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Third Squad
3rd Squad of the 3rd Platoon of Bravo Company is the squad that specializes in reconnaissance operations. They are called upon to gather information and intelligence, and lean heavily on their abilities to infiltrate and blend in. Third Squad prides themselves on getting in, getting the information, and getting out without the enemy even knowing they were there. Need to know something? Call the 'Thundering Third' (ironically named), they'll find out for you.

Sergeant Naomi "Zero" Cantar

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Third Squad/Fire Team 1 Leader
Primary Specialty Reconnaissance - Infiltrating behind enemy lines and providing up to date intelligence for ongoing operations
Secondary Specialty Droid slicing and maintenance
Primary Weapon BlasTech modular A-300
Favorite Beverage Hoth Icebreaker
Physical Description Human Female, age 26. Athletic build, 1.65m and 63.5 kg. Short red hair, light skin, green eyes.


Born the eldest child of a prestigious family on Nubia, Naomi led a privileged early life. Technically royalty from another planet, although not directly in line to the throne, her family had amassed great fortunes through a large investment into Industrial Automation; one of the two largest droid manufacturers in the galaxy. Her mother taught her to respect droids as individuals and Naomi grew up counting many of the droids in her household as her friends.

Her father meanwhile taught her military discipline and skill; her house had long been known for their time spent in active service. From the age she could walk she was taught to handle blasters, engage in close quarters fighting and sneak through areas undetected. She reveled in these lessons, often making use of them to sneak out of her parents house and into the streets of Nubia.

The rise of the Empire was not a boon for her family; her parents did not agree with all of the Empire's new virtues. What started as quiet resistance at political meals grew to outright dismissal of the new Imperial way; the consequences were disastrous. Her parents had falsified charges placed against them for tax evasion and assisting Rebel cells. Fleeing for their lives, with the majority of their credits gone, they had to find a new way of living.

The family moved into the Outer Rim, settling on rural worlds that had limited contact with the growing Empire. They changed their family surname to Cantar, abandoning any claim to nobility. Despite the stress of the situation Naomi enjoyed all the new places they got to see and took greatly to exploring the wilderness in which they lived. She hunted for meals, often spending days away from her parents' small cabin to forage in the woods of far off unnamed worlds. She grew to enjoy the peace of being on her own.

As she aged her parents let her in on a family secret; not all of their wealth had gone. Instead large sums of it were being given to a trusted friend in Bail Organa of Alderaan. Under a quiet starry sky on her eighteenth birthday, her parents told her of the rebellion. Within six months she was completing her first mission for the Alliance.

She was placed with the Infiltrators due to her highly advanced skills. With an upbringing that allowed her to blend in with upper class dignitaries but also be just as comfortable months on end, in the wilderness observing Imperial outposts, she became a highly sought after agent.

Naomi would spend the next four years with the Infiltrators, completing mission after mission, often escaping barely with her life. Over time she started to find the work a strain on her, the constant loneliness and lack of immediate support exhausting her. Although she had enjoyed alone time since a child, she had always had people to go back to. Now, in the infiltrators, she had few people to rely on. Late one night, on the twice a year meet up she had with her old rebel pilot friend Syntax, she laid out her concerns.

His solution was direct in its simplicity. She applied to transfer into the marine corps aboard the CRS Vigilant. Captain Bex Udigg was hesitant at first; the skills of infiltrators were renowned but they weren't best known for working well in teams. However he relented, under the agreement that she would undergo leadership training. So far her performance has been well regarded, with troops looking up to the quiet professionalism in which she gets the job done. She in turn has found happiness in having colleagues who she can rely upon, even if that means on the very worst days losing them to the brutality of war.

Senior Private Rak "Manners" Sivart

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 1
Primary Specialty Corpsman and surgeon
Secondary Specialty Marksman, specializing in non-lethal incapacitation
Primary Weapon BlasTech A280 rifle
Favorite Beverage Strong ales
Physical Description Shistavanen female, 20, slim, light and wiry, 50 kg, 1.6m, brightly (ever changing) coloured mohawk, dark brown fur, amber eyes.


