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Acceptable Losses

"Get in the speeder."

"What?" Kevin Ray asked, looking to his left as a red Jenkon 2800 convertible landspeeder pulled up alongside him at the curb. A LOM-series protocol droid was seated behind the steering wheel.

"Do as I said. Your life is in danger," the droid said. "Now get in the speeder." He popped the passenger-side door.

Tell me something I don't know... Kevin thought. But... if I don't get in, odds are this machine will shoot me right here or something. He looked up at the noon-day sun spilling light onto downtown Coronet City, wondering why this kind of nonsense always seemed to happen to him. Kevin glanced at the speeder, then back up at the sun. "Okay..." Kevin replied warily, and moved into the passenger seat and closed the door. The droid stepped on the accelerator, and the speeder pulled away from the curb and back into traffic.

"I need to get you off of Corellia and somewhere safe," the protocol droid said. "There's a price on your head, and I've been hired to protect you."

"Yeah, I figured as much," Kevin said, pulling his safety belt across his body and buckling it. "If you wanted to kill me, odds are I'd already be dead." Kevin turned to the droid. "Mind answering one question, though? Who are you?"

"9-LOM," the droid replied. "I'm going to take us to the starport where my ship is birthed, and we'll leave here for the Vergesso Asteroids. That's where I'm getting paid."

"Um, great, sounds like a plan."

9-LOM moved the speeder through the city streets. He really wanted to rush, but drawing attention from the local law enforcement by speeding through the urban surface streets of Coronet City wasn't the brightest tactic he could employ. He pulled into the right lane, and turned at the next corner, following the flow of traffic. However, after a few more blocks, 9-LOM glanced over at his rear-view mirror.

"What is it?" Kevin asked.

"That large black speeder, about four cars back. It has followed us around the past three turns."

"So? What does that mean?"

"Nothing, yet. I'll run a test..."9-LOM said. He shifted into the left lane, and turned on his directional signal. He moved into the turn lane, began the turn, and... the black speeder followed 9-LOM's lead.

"There. I think we have a tail," 9-LOM said.

"Um... uh oh. Can you lose it?"

"No problem," 9-LOM said, switching the car into a higher gear and merged into the left lane, pulling around the landspeeder in front of him and accelerating away from the black sedan.

The large speeder accelerated to match him.

"Interesting," 9-LOM said. He swung the speeder around a left turn, at a speed slightly faster than would be considered legal. As he came out of the turn, he gunned it. Glancing in the rearview mirror, the trailing speeder came around the corner as well - and the driver-side window rolled down, and a gloved hand wielding a blaster rifle stuck out. 9-LOM noted this, and drove faster.

"We need to lose this guy," Kevin said, glancing back and seeing the rifle.

"I know. Hang on," 9-LOM said calmly. He switched over to the right lane, shifting gears again, and sped up along the right curb. Horns blared as other drivers expressed their outrage as 9-LOM cut back across the left lane - and the sedan matched him turn for turn.

"This guy is good..." 9-LOM spoke, rotating the wheel to the right and pulling the speeder back across the right lane and into a ninety-degree turn to the right into the next intersection. He accelerated out of the turn, downshifting and dodging to the left to avoid a slower motorist, and then shifted back into the higher gear and pulled away from the intersection. 9-LOM continued down the lane, before jumping into the left turn lane and swinging hard to the left. He swerved to avoid a hover-bus, which bore down on the horn, and then pulled back across into the right lane. He looked back - and saw the black speeder pull right across the lane behind the bus.

The arm out the window maneuvered around a bit for a clean shot.

9-LOM initiated an abrupt lane change, blowing through a red light at the next intersection, the speeder following suit and narrowly missing being broadsided by another car. 9-LOM switched back to the left lane, then pulled into the left turn lane for a moment in order to pass a slow-moving grav-truck, abruptly pulling back into the left lane in order to avoid rear-ending a car sitting in the turn lane. The black sedan pulled in on the right side of the truck, gaining on 9-LOM's speeder a bit. The driver of the sedan adjusted his aim with the rifle, and popped a shot.

"Whoa!" Kevin said, ducking low as the blaster bolt hit the trunk of 9-LOM's speeder. Another shot passed over their heads, and then one blew the left side mirror off.

"Who is this guy?" 9-LOM said aloud, swinging the car to the left, then the right, as more blaster shots passed on either side. "Take the wheel," 9-LOM said, and used his free hand to unholster his machine-pistol.


