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Erosion: Part 1
How Renegade Wing lost Toseng

Contributors: Syntax, Knight, Bone, Freak, Zippy, Prowler, FLATTOP, Shadow, Frosty, Gnoizic, Wildcard, Guardian, Thanatos, Jalb, Dobber, Wolf, Blixus, Damak, Raptor, Ant, Animal, Angel, Dragon, Jasted, Rainman, Jedi, Barraken, Rogue, Lock, Silence, Savage, Professor, Bulldog, Junior,

The Debrief of Renegade Wing Regarding Toseng

*Classified - Top Secret - New Republic Intelligence/New Republic Command Eyes Only*
Date of debriefing: 5.1.5 (1 week elapsed from the incident)
Date of actions referred to in this report: 5.1.4
Chief Investigator (X): Colonel Bic Fal'cona
Secondary Aide (Y): Captain Orion Odai
Recorder (Z): Agent Darlene Orvan
Master-at-Arms: Sergeant Kalira Dubreas

Chief Investigator's notes: General Cracken, below you will see the full unredacted transcripts of our debriefing sessions with the members of Renegade Wing with regard to the recent loss of Toseng. Questioning was led by myself with the assistance of my aide. The Recorder was operated by another New Republic Intelligence Officer that was ordered not to speak due to her familiarity with many of the members of the wing from her recent investigations, but occasionally offered insights via text message through datapad. Lastly, the Master-at-Arms and her team were responsible for sequestering the personnel questioned therein, as well as escorting them to and from the secure room aboard the CRS Vigilant for their debriefing sessions.

As you no doubt are aware of and have read all of the reports submitted regarding the second battle of Toseng, here is a brief summary of events. We touch upon aspects of the battle during our various interviews with the members of Renegade Wing, but in the event that there are others reading this report at the General's behest that are not up to date on the reason for this hearing, here it is:

  • 1. Freighters laden with ionic explosive devices entered the Toseng system and ignored numerous warnings issued by New Republic forces, led by General Vince Rambo and Captain Terak Quelle. The leaders decided to hold their fire despite New Republic doctrine allowing them to do so once the non-responsive freighters passed the .5km mark.
  • 2. Once the ships were within 100m of the main body of the Vigilant Task Force, the ionic devices detonated, destroying the ships that were carrying them. The wave of ionic energy disabled smaller picket ships outright, and caused the larger ships to have cascading system failures. Many of the Renegade Wing ships flying CAP were also disabled.
  • 3. No sooner did the ionic wave dissipate did Imperial Remnant forces arrive in system at a very close range to the planet and our disabled fleet. Additional assets were scrambled at best possible speed despite the ship-board technical issues, and additional forces from the ground were scrambled.
  • 4. The picture on the ground was one of a disorganized mess. The leadership on the ground, specifically Colonel Kurlun and Major Shen'ryu, appeared unprepared for such an eventuality, as there appeared to be no set of procedures in place that had been drilled to prevent such chaos from occurring.
  • 5. Despite the unorganized scramble and the hasty evacuation of ground assets and personnel, the fighters of Renegade Wing quickly stabilized the situation by holding most of the Imperial fighters at bay while SAR personnel picked up disabled pilots and crews rapidly repaired their disabled systems. Buccaneer Squadron, despite missing multiple pilots, still managed to down an enemy capital ship. Corsair and Skull Squadrons formed up quickly and managed to wreak havoc upon the Imperial fighter corps. Spectre Squadron appeared to be quite timid in their approach, however, opting to utilize a defensive posture rather than aggressively taking advantage of numerous apparent Imperial mistakes in maneuvering.
  • 6. Rogue Squadron's late arrival helped stabilize the state of the battle in the air, but Imperial forces still outnumbered us both in ships and fighters, and they were able to leak through our defensive perimeter to start attacking targets on the ground. Why Rogue Squadron was not in the system when the attack arrived is up to interpretation. Official orders have them out of the system escorting assets of Binary Star Shipping back to the planet to deliver humanitarian supplies.
  • 7. After a strong fighting retreat, the forces of the Vigilant Task Force managed to repair their ships enough for all to escape safely to their primary rally point. Unfortunately, personnel were left behind on the ground and are presumed to be prisoners of war, or worse.
  • 8. A few key Renegade Wing personnel are currently listed as missing in action, and were suspiciously not around during the battle. All methods utilized to back-trace their actions and communications in the previous weeks have turned up nothing solid, though there are a few circumstantial pieces of evidence that might hold up in a military tribune.

