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First Squad
1st Squad of the 3rd Platoon of Bravo Company is the squad that specializes in the unexpected. Officially deemed the HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) Jump squad, they have been known to be utilized in many other irregular operations. Due to the varied nature of their mission profile, the troopers have a good mixture of skills and are dual-trained in disciplines ranging from Technical, Demolitions, Medical, Scout, and Combat. Got a tough nut to crack? Call on the the 'Fighting First'.

Gunnery Sergeant RC-1667 "Mu"

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Platoon Sergeant/Squad Leader
Technical Specialty Explosive Solutions/Armorer
Secondary Specialty Radical Restructuring/Commando
Primary Weapon DC-17 Blaster Rifle
Favorite Beverage Whatever is cheapest and strongest; it's not about the taste, it's about the effect.
Physical Description 13-15 year old Clone of Jango Fett, appearance mid-Thirties. Scars on the right side of his body; face, head, chest, arm and hand. Shaved head, well-kept beard. Spotless uniform. Holds everyone to high standards but is even harsher on himself.Walks with a purpose.


Like all of his brothers, Republic Commando One-Six-Six-Seven was the product of Kaminoan cloning. Mu Squad was trained by Sergeant Bari Hoseirreb, a retired trandoshan bounty hunter. SixSeven excelled in demolitions and soon became the Squad's Demolitions expert.

Even among his Squad, SixSeven tended to keep to himself. He cared deeply for his brothers, but always had a hard time expressing himself–according to the Kaminoans it was some anomaly in his brain, though nothing that would affect his combat performance. SixSeven wasn't particularly keen on this idea, and felt that the problem had more to do with his own demons than some error in his genetic code.

Mu Squad was deployed on Geonosis. They lost one Brother, but he was soon replaced and they started moving from one campaign to the next. It was a busy war for Mu Squad, and by the final days only SixSeven and one other remained from the original four. Throughout the war they worked closely with one Jedi Knight named Asak Bel Odromis, a Pantoran that got them into as much trouble as he saved them from and eventually became something like a fifth brother to the Squad.

Towards the last days of the War, Mu Squad and Bel Odromis traveled to the planet Omaraga on a secret mission to destroy a Separatist Base. Everything was going according to plan until it wasn't–and that meant SixSeven getting blown up by his own Demolitions Device. He doesn't remember exactly what happened, how, or much else in fact, until he woke up on the Redemption, some six months before the Battle of Endor.

Later he would find out: He was dragged out of the rubble by his Squad and they managed to get him to Bel Odromis's personal ship which had an advanced medical facility, or at least advanced enough to put SixSeven into a stasis pod until they could get him to a bacta tank. It was then that Order 66 was activated. The remaining three commandos turned on Bel Odromis and the four of them killed each other. The ship fell out of hyperspace and began to drift until it and the still-in-stasis body of SixSeven were found floating around a gas giant a parsec from Coruscant.

It was a rude awakening for SixSeven. Twenty years had passed, the war was over, he still had a chip in his head (thankfully, it was removed for him by some fellow Clones serving alongside the Rebels), and the peace-loving Republic he'd swore to protect had become an Empire bent on total domination of the Galaxy. He took the name Mu, to honor his squad and where he came from.

His experience in the Clone Wars earned him the rank of Sergeant when he requested a position in its Special Forces branch. Bel Odromis's ship had carried all of Mu Squad's gear, including dozens of extra sets of Katarn Armor. With help of Rebel techs he was able to develop a more resistant EV suit for missions in extreme environments.

Since then he and his team have gone on countless missions, and have proven to be among the best at what they do.

Private Nethiri "Sparks" Ashel

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 1
Primary Specialty Improvised Gadget and Bomb Creation
Secondary Specialty Slicing
Side Arm Dual WESTAR-34 Blaster Pistols
Favorite Beverage Tarkenian Night Flower
Physical Description Arkanian female, 25, light, 63.5 kg, 1.73m, short pixie hairstyle, white, grey-white skin. Blue eyes.


Born on Arkania shortly before the Clone Wars, Nethiri always loved watching the glittering ice-and-stone walls of the mines her family operated. The only thing she loved more was the beauty of controlled explosions when new tunnels needed to be created, or hazards taken care of. She also loved exploring the tunnels of the numerous mines that her family operated, memorizing their patterns and making a game out of it. This made her very effective at playing hide-and-seek with her brother, whom she won against almost every time they played — much to the chagrin of their parents.

