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Petty Officer 2nd Class Mak Vizlak

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Head Gardener and Lanscaper
Technical Specialty Hybridization
Secondary Specialty Landscaping
Side Arm Hand Tiller
Favorite Beverage Anything Floral
Physical Description Shistavanen male, dark black fur with a brownish-gray face and red eyes; 61 standard years old; height 1.84 m, weight 101 kg


Mak left the luscious forests of Uvena Prime by accident. He had been wandering around enjoying the forests while also attempting to find a rare flower that supposedly was going to bloom only on one day of the year. As he was attempting to check under an overhang, he lost his grip and landed on top of a rather unfortunate Imperial Scout Trooper as the man was relieving himself.

Upon waking back up, he found that he'd killed the trooper with his fall. Hearing the other Imperials closing in to find their lost comrade, he got up and bolted away blindly through the forest. He'd known of entire villages being burned down for less insult, so he made a blatantly easy trail for the Imperials to follow while he bolted for the one trader he knew was currently on the ground preparing to leave.

He arrived just in time, managing to stow away onboard the ship. He hid the entire voyage for fear of being turned in by the crew, or worse. At the next port of call, he exited the ship to find that he was now on a very humid planet. His hair matted down in some places and frizzed in others.

He spent years hiding on this planet, scraping an existence on the fringes trading plants and flowers to tourists. Over time, he became acclimated to the higher than normal moisture content of the air. When the second Death Star was destroyed, he joined the New Republic after they put out a call for all kinds of occupational interests.

Most beings have a hard time with the high moisture content of Mon Cal cruiser atmospheres, but Mak has become accustomed to it from his time on the lam. He is often found around the waterfall and lake feature of the Vigilant tidying up the landscaping or just enjoying the scenery dreamily. Nobody knows that area better than him, and it is rumored that he has created clay-bricked dwelling somewhere deep within the hidden areas of this feature and lives there rather than his quarters.