The conclusions drawn from this session will be located at the end of this transcript.

Colonel Fal'cona

** Begin Transcript **

Debrief: NR-01255TOS-01
Subject: General Vince Rambo
Callsign: Stryker

Interviewer 1 (abbreviated to X herein): State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Stryker:Vince Rambo, General, Commanding Officer of Renegade Wing.

X: How would you rate the strength and morale of Renegade Wing leading up to the incident?

Stryker: Incident?

Interviewer 2 (abbreviated to Y herein): The loss of the planet Toseng.

Stryker: Is this sort of thing necessary? Everything has been listed in my official report on the battle.

X: Please, answer the question.

Stryker: We've never been at full strength since Endor. We've been close, but something always seems to happen and we lost good people. Regarding their emotional states? We're at war, gentlemen. I cannot imagine how long it is going to take many of these people to feel some modicum of normal when all is said and done. But before the battle, they were as good as could be expected of any frontline soldier.

X: So you are saying everybody was more or less in the best mental and emotional state possible?

Stryker: *pause* Considering the wear and tear of this war? Yes.

Y: So there was no reason for any member of your unit to betray the New Republic?

Stryker: *subject flinches* What?

X: Answer the question, please.

Stryker: *visibly angered* If you are inferring that any of my people left an open door to the planet, I will tell you right now that that is preposterous, and I will end this entire process here and now!

X: Unfortunately for you, General, you do not have the authority to end this inquiry.

Stryker: *stands* We'll just see about that.

*The sound of something sliding across the table is heard*

Stryker: What's this?

Y: Authority from the head of New Republic Intelligence, General Cracken, as well as Admiral Gial Ackbar and President Mon Mothma herself, to run this debriefing.

Stryker: We'll see about that after I reach out.

X: Before you storm out of this room, please look at the second file on that datapad.

Stryker: *pause* Why?

X: It holds a list of redacted names and the possible motivations of many of your members to sabotage the defensibility of the planet.

Stryker: *examines the datapad closely, shaking his head frequently* This is all circumstantial. None of it holds any sort of credibility when weighed against the balance of the men and women of Renegade Wing.

X: Be that as it may, we still have a duty to investigate every lead, no matter how ... incredible ... the evidence may be.

Stryker: *pause* Fine. But I am going to be waiting in that room *motions toward the two-way mirror and our observational psychologist*. If I don't like how you are treating my people, I WILL end your interview.

Y: Threats are not how we work, General. We truly want what is best for Renegade Wing, and the New Republic.

Stryker: *scoffs* Yeah, I bet you do. *exits*

Y: *snort* That went well.

X: *frown* Be professional.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-02
Subject: Lieutenant Colonel 9-LOM
Callsign: Syntax

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Syntax: 9-LOM, Lieutenant Colonel, Officer Commanding Corsair Squadron

X: What were you doing before the attack?

Syntax: I was part of a patrol detachment with Skull Squadron amongst the fleet.

Y: Were you alone?

Syntax: No. I was accompanied by fellow Corsair pilots: Sherru, MacCurrich, and Vorwald.

X: Did you notice anything out of the ordinary with the system traffic on your patrol?

Syntax: I observed that there was heightened freighter traffic in the area, although I did not know why.

X: Did the freighters look strange or behave in an odd manner?

Syntax: The freighters appeared to be conventional and were in what appeared to be a normal transit route through the system, one which passed near the Vigilant Task Force.

Y: State for the record the relative distances between the ships of the Vigilant Task Force.

Syntax: I do not have that exact data available, though it can be found in my flight recording. The task force ships were relatively close together.

Y: Did this strike you as odd?

Syntax: Somewhat, as the fleet is usually more spaced out. I rationalized it as being some sort of inter-ship transfer operation happening at the time that I wasn't privy to.

X: Do you think there's a coincidence between the lax patrol status, clustering of the ships of the Vigilant Task Force, and the increased freighter traffic?

Syntax: It is possible that this is a coincidence, but it is hard to say without more data. On its face it appears to be suspicious.

Y: Is there a possibility of somebody on the inside making all of these coincidences happen?