As she got older, Nethiri also began to take an interest in droids and machinery. With workers' tools breaking down constantly, she developed a knack for finding ways to repair them on the fly. She also became talented in crafting makeshift tools and gadgets. During a particularly rebellious time in her teenage years, she also began applying these skills to crafting makeshift explosives. While many parents would surely frown upon such a skill, her parents embraced the quirks of their daughter. Her inventions not only saved time and valuable credits, but also reduced the risks to their employees.

The transition from the Galactic Republic to the Empire brought hard times to Arkania. With no love for the Empire — especially with the confiscation of her family's assets to fund the war efforts on countless other worlds — she made the decision to leave her homeworld and seek a life elsewhere. Unfortunately, with the spread of the Galactic Empire, there were few places where its influence and reach had not touched. It was while she was working for a private company on Mapuzo that she witnessed the murder of several colleagues by Imperial stormtroopers for failing to bribe them at a regular checkpoint for 'protection'. Vowing to avenge her fallen colleagues, Nethiri made plans with another co-worker named Jori, who happened to be a contact for the Rebellion, to take care of these stormtroopers.

Sneaking into their camp at night, using many of the same skills she gained during her childhood, she and Jori were able to plant several explosives to destroy their camp dwellings without being detected. Their mission successful, she and Jori fled on a transport at the nearest starport and made their way to a Rebel cell.

The rest is history. Nethiri enrolled in combat training, desiring to use her skills to help protect others while fighting against the Empire. She embraced slicing training, and put her creative skills to good use. She's been able to save her squad countless times with her quick-creations, all while leaving traps and explosives to take care of any Imperial reinforcements.

Privates Sher "Parrot" Shiv and Vim Bomdon

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 1
Primary Specialty Technology Rigging and Slicing
Secondary Specialty Synchronized Explosions
Primary Weapon DF-D1 Duo-Flechette Rifle
Favorite Beverage Fiery Mustafarian
Physical Description 60 year old Anzellan and 30 year old Advozse, respectively. Females. Combined the two individuals are a total height of 1.6m. Both have large, black eyes and brown skin, and are completely unremarkable from their respective species.


The circumstances of how Vim and Sher first met are a total mystery, as Vim is completely mute and Sher has a notoriously limited vocabulary made up of exclamations and commercial catch-phrases. This often flummoxes those that attempt to sit and listen to her spin any sort of meandering yarn or gain any sort of information on their past or future plans. Many beings often give up and buy the two individuals a drink to share so they can escape and save their sanity.

What is known, however, is that Sher found Vim on death's doorstep in the back alley of a bustling spaceport. Whatever had caused this to happen is a mystery, as it rendered Vim a completely voluntary mute. After nursing Vim back to some semblance of life, the two of them appeared to be bonded for life. They are always together, sharing the same favorite drink (a Fiery Mustafarian), or sharing their favored food of insects and various vegetables.

Sher can often be found perched upon Vim's shoulders or head, tinkering with some manner of technology to either repair it or modify it into some completely unique piece of equipment. If Sher is not perched on Vim's person, you can rest assured she is not far away and likely using some improvised piece of technology to skim credits off of your datapad in your pocket or rig the sabacc machine under the table.

Vim isn't a completely idle mute, however. Due to the volatile Advozse homeworld of Riftor often destroying their settlements, she has learned the intricacies of architecture. This eye for structural detail allows her to almost instantly see where charges need to be placed and how powerful they need to be to get the job done.

Combined, these two individuals create some of the most spectacular explosives that are able to synchronize their detonations to the nanosecond, and have them placed in such a manner that whatever target they lace with explosives will collapse in whichever direction they wish. Sher's ability to slice into systems gives these two almost unlimited access to any base so they can plant their explosives wherever they wish.

Their reasons for joining the New Republic are also a mystery. It could be some unspoken form of revenge for whatever trauma happened to Vim in the past, or it could just be something as simple as the two of them have valuable skills and just wanted the steady paycheck that didn't require crime as specializing in explosions and strange technology didn't have many legal commercial opportunities. Trying to get an explanation out of Vim is impossible due to her lack of speech, and Sher will spin catch-phrases that don't lend any sort of clarity to the situation. It's just best to let it go and understand that they volunteered willingly.

They are a package deal, made painfully obvious by Vim leveling her non-regulation flechette launcher in the direction of the last recruitment officer that attempted to split the two of them up. Sher also managed to pick the pocket of that recruiter, and the two had a wild night on the town on his dime before starting boot camp.

