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Erosion: Part 2
How Renegade Wing lost Toseng

Contributors: Syntax, Knight, Bone, Freak, Zippy, Prowler, FLATTOP, Shadow, Frosty, Gnoizic, Wildcard, Guardian, Thanatos, Jalb, Dobber, Wolf, Blixus, Damak, Raptor, Ant, Animal, Angel, Dragon, Jasted, Rainman, Jedi, Barraken, Rogue, Lock, Silence, Savage, Professor, Bulldog, Junior, Gremlin

Continuation of Debriefing

Debrief: NR-01255TOS-11
Subject: 1st Lieutenant Kyle Mandal
Callsign: Gnoizic

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Gnoizic: 1st Lieutenant Kyle Mandal, Buccaneer Two.

X: What was the state of your squadron upon launching from the planet?

Gnoizic: If I remember correctly, mostly combat ready. Handful of no-shows.

Y: Where were your missing pilots?

Gnoizic: Drunk? Saving a few kills for me? *sigh* I don't know. That's their business.

Y: Seems quite fishy that one-third of your fighting force was conveniently missing during a key juncture in time, no?

Gnoizic: Frankly, half the time I'm surprised we ever launch at full strength. With that day's scramble? I'm glad we had two-thirds.

X: Let's focus on Captain Davis. Reports dictate that while Captain Clark and Flight Officers Shuun and Zynnadi weren't on the base during the scramble, Captain Davis was. Why was he not in the air with your squadron when you launched for battle?

Gnoizic: Couldn't tell ya. Could've sworn I saw him at his ship before takeoff.

Y: So he just ... disappeared?

Gnoizic: Far as I can tell. Did see some ground forces near his ship though. Maybe they got him reassigned? Commandeered the ship?

Y: That seems quite odd.

Gnoizic: That could almost be the Bucc motto at this point. You learn not to worry about it.

X: Is it true that Lieutenant J'ruce of Spectre Squadron flew Captain Clark's Y-wing during the battle?

Gnoizic: Yup.

Y: Why wasn't Captain Clark there to fly his own ship?

Gnoizic: No idea.

Y: Is there a possibility that Captain Clark had a hand in this attack?

Gnoizic: Not in this or any other of Corellia's Nine Hells.

Y: If he wasn't there, and our forces were caught so unaware, it stands to reason that there was an inside man. And Captain Clark did have two lengthy brig visits, with this last one just ending days before the attack.

Gnoizic: You going somewhere with this?

Y: What I'm driving at, Lieutenant, is that there is a good possibility that Captain Clark OR even Captain Davis may have been working against us.

Gnoizic: Nah, not those two.

Y: You trust those men with your life?

Gnoizic: Every time I fly.

X: *datapad chirps* Outside of these two brig stays for Captain Clark, his record appears to be littered with attitude issues. How in the world did this man end up in an executive position? Nevermind that. Are you sure, as in would you stake your life and career on it, that Captain Clark had nothing to do with the recent attack?

Gnoizic: Absolutely.

Y: Then where is he? Why haven't we heard a peep nor had any inkling of his whereabouts since some of your compatriots left him hours before the attack? Where are Captain Davis, Flight Officer Shuun, and Lieutenant Zynnadi?

Gnoizic: If I knew, I'd tell you. Now, if you need help looking for 'em, I might be able to put in some freelance w—

X: That will be all. Thank you for your time, Lieutenant.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-12
Subject: 1st Lieutenant Bakk J'ruce
Callsign: Wildcard

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Wildcard: Bakk J'ruce, Lieutenant First Class, Buccaneer Four

X: Congratulations on your recent promotion. You have had quite a meteoric rise since joining Renegade Wing. A Flight Officer for a few weeks, then 2nd Lieutenant for an even shorter time, and just now earning another promotion for your actions during the 2nd Battle of Toseng.

Wildcard: Thank you, sir. It has been an unexpected progression, to say the least.

X: Take us back to the scramble alert and the status of the base evacuation. Would you say it was run smoothly?

Wildcard: Smoothly isn't the word I would use. With all due respect to my seniors, there was a noticeable lack of order and coordination. That isn't to say I believe those in charge were at fault. After all, how does one anticipate something like that?