Syntax: I think it's possible, but the likelihood of one single individual orchestrating everything seems unlikely, given the number of moving pieces required.

Y: Thank you for your cooperation, Lieutenant Colonel, that will be all.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-03
Subject: Captain John Vorwald
Callsign: Knight

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Knight: First Lieuten—Ah. I mean Captain John, "Knight" Vorwald. Corsair Seven. Sorry. Still not used to that.

X: That's alright. Please tell us about the freighters you and the others were investigating.

Knight: They were typical bulk freighters we'd been seeing coming in and out of Toseng with goods and supplies for rebuilding after the fight with the Imperials. They're all over the system right now. These were just closer to the task force than we liked.

X: How did they manage to get so close to the Vigilant Task Force ships?

Knight: That's a good question. Most of the traffic we've routing around us. Smart captains and smugglers avoid us of their own accord. When we left on patrol, all traffic was where it should: not near the task force. *pause* All I can piece together, is that a group of freighters had dropped in from an odd hyper point and started towards the task force.

Y: What happened once they all got in close? What sort of weapon was unleashed?

Knight: Besides all the arguing on the open channel? *pause* Well, there was a lot of shouting from the Vigilant to move to one of the designated transit routes. There was shouting from the freighters that the task force was a checkpoint and to scan their ships. Amid all that shouting, someone called out that there was a power spike. Then shortly after, there was a bright blue flash from an ion bomb.

Y: Why weren't you and your flight damaged by the trap?

Knight: I wouldn't say we weren't damaged. Bone and myself were just starting to crest the Vigilant when the ion-bombs went off. We got caught in the blast. I wish I had someone time me. That might have been the fastest I've ever run through a restart.

X: A missed opportunity, to be sure. Who ordered your flight into that position?

Knight: Not sure for certain. We weren't that far into our mission when Lead told us we were returning to the Vigilant.

X: Why do you think you were all in a position to shield your craft?

Knight: Geez, I can only assume. Probably get better intel out of an ensign from the Vigilant's bridge than me.

Y: Indulge us.

Knight: *loud sigh* The freighters worked their way into the center of the task force. Skull squadron was already on point. Our flight, while fast and deadly, probably would have just added to the crowded situation. Putting us on the opposite side of the Vigilant meant we could hop over and support as needed.

X: I see. *Datapad chirps* Can you tell us about your executive officer?

Knight: Frosty? I can tell you he wasn't in our recon flight.

Y: *snort, voice takes on a sardonic edge* Immensely helpful. Thank you. Do you trust him?

Knight: *extraordinarily long pause* We've flown and fought together. He's never given me a reason to doubt him. Hell yes I trust him.

X: Thank you, Captain. We are done here.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-04
Subject: Flight Officer Thos Sherru
Callsign: Bone

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Bone: Thos Sherru, Flight Officer. A-wing pilot. Corsair Two.

Y: During the initial phase of the trap, your A-wing was caught in the ion blast, correct?

Bone: Oh yeah!

X: Were you aware that the rest of your patrol was in a different position and thus shielded from the blast?

Bone: No! I thought they were right behind me—God damn radar on the fritz again.

Y: What was the status of your craft after the blast?

Bone: It temporarily disabled my shields and power systems. I was a sitting duck.

X: What was it like to be forced to sit there and wait for rescue craft?

Bone: Actually ... I drifted right into the hangar of the Rehz'nor.

Y: That's awfully ... lucky.

Bone: Almost wasn't. Scraped the bottom of the hull on the ceiling of the hangar, and then crashed against the back wall with enough force to crumple the nose. I was knocked out by the impact, but I'm told some crates of replacement parts broke my fall. Another millimeter in one direction, and I'm splattered or split open against the hull.

X: Were you told in advance to take that heading?

Bone: No, but when you're as good a pilot as me, the intuition is all you need.

Y: Then why did you take that heading? A heading that was different than the rest of your patrol flight.

Bone: I told you! The damn flight radar was on the fritz! I thought the squad was right behind me. And you know these A-wing's don't give us great visibility on our six.

X: Thank you for your time, Flight Officer. We're finished here.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-05
Subject: 2nd Lieutenant Malcom MacCurrich
Callsign: Freak

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Freak: Malcom MacCurrich, 2nd Lieutenant, Corsair Squadron

Y: After the freighters unleashed their ... surprise, what was the status of the ships of the Vigilant Task Force?