"Take the wheel!" he amplified his vocabulator, and rotated his torso around to aim one-handed at the pursuing speeder. Kevin, more than a little alarmed, scrambled to reach over and grab the steering column while 9-LOM kept one foot on the accelerator. 9-LOM pulled the trigger on the machine-pistol, rounds spraying from the barrel of the slugthrower, the recoil shaking 9-LOM's arm a bit. The bullets peppered the front end of the speeder, but did nothing to slow it down. Suddenly, 9-LOM's aim was thrown wild as their speeder made an abrupt shift to the right.

"What are you doing up there?" 9-LOM asked, turning around for a moment. Their speeder passed another motorist on the right, and then Kevin switched it back to the left lane. 9-LOM diverted his attention back to the pursuing vehicle as more blaster shots came overhead. 9-LOM pulled the trigger again, another volley of bullets cutting across the windshield. 9-LOM watched as the speeder's driver punched at the riddled windshield, knocking it free - and was shocked at what he saw.

Green helmet. Black T-shaped visor. Unmistakable.

"Boba Fett!" 9-LOM said, swinging back around in the seat and grabbing the wheel. "Boba Fett! What the hell did you do to piss this guy off?" He sped up, swinging hard to the left around the next turn.

"Well, it's a long story..." Kevin began.

"Well, tell it! It's not like you've got much time to live."

"What? Are you saying you can't protect me?"

"No... but we're dealing with Boba Fett here. All bets are off," 9-LOM replied, swinging the car into another left turn.

"Well, I kinda beat Jabba the Hutt at sabacc..." Kevin started.

"You are kidding, yes? How did you even get out of the palace?"

"Well, that's a... funny story, really. A bunch of the guards were nice enough to help me get out. Last I heard, Jabba killed off those guards."

"And now he's gunning for you."

"Seems that way, yeah," Kevin replied.

"Learn from someone who knows: you need to show restraint around some people. People like Jabba the Hutt," 9-LOM stated.

"I gotcha. But could we please speed up? I think he's gaining."

9-LOM glanced into the rear-view mirror. "Noted," he said, and then swung down the next right turn. The speeder followed with ease. 9-LOM sped up, and then glanced over his shoulder as his speeder approached the next intersection. Kevin did the same. "What does it take to lose this guy?"

"A thermal detonator blast...?" Kevin tried, and turned back around while 9-LOM continued looking back, tracking Boba Fett's movements. "Look out!"

9-LOM spun back around - just in time to see a cargo truck enter the intersection from the left side. 9-LOM quickly downshifted the transmission, and then switched his free hand to the repulsorlift control, yanking it all the way back. The repulsors cut out and their speeder dropped like a rock, scraping across the pavement and generating sparks.

"Get down!" 9-LOM said and shoved Kevin's head down while ducking himself. The speeder scraped underneath the truck, shearing off the windshield in the process. As the speeder cleared the underside of the truck, 9-LOM slammed the repulsor control forward again, bouncing the speeder back up. 9-LOM shifted back to the higher gear, and accelerated. Kevin looked back, stunned a bit, and saw Boba Fett's sedan swing around the front of the truck, eliciting a long blare of the horn from its driver.

"By the Force! Eyes on the road, next time," Kevin said.

"Be quiet, you," 9-LOM replied. "And thanks for that save, by the way."

More shots passed over their heads as Boba Fett resumed firing. The intersection ahead was blocked, as the light had changed to red and the speeders ahead had chosen to obey the traffic laws and stop.

"We need a way out of here..." 9-LOM said, swerving to the right and cutting off another driver. He honked the horn and waved with his free hand, motioning for pedestrians to get out of the way. Pedestrians dove for cover, and 9-LOM's speeder barreled through the corner at top speed, cutting across the walkway and crossing over into the lanes for opposing traffic. He swung the speeder back into the correct lanes, pulling directly across the path of an oncoming truck, and the light behind him changed color. 9-LOM checked the right side mirror, seeing Boba Fett's speeder swing wide around the turn, narrowly avoiding the same truck. 9-LOM sped up.


"I'm letting you off light this time," the CorSec officer said, tapping something in on his standard-issue datapad. "If I catch you going that fast in this part of the city again, I'll have your license revoked."

"I understand completely, Inspector Horn. It won't happen again."

"Good to hear it," Corran Horn said. "You're free to go."

