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Mainstay 1

Mainstay One is the ship belonging to Sabre Leader, Bulldog. The crew is an eclectic mix of ex-tug pilots and an old veteran of Gold Squadron.

Nickname Callsign Position Secondary Duties
Driver Bulldog Pilot Squadron OC
Scopes Old Hand Co-Pilot Sensor Officer
Voice Deuce Communications Officer Door Gunner
Heavy Arms Pog Loadmaster Door Gunner

Vigilant Taskforce











Major Andy "Bulldog" Clark


Currently assigned to Mainstay One

Technical Specialty Combat Tactical Analysis
Secondary Specialty Medic
Side Arm RSKF-44 Heavy Blaster
Favorite Beverage Whyrens Reserve
Physical Description Human male, Age 38, heavy build, Weight: 135 kg, Height 1.9 meters, Brown Hair (balding), Brown eyes.


As a young man growing up in public starfighter simulators, Andy got fairly proficient behind the stick. He often challenged his classmates to duels within the confines of virtual space, winning far more than he lost. Tactics came naturally to his youthful brain in cyberspace, and he often tried many new things in the duels that he took pride in seeing his peers using in subsequent tilts. His prowess led to him being bullied outside of the simulators by the more vicious and physically imposing peers that couldn't win in the cockpit. On top of building his flight skills and tactical studies, the frequent beatings he took led to him becoming pretty adept at treating minor injuries to reduce the physical marks left behind.

His father was a mildly successful independent spacer, often gone for weeks at a time doing runs to keep their middle-class lifestyle flush with credits. However, this time away also had the downside of his father never realizing his love of flying or his skill behind the stick. So his father continued to be gone for weeks at a time, leaving Andy with little supervision and ample means to get into trouble. This led to a party boy lifestyle that went unchecked throughout his adolescence. The beatings continued, as the bullies that couldn't beat him in virtual battles also couldn't compete with his reputation with their female peers. They still took pride in getting to him in the only way he couldn't best them. By this point, however, Andy was into too many illicit substances to really feel the beatings or care that they continued to happen.

On his 18th birthday, Andy's father gave him a modest loan with the intention of him buying his own ship to join the family business. The sum was large enough to buy a very advanced freighter, with his father dropping a heavy hint that he should purchase a lightly used YT-2000. Instead, Andy opted to purchase a heavily used YT-1200 and used the balance of the loan for some aftermarket modifications and ample amounts of alcohol.

The moment it was fit to fly he christened the ship The Dalliance, and his father brought him fully into the family business. They began running shipments for the highest bidders. As time went on and credits continued to flow in, Andy continued to find more creative ways to blow his share of the profits, sampling all the delights from the sectors of the galaxy they visited. On the rare occasions trouble arose during a run, the two Clark men were more than capable of bloodying the noses of any pirates hazarding a run at the pair of surprisingly well-armed freighters.

For more than a decade, they continued to rake in the credits, and Andy found more ways to immediately blow his earnings. Much to the chagrin of his father, who had hoped his son would be more than capable by now to handle the family business and let him retire.

One fateful day, a pirate attack had surprised the pair and put them into a defensive running light battle. An Imperial patrol arrived and immediately provided aid. In an unfortunate series of events, one of the pirate Z-95 Headhunters was clipped by one of Andy's aftermarket auto-canons and it collided with a TIE Fighter that was rendering aid. Immediately, the Imperials turned their guns on the father and son and started pounding their shields.

At the most dire instant in the battle when both men were sure they would die, a rebel strike force of X-Wings and Y-Wings hypered into the system and fell upon the Imperials with reckless abandon. The Victory-Class Star Destroyer was crippled, allowing the two freighters to escape. They were fed coordinates by one of the rebel pilots, saying that their cargoes were needed by the Rebels. Not being in a position to say no, they acquiesced to the request and followed the fighters to their base, which happened to be on the abysmal ice planet Hoth.

While freezing their backsides off in the base and having their cargoes picked through by the rebels, a general alarm went up. The Imperials had found this new base and set up a blockade, with a ground assault sure to follow. Their freighters were immediately commandeered by the Rebel Alliance, needed by the ragtag fighters to evacuate. They were thankfully allowed to pilot their own craft, but they had to carry rebel personnel and the supplies they had just given away off the ice planet.

The two men were cleared to leave together without fighter escort, as the majority of rebel fighter pilots were throwing themselves in a futile gesture against the Imperial juggernaut AT-AT walkers in little more than a box with weak blaster cannons. To this day, Andy still doesn't understand why the rebels didn't use their X-wings on the battlefield. These craft surely had the punch to destroy the Imperial ground forces.

The planetary Ion cannon fired behind them and drilled the Star Destroyer in their exit vector, disabling it. It didn't, however, stop the swarm of TIE Fighters from angrily harassing them. A piece of TIE Fighter debris from one of Andy's kills collided with his father's engines, disabling him. Andy watched helplessly as the remaining TIEs swarmed and destroyed his father's ship. Anger welled up inside of him, and he wheeled his ship about despite the numerous protests of the rebels he was charged with ferrying to safety. He cut through formations of TIEs, his ship shuddering with each laser blast. Alarms wailed, but still he pressed on in his rage-blind revenge tour.