Freak: That's a complicated answer, I saw the Vigilant's shields flicker, I thought it was the flares, but my sensors reported heavier ionic activity than would be expected, I started to pull up to get a glimpse of what was going on on the other side of the Vigilant, then I had visual confirmation of a massive blast, it looked like 100's of ion charges, or something, I don't know. We were lucky to be on the other side of the Vigilant, not like Skull squadron. The Vigilant's shields just vaporized, the feedback wrapped around her as the shields went down. I took some splash on my shields, 80% I think. Things happen fast in a starfighter ... this was faster.

X: Were you able to raise anybody on comms aside from your patrol flight?

Freak: Not at first, no.

Y: Why not?

Freak: I don't know why, I've never had ion feedback act like that, but here's what happened: the blast that hit my shields left me with a lot of radio static, Syntax sent me a ping, but it was dancing around, I confirmed his location visually, I flipped through the channels to find the others, but it was all a garbled mess.

X: Describe the Imperial forces that arrived shortly after the devices detonated.

Freak: *eyes widen as he takes a deep breath through his nose, and holds it for a second* I ... don't know the extent of it, exactly, I was too close to the Vigilant and my view was obscured, but I could see the shield generators of two ISD's peaking over the Vigilant's hull. As for the fighters, they were everywhere. Three eyeballs came in above me, they were coming in hot. I dropped a mine and rolled hard to port to evade and that's when I saw the squints below me, I didn't have time to confirm, my sensors were still unhelpful, judging by the amount of fire I was taking, four to six maybe? I was caught in the furball and it wasn't until we cleared some of that up that I saw the Acclamators and Dreadnoughts on the other side, there was a lot of debris already and my sensors were still malfunctioning, so if there were any other support ships, I didn't ever see them.

X: And what fighters of Renegade Wing were in the air already?

Freak: The last I knew before everything happened, I think there were six X-wings from Skull below the Vigilant that had just launched. I had thought they were supposed to have some more support from Skull at that point as well, but they were in the middle of changing shifts. I don't know how many were out at that exact moment.

Y: It's awfully convenient, don't you think, that there were so few of you in the air at such a critical moment?

Freak: It was.

Y: Why do you think it was so easy for such a trap to be sprung?

Freak: We were just leaving the shadow of the planet, we were tucked away at L2 for a bit to avoid some intense solar flares. We had known they were coming for over 36 hours and most of them had already passed.

X: Do you think the Imperials received intel from somebody on the inside?

Freak: I think information did get out. It was all too convenient for that to not be the case, he flares, the position, the shift change ... I don't suspect anyone on the Vigilant would leak anything ... not intentionally anyway. My gut tells me to look closely at the Vigilant's supply chain, but unless given clearence to conduct my own investigation I can't form a clearer hypothesis.

X: Thank you for your time, Lieutenant.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-06
Subject: 1st Lieutenant Ikurrece Ojima
Callsign: Zippy

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Zippy: Ojima, 1st Lieutenant. I am a Search and Rescue pilot aboard the CRS Vigilant

X: Where were you when the attack began?

Zippy: I was in the officer's mess drinking tea and looking over the most recent maintenance report for my U-wing.

Y: What was the state of the communications network?

Zippy: When I got to my U-wing, comms were out and stayed that way for a long while.

X: How did you know where to go then?

Zippy: I couldn't stay where I was. My U-wing wasn't doing any good sitting in the hangar. So, we launched and headed towards what appeared to be a hell of a furball.

Y: Your record indicates that you were put in for a unit citation for your actions in rescuing the disabled pilots.

Zippy: I was glad I was able to get to them in time. It was close.

X: Without orders?

Zippy: I'm a Search and Rescue pilot. I Search and Rescue. I don't need orders to do my job.

Y: What was it like with all of the Imperial fighters around? Was it difficult to rescue the disabled pilots? How did you manage to rescue them?

Zippy: It was nostalgic, beautiful, terrifying; I've always admired Seinar's designs. They make good looking ships that perform well. Of course it was difficult, Imperial pilots are aggressive and well-trained. As am I. The Imperials aren't the only ones who know how to use ions effectively. My U-wing was loaded out with ion weapons only; standard procedure for SAR flights. So, I disabled every Imperial ship that got in my way.

X: Did you think anything was odd about the state of the wing before and the lack of comms during the initial phase of the attack?

