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Rogue Squadron Fleet Battle vs AI Challenge:
Final Results

Congratulations to the teams with the top times this competition!  The following list shows the placings and awards earned by each team.
*In case of multiple awards given to an individual pilot, only the top award will be given.

Rogue FB vs AI Challenge: 1st Place

Thanatos and Jalb_k with a time of -2:41

Rogue FB vs AI Challenge: 2nd Place

Dragon and Bulldog with a time of -1:25

Rogue FB vs AI Challenge: 3rd Place

Guardian and Bulldog with a time of 1:17

Bulldog, Dragon, Jalb_k and Thanatos also earned the Diamond Device for Zero death submissions.

Teams earning the Active Participant's Ribbon

4: Dobber and Jalb_k - 3:45

5: Syntax and Wildcard - 11:30

6: Damak and Zippy - 17:53

7: Lock and Silence - 22:20

This however, is not your last opportunity to earn a Rogue Squadron Fleet Battle vs AI Challenge Ribbon!

The FB vs AI Challenge will be open to all members of Renegade Wing, and can be completed under the original requirements.

A team that turns in a time less than 10 minutes and greater than 5 will earn the Participant's ribbon.

A team that turns in a time less than 5 minutes but greater than 1 will earn the Participant's ribbon with a silver pips.

A team that turns in a time under a minute will earn the Participant's ribbon with a gold pips.

Of course there is a permanent Rogue Squadron Fleet Battle vs AI Challenge record - Thanatos and Jalb_k's time is the current record but we're sure someone will beat that score and claim the record for their own.
For attempts to overtake the Challenge Record, a recording of the flight is preferred.

Rogue Squadron Fleet Battle vs AI Challenge All Time Post Challenge:

1. Thanatos and Jalb_k, time of -2:41 (Challenge Winning Time)



Original Rogue Squadron Fleet Battle vs AI Challenge Rules:

Challenge Rules:

    This challenge is intended for 2 pilots and should be completed in a Custom Fleet Battle.

Game settings:

Please create a custom match with the following parameters:

  • Game Mode- Fleet Battle Vs AI

  • Map- Yavin

  • Difficulty – Easy

  • Privacy- Invite Only or Private (remember to check no entry after game start)

  • Match Time - 60 minutes


  • Ban Y-wings, U-wings, and B-wings


  • Imperial Flagship shields = 0.5

  • Imperial Flagship hull = 1.0

  • Imperial Capital ship shields = 1.0

  • Imperial Capital ship hull = 1.0

  • Imperial Raider shields = 0.1

  • Imperial Raider hull = 0.1

  • New Republic Corvette shields = 3

  • New Republic Corvette hull = 3

    Set your team to fly for the New Republic

On the ship selection screen you may fly either of Rogue’s available craft, A-wing or X-wing.
You can use any and all available auxiliary components however, you may only use standard components for Engine, Shields and Hull.
Upon game end you will need 2 screenshots.

    1. Timer at ISD Destruction/Republic Victory announcement.

    2. Player Score Table

Whilst a video of your run is highly desirable it is not mandatory.

Post Run Scoring
The following penalties and supplements apply to your Challenge Run:

  • Team death >10=Washout
  • Each Death +30 seconds, max 5 minutes additional
  • Each AI 'player' kill -15 seconds
  • Each AI 'creep' kill -5 seconds
  • Capship Dmg (per player) >27k -10 seconds per 1k dmg above 27000
  • Zero Death Bonus -1:00 (per player, 2 Minutes total)

    Using the above killboard and a 50:44 (9:16) uncorrected time

      1 Death (1 x 30sec) + 0:30 = 9:46
      17 AI Kills (17 x 15sec) - 4:15 = 5:31
      6 Creep Kills (6 x 5sec) - 0:30 = 5:01 (total adjusted)

    A 5 minute adjusted run could be considered Par.

If you would like to submit your times for earning one of the Rogue FB vs AI Challenge ribbons, forward your team's time to your CO or XO along with screenshots of your Score Summary totals and game-end screen (for the time).