  • N2 disengaged from Eta wing and went to support N1 against Mu
  • N1 and N2 eliminated two more T-Wings from Mu
  • N3-5 disabled the remaining two Y-Wings of Eta
  • The mission critical shuttle boarded the Wayfaring Stranger
  • LT Ennex launched from the Wayfaring Stranger in X-Wing Nomad 7
  • N3-7 formed up for an attack run on the Apex
  • N7 flew close escort for the group of Y-Wings defending them from the remaining T-Wing of Mu wing
  • At this point, two more wings of starfighters emerged from hyperspace
    • Tau: a wing of four Z-95 Headhunters
    • Phi: a wing of four Y-Wings
  • In response to the new arrivals, Wayfaring Stranger launched Rookie Squadron, a second wing of fighters which had been prepped and on standby on the hanger deck
  • Rookie Squadron joined the battle operating under the command of Nomad Leader
  • R1&2 joined N2 in engaging Tau
  • R3&4 joined N1 in engaging Phi
  • Y-Wings from Nomad made their initial strafing run on the Apex:
    • N3 disabled the vessels shield generator
    • N4 made an ineffective attack on the power plant
    • N5 destroyed one main battery and disabled the second
    • N6 disabled anti-fighter emplacements
  • A furball formed between N1, N2, Rookie, Tau, and Phi wings.
    • Two from Tau & Phi were destroyed
    • R4 was destroyed in a possible collision with one of the Z95s
    • Two Y-Wings made ineffective strafing runs on the Wayfaring Stranger but were destroyed by its defenses
  • Y-Wings from Nomad made a second strafing run on the Apex
    • N3 disabled a main engine
    • N4 disabled a second
    • N5 destroyed the disabled main battery and took out an anti-fighter emplacement
    • N6 destroyed a third engine and caused light damage to the last remaining engine
  • R7 continued a tight turning dogfight with the last remaining T-Wing from Mu
  • Apex, with main batteries destroyed, attempted a run on the Dragon's Tooth
  • Dragon's Tooth engaged with their main batteries to minimal effect
  • Apex made incidental contact with the Dragon's Tooth in an attempted ramming
  • The damaged engines made the maneuver ineffective and left the Apex at the mercy of the Dragon's Tooth's batteries
  • Y-Wings from Nomad made a third strafing run on the Apex:
    • N3 destroyed the final primary thruster
    • N4 again targeted the power plant to minimal effect
    • N5 destroyed more anti-fighter emplacements
    • N6 disabled the powerplant, effectively disabling the ship
  • The combined superiority fighters of Nomad and Rookie cleared out the remaining fighters of Tau while N7 eliminated the final T-Wing of Mu
  • The shuttle from Dragon's Tooth launched from the Wayfaring Stranger once more to recover FC Mod after the destruction of Rookie 4
  • Dragon's Tooth pummeled the floundering Apex with its main batteries, causing severe hull ruptures as a result of loss of structural integrity, the ship broke apart under the loss of integrity and lack of thrust control
  • No escape pods were launched from the Apex
  • In the aftermath, the two disabled Y-Wings were captured by the Wayfaring Stranger

Action Summary

Under the command of Flight Officer Raskter Fenni, Nomad Squadron and Rookie Squadron demonstrated valor and skill facing superior numbers while ensuring the safety of vulnerable assets valuable to the Rebel Alliance. Exceptional coordination and strategic application of Nomad's assets were essential in the successful resolution of the encounter. Minimal losses suffered as a result of the engagement are, in no small part, thanks to the effective leadership and competent execution of directives of all involved pilots. Without the intervention of Nomad Squadron, and assistance from newly arrived flight cadets, the Dragon's Tooth and its crew would have been doomed to the vacuum of space.


"You say you found this while looking through some next-of-kin belongings?"

Professor nodded. "Yeah, belonged to a cousin according to Alliance records. I never knew. So I've been spending some time reviewing what he wrote. Learn who he was, maybe try to re-trace some of his journey. It's odd... I never knew him, but his loss sort of spurred me to actually get out here and into the mix, if that makes sense?"

Frosty nodded sagely in reply, and then looked over the datapad one more time, a strange expression on his face. "I wonder if the old Red Squadron reports still exist. Be interesting to see somebody else's interpretation of my... actions."

Professor shrugged. "Did any of your officers keep records like this? I'd love to add them to my archive."

"No idea, honestly..." Frosty trailed off. After a moment lost in reverie, he shrugged as he handed the datapad back to Professor. "Whatever floats your boat. So long as it's only during your free time and doesn't get in the way of your duties, carry on."

Professor watched his new executive officer exit the room, and then looked back at the datapad. "Let's see what else you had to say, Cousin..."