Zippy: In my experience, the state of this Wing is always odd. So no, I didn't think anything of it. As for the comms, odd ... no. Concerning ... yes. Out of my control ... also yes.

X: Thank you for your time, Lieutenant.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-07
Subject: 1st Lieutenant Marc Desrosiers
Callsign: Prowler

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Prowler: Marc Desrosiers, with the rank of 1st Lieutenant.

Y: What was the scene on the ground like during the evacuation? Was it what you would call a retreat in good order?

Prowler: Frak! A retreat in good order?! Hell no. The attack came out of nowhere. There was no time to organize anything, let alone a proper tactical retreat or evacuation. It was too fast and too precise.

X: Who was in charge on the ground? Who was assigning cargo and personnel berths?

Prowler: I never got around to finding out who the OIC was on the ground. I had barely landed to disembark my cargo when incoming fire began.

X: What did your manifest end up being when you lifted off the ground?

Prowler: Personnel. I filled up the Rose with as many bodies as possible and took off as soon as I could.

X: *datapad chirps* You were with Renegade Wing before Endor, yes? What was your rank and position then?

Prowler: At one point I was the OIC of Buccaneer Squadron and Wing XO.

Y: Why did you leave?

Prowler: Extended medical leave and personal reasons.

X: By our records, you were away from active service for several months. What did you do during that ... sabbatical?

Prowler: Freight transport, mostly. I had lost contact with Renegade Wing in the aftermath of the Death Star's destruction.

Y: Is that all? Is there nothing else important that may have occurred?

Prowler: On Toseng? I wouldn't know, I'm just glad we got virtually everyone out.

X: *pause* Would you care to tell us about the following debts that have shown up through our cursory search? *shows datapad to the subject*

Prowler: Debts? What debts?

Y: The outstanding two-hundred thousand credits owed to elements of the Hutt Cartel.

Prowler: Oh. That's how I bought the Rose. Been paying them off whenever I can. One hundred percent legit, I promise.

Y: I don't buy it, Lieutenant.

Prowler: Well that's your prerogative, isn't it?

X: Particularly, this specific charge *points to an item on the datapad* has been traced to an Imperial source. Care to explain that?

Prowler: Haven't you ever heard of protecting your sources, guys? Come on, now. We all know people that still live under the Empire's thumb but sympathize with our cause.

X: Please elaborate.

Prowler: Uh ... I think that may be classified. You should contact Agent Falstom.

X: We'll do that. We are finished, Lieutenant.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-08
Subject: 2nd Lieutenant Marshal Westfolder
Callsign: FLATTOP

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

FLATTOP: Marshal Westfolder, Second Lieutenant; I fly as Spectre Two for Renegade Wing.

Y: That's a strange callsign you have there. Care to elaborate on its meaning?

FLATTOP: Every callsign has two stories: the truth, and the one that's fit for public consumption. Seeing as how we're on the record, I'll say it's an acronym that has nothing at all to do with a wrecked landspeeder inside an embassy lobby.

Y: *datapad rustles and keys are tapped in rapid succession*

Recorder (herein referred to as Z): *datapad is rapidly tapped*

X: What was the state of the ground base before the attack? Was everything in order?

FLATTOP: Aye, it was a working base, mind. Probably would have had some cleaning before an admiral showed up.

Y: To the best of your knowledge, was the training of the personnel and ground crews adequate?

FLATTOP: Aye. The main of the folk may not have been experienced, per se, but that's anywhere in New Republic forces right now. And those of us who were experienced weren't used to launching from the dust.

X: Describe the nature of base activity once the alert of the attack was raised.

FLATTOP: I was just trying to link up with the Spectres and launch. In the event of enemy contact, you return fire, right? I use my X-wing to do that. There were folk running everywhere: getting supplies stowed, some manning air defenses, prepping fighters to launch. I want to assume everyone running was running towards their assigned responsibility, but... Well, I'm new, but I'm not that new, kennit?

Y: How long did it take your entire squadron to assemble and your ships to get into the air?

FLATTOP: I read this really fascinating treatise on perceived time compression during stressful events once, so I'll just say I was pretty physiologically stressed at that point. Couldn't tell you with any sort of objective accuracy.

X: Was this faster than usual, slower than usual, or about the same as it usually takes?