Once there were no TIEs left, he saw a rebel medium transport being harangued by more Imperial fighters. He charged in with guns blazing, clearing the transport's exit vector. The transport's pilot radioed that their nav computer was damaged and they needed to slave their ship to his to make it to the new rendezvous point. Unable to leave these people dead in the water with no hope of escape, he relented and slaved his destination to theirs and left the scene of his father's grave.

While offloading the supplies and personnel he carried off Hoth, the rebels in the other transport thanked him profusely for saving their lives. One had called him a Bulldog for being so tenacious in his pursuit of TIEs. A passing fighter pilot heard the comment and suggested he try his hand at being a fighter jockey. Andy had nothing but revenge in his heart and immediately took the pilot up on his offer. He sold his freighter to the Rebellion at a modest discount, and never looked back.

He spent the first year of his tour as a Rebel stationed on a backwater planet with minimal action. In the few light fights he did participate in, he distinguished himself well and earned a promotion, which was quickly revoked after Andy became inebriated and got into a scuffle with his timid commanding officer. He was busted back down to Flight Officer and transferred to Corsair Squadron, onboard the Mon Calamari Cruiser Liberty, where more action was there to be had and it was hoped that this increased action would provide more focus and purpose to the angry pilot.

For every step forward in the rank ladder, he always seemed to take a larger step back with his conduct outside of the cockpit, frequently being put up on discipline charges and spending many nights sleeping off a bender in the brig. Somehow, though, he was given a promotion to 2nd Lieutenant and it managed to stick through the battle of Endor, where he miraculously survived and earned another promotion to 1st Lieutenant and a move to Buccaneer Squadron onboard the new Renegade Wing flagship, the CRS Vigilant.

What changed? Not a thing. He's still a hard-drinking snub jockey with a hard-on for vaping Imperials in any way possible, legal or not. He's been known to take a run at disabled fighters to give them the release they deserve in his eyes, taking joy in the thought of them feeling the same helpless fear that his father did when they immolated his disabled ship at Hoth.









Lieutenant Wona "Old Hand" Goban


Currently assigned to Mainstay One

Technical Specialty Scanner Boosting
Secondary Specialty Attack Run Plotting
Side Arm Standard NR Pilot Blaster
Favorite Beverage Rice-based Alcohols
Physical Description Human Female, age 34, slight build and light skintone. Weight: 49 kg, Height 1.6 meters, Short black hair, Brown eyes.


Wona Goban is a human female that joined the Rebellion against the Empire relatively early on, utilizing her amateur pilot skills to leverage herself into a Gold Squadron Y-Wing while the outfit had a makeshift base on Dantooine. Moving along with the squadron to the new base on Yavin, she quickly found herself in the thick of her first battle.

During the Battle of Scarif as Gold Nine, she survived a hazardous but ineffectual bombing run on the shield gate, pulling away tight on the wing of Gold Leader, her mentor Captain Jon "Dutch" Vander. They wheeled around and made another equally useless proton bombing run, but were pulled back by Admiral Raddus to regroup, having lost three pilots during the opening phase of the battle and another two to TIE Fighter reinforcements from the shield gate as they regrouped with the fleet.

Being unleashed upon the Imperial Star Destroyers, she and four other Gold Squadron members managed to break through a gap in the defensive TIE squadrons and disable the ISD Persecutor with a precision strike of Ion Torpedoes. The disabled ship was later shoved into the Intimidator, and the wreckage of both ships destroyed the shield gate to allow the intelligence from the ground to be beamed aboard the Profundity. As the fleet was withdrawing, she almost plowed into the Devastator that had suddenly appeared in her exit vector.

After the battle, due to a clerical mixup in the duty rosters, she was sent on a courier run during the Battle of Yavin. She returned to the Rebel base to find all but one of her squadmates had died during the battle. While their sacrifice led to the destruction of the Death Star, their deaths weighed heavily upon her mind for the ensuing years. She never was quite mentally right after that, making numerous mistakes that led to her being sent off to a far off rebel cell during the Battle of Hoth.

During a hit and fade mission two months before the Battle of Endor, her lack of focus caught up with her. Her Y-Wing took minor damage from flak, but she hadn't realized her landing gear was disabled. Her landing was a rough one, totalling her ship and causing grievous injury to her legs. They weren't lost, but the injury was too great even for bacta to fully repair. She spent months on the Redemption to recover, watching the Battle of Endor from the sidelines.

It took her months to recover enough physically and mentally to resume some modicum of active duty. Her leg injuries made it impossible for her to pilot a snubfighter properly, as she could not manipulate pedals well enough to maneuver. Not wanting to resign herself to the sluggish transport ships, she took the first opportunity she could to be a co-pilot in the newly formed Sabre Squadron onboard the CRS Vigilant.