Corporal Kef "Macka" Triax

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 2 Lead
Primary Specialty Medic
Secondary Specialty CQB
Side Arm Dual wield DH-17 Blaster Pistols
Favorite Beverage Lager, Ale, Pilsner, Stout, as long as it's beer.
Physical Description 25 year old human male, 1.8m tall and 82kg. Auburn hair, Emerald eyes. Faint scar that runs from his right forehead, down past his eye and across to mid cheek.


Kef was born and raised on Macquarie. He's old enough to remember the Clone Wars, the Republic's occupation and subsequent liberation but was too young to understand at the time. School, however, spent many hours in History and Moral Philosophy educating the next generation of what it meant to be a 'Macquarian'. The principles of Equality, Fairness and Mateship were the pinnacles of Macquarian society but to judge them pacifistic was to make a grave misjudgement, as the Empire found out.

Kef had grown up learning of the Liberation of Macquarie, knew the key players of 'The Resistance' and understood that fighting for what was right did not just apply on the battlefield, it was a truth through all aspects of life. He had joined the Macquarian Defence Force early and found the basic premise of service was that all troops, from cooks, logistics, drivers and ancillary support, were infantry first and foremost. This meant that while he found his calling as a life saver, opting for Medical Corps, he was not incapable of life taking.

He started his career as a Private with a Medical Company and rose to command an Evac Section as a Corporal, but after several months found the training monotonous and applied for Special Forces selection. He was invited to attend the Selection Course and while not a stand out, he carried himself well enough to gain invitation to serve with Special Forces Command as a designated medic. During his time with SFC he trained for airborne operations as well as Close Quarters Battle and it was through this that he earnt the right to carry a pair of DH-17 instead of a DL-17 rifle with pistol secondary.

Kef had considered doing what many of his compatriots were doing, leaving to join the nascent 'Alliance' forces after the destruction of Alderaan, but, at only 20, heeded the advice of his family and stayed to… mature before going off world to face the Empire. This course of action was changed by the arrival of an Imperial Occupation Force in 3 ABY. He and his brothers and sisters stood the line, facing a far superior force of well equipped Imperials with heavy armour and orbital support. They knew there was little chance of repelling the invaders but they were Macquarian, they would fight for what was right, regardless and if that was to be their end, so be it.

The arrival of Alliance support in the shape of Rogue Squadron did more for the resistance cause than any would credit, with thousands of well trained MDF troops offering their services to the Alliance after the battle. Kef being first amongst the volunteers.

Private Yahu "Cake" Yon

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 2
Primary Specialty Heavy weapon Specialist, especially proficient at taking out enemy aircraft with MANPADS.
Secondary Specialty Pastry chef, unorthodox field-cooking methods.
Primary Weapon Merr-Sonn RPS-18 rocket launcher
Favorite Beverage Whiskey, any kind, she doesn't care.
Physical Description Zeltron female, mid 20s, voluptuous, 53 kg, 1.8 m, curly bright silver hair, dark red, nearly brown skin, blue eyes.


Born on the planet Zeltros in 19 BBY, raised in the planetary capital to a prosperous family of traditional Zeltronian pastry chefs, Paha and Rhaj Yon.

In 1 ABY, Zeltros was diplomatically subdued and coerced into joining the Galactic Empire under threat of annihilation, with a blockage on interstellar tourism placed into effect. No Imperial troops were allowed to take their leave time on Zeltros, as was the case during the preceding several centuries under the Republic's rule.

The effects were disastrous on Zeltros' way of life, turning the normally boisterous and hedonistic culture into a cesspool of despair and economic ruin. Yahu's family was left penniless, wandering the streets in search of a means to survive.

Eventually, brewing discontent amidst the Zeltran criminal underworld led to an active unrest, in which Yahu enthusiastically participated, learning the tricks of the trade that would serve her well later as a member of Alliance SpecForce. She became a natural at shooting Imperial aircraft with various AA weapon platforms, but has a special place in her heart for the RPS-18 rocket launcher. She has been known to cook various pastries by the heat of her weapon firing repeatedly, making her a popular squadmate for her unorthodox cooking methods in the field.

