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Pilot Bio Guideline (version 1.2)

So, you've met the requirements for a squadron in Renegade Wing and are ready to join. Now, all you need is a pilot bio to complete your immersion into the Star Wars Universe. Having trouble with writing a background for your pilot? Well then, this guideline is for you. In it are the dos and don'ts of writing a successful pilot bio.


Try to be as original as possible. The galaxy Star Wars resides in is huge and the New Republic is full of many different individuals who at least all share in common the will to fight tyranny and oppression. Create your own planet, culture, or even species if it suits you, though try to keep it within reasonable limits(as discussed below). Though, if you want to use a "traditional" type planet, Wookieepedia is a very comprehensive source. Have fun with your character and detail is also good. Your character will most likely be participating in one of many Point of View(PoV) stories so keep this in mind as well.

Keep in mind of the time period and location of your writing. The setting is somewhere in the Outer Rim territories. We're out in the middle of nowhere and the pilots are on average from planets as such. The time we are in is some weeks post the Battle of Endor, and moving forward. Please keep your bios in this time period as it is very awkward to be out of time. By all means reference anything leading up to and including Endor and use BBY times (Before Battle of Yavin), once again, Wookieepedia is an invaluable resource for timeline references.

For a good idea as to what to put in a pilot bio, and its general format, look at the different pilots bios in the "Quarters" section of the Vigilant. If you are still having trouble with your bio, feel free to ask current squadron members, some are very skilled writers and would be happy to assist you in writing a decent bio. Jump on in to the Renegade Wing Discord channel and look up either the Vigilant's Loremaster, Bulldog (Leif Ender#7181), The Lore and News officer, Lock (Locke#2894), or Krayt, the current Tactical Officer and RWSS OC (RXOKrayt#6059).


Here are a few things that you should try to avoid while writing your bio.

  1. Jedi training: I know that everyone would like to be a fully trained Jedi with complete control of the Force, but it just ain't happening, yet. This is post-Endor time period. Luke will be setting up his Jedi Academy but the beings that attend is pretty well documented.  Being "in touch" with the Force is perfectly fine, though remember, you can be "normal" and still be special too.
  2. Relations to Main Characters: Try not to be related to any main characters from the Star Wars movies(ANH, ESB, RoTJ, TPM). As I said above, original is good, and I know you can be more original than that. Anyway, you don't really want to have an army of lawyers hunting you down. Minor characters on the other hand can be good since you bring out an aspect no one had seen before.
  3. Super Characters: Please, try to be realistic. Wiping out an entire Imperial fleet or army single-handedly is not. Even the Rogues are expected to be at least vulnerable in some way. Invincible characters only serve to boost the writer's ego and they take away from a story.
  4. Origins: Remember, not everyone has to come from Mos Eisley or Corellia to become a pilot in the Rebellion. As I stress, there are many, many places from which you can choose to originate from. Who cares if no one has heard of it before, once you join, people will.

We hope this guideline will help you to write a fun, original pilot bio that you can be proud of. We look forward to seeing you as part of Renegade Wing soon.