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Commander Kiles L'toth

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Dornean Gunship, Braha'tok.

Position CO Gunship Braha'tok
Technical Specialty Astrogation, Exploration
Secondary Specialty Insertion and Intelligence Gathering
Side Arm Dornean Service Blaster
Favorite Beverage Dornean Ale
Physical Description Dornean male; 30 standard years old; height 2.1 m, weight 90.72 kg


The Dornean Navy is one of a very few independent systems to hold the Imperial war machine to a standstill. That distinction makes them a very valuable ally in the fight against them.

Kiles L'toth was an up and comer in the Astrographic Survey Institute when the galactic civil war derailed his aspirations of exploration and discovery. The Dornean Navy assigned him command of the Dornean Gunship Braha'tok, and he took his crew of 75 battle hardened Dorneans to the Battle of Endor and served with distinction, holding the line with his sister ship against three Raider Corvettes that attempted to abduct survivors of the Liberty after it was destroyed by the Death Star's super laser.

His ship sustained heavy damage, but would have been utterly demolished had it not been for his tactical prowess. After the battle, his ship was too damaged to make the trek back to Dornea. Given the option to scuttle the ship or allow the Rebel Alliance to repair it with the expectation it would continue to fight the Imperial Remnant, he put it to a vote. All 75 crewmen, himself included, opted to continue the fight until the rest of the Imperial forces were stamped out completely.

He accepted a commission to the rank of Commander and personally oversaw all of the repairs to make sure his ship was in better condition than when it left Dornea.