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Agent Darlene Orvan

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position NRI Internal Affairs Attache
Technical Specialty Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, Criminology, Forensics
Secondary Specialty Sharpshooting, Brawling
Side Arm A-180 Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Spiran Caf
Physical Description Human female, age undisclosed but presumed to be mid-to-late twenties, 1.73m tall, 68 kg , blue eyes,long blonde hair, usually loose, hot-looking, athletic build, with a temper to match.


Darlene Orvan was born in Ralltiir to Jaxon and Leilani Orvan. Her parents took good care of her, and her childhood was happy if relatively quiet. Her father taught her how to shoot when she was four years old, and trained her as a sharpshooter up to her early adult life.

Three days after her twelfth birthday, while waiting for her father to pick her up from school, a gang battle erupted nearby. She ducked for cover but, unfortunately, a stray slug hit her on the right side of the forehead. Her father arrived shortly after, to find his daughter miraculously alive, but severely injured. He saw a few gangbangers run away from the scene, and filed that data for later. He rushed Darlene to a clinic he could trust. The perpetrators of this crime were later found dead and skinned.

An old friend of his, Raegor Nek, a Besalisk combat surgeon he'd served with, examined Darlene. The slug had shattered the right side of the skull, and Raegor doubted the girl would survive, but he merely nodded at Jaxon and got to work. Thirty-six hours later, Raegor had reconstructed half of Darlene's skull, replacing destroyed bone with military-grade durasteel plating. Darlene was alive, and fully functional, but due to this injury, she would suffer hellish chronic migraines, and develop quite a temper.

Due to this incident, she went on to study Criminal Justice and Criminology. She wanted to become a police officer, but the department denied her application due to her injury. Darlene also won a beauty contest in her city when she was 18, and it is rumored her bar brawls are the stuff of legends.

Her life was turned upside down again on her nineteenth birthday, when a purported terrorist attack extinguished the lives of both her parents. Raegor took her in, and explained both her mother and father were undercover intelligence agents for the Rebellion, and that they never said a word because they wanted her to have a life that was as close to normal as possible. Darlene never could come to terms with this, and has a lot of difficulty trusting others as a result. She also has issues expressing her feelings.

She didn't buy the "terrorist attack" line, and decided she would find out the truth. With the fall of the Empire a year later, and having exhausted all possible leads, she joined the New Republic's Intelligence Division. Darlene is incredibly smart. When focused she is able to piece together complex and obscure data strings that most agents would easily miss. She's solved a number of cold and high-profile cases, and caught at least nine Imperial spies, but regular complaints from other agents resulted in her reassignment to the Internal Affairs Division. It's true she does not make the best of choices when her temper clouds her judgment.

Darlene's come to hate her job in Internal Affairs. She feels like a villain, looking to rat out people on her own side, when she should be shining light on the true enemies of the New Republic. Her current assignment is to find out who's making and selling illegal hooch on the CRS Vigilant. This has put her at odds with her prime suspect, a pilot who goes by the callsign Dragon. She's clashed with him multiple times because of his irreverent attitude and his total disrespect for authority. Secretly, however, she's grown to like him, and wishes she could say something without feeling weak or vulnerable.

In the end, she doesn't give a druk about illegal hooch brewing. She's pursued the case with fervor because Dragon chose to antagonize her, so she had to antagonize right back. In reality, she wants to contribute towards the safety of the New Republic in a meaningful way, finding the hidden enemies poised to destroy it, not pointing at administrative or bureaucratic faults that lead to competent personnel being arrested.

On the side, and through unofficial channels, she's always on the lookout for data on those responsible for the "terrorist attack" on her parents' workplace. She hasn't found any names yet, but there are a few good leads. She can even think of one or two people who would be willing to help. If only she could summon the courage to ask.