Corran turned to his partner. "Alright, Iella, let's roll."

"Righty-o," Iella Wessiri replied, and moved toward the passenger side door of the CorSec patrol landspeeder. Corran popped the driver's side door, but before getting in, he turned around to look down the street where the speeder was parked, just in time to see a red convertible barrel down the street at top speed. Corran sucked in a breath and plastered himself against the side of his speeder as the red vehicle roared past in the far-right lane, nearly taking his door off. A black sedan appeared to be in hot-pursuit, and Corran could see a blaster rifle stuck out the window of the sedan.

"By the Force!" Corran said, and jumped behind the wheel of the car.

"What is it?" Iella asked.

"Another pair of jokers nearly killed me. No more games," Corran said. He closed the door, gunned the engine, and flicked on his lights and sirens. "Unit 490, requesting backup. Got a pair of hot-rodders heading eastbound on Corusca Avenue, requesting assistance, over."


9-LOM spun the wheel to the left, whipping the speeder around another wide turn through an intersection, Boba Fett's speeder giving close chase. The two speeders roared down the boulevard, weaving around slower vehicles, and conveniently disrupting Fett's aim with the rifle. The traffic began to thin out as the two of them moved out of the main city plazas and into the outskirts of the city. 9-LOM gunned it, pulling out farther ahead, and rocketing towards an intersection. The light was red, but so was the predicament. 9-LOM's speeder flew through the intersection - only to be t-boned on the left in the back third by a car coming from the opposing lane. 9-LOM's speeder whipped violently to the left as the momentum of the opposing car forced it laterally across a lane of traffic, deadening its forward motion. 9-LOM raced the engine, looking to his left at Boba Fett screaming towards them at a ninety-degree angle. The engine caught and the speeder pulled away from the wrecked one that had hit him, just as Fett's speeder entered the intersection and swung around the corner, narrowly avoiding a motorist that cut across his intended path.

"Are we alright?" Kevin asked, looking back at the damage done to the back half of the speeder.

"It pulls to the right, but it'll manage," 9-LOM replied. As his speeder accelerated, continuing down the street and away from the city, 9-LOM heard the sound he hoped he wouldn't hear.

"The cavalry," 9-LOM muttered.

The sound of the CorSec sirens was unmistakable, as a small fleet of combat-ready patrol landspeeders pulled out behind Fett's speeder. The engines in the green-tinted patrol speeders were sufficiently modified to give chase, having dealt with many an escaping felon. A low-altitude airspeeder swung out from over the roofs of the nearby buildings, easily pacing 9-LOM's and Fett's speeders.

"We've got problems..." Kevin said.

"You could say that, yes," 9-LOM replied as he turned the speeder around another bend to the left, the airspeeder hovering overhead as the patrol speeders kept chasing behind. Suddenly, what appeared to be a small missile streaked out from the shattered windshield of Boba Fett's speeder, abruptly changing direction in mid-flight before homing in on the airspeeder, blowing a wing off and sending the flaming hull careening into the left side of the street. 9-LOM swerved around the debris as the airspeeder flamed down, blowing chunks of duracrete into the air and shattering the windows of some buildings along the left side of the street.

"This has to end," 9-LOM said, reaching back with his right arm to grab his disruptor rifle from the back seat, while keeping his left arm on the steering wheel. He dropped the rifle in his lap. "Hang on." 9-LOM abruptly switched the transmission of the speeder into neutral, whipping the wheel around to the left as he did so, putting the speeder into an abrupt spin. As the speeder completed the 180-degree turn, 9-LOM shifted it into reverse and punched the accelerator, keeping the speeder going in the same direction at roughly the same speed, but now facing backwards. He picked the rifle up again with his right hand, leveled it off on the dashboard, and took aim at Fett's speeder. 9-LOM pulled the trigger, the green shot lancing out from the barrel of the disruptor rifle towards Fett's speeder. However, Fett swerved his speeder to the right, narrowly missing the disruptor shot, which went past Fett's speeder and connected with the front bumper of one of the CorSec vehicles, a large, all-terrain speeder. The bumper exploded, and the speeder nosed down as the repulsorlifts cut out. It flipped, skidding to the left on its hood across two lanes of traffic.


"Whoa!" Corran exclaimed as he saw one of the forward speeders abruptly burst into flames and flip over, cutting directly into his path. He spun his steering wheel to the right, swerving around the flaming speeder as it gradually came to a halt. He slowed down and came about to the wreck, as did the rest of the CorSec speeders.