Y: Why weren't you in your ship flying with your squadron during the battle?

Wildcard: When I had finally traversed through the sea of scurrying men, I found that I was too late and my starfighter was gone. I presumed somebody had taken it in the panic.

Y: You're saying somebody just walked up and flew a complex piece of military machinery away?

Wildcard: I am saying it is easily within the realm of possibility. It's not exactly difficult, sir.

Y: Speaking from a little personal experience?

Wildcard: You've got my file. You don't need me to answer that.

X: Reports indicate that your previous executive officer, Captain Gemilan, was not present at the base during the alert nor did she ever take flight and join the battle. She is currently still missing. Where was she?

Wildcard: I don't know, okay? Why don't you ask someone who she would confide in, like that booze hound Corsair she's pally with?

Y: Don't you think it's a little strange that she was nowhere to be found and hasn't reported back?

Wildcard: I never said I didn't think that. All I know is she wasn't there and still isn't. If she wants to abandon us then that's her call.

X: Why not take her ship then, since it was prepped and ready while yours was missing?

Wildcard: Because part of me wanted to think she was right on my tail, ready to get in the air and help the squadron. It's not easy to resign yourself to the fact that you've been let down by somebody in a position of trust.

X: What did you do, then?

Wildcard: I ran into the adjoining hangar where I found a Y-wing prepped for take-off. Belonged to Captain Andy Clark, if I'm not mistaken. So I jumped in and hightailed it out there.

Y: So you didn't opt to take Captain Gemilan's X-wing before. What made you decide to take Captain Clark's Y-wing this time?

Wildcard: Call me self centered, but I don't really know Clark that well. Call it a lack of object permanence, but if he's not there and I don't speak to him, then he may as well not exist.

Y: For all we know, you taking that ship stranded the Captain on the planet.

Wildcard: You're right, and if that had been true then I would have been more than willing to face the consequences of that. However, that wasn't the case, was it?

Y: We still haven't had any word on Captain Clark's whereabouts, Lieutenant. If you have information that could help locate him...

Wildcard: I don't.

X: Why didn't you reform with Spectre Squadron once you were airborne?

Wildcard: When I got in, the comm was keyed to the squadron channel, not the broader frequency. I heard Lieutenant Colonel Stephen yelling about needing help with the capital ships and I suppose I worried that my ignoring him might result in his or anyone else's death.

Y: Do you trust Captain Gemilan and the rest of the Spectres?

Wildcard: I ... do. More than I've trusted anybody in a long time.

Y: If you do, then why didn't you fight with them instead of remaining with the Buccaneers during the battle?

Wildcard: Anim—Lieutenant Colonel Stephen was throwing one order after the other at me and the squadron. Spectre may have been short on pilots, but so were Buccaneer. Bouncing around assignments would only have made more of a mess.

X: *datapad chirps* It appears that your performance during the battle was good enough for Lieutenant Colonel Stephen to force your transfer to Buccaneer Squadron. Must have made quite an impression.

Wildcard: I felt very in sync with Buccaneer Squadron in battle. I'm just glad that the OC felt the same way.

Y: It looks—

X: *admonishing glance* That will be all, Lieutenant.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-13
Subject: Captain Adam Burns
Callsign: Guardian

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Guardian: Captain Adam Burns, callsign Guardian, currently assigned to Renegade Flight, Renegade Wing.

X: You were with Renegade Wing during the days of the Alliance, correct? What was your posting?

Guardian: Transferred from Defender to Corsair when it was being stood up. Served there for a bit, then was moved to Buccaneer, first as a flyer, then as XO, then as CO.

Y: Why did you leave? Where did you go?

Guardian: I took some time off to attend to a ... personal matter. It lasted a lot longer than I anticipated.

Y: Did any Imperial agents attempt to contact you during your ... vacation?

Guardian: Not as far as I am aware, no.

Y: Are you sure? Believe me when I say we have ways of finding these things out. I will ask you again, were you contacted by any Imperial agents in the past or more recently?

Guardian: *look of annoyance* Sure. There were Imperial recruiting agents on Gorman, where I grew up— think I talked to a few of them for school purposes. I was a medic before I was in the Starfighter Corps, so I spoke to a few defectors, or wounded and captured Imperials. More recently? We've been dealing with a refugee population. I'd put money that more than a handful of them are Imperials.

