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Mercy Three

Mercy Three is the ship belonging to Sabre Seven, Barraken. The crew is an hardened mix of infantry medics, a Medical Droid, and an old veteran of Blue Squadron.

Nickname Callsign Position Secondary Duties
Driver Barraken Pilot SAR
Scorpion Wildstar Co-Pilot Comms/Electronic Warfare Officer
Doc Papi Medical Droid Additional Sensor Monitoring
Heater Sticky Door Gunner Tractor Beam Operations
Ripper Strongarm Flight Engineer Retrieval/Breaching Operations

Vigilant Taskforce











Captain Moggaz "Barraken" Murg


Currently assigned to Mercy Three

Technical Specialty Code Slicing, Data Analysis
Secondary Specialty SAR, Electronic Warfare
Side Arm Standard-issue A280 blaster rifle
Favorite Beverage Water, Kaf, Cola
Physical Description Quarren male, Age 42, Weight: 90.7 kg, Height 1.83 meters, deep Pink skin coloration, Turquoise eyes.


Moggaz Murg was one of the few Quarren who was closer to the Mon Calamari at the time of the Clone Wars and was enslaved among them at the Empire's rise. He came into the company of a pair of bounty hunters, who he learned most of his skills from by quiet observation while biding his time for his chance at freedom.

That time would come shortly before the Battle of Yavin, when rumors of an Alliance against the Empire began circulating. One of those rumors involved an outpost on Dantooine, and, when a chance assignment took the bounty hunters close to the system, Moggaz saw his opportunity. He hijacked the first space worthy vehicle he could find and took off for Dantooine. The attempt did not escape the notice of his masters, however, and a chase ensued. Somehow, Moggaz proved better than his bounty hunter captors and destroyed their ship, which caught the attention of the Rebel commanders present at the base.

Seeing the need for starfighter pilots and Moggaz's natural talent, the Quarren was assigned to accelerated pilot training, accompanying the force when the base moved to Yavin. However, Moggaz was not quite ready for combat at the time of the Battles of Scarif and Yavin. Murg did graduate a couple of standard months later, serving admirably until a strange neurovirus affected his dominant hand to the point of his removal from combat status. Moggaz then shifted duties to Search and Rescue. He helped find many missing pilots and was rewarded for it and his previous combat duty by being assigned Fleet Liaison attached to the CRS Vigilant task force during the Endor operation. Being a student of Alliance history has served him well in this role.

It is rumored that an experimental targeted form of bacta is being tried on Moggaz, which has resulted in improved use of his dominant hand. Speculation has been running aboard the Vigilant that he may take a run in the simulators soon to see if a return to combat status is possible.

Moggaz has a couple of interesting side hobbies. He has been known to enjoy a night of rumble pins every so often. Also, his voice has been described as more beautiful than most Quarren and is often demonstrated when he shows up at the SSD's karaoke system.









Lieutenant Richard "Wildstar" Vogel


Currently assigned to Mercy Three

Technical Specialty Electronic Warfare
Secondary Specialty Communications
Side Arm Standard NR Pilot Blaster
Favorite Beverage Coruscanti Cola
Physical Description Human Male, age 42. Weight: 86.3 kg, Height 1.8 meters, Short brown hair, blue eyes.


Wildstar was a moderately successful singer, performing in a band that played a style like Thyferra's hard rock and metal, until a crackdown by his homeworld’s Imperial governor left his band no choice but to escape and live a life on the run, performing at whatever watering holes in the Outer Rim they could get gigs at. Stories of their escape from Imperial capture soon caught the attention of the underworld, who sought their services for smuggling operations.

Wildstar and his band soon were leading a double life, with the band providing a front for the smuggling operation. It was during this time that Wildstar became friends with a member of Red Squadron, Hal "Biggs" Lightman, who discovered the band while on leave and tried to convince him to join the Alliance. Although sympathetic to the cause, he loved performing too much, and so couldn't give up his life right away, though he often exchanged scuttlebutt with Biggs about Imperial operations in the region, also engaging in the occasional arms shipment to the Alliance.