"Dispatch, this is unit 490," Iella spoke into the comm as Corran got out. "We have a unit disabled. Send a med crew and maintenance unit, asap."

"He's alright!" Corran called back to Iella, as he saw the driver of the flipped speeder pop the door open and stumble out.


"Whoops," Kevin said sarcastically as 9-LOM whipped the speeder back around to face forward, and raced the engine.

"You think I meant to do that?" 9-LOM asked, turning to glance at Kevin before turning his photoreceptors back to the road.

Kevin put his hands up. "Oh, no, but CorSec won't care. They'll still bust you for it."

"Assuming they catch us."

"I like that attitude."

9-LOM swerved down another side-street, pulling off of the main boulevard and onto the freeway.

"We're on the outskirts of the city," 9-LOM stated. Off to the right was the shoreline. The sun was almost setting, and the traffic had thinned out considerably.

"What's our destination?" Kevin inquired.

"That." 9-LOM pointed off in the distance. "A train depot. We can hitch a ride, and it'll take us right to my ship, at the next freight stop." Kevin turned around to look backwards.

"Our friend still with us?" 9-LOM asked.

"Uh huh. Seems too far back to do anything, however."

"I just hope this engine holds together. This speeder was never meant to maintain a high velocity for any real duration of time. The engine temperature gauge is redlining."

"Well, he'll catch us eventually; we can't outrun him forever without burning this thing's engine out."

They continued down the freeway, towards the interloop where the long stretch of freeway crossed over another section approaching from the west. There was heavier traffic on the approaching freeway, which crossed underneath the one they were on.

"Oh, great," 9-LOM said.

"What?" Kevin inquired, leaning forward and squinting to look into the distance ahead.

"CorSec." Sure enough, in the distance, there was a barricade across the overpass, consisting of a pair of Corellian Security siege vehicles, and about 6 CorSec officers, their weapons already drawn.


Corran Horn picked up the intercom controls, priming the massive loudspeaker mounted on one of the riot control tanks blocking the street.

"This is Inspector Corran Horn, of Corellian Security," he said, his voice booming. "Stop your vehicle, or you will be fired upon. I repeat..."


"...halt your vehicle or you will be fired upon." 9-LOM heard from one of the officers. He reached back with his right hand, grasping the grip of his disruptor rifle and bringing it up to the front.

"Wha -- what are you going to do with that thing?" Kevin asked, his eyes going wide as he looked at the weapon that was declared illegal on most civilized worlds.

"I'm about to make a hole. Hang on tight; this is going to get bumpy." 9-LOM leveled the disruptor straight ahead.


Corran increased the magnification of the macrobinoculars.

"Sith! He's got a disruptor! Open fire, open fire!"


9-LOM swung his aim a bit to the right, targeting the wall of the overpass that kept vehicles from going over the edge. He fired off a blast, the green energy burst rocketing forth from the barrel of the weapon and blowing apart a three-meter-long section of the duracrete barrier. A flurry of red blaster bolts began to fly overhead, some playing off of the hood of the speeder.

"Get down!" 9-LOM said, forcing Kevin's head down as they neared the blockade. A shot blew off the other side mirror on the speeder, and even more rang off of the vehicle's chassis as 9-LOM swung the landspeeder to the right. Shot after shot from the CorSec blasters pelted the left door and then rear-left quarter as 9-LOM's speeder rocketed off of the now-open ledge. The speeder caught a substantial amount of airtime, the forces of gravity momentarily negated as it sailed towards the lower portion of the highway, which was traveling perpendicular to their former direction of movement. The speeder landed a meter behind another vehicle, and 9-LOM wrestled with the steering column to keep the speeder from going out of control.

"Woo! Sure showed them a thing or two!" Kevin said, grinning widely as he looked back at the overpass they'd just jumped from. His grin disappeared, however, when he saw Boba Fett's speeder rocket off of the same overpass, landing about 100 meters behind their own. "By the Sith, what does it take to lose this guy?"