X: *admonishing glance* Why did it take you so long to lift off?

Guardian: Because I decided to wait as long as possible to ensure the complete evacuation of the base. I was also ... discussing evacuating with Captain Milo, and she was uninterested. Have you met Captain Milo yet? No? Well, too bad for you. If you had, you'd know that when she says she's going to stick it out because she's there on a humanitarian mission then that is what is going to happen, and a herd of banthas aren't going to move her off of doing just that.

X: How long were you stuck on the deck?

Guardian: *annoyance intensifies* Until we could take off.

X: Did you notice any other craft similarly stuck on the ground for an extended period of time?

Guardian: It looked like another of the Wing U-wings was being held up by Major Shen'ryu. Might have been Captain Davis' beat up jalopy, but I cannot confirm that with any confidence. There were some freighters and transports that the ground crews were cramming personnel and supplies on to, until the last minute.

Y: You must be aware that Captain Davis' craft was never sighted in space. Why is he not here with us now?

Guardian: No idea.

Y: Do you trust Captain Davis?

Guardian: With my life, like everyone else in the wing. He hasn't given me a reason not to.

X: You mentioned Major Shen'ryu earlier. Do you think he is to blame for the lackluster response to the attack?

Guardian: *shrugs* Probably blame to go around.

Y: Who else in your estimation could be blamed for such a poor showing by our forces?

Guardian: I'm sure there's an intelligence failure somewhere that didn't find the Imperials regrouping for a counterattack, and someone decided not to reinforce our position when they had a chance. Maybe you all were too busy spying on the wrong people? So... *another shrug*

X: What was the flight out of the atmosphere like with fighters closing in?

Guardian: *long pause* ...tense.

Y: Sounds pretty hairy. How did you manage to make it out alive?

Guardian: We tucked the armed freighters in tight around the unarmed transports, and tried to keep everyone covered. Instead of trying to rendezvous with the Vigilant, we made best speed to the closest point where we could hyperspace out, and then reunited with the fleet later. Managed to make it clear without too much interference.

X: Thank you, Captain. That will be all.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-14
Subject: Major Tony Marco
Callsign: Thanatos

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Thanatos: Tony Marco, Major. Rogue Squadron, CRS Vigilant ... *gives a side-eye toward the interviewers* Classified.

X: How long have you been a member of Rogue Squadron, Major?

Thanatos: Joined up a little after Hoth.

X: Is the squadron as legendary as the military press would have the people believe?

Thanatos: I don't follow the holos ... and I'm not sure what you mean by "legendary". Name a battle, we were there. But that means we fight and we've lost. Same as anybody else. We just have a reputation of making things happen and getting out alive.

Y: How do we lose Toseng when our most elite unit was supposed to be defending it?"

Thanatos: *eyes flash* Look, we responded when we got the distress call and it was already too late. We weren't even in system. You've looked at the file, haven't you? Command had us babysitting some freighters and we stuck to our mission until the moment we were told to do otherwise.

X: Who gave you that assignment?

Thanatos: Command, like I said. Listen, are you sure you've got clearance for this conversation? We're asked to operate under confidential orders all the time, even our assignment billets get redacted! When we receive orders, they are just that: orders. The mission wasn't planned by Colonel Reynolds, myself, or anyone else on the Vigilant.

Y: Is it often that Rogue Squadron is pulled away on missions that aren't directly linked to the missions of Renegade Wing?

Thanatos: *scoffs* I'm really beginning to doubt that I should be talking with you. This is a debrief, and you seem utterly unfamiliar with this Wing's purpose and SOPs. Let alone Rogue and the missions we undertake. Why did you bring us in? Cut to the chase.

X: Records indicate that Rogue Squadron delayed jumping with the first half of the freighters that left Binary Star Shipping's depot to hang back and jump with the second half. Why didn't half of you jump with the first half?

Thanatos: About the freighters ... all right. Yes, there were only seven of us, we were confident in our operation security and saw no need to break our flight into smaller groups.