FLATTOP: Slower. Ground crew tasks were done more by whoever was closest, not necessarily who was best at the job. I swear I saw one crewmember engage a hose five times before it got a good seal, his hands were shaking so. Combat stress, I guess. I'm not saying I'm immune, but I was focused on realities outside of myself: where my squadron was, what kind of furball I was going to be launching into, whether I'd even have a load of torps to use.

Y: Did everybody in your squadron assemble and launch in a timely manner?

FLATTOP: As timely as we could. I was on the Lead's wing, as per usual. Major Krenn, that is; OC, Spectre Squadron.

X: Everybody? Are you sure about that?

FLATTOP: We were right into it before we even got through any sort of roll-call. I said "Spectre Two, as good as you," just like I always do, and then Lead broke left way sooner than I was expecting and the only comms I paid attention to after that were not-dying-related.

Y: Our records indicate that 2nd Lieutenant J'ruce and your executive officer, Captain Gemilan, were not with your squadron during the fighting.


Y: Why did Lieutenant J'ruce fly a Buccaneer Y-wing during the battle rather than his own Spectre Squadron X-wing?

FLATTOP: *barked a sharp laugh* 'Cause he's a badass Spectre, THE WILDCARD, who doesn't let something piddly like 'not having his assigned spacecraft available' get in the way of fighting for his mates! Wait, he's not getting in trouble for that, is he?

X: That is outside the scope of this present debrief. Do you know where Captain Gemlian was during the battle or the time before?

FLATTOP: Couldn't say.

Y: Care to guess what she may have been doing?

FLATTOP: 'Guessing?' In a debrief? No, I'll courteously decline, thanks.

Y: Why would she betray the New Republic?

FLATTOP: *tone had been approaching flat formality up until now, but this question locks that tone in* She wouldn't. She didn't. Are we done here?

X: Do you think it's strange that your own executive officer wasn't around at such a critical juncture? And that she hasn't been heard from or accounted for since the battle?

FLATTOP: That's outside the scope of this present debrief. We're done here.

*Door opens, and Stryker is standing in the threshold*

X: That is all, thank you for your time and ... candor, Lieutenant.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-09
Subject: 1st Lieutenant Conall McKenna
Callsign: Shadow

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Shadow: McKenna, Conall. 1st Lieutenant. Spectre Nine, Three Flight Lead, Renegade Wing. You already know that though, but this is purely for the recording, you should already know this.

Y: What was your recollection of the scene on the ground before you launched?

Shadow: How long before launch? Because it was a pretty standard scramble, but there might be some details I could recall if you had a specific time frame in mind.

X: Do you have any idea why it took so long for Spectre and the other ground-based fighter craft to deploy?

Shadow: Nope.

Y: We have reports that you were away from the base the day and night before the attack. Care to explain that absence?

Shadow: Not really. Let's just say it was a voluntary humanitarian mission.

Y: Was Captain Gemilan with you during this timeframe?

Shadow: If she was then she's better at my job than I am.

Y: Then where was she?

Shadow: What makes you think I would have any idea?

Y: *Exasperated noise* Unbelievable.

X: *admonishing glance toward his assistant* Could the fact that Captain Gemilan was nowhere to be found have had anything to do with that reaction time?

Shadow: With all due respect to Captain Gemilan, being down one pilot, even the XO, would not negatively affect the performance of the unit as a whole.

X: To the best of your knowledge, are there any possible personnel, be it from the peacekeeper forces or Renegade Wing, that may have intentionally delayed the deployment of our fighter craft?

Shadow: To the best of my knowledge? I mean, to the best of my knowledge I am more than capable of knowing when I am being interrogated. To the best of my knowledge, you would have an easier time identifying people who couldn't delay things, but then again you know that already I'm sure. To the best of my knowledge you have no idea what went wrong, or even if anything actually did go wrong outside of plain simple rotten luck. To the best of my knowledge you want someone to blame and you have decided it is easier to focus on individuals who cannot be questioned as that makes your life easier. Of course to the best of my knowledge anyone will do if you don't get the answers you like so you're asking if myself and anyone else is willing to point the finger at another because we're likely on your list of suspects and blaming another might save our own hides.

Y: Is there anybody that may have been incompetent enough to have caused such a delay?

Shadow: I refer to my previous statement ... unless of course you're admitting that New Republic training is so subpar that anyone that incompetent would ever be allowed to hold a position to inadvertently cause such a feth up.

