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Commander Gwendolyn Breya

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Corellian Corvette, Exodus.

Position CO CRV Exodus
Technical Specialty Astrogation
Secondary Specialty Mathematics
Side Arm Imperial Navy Service Blaster
Favorite Beverage Yub Nub -- extra rum
Physical Description Human female, milky skin, flowing brown hair almost always tied up into a tight bun; 33 standard years old; height 1.65 m, weight 64 kg


Commander Gwendolyn Breya grew up on a backwater outer rim planet that was very limited in the variety of people and sentient species that visited it. When the Empire finally got around to opening up a garrison, many from her planet rushed forth to join up for a chance to leave.

Despite the backwater education facilities, her mind for mathematics and astrogation quickly dispelled the negative effect of her origin in Imperial Naval service. Despite her outcome, many of her peers from her planet were relegated to menial tasks or TIE pilot service. Unfortunately, the fact that she was a woman was something her brilliant mind could not overcome, so she still experienced severe discrimination her entire career.

This forced her to plan twice in order to step once in each action or decision. A man with her flawless service record would have earned command of a Star Destroyer by this point in her career, and she quietly began to seethe as she was given the command of a Corellian Corvette that had recently been captured and converted for Imperial use. The fact that she didn't even rate a new corvette or even one of the sleek Raider Class Corvettes made her angry.

Before she could find a way to earn a discharge, the Battle of Endor happened. She managed to keep in touch with many of her friends that were still living, and she was sad to see the unit of TIE pilots from her planet were wasted uselessly in the beginning of the battle while she and the rest of the fleet stood by. The utterly heartless waste broke her heart, and the last vestiges of duty crumbled. The last thing she respected about the leadership of the Empire was their efficient use of force, and this display of waste ruined that.

As the fleets closed for battle, Breya pulled away from the engagement and had the two diehard loyalist ISB agents embedded with her crew seized and thrown in the brig. She surrendered the ship to the first Rebel ship that approached her during mop up operations after the Death Star had been destroyed.

Pleased with her professionalism and awed by her flawless duty record, the New Republic Naval Command offered her a position on a larger ship. While it was everything she wanted and craved with the Empire, her sense of duty to the crew that had backed up her decision completely compelled her to stay with her ship. The New Republic renamed it to theExodus in honor of her shining example of what good hearted defectors can expect.