X: Binary Star Shipping is a company in which one of your own pilots, a Lieutenant Thornwood, is a member of the family of ownership, yes?

Thanatos: *Nods* Now we're getting somewhere. Is that what this is about? Yes, you are correct.

Y: Does Rogue Squadron often do personal favors for friends and family?

Thanatos: Again, it seems like you are out of your depth. The orders came from above. I'm not sure what committee or bureaucracy sent you, but you must be new. Rogue Squadron doesn't vet our own missions, nor do we wait around weighing conflicts of interest. If you'd been around when we were the Rebellion, you'd know that.

Y: Is it standard for Rogue Squadron to be light on bodies that they can't field a full complement?

Thanatos: Check your records. We're light on bodies, we've had losses and transfers into command spots. The bar we set in Rogue is high, and there aren't many that can cross it. Show me where the pilots that meet our standards are and we'll talk about a full complement.

Y: Why not lower the standards?

Thanatos: We operate with the personnel we have because they're well-trained and they get the job done. You asked about our reputation? I'm more concerned with trusting my wingmates to be the best, not for the press or to build some elusive myth, but to accomplish anything Command needs done.

Y: With more pilots, surely there would be more help and we might have avoided this debacle.

Thanatos: *Stares coldly into both interviewers' eyes at the same time* You don't "avoid debacles" by throwing more pilots at them. If they aren't ready, you're just sending men and women to their deaths.

X: That will be all, Major. Thank you for your time.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-15
Subject: Colonel Chris Reynolds
Callsign: Jalb_k

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Jalb: Reynolds, C.D. Colonel, Rogue Lead and CO Renegade Wing

X: Could you explain your callsign for us? There have been a few puzzlers amongst the people we've already interviewed.

Jalb: I don't see the pertinence of the question, nor the context for your asking, considering the subject of this investigation *pauses and looks pointedly at both NRI staff* and the allegations.

X: How long have you been with Renegade Wing?

Jalb: I transferred from Blue to Corsair fairly soon after the Tureen VII Op ... 5 years or so.

X: How long have you been with Rogue Squadron?

Jalb: 3 years, give or take.

X: And roughly how long have you been the leader of Rogue Squadron?

Jalb: *subject pinches the brow of his nose and sighs* I don't know, 12 months?

Y: So it's safe to say you have ample amounts of both combat and leadership experience, yes?

Jalb: I don't believe I've given you permission to speak freely Captain. Let's try that again.

Y: I beg your pardon?

Jalb: I beg your pardon, Sir.

Y: *looks confusedly at the subject*

X: Captain, you 'are' addressing a senior officer..

Y: Well ... I thought, given the situ—

Jalb: You thought wrong son! I don't know what you've been allowed to get away with speaking to my senior staff and pilots but it won't fly with me. I am more than willing to cooperate with this... investigation, but I will not allow myself or the Wing to be disrespected, copy? *sits back and folds his arms*

Y: *glares at the subject* So it's safe to say you have ample amounts of both combat and leadership experience ... Sir?

Jalb: *subject raises an eyebrow at the tone* Yes

Y: Then make it make sense to me that you would hold your entire complement of pilots back with the second half of the convoy rather than jumping in with the first half, or at the very least splitting your flight so half went back with the first freighters, and the others with the second half ... *subject raised an eyebrow and stared pointedly* Sir.

Jalb: We were jumping into a secure location. We held the Toseng system, the Task Force was in place with regular system wide patrols and STC coordinating ingress and egress from the planet and hyper buoys. With arrival secure it was more prudent to keep the Squadron complete and maintain security at the departure point.

Y: Who gave you the order for this escort mission?

Jalb: *subject sighs again and shakes his head* Can you not read Captain? I see all the hardcopy in front of you, I can even see the orders in question, raised at Fleet and issued by General Firth.

X: Does this happen often? Is Rogue Squadron normally called away on missions that weren't originally conceived in house?

Jalb: It's been a long while since we've operated like that, a good long while. When I first joined Corsair the Wing was pretty much tasked with an AO and left to do what it could to disrupt Imperial activity but those days are long gone. We answer to Fleet and conduct operations as directed by New Republic leadership. So, in short, 90% of our missions are not conceived in house. What they are is planned in house. We get given the mission, we decide how best to run it. What was unusual was for Rogue to be specifically tasked for escort.