By 3 ABY, Imperial crackdown on the Zetran natives led to Yahu fleeing the planet and joining up with the Rebel Alliance in 4 ABY just after the Battle of Endor, completing her SpecForce indoctrination training a few days before being posted to the CRS Vigilant. As the newest recruit in SpecForce, Yahu is still green around the gills but more than makes up for it with sheer enthusiasm for blowing stuff up. Her stunning good looks help too, as she has become instantly popular with the fighter jocks vying for her attention.

Private Jennih "Charmer" Golo

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 2
Primary Specialty An expert in general combat, guilty pleasure is a good brawl with nothing but her fists and her wits
Secondary Specialty Enjoys figuring out ways to blow things up
Side Arm DH-17 blaster pistol
Favorite Beverage Chandrilan raava
Physical Description Human female, 28 years old, from Chandrila.165cm tall, athletic build, raven black shoulder length hair and blue eyes


Jennih was born into a family of low level politicians on the planet Chandrila. She was an only child, as her parents were staunch advocates of the planet wide policy of limiting population growth. Jennih had a quiet and uneventful childhood. She loved anything athletic and had a fierce competitive spirit. She developed a friendly, outgoing personality and had the ability to rationalize and advocate for her wants with great skill. Jennih loved a good debate, and was a consummate politician, despite her insistence that she wasn't. She earned the nickname "Charmer" from her ability to beguile even the most hardened people.

Jennih never favored becoming yet another government bureaucrat, much to the chagrin of her family. Instead, she favored direct action. This had a dramatic impact on the direction of her life. As Jennih observed the rise of the Galactic Empire and watched the events unfold around her, she knew she had to get her hands dirty. When she was of the correct age, she enlisted in the Chandrilan military, despite the objections of her mother and father. During the heated "discussion" about her chosen direction, Jennih passionately pleaded with her parents to let her "go out and make a difference because this is a situation where nothing real will come without sacrifice to back up words". Her family eventually resigned themselves to her choice and gave their blessing.

Jennih enthusiastically fell in love with military life, smitten with the physical nature of it. She embraced and excelled at basic training and developed a strong core of what she called "soldier skills". She loved the rawness of hand to hand combat, always referring to it as cleansing and therapeutic. Jennih was almost always able to hold her own, even against stronger opponents.

In the course of her basic training and preparation for service, Jennih discovered a love for figuring out how to blow things up, or in her words to, "Forcibly and quickly remove a problem." She developed a great passion for the technicalities, and artistry, of demolitions. This passion translated into a valuable skill which enabled her to get out of many tough spots.

Eventually, she was drawn further and further out into the galaxy, absorbed into combat as a member of the Rebel Alliance, which became the New Republic after the victory at Endor. Jennih participated in actions great and small, loving it despite the difficulty and constant threat of death. She evolved into a true "soldier's soldier" and was where she needed to be, in the thick of making a difference, no matter how minor.

Corporal Adriani "Hush" Ratri

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 3 Leader
Primary Specialty Sniper
Secondary Specialty Combat First Aid
Side Arm MK Sniper Rifle
Favorite Beverage Cliffdweller
Physical Description Dathomirian female, 26, light and athletic, 60 kg, 1.75m, undercut crop, grey hair, greyish skin with tattoo pattern on chin. Brown eyes.


Born into a Nightsister clan on Dathomir, Adriani "Hush" Ratri has only known pain and loss in her life. She was two when a mysterious metal-clad warrior killed the majority of her clan sisters, with her own mother being wounded during the battle. In an effort to protect and save her daughter, Adriani's grievously wounded mother managed to make it to a shuttle with her. Launching into space, they were pursued by Sepratist droid starfighters, with the shuttle being damaged before it barely made the jump into hyperspace.

Low on fuel and with nowhere to run, Adriani's mother steered the shuttle to hide in an asteroid cluster, powering down everything but life support so that they would not be detected. Setting the ship's systems to send a distress call in 48 hours, Adriani's mother recorded one final message and died of her wounds with Adriani in her arms.

Adriani was found by a passing cargo freighter shortly after the activation of the distress beacon. It was operated by a wealthy couple from Daiyu who took pity on the young girl after hearing the final recorded transmission from her mother. Adopting her as their own, the couple took her to their homeworld and raised her as best they could.

Although the couple were loving and did their best to raise her, Adriani's life on Daiyu was not easy. While she attended a prestigious private school, which also happened to educate children from several high-ranking Imperial families in the sector including that of the local Moff, she never felt like she fit in due to her being ‘different' than the other children. She took more comfort in being alone than anything else. The one exception was her sole friend through school named Osam Dezen, who happened to be the Moff's son. They spent many hours studying together and enjoying each other's company.