X: Who else was with you during your absence from the base?

Shadow: Captains Clark, Arcfire, McCauley, and Davis, 1st Lieutenant Vikeron, 2nd Lieutenants Ninx and Zynnadi, and Flight Officer Shuun.

Y: Interesting company you were keeping ... Who was in charge of this ... voluntary humanitarian mission, as you put it?

Shadow: Captain Clark.

Y: According to our records, he wasn't on active duty and had just been removed from the brig a day prior. Why was he the one in charge?

Shadow: It was his show.

X: Thank you for your time, Lieutenant.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-10
Subject: Captain Jack McCauley
Callsign: Frosty

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Frosty: Captain Jack McCauley, Executive Officer for Corsair Squadron.

Y: After the initial attack, why did it take so long for the remaining Corsair craft on the ground to get in the air?

Frosty: It was mayhem on the ground. Shen'ryu isn't as quite as bad an officer as people might think, he can run a well disciplined and organized base. But he is poor at reacting to surprises and his ego means he doesn't let competent officers below him compensate for his weaknesses. We attempted a scramble but he tried to belay it, frozen by indecision. We only took off once I overrode his order. He didn't ready to evacuate until I told all the techs to pack their things.

Y: As executive officer of Corsair Squadron, you were in charge of the ships on the ground while your Commanding Officer was leading the patrol flight in space, yes?

Frosty: Correct.

Y: So it ultimately falls upon your authority to ensure your craft are ready to fly at a moment's notice. Is that fair to say?

Frosty: *drums fingers on the table irritably* Yes sir, which is why I was able to override Shen'ryu. But he was still senior in rank and that caused some ... debate.

X: *admonishing glance* Let's calm it down here for a minute. Captain, can you explain where you were the day and night before the attack?

Frosty: At a little village called Dusttown.

X: Why were you out there? What were you doing?

Frosty: *laughs* Bulldog was ... you got to know Captain Clark to get it. He's got a head full of duracrete but his heart's as open as they come. The local townspeople there had run into trouble with some real pieces of shavit. Bulldog wanted to be the hero. We were there to keep him alive and bring him back again.

Y: Who else was with you? Were you in charge?

Frosty: Bulldog's show, not technically an officially sanctioned military action. Real rebellion stuff, you know? Me and Foo should have outranked him but he was having so much fun...

Y: I find this all very hard to believe. You were the ranking authority in the field on paper. Captain Clark was not on the active duty roster and had just been removed from the brig the days prior.

Frosty: It is my understanding sirs, under Section 7 of the New Republic's charter on military defense that any civilian population may legally raise a militia to be used for defense of their own home. In the event of New Republic forces assisting a defense militia, the commander must liaise with the militia's chosen leader. Bulldog was their militia, they had chosen him as their leader. Myself and Captains Davis and Arcfire were simply liaising with him.

Z: *suppresses a laugh, unsuccessfully*

Y: *datapad chirps* Let's go back to your authority on the ground on base. Would a possible reason for the delay in your launch be due to the fact that parts meant for your fighters could have been ... misappropriated ... for private enterprise?

Frosty: *long pause* Tread carefully now...

X: It is no secret that your brother was on the planet before our forces ever arrived, and was most likely still on the planet during this attack.

Frosty: *speaks slowly* Aye...

Y: He's inferring that your brother, whom had ties to the previous regime and the terrorists that killed many civilians and Admiral Tolden on the ground, is still an agent for the Empire.

Frosty: You don't know him. You don't know what the Empire has done to our family. A McCauley would never work for them.

Y: I don't buy it, Captain. Your brother is an Imp agent, and you were helping him, weren't you? You and his team ran an open door for the Imps to retake the planet!

*The scraping of a chair's legs being rapidly shoved across the ground is heard, quickly followed by the clatter as it hits the back of the wall, only barely audible over the sound of a thud of a body landing on the table*

X: Stop!

*Z quickly manages to subdue Captain McCauley on the table*

*door whooshes open*

Stryker: That's it, this interview is over!

Y: General, we are not done with the Captain.

Stryker: You will be done now, or you will find yourself manning an outpost in the Unknown Regions so fast your head will spin.

X: There are no further questions for the Captain.

*Frosty and Stryker exit the room*

To be continued...