Rak always wanted to be a Doctor, however the best education was away from Uvena Prime and under the Empire, and prohibitively restricted for non-humans.

Trading on the reputation of her people, she signed on with some mercenaries to get off world and eventually joined the Rebel Alliance to be trained as a medic.

During her time with the mercs, the steady hands and sharp eyes that serve her well in medical procedures also made her an adept sharpshooter, reliably able to hit difficult targets at great range. She always aims her shots to incapacitate a target but leave them alive. Others believe she does this out of sadism, but the truth is that she tries hard not to have to kill as it goes against her desire to heal.

Like many from her homeworld she has a hard time socialising with others outside her culture, causing her to come across as terse and rude, leading others to call her "Manners" due to her apparent lack of them.

Private Una "Red" Varichase

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 1
Primary Specialty Piloting/Driving
Secondary Specialty Smart Weapons
Side Arm Spanner and a Kueget LN-21 blaster pistol
Favorite Beverage Afterburner (Ambrostine mixed with fruit juice)
Physical Description Alder-Espirion female. 1.71 m, 63.5 kg, black hair, red skin, green eyes, and a flat-ish nose.


Una Varichase grew up on Espirion, the daughter of an Espirion and an Alderaanian. She was an air taxi driver, until she unwittingly became a getaway driver.

After her first accidental job, she took a few more getaway driver jobs, went legit soon after to become a stunt driver/pilot for a little-known cult-classic holovid series. During this part of her life, she also branched out into cinematography, learning how to use drone cameras. This would later fuel her interest and expertise in guided weaponry and unmanned craft.

She claims she flies faster because she's red.

Corporal Cargen "Darkness" Brell

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 2 Leader
Primary Specialty Excels at finding way in unfamiliar places in the dark
Secondary Specialty Skilled at field first aid
Side Arm DT-12 Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Sullustan Ale
Physical Description Sullustan male, 23 years old, 1.6m tall, light build, black eyes, hairless, green skin, thin, wiry build


Cargen Brell is the third son of a staunch Sorosuub Corporation family. He was raised as a miner, and was employed on his homeworld of Sullust. He specialized in scouting for new veins of minerals, frequently leading scouting parties. He worked quietly and without incident for the early years of his career. Cargen's skill to find his way in unfamiliar places in the dark was especially sharp, and he quickly rose through the ranks.

From an early age, Cargen had an interest in medicine, teaching himself to quickly take care of the minor cuts and scrapes, along with the occasional broken bone, incurred in life as a mining scout. He developed his own techniques for dealing with minor injuries, which he used frequently to support his team in their underground missions.

Cargen had many close encounters and near-death experiences in his work, due to its inherently hazardous nature. In one unfortunate incident his luck ran out in spectacular fashion. His entire scouting party was lost to an unexpected cave-in. In the aftermath, as leader, he was blamed, demoted, and very nearly cast out. It was during this dark period that Cargen suddenly rammed face to face with the Imperial tainted and corrupt SoroSuub Corporation.

Disgusted, disillusioned and wanting something better for his people, he found his way to and joined the planetary resistance movement fighting to overthrow SoroSuub and rid Sullust of its Imperial shadow. He put his skills to good use in support of this effort. He fought hard all the way through to the eventual victory which brought SoroSuub back under the control of Sullustans, shortly before the Battle of Endor. When Sullust joined the New Republic, Cargen wanted to continue the fight against the empire and help other worlds gain their own freedom. Without hesitation he enlisted into the New Republic Army to carry on the fight.

Private "Womp Rat" Chordu

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 2
Primary Specialty Technology removal and acquisition (demolitions)
Secondary Specialty Technology repair or emergency refit
Primary Weapon Jawa Ion Blaster
Favorite Beverage Whatever you have that looks like motor oil
Physical Description A male (we think) Jawa, .9 meters tall, approximately 37 kilos, constantly wrapped in filthy grey robes and a cloud of dust and debris, glowing orange eyes.