X: Please describe the situation once you and your squadron arrived in the system of Toseng.

Jalb: FUBAR, quite simply an absolute clusterfrack. Interference was being injected on the main comm nets so I had no clear picture from the Task Force other than what my scopes and my astromech told me. I could see Spectre and Corsair were trying to protect civilian assets while Buccaneer were forming into an assault formation. It was clear that the Renegades on station were outnumbered and unable to contain the Imperial fighters

Y: How long did it take you to assess the situation?

Jalb: It felt like minutes but adrenaline does that. The flight recorder shows my first transmission at 6 seconds after reversion.

X: What were your orders to your squadron?

Jalb: *Subject shrugs* Fighter suppression, civilian asset defence. If I recall correctly it was something like 'break by pairs, hit those fighters and keep them off the freighters.'

Y: It seems awfully convenient that Rogue Squadron wasn't around for the beginning of this battle.

Jalb: Is that a question or a statement, Captain?

Y: Why were you and your pilots really away from the planet at such a crucial time?

Jalb: Right, I've had just about enough of this, you self important little twat! *subject stands and leans into the face of interviewer Y* You're NRI mate, not ISB! You don't have carte blanche to ignore rank and inject your own subjective reality over the facts!

*door whooshes open*

Stryker: Enough! You've already got the answer to these questions!

Y: We're not finished with the Colonel, General.

Jalb: Oh you're not finished with me? *Subject grabs interviewer Y by the collar and drags him to his feet* Let me finish it for you!

Stryker: Jalb! *Subject snorts and pushes Interviewer Y back into his seat* I've warned you before, Captain, that if you continue to overstep the bounds of this inquiry I would have your career. Stop now before I make that threat a reality!

X: *admonishing glance* We're finished with the Colonel.

Stryker: We'll BOTH be just outside observing the rest of this ... debriefing. Do not press me on my threat.

X: You're lucky the General came in.

Y: He was about to assault a subordinate, he did assault a subordinate..

X: *laughter* He one punch KO'd a Bothan General, do you think he's concerned about dropping a Captain who had clearly been insubordinate? Besides, had the General not come in I think you'd still be sleeping on the floor about now.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-16
Subject: 2nd Lieutenant Katlyn Thornwood
Callsign: Starfire

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Starfire: Katlyn Thornwood. Second Lieutenant. Currently assigned to Rogue Squadron aboard the CRS Vigilant.

X: How long have you been a member of Rogue Squadron?

Starfire: Almost three months at this point.

X: 24 is fairly young to be a member of such a storied squadron with the hardest standards to attain and the highest washout rate, isn't it? You must be an exceptional pilot.

Starfire: Flying has been a significant part of my life. I've trained very hard to get to where I'm at today.

Y: *datapad chirps* Does the fact that your family business is a staunch supporter and generous donor to New Republic affairs have anything to do with your accelerated membership to Rogue Squadron?

Starfire: What? No! My transfer to Rogue Squadron had nothing to do with my family's affairs, and was entirely because of the potential my former commanding officers saw in me. If you've read my file, you'll see that I was given several commendations and recommendations based on my performance alone. And if you must know, my family earned the New Republic's trust and that contract well after I joined Rogue Squadron due to the duplicity of members of the Vedardi family.

X: *admonishing glance* What were the orders of Rogue Leader upon entry of the Toseng system?

Starfire: Our orders, after Lieutenant Colonel Reynolds quickly assessed the situation, were to engage any and all starfighters in the immediate area to protect the convoy crafts.

Y: Why then did you immediately ignore those orders and go toward your family's assets?

Starfire: I identified a threat to civilian ships that were fleeing the planet from Imperial forces. Freighters carrying women, children, the elderly ... Given the proximity of that convoy to our main one, I was technically following orders.

Y: A technicality is your best defense for gross disregard for orders from your superior?

Starfire: Unarmed ships and civilian-trained pilots are no match for a crack team of TIE Interceptor pilots. I was also ensuring the survival of key assets that are integral to the relationship between the New Republic and Binary Star Shipping.