After the Battle of Hoth, the focus of the Alliance shifted toward forming alliances with Mid Rim systems, and it was during the early phase of this operation that the drummer for Wildstar's band was shot & killed in a bar fight. With the rest of the band splitting up and going their separate ways, Wildstar entered Alliance accelerated starfighter training and soon graduated, joining his friend Biggs on the CRS Morning Star as a member of Blue Squadron. He eventually rose to the leadership of that squadron, briefly holding it until heavy losses forced its consolidation with Red Squadron, at which time he adopted the Red 2 billet as Executive Officer.

Wildstar struck a close working relationship while on the Morning Star with a Quarren by the name of Moggaz Murg, whose involvement with the outfit has been heretofore classified. The two came to know each other so well that each would sometimes know what the other was thinking about without saying anything. The two also exchanged duties many times, and so are practically interchangeable from a personnel perspective. Curiously, they also share many of the same interests.

Wildstar was AWOL at the time of the Battle of Endor, with speculation on the Vigilant being that he sent himself on a wild goose chase based on what he said was a couple of leads on missing members of a rumored long-lost Kalidor Squadron that he contends is either very much together or wants to rebuild. New Republic High Command really wanted to make an example out of him by removing him from active starfighter pilot status, but Fleet Liaison Murg interceded on his old friend's behalf and persuaded command to reduce his rank only severely to 1st Lieutenant and reassign him to Sabre Squadron, with Murg requesting reassignment to the same. Major Andy "Bulldog" Clark, noting their history on the Morning Star, immediately gave Wildstar the assignment of co-pilot of Mercy 3.









MD-8-283 "Papi"


Currently assigned to Mercy Three

Technical Specialty Medical Diagnostics
Secondary Specialty Xenobiology
Side Arm Access to Tranquilizers
Favorite Beverage Oil
Physical Description MD Series droid with male programming, 56 standard years old, 1.75m tall, 203 kg. Grey metallic chassis with turquoise patina and white occular receptors.


On the surface, MD-8-283 appears to be a normal medical droid until you observe its back, on which a small booster pack has been installed as part of a pilot project aimed at reducing the need for human medics to reach hazardous heights. Papi can perform simple diagnostic tests and microsurgery, but both only to stabilize an injured being enough for transport back to the Mercy 3 craft.









Corporal Cyshury "Sticky" Lalut

Door Gunner

Currently assigned to Mercy Three

Technical Specialty Tractor Beam Operations
Secondary Specialty Crash site security
Side Arm A280C blaster rifle
Favorite Beverage Spiced Blue Milk
Physical Description Cathar Female, 24 standard years old, 1.63 meters tall, 63.5 kg. Lithe build, cream-colored fur.


Sticky is a veteran of the Battle of Hoth, having escaped on the GR-75 medium transport Dutyfree, and was also in a few other unspecified engagements before joining the Vigilant task force. When she arrived, Barraken assigned her as primary door gunner for the transports and light infantry officer on the ground because of her effectiveness in providing cover fire for escaping Republic personnel. In many ways, Sticky is quiet and unassuming…until she gets into battle. In those moments, she becomes very vocal, screaming out calls on enemy vectors. It then takes her a long time after battle to quiet down and has been known in this state to get into arguments with her crewmates even if the engagement went well. Rarely has it led to serious disciplinary action, however. Her callsign, however, comes from her skill in operating the U-wing's tractor beam in practice; she rarely let an object slip out of the beam.









Sergeant Cybb "Strongarm" Stell

Flight Engineer

Currently assigned to Mercy Three

Technical Specialty Mechanical Repairs
Secondary Specialty Retrieval and Extraction
Side Arm A280-CFE
Favorite Beverage Old Janx Spirit
Physical Description Sullustan Male, 28 standard years old, 1.65 meters tall, 83.9 kg. Gray skin, black eyes.


Strongarm is Mercy 3's unsung hero, as he fills many needed roles on board. As his primary function is flight engineer, he's the one who makes sure all the pre-flight checks are done before Barraken and Wildstar run their final check. He acts as the second gunner and tractor beam operator while in battle unless a quick repair is needed to something on board. He is also designated as the emergency pilot if both Barraken and Wildstar are incapacitated during a mission. Most crucially, Strongarm is the one called upon to operate all the extraction equipment that the crew may need during a mission.