No one is really sure where Chordu came from. A Rebel supply hauler (i.e. smuggler) discovered him aboard when they had almost completed a lengthy resupply run on a number of different worlds; the hauler had been compromised and was fleeing Imperial pursuit when their hyperdrive stopped working. The hauler's technical officer squirmed her way into the service corridor to fix it, only to find Chordu sitting it a pile of removed circuits and wires, giggling maniacally. After the initial frustrated screaming stopped, Chordu reconnected a few inputs and the hyperdrive immediately kicked in. It lasted for the last leg of their journey, then burnt out the freighter's entire propulsion system.

But the crew had been spared Imperial capture.

Not knowing where to take him back to, the crew dropped him at the Rebel base where they were repairing their freighter. He was caught seven hours later by a Special Forces team, having rendered half of the bases' less important systems completely worthless.

But where most of the base personnel saw a problem, one enterprising Special Forces soldier saw an opportunity. He took Chordu under his wing and began to teach him all about how things went together, and more importantly — how things come apart.

That tutelage has served Chordu well through the years. He is now one of SpecFor's best demolitionists, because he understands that the quiet removal or destruction of one key piece can be just as important as the extravagantly loud destruction of something big. He's also learned how to put things back together, often bypassing safety measures, to ensure something will work in the immediate short-term (his "repairs" usually don't last long).

He's also learned that he can take whatever he can get his grubby mitts on from the Imperials, but not to be so grabby when it comes to his Rebel allies. A lesson he's taken to heart. Mostly.

Private Loka "Smelter" Arashk

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 2
Primary Specialty Infiltrator
Secondary Specialty Demolition
Side Arm Vibro knife, Silenced Slugthrower
Favorite Beverage Beer
Physical Description Male Defel, 33 years old. 1.3m, 45 kg, Dark brownish fur, red eyes.


Loka was born on Af'El. He learned how to fashion things out of metal as per his species' tradition until he was old enough to become independent. He left the planet to search for better material to work with because he loved creating things. His travel took him to different planets and discovering different metals, but also discovered the mistreatment of alien species.

He became friends with a human who also loved working with metals. They created art pieces and metal based merchandise. They opened a shop together and started selling their work. They were happy and their shop was doing well.

It did not last long. Imperials took over the planet and started to impose restrictions on alien-produced goods. Their shop was confiscated and his friend thrown in jail. He was sent to a mining planet.

After a year, a Rebel cell liberated the mining planet. Loka found their cause to be near to his heart. He joined as a regular trooper and they moved to liberate the planet his friend was imprisoned. They were successful, but his friend had already died from torture.

He embraced the Rebel cause, and trained hard so that he could liberate more planets. His natural capability caught the eye of a SpecForce operator who introduced him to their captain. His near invisibility at night gave him an edge when infiltrating a compound and scouting out patrol routes.

He also widened his knowledge of explosive devices since he was always working with explosives when mining. He is now attached to a SpecForce unit near the Outer Rim. True to his nature, he is now committed to the Rebel cause. He will live and die with the Rebel Alliance, now the New Republic.

Private M'ware "Professor" Gonnegal

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 2
Primary Specialty Herbologist
Secondary Specialty Wilderness Guide & Pathfinder
Side Arm Electrostaff, LL-30 Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Ithorian Green Tea
Physical Description Female Ithorian, 55 years old, Slight build, 80 kg, 2.1 meters tall, mottled red and brown skin, brown eyes.


M'ware Gonnegal was born on the Ithorian herd ship Mother's Embrace and quickly fell in love with plants. She did not possess her father's reverence for flora; instead, her fascination with them lead her down an academic route, where she studied and learned as much as she could about the galaxy's abundance in plant life. She graduated with a doctorate in Herbology from the University of Theed, impressing her professors with her quick mind and long memory. She published multiple papers about the similarities of plant life throughout the different habited spheres of the universe, and was widely sought after in academic circles.

She was on-site, researching the specific properties of the trees of Corvus when the Empire arrived en mass and blockaded the planet. She watched first-hand when they began their strip-mining operation, "accidently" burning down huge swaths of the forest they weren't clear-cutting to get at the valuable mineral ores underneath. M'ware lodged official protests, requested aid from the Senate and finally participated in a demonstration that was violently put down by the occupying Imperial forces. Having watched colleagues and confederates get shot in the street, M'ware fled.

