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Heavy CRV Happy Jack II


One of the newer Corellian Corvettes off the assembly line, it is also built with capital ship combat in mind. It still boasts some anti snub defenses, but some of the usual point defense cannons are lost to make room for a robust suite of heavy batteries meant to give capital ships pause before engaging with the smaller ship.

Due to the loss of the Egress via ambush by Tol Barand's forces, the newly constructed Corellian Corvette was assigned to the Vigilant Task Force. It had a small crew but no captain. Due to the loss of the last corvette commander, a new officer needed to be elevated to the daunting task of leading this picket ship.

Due to his astounding accomplishments under fire during the same ambush where the Egress was lost, Lt. Dave Ru'kaart was recognized for his quick thinking and unconventional approach to problem solving by Captain Terak Quelle. He was the natural choice for this new posting and an elevation to Commander.

To honor his old command, Commander Ru'kaart quickly renamed the ship the Happy Jack II. He picked a few officers from the Vigilant to round out his bridge and maintenance crews, making it one of the more senior-crewed picket ships in the Task Force.