X: Did any of the freighters you rushed to defend fall to enemy fire?

Starfire: Two were quickly destroyed before we could get there in time. A third was destroyed later before it could make the jump to hyperspace. Captain Dobson and I, along with the Binary Star Shipping escorts, were able to ensure the other fifteen freighters were able to safely make it out of the area, in addition to protecting our main convoy.

X: Thank you, Lieutenant. That will be all.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-17
Subject: Captain Andrew Dobson
Callsign: Dobber

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Dobber: Andrew Dobson, Captain. Currently assigned to Rogue Squadron aboard the CRS Vigilant as the Renegade Wing Training Officer.

X: Seems like a fairly boring callsign compared to many of your peers, Captain. How did it come about?

Dobber: Childhood nickname. Not my choice *shrugs* but it stuck.

X: Can you summarize your service record within the Starfighter Corps, both with the Alliance and New Republic?

Dobber: I joined the Alliance Starfighter Corps shortly after the Battle of Yavin while fleeing from Imperial authorities on Corellia. I was mistakenly branded a criminal, but had no way of clearing my name. I spent time training in Heart Squadron on the forest moon of Corvy, distinguishing myself in my first live exercise against an Imperial convoy and later an ambush. From there I was offered a position as a Flight Officer in Blue Squadron aboard the CRS Morning Star, eventually rising to the position of squadron leader. I also saw service on Hoth as a Lieutenant while serving in Blue Squadron. After numerous missions, we took part in the Battle of Endor. I was temporarily a member of Buccaneer Squadron before making the decision to transfer to Rogue Squadron upon successful completion of a variation of the Rogue Squadron training program. I've served loyally with the New Republic on board the CRS Vigilant ever since.

Y: *datapad chirps* Just to confirm, you had previously achieved the rank of Major in the New Republic Starfighter Corps, yes?

Dobber: Correct

Y: And now you are a Captain. How did you earn a demotion?

Dobber: If you've read my record, and I'm sure you have, you would already know the answer to that question.

Y: I am merely attempting to suss out if disobeying direct orders is an outlier or a habit for you, Captain.

Dobber: I've served my time to make up for my rogue behaviour ... pardon the pun. But to be clear, my actions against Captain Gaspra were an outlier.

Y: I am referring to your actions at Toseng. We have heard that the first order from your Squadron Leader, Colonel Reynolds, was to engage the fighters. Why then, did you ignore that order and follow Lieutenant Thornwood to assist the personal assets of her family's company?

Dobber: There were numerous Imperial starfighter squadrons in our zone of the conflict. Lieutenant Thornwood's orders were the same as mine ... engage any and all Imperial starfighters. She identified a greater threat to a second civilian convoy in the area, adjacent to the primary one we were protecting. This second group of freighters from Binary Star Shipping was carrying civilians off-world, fleeing Imperial forces.

Y: Did you hope to ingratiate yourself with the executives of Binary Star Shipping in hopes that you could land a job with them after Rogue Squadron was destroyed?

Dobber: No. My loyalty and duty lies with the New Republic and my fellow pilots. I have no interest in joining or benefitting from Binary Star Shipping and their enterprise.

X: *admonishing glance* Why did you ignore your orders?

Dobber: There were also key personnel from Binary Star Shipping in the area that, while they have combat experience, are not adequately trained to take on experienced TIE Interceptor pilots or other Imperial fighters. I also have orders from my OC to take responsibility for training and protecting Lieutenant Thornwood in addition to my other squadmates. By engaging the Imperial fighters and protecting both conveys simultaneously, I was technically still following orders and minimizing the loss of life. Had we not intervened, many more civilians would have lost their lives that day.

Y: *datapad chirps* A little over a month before the battle, you received a communications connection from a Captain Nidalee Supriya. Can you tell us what it was about?

Dobber: I'm sorry, that is classified information I am not authorized to share.

Y: Are you angry with the New Republic?

Dobber: No, I am not.

Y: Are you angry that your previous rank hasn't been restored?

Dobber: No. I've accepted my station and am working positively towards earning my former rank again.

Y: Do you have any inkling as to why it hasn't been restored?

Dobber: Earning a rank takes time and trust. I am working to restore that trust with my fellow and commanding officers.