Through a few of her academic contacts, she managed to work her way to the Rebel Alliance, and offered her services as a herbologist. Her knowledge of plants and their uses supplemented the rebel's limited medical supplies, and M'ware was quickly assigned to a mobile strike team, moving around the galaxy, gathering samples and finding out what could be turned into medicine — or poison.

She's also an accomplished chef, able to turn local flora and fauna into ingestible meals for most of her comrades, and can be relied upon to find pathways through the densest foliage. She sticks out like a sore thumb in most urban environments, but when she's with her team in the wilderness, they couldn't be in better hands.

Corporal Chak "Clanker" Morento

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Squad 2IC/Fire Team 3 Leader
Primary Specialty Designated Marksman
Secondary Specialty Small arms specialist
Side Arm A280-CFE
Favorite Beverage ginger-beer
Physical Description Human male, age 25, 1.8 m and 86 kg, the remaining organic parts are an athletic build. Short and tight dark brown hair, hazel eyes, light tan skin, closely matching the limbs of the battle droid parts replacing his right arm and legs.


Chak grew up as a street urchin on Virgillia, orphaned at the tail end of the Clone Wars. He was consistently in trouble with local authorities. Usually for pick-pocketing and running scams. At the age of 18, he found himself absolutely desperate. As a last resort, he applied to join the Empire. Despite a rap sheet a mile long, the Empire accepted him. A very surprised Chak shipped off to become a stormtrooper.

After training, he was assigned to the Outer Rim, where he was frequently helping hunt Rebels and put down uprisings on ‘unruly' worlds. Chak started having conflicted feelings about what the Empire was doing. At the same time, a more base feeling enjoyed the power the stark white armor gave him. He wasn't starving, people didn't pick on him or shake him down. Hell, people were trying to bride him for once. Chak finally had a home with the Empire.

That familial feeling grew when he lost his right arm in an engagement with rebels. The Empire gave him a cybernetic arm. That made him feel more powerful and loved by his surrogate family. They would take care of him.

Chak's love of the Empire became a morale booster for his squad. Even after he proceeded to lose a leg to a rebel explosive. When they gave him a new leg, it only strengthened his loyalty. Same when he lost the other leg. Chak was practically fanatical at that point.

So when he was partially crushed by building debris and needed a cybernetic lung, rebuilt collarbone and half a rib cage, he was expecting the best from the Empire. Instead they patched him up as best they could. No cybernetics this time. Instead they discharged him, no longer fit to serve.

To add insult to injury, the Empire started to charge Chak for the cybernetics. He also couldn't keep his right arm on as he was missing quite a bit of bone and muscle to hold up his shoulder. Chak's faith in the Empire was shattered. He couldn't find much work that he was suited for and soon the Empire repossessed his arm and legs.

The whole thing crushed Chak. Who was once again living on the streets running scams like he did when he was a child trying to make money to pay the Empire's bill. Around the same time he made ‘friends' with a Rodian droid mechanic and rebel sympathizer. The Rodian wasn't fooled by the scams, but he saw an opportunity in Chak and offered him a job in his shop.

Chak started to learn the ins and outs of droid maintenance and in turn he and the Rodian started working on new legs from an old B-1 battle droid. While they worked on this, the Rodian also started introducing Chak to Rebel operatives, trying to persuade him to join to keep the Empire from doing to anyone else what they did to him.

Chak thought about this for some time, and finally agreed. The last thing he needed was something to help restructure the right half of his rib cage and support a prosthetic right arm. His Rodian friend helped him design and modify the armored carapace of a B2 super battle droid to reinforce his right side.

Once he was rebuilt, Chak left for a rebel cell to retrain while on the job. His new cell immediately started calling Chak ‘Clanker' for the amount of battle droid parts he has. Despite the ribbing, the droid parts came in handy on a number of occasions, especially the extra armor of the B2 battle droid parts. Between that and experience, Chak continued to survive through Hoth and Endor.