Having served with the Rebellion longer than any other being in the Mainstay One U-Wing Crew, Wona's instincts are heeded instantly by the rest of the crew. The only reason her rank is nominally unchanged since the Battle of Scarif is her spotty record after the battle. She feels right at home in the cockpit even if she isn't the main pilot, considering her pilot is also a hard-headed discipline case like herself and the two other crew members are equally quirky and rebellious.









Ensign "Deuce" Mad'jetad


Currently assigned Mainstay One

Technical Specialty Anti-Jamming
Secondary Specialty Linguistics
Side Arm Standard Alliance Sidearm
Favorite Beverage T'ssolok
Physical Description Twi'lek male, 25 standard years old, 1.8m tall, 101 kg. Orange skin and sharpened teeth and yellow eyes.


Mad'jetad is an orange-skinned Twi'lek male with two head tails, which are the origin of his nickname. As with the tradition of most of his people, he sharpened his teeth to make himself look more foreboding to outsiders. Coupled with an affinity for dramatics, A subsequent nickname was bestowed upon him, though it was really just a shortening of his name: Mad. He responded freely to both monikers.

He'd been away from Ryloth for long enough to lose the common accent most Twi'leks have when speaking basic to the point where most beings don't realize Deuce is nonhuman when speaking over the radio. This led to many shocking face to face meetings after dropping off a payload in his tug. Sometimes this was a negative reaction, depending upon if the other person had Imperial ties or leanings.

He fell in with the Rebellion late in the war, having found himself out of options and in need of some sort of gainful employment. His skills piloting tugs garnered praise from his superiors, and he was pulled into the recently formed Vigilant Taskforce by his new friend in the Rebellion, Pillan "Skitch" Haarit.

During his short time on the Vigilant, he increasingly became more and more antsy as the ship seemed to find itself embroiled in conflict after conflict. After a nearly disastrous ambush, he lobbied for a position on the crew that would give him an opportunity to fight back. While initially denied, eventually a new squadron was stood up to make use of the versatile UT-60D U-Wing starfighter.

Members of the crew were pulled based on their desires and operational needs. Deuce quickly found himself assigned to Mainstay One as the communications officer due to his impeccable intonation of Basic and baseline understanding of many other languages including but not limited to: Twi’leki, Huttese, Dosh, Rodese, and a even little Shyriiwook.

While he was initially disappointed, he soon was told that when not at the communications console, he would be manning one of the pintel-mounted "Roba" M-45 repeating blasters that could be fired with both standard and ionization ammunition.

His previous experience with the pilot of this ship makes him feel right at home to speak his mind, and it is usually welcomed by all in the crew. His lighthearted nature and ability to make a joke of any situation makes him the heart and soul of the ship. If Deuce is quiet, as the saying goes, you know you’re in some really deep shab.









Ensign Giantezu "Pog" Log


Currently assigned to Mainstay One

Technical Specialty Tactical Ordinance Handling
Secondary Specialty Extraordinary Strength and Endurance
Side Arm His arms
Favorite Beverage Spotchka
Physical Description Klatoonian Male, 22 standard years old, 1.95 meters tall, 122.5 kg. Muscular build, olive skin.


Pog hails from the planet Klatooine, where his species originated. He was named for his size at birth, being one of the largest of his litter that any in his birth village had ever seen. The village shaman was familiar with Galactic Basic, so he knew that a word for "large" was "giant", which led to his relatively unique name.

While Klatoonians were commonly hired as thugs, henchmen, or bounty hunters, Pog opted to work a more honest trade. Well, he forced his way out of servitude by absolutely smashing the being that had come to collect him for work amongst the Hutts, which led to his fleeing his ancestral home and traveling the galaxy doing odd jobs to survive.

His longest legitimate job was with an independent space platform that was the hub of trade for a remote sector of space. Working all sorts of dock jobs, he was most comfortable in the small confines of a tug cockpit.

His past eventually caught up with him, though, as a bounty hunter hired by the Hutt sub-boss he was originally supposed to work for found him. Much like the first time, this scuffle was equally brief as Pog nearly twisted the hapless bounty hunter's head clean off of his body.

Knowing that more would come to see what had become of his pursuer, he took the hunter's ship and fled. Due to a stroke of unfortunate luck, his ship broke down in a remote system that was nominally controlled by a distant wing of the Hutt Cartel. Before he could be identified and apprehended, however, he was able to attach himself to a Rebel cell in need of some muscle.

This cell in turn led him to his position onboard the Vigilant working closely with Deuce and Skitch. When the opportunity to take a more offensive role in the fight against the Empire and all other forms of tyranny presented itself, he jumped at the chance to take a position onboard one of the newly minted Sabre U-Wings.

His innate strength made him perfect for the Tactical Ordnance Officer position, where loading and swapping support auxiliaries quickly required great levels of strength and endurance to be done quickly during the heat of battle. When not needed there, he would be assigned to one of the pintel-mounted heavy rotary cannons.

The running joke is that Bulldog managed to get the one Vigilant crew member of the species that matches his callsign. Though, nobody says that to either Bulldog or Pog's faces, as they know that those words would be the last words they'd be able to speak before either of the two individuals forced them to take their nutrients through a straw for the next few months.