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FRG Regis


Although there are certainly more famous ships in the New Republic fleet, anyone who was with the Alliance's Starfighter Corps has heard of the Regis. Ever since it was captured early on in the Rebellion, it has been in service as an escort frigate, usually housing a starfighter Squadron--for many years it was the mobile home of Red Squadron.

After participating at the Battle of Scarif, which it barely survived, the Regis took part in evacuating Yavin Base after the first Death Star's destruction. The Regis has been damaged many times, but it's always been able to get away, usually with a lot of luck and help from dedicated Starfighter pilots. Shortly before the Battle of Hoth, the Regis was nearly destroyed and spent many months in a space dock undergoing repairs and upgrades to it's internal systems, as well as a reinforced hull.

Red Squadron was once again attached to the Regis for many months, providing a safe harbor for the Squadron as they participated in the disastrous Mid-Rim Offensive. After the Battle of Goreng and Red Squadron was dissolved, the Regis was refitted again in preparation of the battle of Endor. The ship handled itself well enough and managed to survive with relatively little damage. It was reassigned to provide defense for the Training Base at Mukani and later as part of the Vigilant's Taskforce.

The Regis was first under Commander Vuy Kolboro, an Imperial Officer that died during the same raid that captured the ship. She was then given to Captain Dal Bilgara, who died during an operation where the bridge received a direct hit. Luckily, Commander Daly was not on the Bridge at the time and was able to take command of the ship and flee the battle. He's been CO ever since and was promoted to Captain after the Battle of Endor.