Private Laurent "Onionhead" Simoneaux

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 3
Primary Specialty Heavy weapons gunner
Secondary Specialty Wetland reconnaissance and evasion
Primary Weapon BlasTech Z-6 rotary blaster cannon
Favorite Beverage The cheapest beer, by the pitcher
Physical Description Human male, age 19, height 1.7m, weight 86.2 kg, muscular build with tanned skin, hazel eyes and a shaved head


Laurent "Onionhead" Simoneaux grew up on a foul smelling krill farm nestled in the fetid depths of the swamps and bayous of putrescent Galagolos V. He learned to live off the land early in life, accompanying his father to hunt, fish, and trap local game. His father, krill farmer and Spotcka moonshiner, also taught him the best places to hide a still and how to avoid revenuers when they came looking for it.

Only Laurent's mother calls him by name; to everyone else he's been Onionhead ever since he got hair lice too often as a kid and had to start getting his head shaved if he wanted any peace from the itching. Onionhead doesn't mind the nickname though, he reckons onions smell better than most everything else around the farm and he can often be found snacking on a raw onion in season.

Onionhead isn't much bothered with Galactic politics but he managed to get himself entangled anyhow when some fellas from down the bayou showed up on the farm one day saying they were going to run off some revenuers and would he like to help? Turned out those revenuers were Imperials, and they did not run off as hoped. On the run and wanted by the Galactic Empire, Onionhead joined the rebellion and soon found himself in the Alliance army.

Little could the armorer hastily issuing weapons to new recruits have known when she handed Onionhead a battered, Clone Wars surplus, BlasTech Z-6 rotary blaster cannon that she had forever changed his life. In that moment, Onionhead himself felt only the first stirrings of his coming obsession.

As his training progressed over the weeks and months, Onionhead learned how to maintain his Z-6 in the barracks and the field. He grew to know each part, where it fit, and how it operated as part of the whole. He learned how to disassemble and reassemble his weapon quickly and well. He was taught how to fire and subsequently clean the Z-6. He was taught how to walk his fire and create overlapping fields of fire. Onionhead learned to fight his weapon and in the process fell in love.

Onionhead loves his Z-6. Nothing gives Onionhead more joy than shooting his Z-6. Nothing gives him greater pride than having been entrusted with his Z-6. Nothing gives him a greater sense of accomplishment than cleaning his Z-6.

Some of the other recruits think they've heard Onionhead singing to his Z-6 in his strange swamp language, something with some swing to it, tender and earnest.

Private Xylissious "Z" Qyzzo

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Fire Team 3
Primary Specialty Advanced Tactical Scout
Secondary Specialty Droid Repair
Primary Weapon BlasTech E-11D
Favorite Beverage Nova Blaster
Physical Description Sluissi Male. Mostly green coloring but some light brown strips. Muscular tail, allowing for rapid movement. Around 1.7 meters tall and 65kg in weight. Very mild temperament, usually preferring to de-escalate a conflict. Always wears a pair of advanced goggles and is accompanied by his back and front packs, which carry his droid companion ASTR (Advanced Strategic Tactical Recon)


Xylissious is a native of the planet Sluis Van, and shares many commonalities with his race. He is mild mannered and thorough, as well as talented with droids and starships. He isn't very social, except with his companion ASTR.

Enamored at a young age with starship operation and construction, he turned an old C-series astromech droid into a portable advanced imagery platform. His first use of this platform was in quality control for the Sluis Van shipyards. His detection rates and loss prevention was the best the station's commander had ever seen.

Amazing as he was at his job, he was naive to the machinations of the world, and soon many of his coworkers were jealous of his success and together with the construction workers arranged for him to have an accident.

The small shuttle he used to conduct his inspections with was sabotaged, and only because of ASTR were they able to detect the problem, and get off the ship before it was destroyed.

The commander of the station was able to smuggle them out of the area without the conspirators realizing that Z was still alive, and told him to meet up with some of his friends from the rebellion, where his morals and skills might be put to good use.

Z and ASTR together provide small tactical groups advanced information gathering capabilities with the use of the mobile prowler droids to more effectively deploy their resources.