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Rank Structure

Welcome to the Renegade Wing Rank Structure Section. Below you will find a detailed listing of the ranks assigned for Fleet Command, Fighter Command, and Special Forces Command.

Fleet Command

GradeRank TitleDescription
O-7Admiral(Ra'Kaat, Fleet CO)
O-6Captain(Vigilant CO)
O-5Commander(Vigilant XO)
O-4Lt. Cmdr.(Vigilant section chiefs)
O-2Lt. Junior Grade
W-2Flight Officer
W-1Warrant Officer
E-9Master Chief P.O.
E-8Senior Chief P.O.
E-7Chief Petty Officer
E-6Petty Officer 1st class
E-5Petty Officer 2nd class
E-4Petty Officer 3rd class
E-2Crewman Apprentice
E-1Crewman Recruit

Fighter/Special Forces Command

GradeRank TitleDescription
O-7General(Fleet Air Boss)
O-6 Colonel(Wing CO)
O-5Lt. Colonel(Wing XO, Squadron OC's)
O-4Major(Squadron XO's)
O-3Captain(Flight Leader)
O-21st. Lieutenant(Element Leader)
O-12nd. Lieutenant(wingmen)
W-2Flight Officer (Small craft pilots)
W-1Warrant Officer
E-9Sergeant Major
E-8First Sergeant
E-7Gunnery Sergeant
E-6Staff Sergeant
E-3Lance Corporal
E-2Private 1st class(PFC)

The Liberty's old rank structure was as follows:
Lt. Commander
Flight Officer

Special Positions

In an effort to continue providing quality content to the website. Renegade Wing has created special positions in order to delegate authority for quality control purposes.

  • Loremaster
    The Vigilant Loremaster is the chief fan fiction editor in Renegade Wing. The Loremaster is responsible for grammar checking and keeping POV continuity and quality within our established standards. The Loremaster is also in charge of approving POV ideas and or setting deadlines.
  • Lore Officer
    A Lore Officer is responsible for aiding the Loremaster with all of the above duties except for assigning deadlines.
  • TacOps Editor
    The TacOps Editor is responsible for coordinating contributions and approving submissions to the tactical database. The TacOp Editor also provides grammar and fact checking on all submissions.
  • News Officer
    A News Officer is responsible for reporting on their field of expertise. News Officers must also regularly coordinate reporting assignments with each other.