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Here you will find the names of people who have decorated themselves through their unending presence and dedication to the Alliance. These awards bestow formal recognition for those that have provided a constant dedication to the cause of freedom. These awards are listed in ascending order of importance.

Legion of the Bright Star

Legion of the Bright Star

During wartime, maintaining high spirits is difficult for troops and pilots who may be separated from friends and family. This medal rewards those who raise the spirits of all Alliance, and now, New Republic personnel. It is awarded to individuals who contribute to overall humor and good cheer.

Recipients of the Legion of the Bright Star to date:

  • Rick "Minuteman" Morrissy, Green Leader
  • Roy "Lock" Callahan, Rogue 9
  • Andika "Damak" Malim, Spectre 11

Strike Force Battle Star

This medal is given to individuals who demonstrated an exceptional ability to help others. Only individuals with constant presence and quick reactions are awarded the Strike Force Battle Ribbon.

Recipients of the Strike Force Battle Star to date:

  • Eddie "Storm" Schenk, Rogue 3 (retired)
  • Rebecca "Rooster" Bryan, RWSS (retired)
  • Moggaz "Barraken" Murg, Sabre 7

Order of Merit

Order of Merit

This medal is given to those who demonstrate outstanding performance in a given area of expertise and contribute to the cause of the Alliance. This can be given to civilians and military personnel.

Recipients of the Order of Merit to date:

  • Bill "Outlaw" Bradley, Green Comm Officer
  • Vince "Stryker" Rambo, Rogue Leader
  • Chris "Jalb_k" Reynolds, Rogue Leader
  • Rosk "Silence" Vikeron, Sabre Executive Officer

Cross of Remembrance

Cross of Remembrance

This is awarded to any individual who sustains a grievous injury during the course of battle. We wish to honor those who make great sacrifices for the cause of freedom. Occasionally, this medal is given posthumously to those pilots who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the struggle against the Empire.

Recipients of the Cross of Remembrance to date:

  • Eddie "Storm" Schenk, Rogue 3 (retired)

Star of Freedom

Star of Freedom

This is the highest honor given to any pilot in the Alliance. It is bestowed only for the greatest of accomplishments in the face of overwhelming odds. Pilots who achieve this award have demonstrated their unending commitment to the cause of Freedom and Liberty. Individuals who are accorded the Star of Freedom are few and their honor is great.

Recipients of the Star of Freedom to date:

  • Chris "Electro" Schock, Rogue 13 (retired)
  • Peter Simmons, Rogue 1 (retired)
  • Bill "Jedi" Morrison, Wing XO - Rogue 4
  • Chris "Jalb_k" Reynolds, Rogue 1