With the skill and knack for climbing and navigating the streets and avoiding Imperial stormtroopers just as well as any common street rat, Adriani loved sitting on the rooftop of various buildings and watching the speeders and tiny people and aliens milling about during the evening. She eventually developed a game to keep herself occupied, seeing how well and how far away she could bullseye a target with a paintball gun that her adoptive father had bought for her a few years prior. This proved to be good practice for her eventual admission into the school's biathlon team when she was older, and when Osam invited Adriani to their private retreat each summer as the two would participate in unofficial training exercises on the family's expansive property. She regularly beat Osam, and he marveled at her ability to sense where their targets would be before they actually appeared. For her, it was almost as if she could sense when they would appear.

As she entered her later teen years, Adriani became even more awkward and restless. She regularly experienced strange dreams, and often heard voices where there were none. On more than one occasion objects would break or be knocked over when she waved her hands or became distressed. Her schoolmates labeled her a ‘freak' for this, and Adriani did her best to keep it a secret, even from Osam. Rumors eventually began swirling that she was Force-sensitive.

Tragedy struck one day when she was 17. The Imperial governor, on orders from the Moff, sent a detachment of stormtroopers to her parent's house to detain Adriani. Having been traveling home from school, she saw the Imperial transport and managed to hide by scaling a nearby building and taking refuge on the rooftops. She watched in horror as her adoptive parents were taken into custody. Using her latent abilities, she managed to evade local police and Imperial forces, but was unable to get to the local space port to book travel off-world. It was by sheer luck that Osam found her at one of the lookout spots that she had told him about.

Thankfully, while Osam was from an Imperial family, he couldn't stand to see his best friend hunted like a common criminal and he vowed to get her off-world using his personal shuttle. All was going well until her cover was blown while at a private docking bay at the local spaceport. Coming under fire, and the stormtrooper garrison sent not knowing that Osam was the Moff's son, Osam took a laser blast just before they boarded the shuttle and was killed. Horrified at the loss of her best friend, Adriani managed to board the shuttle and barely made it off-world and out of the system with Imperial TIE Fighters in pursuit.

Lost and with nowhere to go, she eventually wound up at Takodana. There she met a strange alien woman by the name of Maz Kanata, who after hearing her story took her in. She spent years doing odd jobs for Maz, but eventually her yearning for a bigger role in the universe got to be too much. Maz had contacts with the Rebellion, and she managed to ferry Adriani to a safe location for a pickup.

Her abilities and knack for sharpshooting made her an excellent candidate for the commando program as a sniper. Through several years of training, hard work, and missions, Adriani felt she was the best sniper the Rebellion had in its arsenal.

Those who serve with her see her as a guardian angel, keeping them safe from harm at a distance. She still prefers to keep to herself and operate at a distance. While not the most conversational, she works well with any team and has earned her fair share of commendations and drinks at the bar for her impressive skills to bullseye Imperial targets from almost any distance.

Private Krasta "Tips" Vuul

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 3
Primary Specialty Sharpshooter/Survivalist
Secondary Specialty Ranged Support
Side Arm Czerka Arms Adventurer Slugthrower Rifle
Favorite Beverage Dathomirian Whiskey
Physical Description Male Zabrak, 33 standard years old, Black with orange skin patterns, horns, athletic build. He weighs around 75kg and is 1.8 meters tall


Born and raised on Dathomir, Krasta has never liked to be around people much. As soon as he was able to hold a rifle, he was hunting and tracking and living off the land. Able to lose himself in the dense forests of his planet for days, he would only reappear in a settlement when he absolutely had too.

As he grew in age, so did his skills. He was a natural at stalking prey, staying hidden. There was a lot to learn in the forest, and his wild animal neighbors could teach him how to live off the land, what to eat, where to hunt and even where not to go.

He was nowhere near the apex predator though, that title was reserved for the Rancor. This massive beast had an insatiable appetite, and was as fast and ruthless as it was large.

The rancor was soon becoming a curiosity of the galaxy, and was drawing interest and traffic from all over the world. Groups would hire scouts and trackers like himself to hunt the beasts.

He was curious about some of the offworlders, and would sometimes follow them. One such group was a group of Imperials looking to capture a Rancor to gain them favor with an Admiral, their superior. He was tracking the group when he became aware of another group tracking them as well, this one much more stealthy and quiet.

