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Command Master Chief Petty Officer Nake Iwuzere

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Supply and Ordinance Chief
Technical Specialty Cataloging and Sorting
Secondary Specialty Scrounging
Side Arm Venomous Tail Spines
Favorite Beverage Bloodwine
Physical Description Lamproid male, rugged dark brown skin and black eyes; 74 standard years old; height 1.55 m, weight 80 kg


Nake, like many lamproids from Florn, was a rugged individualist. The dangerous environment of his homeworld was a very Darwinian hellscape of cannibalization and kill or be killed mentality. He learned early on that being the biggest and baddest around wasn't the only way to survive, though. He relied on his wits and eidetic memory that allowed him to catalog where useful hiding spots, ambush points, weapons, and resources that were secreted away.

This ability also led to him being quite the scrounger and trader, often trading items and supplies to other lamproids that attempted to make a meal of him. Tiring of having to keep on high alert at all times, he immediately took the first opportunity to get offworld he could. A smuggler's freighter landed on the planet to enact repairs. Unfortunately for the crew, the local fauna made a meal out of them and then moved on, leaving the ship alone.

While not terribly mechanically inclined, Nake was able to enact a slapdash repair on the ship and immediately dusted off. Through random happenstance, he fell in with the Rebellion when a cell on the run stole his freighter with him sleeping onboard. After a tense standoff, he eventually talked them down through his translator device and was allowed to join the crew.

His very threatening appearance has worked wonders for his job in logistics and supply, as most people are afraid to cross the alien and pilfer supplies from him due to a nasty rumor that he'd eaten the last person that stole supplies from his stores. While that may or may not be true, he definitely started that rumor.

On the Vigilant, he runs a tight ship and always makes sure to keep supplies topped off. If official channels are running slow, he has built up a network of less-than-savory methods to find and procure the materials he needs. When Nake says he has whatever you need, you can trust that he does indeed have it and knows exactly where it is for a swift delivery.