To answer his question, 9-LOM swung the speeder to the left, cranking the repulsor gain in order to kick the speeder up and over the median and into oncoming traffic. Fett followed suit, bringing his speeder across as well. His speeder was steadily gaining on 9-LOM's; it was only a matter of time before he caught up. The two vehicles wove around oncoming traffic, desperately trying not to slip up and plow into an oncoming speeder. Eventually, Fett managed to slide his speeder up along the right side of 9-LOM's. Soon, they were neck-and-neck. Kevin's eyes went wide as Boba Fett pulled out his blaster rifle, taking aim with it across his lap with his right arm. Just as Boba Fett had a clean shot, 9-LOM slammed on the brakes; Fett's speeder flew ahead, and 9-LOM hauled back on the parking brake and whipped the steering wheel around, bringing the back end of the speeder about in a half-circle. He disengaged the brake and accelerated, now facing the correct way in the lane. He sped towards the nearest exit; looking over his shoulder, he saw Fett bring his vehicle around as well. 9-LOM accelerated onto the nearest off-ramp, which looped lazily around and connected with the surface-streets.

"Excellent," 9-LOM said.

"What? Where are we going now?"

"There," 9-LOM replied, and pointed with one hand.

"The hover-train station?"

"Affirmative. We need to get off of these streets, with CorSec more than a little pissed off at us. Especially since this speeder is about ready to die on us."

9-LOM brought the speeder about, driving towards the towering building of the hover-train station and its adjacent landing pad, where Corellia's visitors could land their transport craft and catch a train to any part of the vast city.

"What'll we do?" Kevin asked.

"We're going to catch a train, then get to the spaceport where my ship is docked." 9-LOM accelerated, the speeder's engine growling its protest, and navigated his way through the streets and towards the hover-train station's speeder parking lot. Boba Fett was steadily gaining on them as 9-LOM's speeder's engine continued to fail. He swung it into the lot, and continued driving towards the main station building. "As soon as I stop the speeder, jump out and run for the station building," 9-LOM said.

"Okay, got it."

9-LOM drove the speeder into an open area in the lot. He started slowing, then hit the parking brake. "Go! Go!"

Kevin bailed out, hopping over the door, and scrambled for the entryways for the hover-train station. 9-LOM popped the driver's side door, and stepped out, as Fett's speeder neared. 9-LOM quickly dodged forward and then rolled and slid over the hood of the speeder, just as Fett took the driver's side door off, and continued past. 9-LOM rolled off the hood, landing in a crouch, and grabbed his rifle from the back of the speeder. "I'm right behind you!" he called out, as he sprinted after Kevin. Looking back, 9-LOM saw Boba Fett step out from around his speeder, and lifted his left arm and took aim at 9-LOM's speeder. A rocket shot out, connecting with the front bumper of the landspeeder, and it abruptly exploded, the wreckage flipping forward. 9-LOM was almost knocked down by the blast, and had to dodge to the left to avoid the falling debris. He sprinted into the main lobby of the station, where he spotted Kevin.

"Your car!" Kevin exclaimed.

"It's a rental!" 9-LOM replied. "We need to keep moving." They continued running through the lobby, and a few shots came through the entryway. The other patrons in the lobby noticed this, and a rolling mob began to form as people scrambled for their lives. 9-LOM looked back, and saw Boba Fett run in and fire a few more shots from his EE-3 rifle. 9-LOM pivoted, pulling the disruptor rifle in close against his shoulder, and took aim. He fired a blast, but Fett jumped to the left; the shot passed through where Fett had been standing, and hit the forward landing strut of a Lambda-class shuttle, destroying it and causing the shuttle to pitch forward. Fett fired a trio of blaster shots as he fell to the left, the shots passing over 9-LOM's shoulder and nearly hitting Kevin as he sprinted out the other door to the station lobby, out to the train docking platforms. Fett stood, and 9-LOM turned and ran after Kevin.

"Go! Go! That train over there!" 9-LOM called out as he pointed to one of the trains. No one would be boarding it, and the automated functions in the main engine were causing it to depart. The trains all got their navigational data from a central computer hub, which told each of the wholly-mechanized trains when to depart from the station. 9-LOM had checked the departure times and destinations of the trains ahead of time, and knew which one was heading for the Corellia spaceport where his ship was berthed. Kevin jumped onto the rear platform of the train, and started climbing the ladder to the top of the train. 9-LOM jumped on and followed him up, as Boba Fett ran out to the docking platforms. He engaged his jetpack, rocketing towards the train and landing on the roof, just as 9-LOM cleared the ladder and started running forward. Kevin hopped the gap between the last car and the next one, and shots from Boba Fett's rifle started passing overhead.