This second group had a purpose, he knew a hunt when he saw one. While the first group was looking for a rancor, this second group was hunting the hunters.

He continued to watch from a distance. He was so intrigued and lost in thought that he did not hear the person who appeared out of the shadows. They were a member of the second party and wanted to know who he was and what he wanted. Krasta wanted to draw his blaster and meet the threat, but the voice sounded like it was everywhere at once. The voice wanted to know if he meant them harm and to prove he was a local.

Apparently satisfied with his answers, the shadow offered him a job. Krasta could stay on his home planet and live his life as he has, or he could perfect his skills as a shooter and master of stealth.

Before he could answer he could sense that the shadow had departed. Left behind was a set of coordinates only a day and a half from his current location. As he was contemplating his decision, a volley of sniper shots pierced the night. The Imperials would return without their prize, and several officers short of when they started.

Private 5K1tZ0 "Skitzo"

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 3
Primary Specialty Infiltration of Imperial Droid Pools
Secondary Specialty Slicing
Side Arm Concealed Shock attachment in place of one finger on left hand
Favorite Beverage Hot Oil
Physical Description MerenData EV Series supervisor droid, 1.9 m and 65kg. Silver appendages and Black chassis with minimal scuffing, yellow ocular sensors. One finger on the left hand is a disguised shock device to incapacitate, and a finger on the right hand is a thinly disguised data spike.


5K1TZ0, or "Skitzo" as he is affectionately called by those who have encountered it, is attached to the commando unit because of its prowess in intelligence gathering. The unit's expert code breaking skill comes from the happy accident that it contains a data spike that had gained sentience. Rebellion engineers are afraid to detach it from the EV unit that provides it power out of fear of losing it.

This droid has two minds and often bickers with itself, but since the data spike doesn't have a vocal box it just sounds like droid madness. This unique double-minded artificial being is the result of a freak power surge that occurred while the EV unit, originally EV-5UX was attempting to obtain the ship manifest on an Imperial freighter. Instead of reporting back with the mundane contents being transported (namely refresher pucks and hand lotion) the newly formed symbiotic droid delivered all the Imperial Fleet movement in the sector.

The odd nature of this unit has proven to be useful on two occasions when Skitzo was captured by the Empire, its droid was released shortly thereafter. The first time it was simply left in the labor yard it was found in. The second time it was jettisoned with the Star Destroyer's garbage. In both cases valuable intel was gathered and Alliance secrets safeguarded.

Senior Private Myra "Doc" San

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 3
Primary Specialty Medical scantech specializing in genetic wounds and illnesses.
Secondary Specialty Wilderness survival specialist.
Primary Weapon Sporting blaster rifle
Favorite Beverage Mirialan ale
Physical Description Mirialan female, early 20s, athletic endomorph, 56 kg, 1.7 m, long black hair, light pink skin with darker pink freckles, bright green eyes, several diamond tattoos on her cheeks spreading to her ears.


Born on the planet Mirial in 15 BBY, raised in a small community of herdsmen and hunters in the southern hemisphere, Myra learned to shoot and hunt with her fathers sporting blaster rifle from a young age.

Her father, Rennet San, was the community's spiritual chief, leading communal meditative ceremonies and other social functions. A skilled hunter, he instructed his daughter with all his survival knowledge. A force sensitive Mirialan, Rennet communed with the natural order of Mirial and used his talents to guide his community through the harsh dictates of the planet's desert clime.

Lesse San, her mother, was the community's chief medical officer and herborist, educating her daughter in miriad medical and botanical skills from a young age.

In 3 BBY, when Myra was twelve years old, Gamorrean slavers raided the San's community, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Rennet was among the first casualties, while Myra and Lesse were caught and enslaved on Nal Hutta.

For several years, Myra and Lesse toiled under the Hutt Syndicate, in a position of relative ease working as slave labor in a medical clinic specializing in Hutt genetic therapy. Lesse became ill from the poor atmospheric conditions of Hutta, eventually passing away when Myra was seventeen years old, in 2 ABY.

Working in the medical clinic, Myra was afforded a little leisure time, befriending several Rebel Alliance smugglers at a local cantina, who eventually recruited her as a medical officer aboard their freighters. From there, she joined the Rebellion's armed forces and underwent SpecForce training while the Battle of Endor raged. With the destruction of the CRS Liberty and commissioning of the CRS Vigilant, she was assigned to the new Renegade Wing flagship as part of the SpecForce detachment aboard.