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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

Balance of Power Mission 3: Escort Convoy Through the Halbara System

Skill Level: Hard
Craft: B-wing
Squadron: Rogue
Waves: 3
Missiles: Heavy Rockets
Countermeasures: Flares
Mode: Historical Combat

As soon as you begin the mission, set ELS to 0/0 and fly forwards. Order Golds 1-4 to wait. You will soon be joined by three gunboats. Have your wingmen attack Tau 1 while you readjust your ELS and head after Taus 2 and 3 to disable them. While you are in the middle of this two Imperial Frigates will drop out of hyperspace and begin launch TIE Interceptors. Tell your wingmen to attack the first wave. Don't worry about Tau 1 as your convoy can handle it. You need to quickly make an attack run on the two frigates. Fire two sets of rockets at the Nebulon B-2 Lightning and the remaining pairs at the Nebulon-B Damocles. It is more than likely that you have a flight or two of Interceptors on your six. Launch some flares and either make a break for hyperspace or head back to the convoy.

Re-enter with your second B-wing. It is possible at this point that either the convoy or your wingmen have destroyed the remaining gunboats, thus prompting a second wave. Send Gold Squadron home so that a new flight can arrive. Meanwhile, you need to quickly make attack runs on the frigates. I recommend hitting the Lightning first as it poses an immediate threat to the cargo ferries. Launch all rockets at it, which will destroy it. Hyper out for your third craft.

Repeat the same tactic with the Damocles. It, too, will be destroyed. This leaves you with lots of space to mop up the remaining fighters. Keep in mind that there are still a few more waves of gunboats, and because the convoy has closed the distance to the hyper buoy, new waves from Tau Squadron will immediately be able to launch torpedoes at the Escort Carrier Gallant. Don't be afraid to change tactics and shoot down as many torpedoes as you can. By the time Tau is taken care of, the Gallant's shields should be around 30%.

Your score should be around 94000+ points. From here on out, you can sit back and relax while you dream of getting yet another well-deserved Top Performance ribbon.

Author:  Andrew Dobson (Dobber - Rogue 3)
Strategy:  Andrew Dobson