"Down! Go down into the train!" 9-LOM said. As he hopped over the gap, he pivoted, taking aim with the disruptor and firing a shot. Fett was forced to duck, and as 9-LOM landed, he rolled back into a crouch. He turned as he stood, and ran after Kevin. He saw Kevin slide down the next ladder in between the two cars. 9-LOM pulled a grenade out of his satchel, armed it, and rolled it back towards Fett. He saw Boba Fett spot the grenade, and scramble backward. 9-LOM dashed forward, jumping over the gap to the next car just as the grenade went off. The blast threw 9-LOM forward, causing him to land on his chest. 9-LOM stood, and turned to face Fett. Boba Fett dodged around the hole in the roof of the car, and ran forward. 9-LOM took aim with his rifle, firing a trio of disruptor shots before his ammo clip went dry. He saw Boba Fett raise his rifle as he leaped onto the next car, and rushed him, swinging the butt of his disruptor rifle up to connect with Fett's helmet, disrupting his aim. 9-LOM headbutted him, knocking him back a step, before Fett swung around with a kick, hitting 9-LOM in the chest, and then swept his legs out from under him. 9-LOM rolled back and stood, and Boba Fett knocked the rifle from his grasp, causing it to land on the roof over his shoulder, and slide towards the edge of the car. 9-LOM scrambled towards the disruptor rifle, making a diving leap for the rifle as it went over the side, catching his right hand on the guardrail at the edge of the roof. He caught the rifle with his left hand, and as he swung down, he smashed through the window of the car, landing in a crouch. 9-LOM slung his rifle back over his shoulder, then reached into his satchel and pulled out his remaining two grenades. He set the timers for ten seconds, rolled them into the middle of the car, then dashed through the doorway into the next car, hitting the connection switch as he ran. The car disconnected and started to drift back, and 9-LOM continued running through the inside of the train.

Boba Fett noticed the car he was on was disconnected, and engaged his jetpack, launching forward as the grenades went off, causing the train car to explode brilliantly. Boba Fett landed at the rear of the next car, and went through the door.

9-LOM ran through to the next car, where Kevin was standing.

"9-LOM!" Kevin exclaimed.

"Go! Keep going!" 9-LOM replied, and ushered him forward through the doors to the next car. Once they were in the next car, 9-LOM realized they were one car behind the main cab of the hover-train; they could proceed forward no further. 9-LOM ran back and locked the door to the car, and then went back to Kevin. They both turned to look at the door as they heard someone try the handle, and then the door abruptly exploded inward. 9-LOM unslung the disruptor rifle and took aim; he had enough of a charge in the rifle for one, possibly two shots from the stun attachment mounted under the barrel, but not a full disruptor shot. Suddenly, a gout of fire from Boba Fett's wrist-mounted flamethrower washed along the inside of the car. 9-LOM was forced to hop back, and fired a stun blast into the smoke and fire, as a pair of blaster shots came forth from the doorway. 9-LOM stumbled as he stepped back to avoid the flames, and the blaster shots passed over him as he fell back. 9-LOM stood as the smoke cleared. Boba Fett was flat on his back; he'd taken the stun shot in the throat, and was out cold.

"Nice shot," Kevin said weakly.

"Thanks, I get that a lot," 9-LOM replied, as he turned to face Kevin.

Kevin was slumped back against the wall of the car.

He'd taken one of Boba Fett's shots in the hip, the other in the stomach. He was clearly dying. 9-LOM scrambled over to Kevin, who was coughing and struggling to breathe. 9-LOM lacked medical supplies; there was nothing he could do until the train stopped at the starport and he could get to his ship.

"I cannot fail," was all 9-LOM could manage to say, as he held Kevin in his arms. "I cannot fail." And with that, Kevin died. 9-LOM closed Kevin's eyes, and turned to Boba Fett's still-unconscious form. He crossed the interior of the car, crouched down at Fett's body, and grasped at the helmet, intending to take it off. As he took hold of it, the hover-train came to an abrupt halt. 9-LOM turned to look at the side door of the car as it was wrenched open. 9-LOM saw a group of CorSec officers, led by Corran Horn.

"Freeze!" Corran shouted. "You are under arrest by Corellian Security. You have the right to remain silent. If you choose to forfeit this right..." 9-LOM tuned him out, standing and raising his arms. Very little else mattered, as the CorSec officers came into the car towards him.