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Master Chief Petty Officer Fossil

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Auxiliary Hangar Deck Chief
Technical Specialty Heavy Maintenance
Secondary Specialty Workflow Maximization
Side Arm None
Favorite Beverage Unknown
Physical Description Martigrade female, silvery skin with large black eyes; 52 standard years old; height 2.5 m, weight 183 kg


Fossil was a standard-sized Martigrade, which still meant she towered over most other sentient species. The average head of a Martigrade was the size of a human torso alone, and their fully black eyes added to the eerie nature of their species. It made her and the rest of her species appear intimidating. The Empire opted to take a hands-off approach when it came to persecuting the Martigrades, opting to avoid direct confrontation for fear of their physical statures. Still, it was enough of a measure taken to make life for the Martigrades of Martaus IV difficult.

Due to this soft persecution, Fossil decided to take action and do something about it. She joined the Rebellion and quickly found her place setting up duty schedules, making sure everything on the bases she was stationed ran smoothly without any unnecessary delays. Supply shipments were catalogued and secured quickly, troops were stationed at proper intervals, and crews were all rested as best as possible and ready for duty based on her schedules.

Eventually, her talents were officially recognized when she was put in charge of the auxiliary hangar of the CRS Vigilant, where she maintains the tug fleet and oversees their crews. They are vital to the loading and offloading of personnel and supplies for the busy warship, and without her demanding schedules and tip-top tug crews, the Renegades would be delayed in their field operations.

She is known as a grueling taskmaster by outsiders. Many pilots that get assigned to extra tug duty as punishment go into the duty with a healthy amount of fear in their bellies, and it's not completely unfounded. She keeps up the facade for show, and many of the pilots do everything in their power to avoid receiving tug duty again. Internally within her own personnel, she is known as a demanding yet understanding and caring leader. She runs a tight deck as a necessity, but if you do your job and don't make a mess, she doesn't bite. Many horror stories about her have been passed through the crew indicating that she ate the last person to scuff her deck, and she relishes in the notoriety.