Y: You know—

X: *admonishing glance* That is enough. Thank you for your time, Captain.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-18
Subject: Major Myke Krenn
Callsign: Wolf

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Wolf: Myke Krenn, Major. Assigned Spectre Squadron, Officer Commanding.

X: You have been with Renegade Wing for quite a long period of time, yes? How long roughly? You know how some of those Alliance record-keeping practices were.

Wolf: Around two years, sir.

Y: Where is your executive officer, Captain Gemilan?

Wolf: Missing in action, currently.

X: Where was she during the time leading up to and during the attack?

Wolf: I am assuming she was wherever she felt she needed to be. Many of our pilots had downtime before we were jumped.

X: Is it unusual behavior for her to not be around when duty calls?

Wolf: I feel like that's a leading question, sir. You say she was not around when duty called. For all I know, she was right where she needed to be. Prior to the attack, she was assisting with relief efforts among the civilian population.

Y: Do you think she may have had a hand in the planning and execution of the attack?

Wolf: Are you asking me if I think Captain Gemilan, who has served the Rebellion faithfully for years, attempted to aid the Empire? If you are, then I would say no.

X: *admonishing glance* Tell us about the role of Spectre Squadron during the initial stages of the battle.

Wolf: Without regurgitating my entire report, sir, I'll give you the highlights. Thanks to our excellent ground crew, we were able to scramble fast enough to engage Imperial Forces along with three Corsairs before Skull was overrun. By the time we got there, many of our ships were disabled, but could still move under their own power. We ran cover for them, picking off any incoming ordinance and fighters that might threaten any of our cap ships.

X: What were your orders to your pilots upon assessing the situation?

Wolf: With Skull largely out of the fight at this stage, Spectre took over the role of fleet defense as I just mentioned. It's a job we're suited for and I'm proud of my pilot's performance.

Y: Were these orders from you, or did you receive the assignment from somebody else?

Wolf: They were mine, sir. We were receiving no transmissions from the cap ships at that time.

X: Were you senior in the area at that time?

Wolf: Technically, Lt. Colonel 9-Lom was the senior officer on the scene, but as Spectre had more assets airborne, he deferred immediate strategy to me.

Y: Where was Colonel Reynolds and Rogue Squadron?

Wolf: They arrived shortly after the engagement began. The timing is in my logs and my report. It will be far more accurate than my memory.

X: Along with the Imperial fighters, what sort of force did they array against our defenses?

Wolf: There were two Impstars, one being the Consolidator. There were a few Acclamators, two I think. One of them was the Shooting Star for sure. There were also two support ships, old dreadnaughts that they must have converted or re-shelled.

X: Where were the rest of the Corsair craft? And Buccaneer?

Wolf: They were still inbound at that time.

X: Did you consider deciding to engage the larger ships rather than the fighters?

Wolf: No. Our immediate concern was the preservation of our capital ships.

X: How would you say your pilots performed their duty?

Wolf: Admirably, sir. I'm very proud of them.

Y: *datapad chirps* Your newest pilot, Lieutenant Mitchell ... How did he do, being the newest member of your squadron?

Wolf: Just fine for being brand new. He even managed a kill. Not bad for a first engagement when the pressure was really on. The Imps weren't playing by the usual rules. They were cautious. TIE pilots typically fly like they want to die, these didn't. The fact he got one at all is pretty remarkable.

Y: Have you gotten to know him?

Wolf: Not very well. I've seen his scores, his record. That's about it.

X: Thank you for your time, Major.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-19
Subject: 2nd Lieutenant Jeff Mitchell
Callsign: Blixus

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Blixus: Jeff Mitchell, 2nd Lieutenant. I'm currently assigned to Spectre Squadron and fly as Spectre 10.

X: How long have you been a member of Renegade Wing?

Blixus: I just arrived at the Wing. I completed my training a month ago.

X: And where were you before joining Renegade Wing?

Blixus: Frankly? On the run. I tried to keep a low profile, away from the Empire or anyone else. I lived in terror every day of either being caught by them or killed by some random bounty hunter. I'm not proud to say that I fell in with some bad elements ... smugglers ... in order to have some hope of staying alive. Living on the run ... alone, with no one for support ... it was unsustainable.

Y: *datapad chirps* You were a member of the Imperial Starfighter Corps, yes?

Blixus: Correct. I was posted to the Star Destroyer Persecutor and was section leader in one of the TIE fighter squadrons.

Y: How long did you serve with the Imperials?

Blixus: Two years.

X: What rank did you attain?

Blixus: I achieved the rank of Lieutenant.

X: And before that, you lived on the planet Scarif, yes?

Blixus: Correct. I was born and raised there.

X: Is that why you deserted?

Blixus: Correct. The day of the Battle of Scarif was the blackest of my life. Literally everything was ripped from me that day. In the aftermath I was almost literally lost. I just fled. I was only vaguely aware back then, but I needed to remake myself.

Y: Why did it take you so long to join the Rebellion after what the Death Star did to your planet? To your family?

Blixus: As I expressed a few moments ago,I spent the last years afraid for my life, in one way or another, every minute of every day. My overriding concern was survival. It took me a long time to work up the courage to break out of that ... mode ... and find a way to move on. Also, I had fallen in deep with unsavoury elements and I'm sure you can appreciate that you just don't up and leave that type of situation. I managed to ... eventually, and was afterwards determined to find my way to something better. By that time, I'd seen enough of what the Empire was really about to know that I had to get back in the fight ... from the right side.

X: Thank you for your candor. Let's talk about the battle. What was the role of Spectre Squadron during the engagement?

Blixus: We acted as the fighter screen for the rest of Renegade Wing.

X: And how did Spectre Squadron do in this duty? Were there any losses in the squadron?

Blixus: Spectre 5, Gremlin, was not with us that day, otherwise, we were fortunate not to sustain any losses during the battle.

X: *glances at Y and shakes head imperceptibly* Was it what pilots call a 'target rich' environment?

Blixus: It was indeed ... it was almost ... overwhelming...

Y: How many kills did you have?

Blixus: I managed one kill ... my first as a pilot of Renegade Wing. I cleared Damak's six when he really needed it.

Y: That's all? Seems like you could have just held down the trigger as you maneuvered and gotten more than 1 kill.

Blixus: My job that day was to protect my wing man. You never leave your wingman ... if you do, both of you likely die. I just arrived here and am trying to find my footing with the Wing, this was my first major engagement in the cockpit in at least 5 years. I have not been, nor will I ever be, about personal glory and achievements. I count my blessings every day that I've found the opportunity to rebuild myself ... I won't jeopardize that by not being a team player. I just wanted to keep Damak and myself from getting vaped ... it was all I could think about.

X: Thank you, Lieutenant. That will be all.


Debrief: NR-01255TOS-20
Subject: 1st Lieutenant Andika Malim
Callsign: Damak

X: State your name, rank, and assignment for the record please.

Damak: Lieutenant Andika Malim, Spectre 11.

X: According to our records, you earned a promotion a few weeks before the battle. Congratulations.

Damak: Thanks, I guess.

X: How long have you been a member of Renegade Wing?

Damak: Three or four months, somewhere in there.

X: And where were you before Renegade Wing?

Damak: On extended leave, recovering from trauma.

Y: What were you doing during the gap between duty postings?

Damak: Teaching.

X: During the battle, who was your wingman?

Damak: Lieutenant Mitchell.

X: How do you think he performed?

Damak: Adequate, I guess. He kept fighters off my six. Probably why he only managed to get one kill in such a big furball.

Y: Do you think he may have been holding back?

Damak: I don't think so. He may have been busy getting fighters off my six that he missed out on kills.

Y: I mean, do you think he was actively avoiding killing Imperial TIEs?

Damak: Not from where I can see him.

X: Once it was clear that a few of the Imperial capital ships were closing in to attack the damaged ships of the Vigilant Task Force, why didn't Spectre move in to engage them?

Damak: We were ordered to stick to the fighters.

Y: Was your commanding officer incompetent or too timid to seize initiative?

Damak: I don't think so. In such a fluid combat engagement, it was the right call. We're a multi-role fighter, but at the moment I think we're not the right ones to deal with capital ships.

X: Thank you for your candor, Lieutenant.

To be continued...